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feature post image for PiCO Titanium Micro Bottle Opener

PiCO Titanium Micro Bottle Opener

And we thought the Keyshark was small. Pangea Design’s PiCO Titanium Micro Bottle Opener is the definitive answer if you’re looking for a barely-there approach to getting into bottles of import. Instead of relying on a large body as a lever, the milled titanium PiCO works using a sturdy keyring for leverage, removing caps with just one pull. Plus, at a size that’s much smaller than a quarter, PiCO effectively adds zero bulk to your existing keychain while still equipping it with crucial functionality.

Grab one at Kickstarter – $11

feature post image for Nendo Kame Upright 55 Suitcase

Nendo Kame Upright 55 Suitcase

Its name means tortoise in Japanese, but the Nendo Kame Upright 55 Suitcase is a hell of a lot more flexible than its namesake. A hard polycarbonate shell protects the contents within while a unique scored fabric cover is super versatile, opening from the top for quick access and rolling up when unzipped fully to make it easier to pack or unpack in tight spaces. It’s also got a pull-out handle, a removable, pocketed lining good for miscellaneous smaller goods that’s hangable for conveniency, plus a built-in cable lock that can simultaneously secure Kame to a post or handrail while locking in its contents.

Learn more at Nendo or Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano – roughly $200

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Tablets are practical, there’s no question about that, but we do often find ourselves wondering how best to hold ours or prop it up. The universal SpinPadGrip improves your tablet’s ergonomics while remaining compatible with just about any tablet or e-reader thanks to its secure, locking suction cup attachment. Once affixed to your device, its stand pulls out and adjusts to prop up your device at virtually any angle, from near vertical for watching movies or slightly tilted for typing and getting work done. The stand also rotates 360° for changing orientation, doubles as a handle for carrying, and offers a better, no-slip grip to hold onto when using it while standing.

Grab one at BiteMyApple – $50

Tags: Tech
feature post image for Blue Freedom Hydropower Generator

Blue Freedom Hydropower Generator

Using solar panels is an ultra convenient method for keeping your power hungry devices fuelled when you’re off the grid, but if there’s flowing water in the vicinity there’s a new option: the Blue Freedom Hydropower Generator. This small power plant weighs less than a pound and features a hydrodynamic turbine that attaches to a 70-inch long rope-like drive shaft. Secure the donut-shaped device around a stick jammed in the ground, drop the turbine in water — even shallow — and Blue Freedom’s 5W generator will fully top off the built-in 5,000mAh battery within a couple of hours. Then, it’ll charge any and all of your USB-compatible devices at up to 2A speeds.

Go pledge at Kickstarter – $200

feature post image for Litelok Lightweight Bike Lock

Litelok Lightweight Bike Lock

Besides the bulk lugging around a solid steel bike lock entails, all that metal sure is heavy. It’s not uncommon to spot carbon road bikes secured using locks a quarter of their weight. Litelok promises otherwise. This flexible lock weighs in at under 2.2 pounds while remaining supremely resilient thanks to the composite nature of its Boaflexicore strap that withstands sustained attacks from cable cutters, bolt croppers, and hacksaws, taking well over five minutes to get through during in-house testing. It also locks quickly by snapping together with no key needed — that is, until you’re ready to unlock your bike — and mounts along the top tube or within your bicycle’s frame using two included WrapStraps. And if you fancy Boa green (shown) too flashy, Litelok also comes in subtler Herringbone and Crow Black.

Find it on Kickstarter – roughly $120

feature post image for Stantt DataFit Shirts

Stantt DataFit Shirts

Scarce are shirts that fit perfectly the first time around, and even more so shirts we like. That’s why instead of being stocked in just a handful of versions, each Stantt DataFit Shirt is made in exactly 75 sizes, hitting multiple variations on just about every important part. Finding your size is easy: enter your chest, waist, and sleeve measurements as per instructions on their site, then pick color and quantity. Days later a sharp looking, 100% cotton shirt arrives on your doorstep, typically fitting great as-is. And if it doesn’t fit just right out of the box, Stantt will exchange it for a closer matching size free of charge.

Grab one at Stantt (use code gearhungry for 15% off) – $98

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feature post image for Endure Survival Pen

Endure Survival Pen

The consolidation of everyday carry gear continues with the Endure Survival Pen, a precision machined solid titanium ballpoint pen employing LAMY M22 refills at the end of a bolt action mechanism. In an emergency of survival situation, however, the pen comes apart to reveal a ferrocerium rod concealed within, a hardened steel pocket clip that doubles as a striker, a multi-use spike on the end, and a flare launcher. Also included is a fob that can be unravelled to provide 3.5 feet of FireCord, a special paracord with a removable inner core that doubles as tinder for your fire in a pinch.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $100+

feature post image for Port Products Texturizing Hair Putty

Port Products Texturizing Hair Putty

Can’t find pomades that’ll properly tame your do? A dime sized amount of Port Products Texturizing Hair Putty should do the trick. This medium to firm hold wax-like putty works easily into towel-dried hair adds a bit of volume to even the finest hair types. It results in a natural low shine, semi-matte finish and is water-based for easy wash out, on top of actually looking better the next day instead of drying up into a crunchy mess. Your hair also ends up smelling fresh what with the putty’s clean scent of light spearmint and tea tree.

Find it at The Motley – $22

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feature post image for Plywerk Vinny Record Display

Plywerk Vinny Record Display

The physicality of yesteryear’s music formats are what we miss most about them. Plywerk’s Vinny Record Displays let you show off your favorite record covers right on the wall, either one at a time in the single model or two with the gatefold. Each frame is handmade of restoration juniper and finished with walnut corner splines for a clean, minimal look that puts the record cover within in the spotlight.

Check it out at Crowd Supply – $60 to $70

Tags: Decor, Home
feature post image for SOG SwitchPlier 2.0

SOG SwitchPlier 2.0

One handed access to your multitool’s pliers usually involves tightly gripping one side, whipping it hard to get the other side to open using nothing but its weight, and — occasionally — unexpectedly flinging the tool across the room. SOG’s SwitchPlier 2.0 is instead cleverly equipped with button-activated, switchblade-like pliers that are easily accessed and used single handedly without any risk of damaged drywall. The SwitchPlier also boasts a variety of other individually locking tools, including a half-serrated blade, 3-sided file, bottle and can openers, wire cutters, a few screwdrivers, and a ruler, as well as a pocket clip to keep it handy.

Grab one at SOG ($64) or Amazon ($48)

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feature post image for Bacon Jams Bacon Spread

Bacon Jams Bacon Spread

We’re for topping pretty much anything edible — including strips of bacon — with more bacon, so its little surprise that Bacon Jams’ Bacon Spread is right up our alley. These spreadable bacon jams contrast sweet and salty, pairing well with a variety of foods including crackers, burgers, omelettes, and much more (i.e. basically everything). They also come in three mouthwatering flavors: original, black pepper, and red chile & garlic, each delicious in its own right.

Grab a can at Amazon (or get all three) – $16