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feature post image for Tempescope


Your smartphone shows you a cute little graphic representing current and future weather conditions. Tempescope takes it to another level, instead recreating these conditions inside of a controlled environment to let you know at a glance what to expect outside. The device pulls weather forecasts from your smartphone and can simulate rain, clouds, lightning, and sunshine — though you do need to put the final pieces together yourself to make the unit operational. Sadly it can’t form snowflakes or recreate thunderbolts, but maybe in a few years.

Learn more at Indiegogo – $200

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feature post image for Frontier Plus Portable Woodburning Stove

Frontier Plus Portable Woodburning Stove

Tiny camping stoves not quite cutting it? Try the Frontier Plus Portable Woodburning Stove instead. While it’s not designed for a backpack the Frontier Plus is still portable for car camping thanks to its sturdy side handle, deploying its legs and extendable flue — which includes a flashing kit that lets the former release smoke outside — to set up in a tent or shed. Once set up, lay your fire, light it, and throw on a kettle or pan (or both at once) to prep some grub while the unit heats your living space. The top plate is also removable for direct heating over the flames.

Learn more at Kickstarter – roughly $455

feature post image for Work Hard Anywhere

Work Hard Anywhere

Unless you’re a politician or a Kardashian, chances are you know what hard work is all about. But there’s a subset of hard workers that labor outside the cubical to get things done. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and out of the box thinkers often do some of their best work out of the office. For these modern day bards and warriors, finding a suitable environment can be a challenge, especially when operating in a foreign city. The Work Hard Anywhere app solves the problem of finding a decent workspace or café by connecting the community of outré office professionals and allows them to share and explore great spots. Locations are rated by internet access, outlets, parking, price, capacity, and even food, so you know just what to expect. Frustration need no longer be associated with finding a place to connect to the web. Instead, you can focus on changing the world, or at least your corner of it.

Learn more at Work Hard Anywhere or download on iTunes – $Free

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feature post image for McMacular Dapper Silk-Lined Pants

McMacular Dapper Silk-Lined Pants

Winter is coming. And while the real world consequences aren’t so dramatic, we tend to get chilly walking outside in just regular denim or cotton pants. McMacular’s Dapper Silk-Lined Pants address this problem without the need for unappealing long johns or bulky flannel linings, instead pairing a sateen woven cotton exterior with an inner lining made of Mulberry silk for a smooth, sleek fit that also keeps you warmer than your average slacks. They also feature playful cuffs exposed when rolled up, come in three colors — black, sand, and charcoal — as well as either modern slim or casual straight fits, and are handmade by the last remaining denim manufacturer in San Francisco.

Find them at McMacular – $168

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feature post image for Green Hive Spicy Honey

Green Hive Spicy Honey

Made with nothing but local honey and roasted green chile peppers, Green Hive’s Spicy Honey is a versatile condiment that’s smoky, sweet, and packs a kick like few others. The infusion process is carried out slowly and over low temperatures to preserve the taste and nutritional benefits of its two ingredients. Add a soupçon to pizza, tacos, meats, cheese — in short, it compliments and combines perfectly with just about every solid food you can dream of.

Learn more at Green Chile Honey – $14 [via]

feature post image for Fjall Raven Keb Eco-Shell Anorak

Fjall Raven Keb Eco-Shell Anorak

Quality outdoor wear is often impregnated with fluorocarbons for water repellency which, ironically, are detrimental for the very environment we’re so keen on exploring — and potentially for our health as well. The Fjall Raven Keb Eco-Shell Anorak does without these questionable agents, using instead a far greener four-way stretch Eco-Shell fabric that’s still on the high end of wind resistance, breathability, and waterproofing. The Anorak also boasts a three-way adjustable helmet-compatible hood, pit zips, two large zippered chest pockets to keep essentials handy, and a slightly longer cut to better shield you from the elements.

Find it at Fjall Raven – $475

feature post image for Larose Paris Zip Fedora

Larose Paris Zip Fedora

Made with premium materials and over half a century of savoir-faire in France, the Larose Paris Zip Fedora is a modern take on the classic fedora that’s complemented with a playful twist. Clean lines and 100% rabbit felt make this a unisex hat in it for the long haul, both stylistically and in terms of longevity. With six colors to choose from there’s no shortage of matching options, either.

Learn more at Larose Paris – $355

Tags: Style
feature post image for Radius v2 Rose Gold

Radius v2 Rose Gold

Balancing durability with discreetness, the Radius v2 Rose Gold matches the color of the ultra minimal case to your Rose Gold iPhone 6S for another level of sophistication. The low profile case shields the four corners of your device as well as its irritatingly protruding camera for drop and scratch protection that leaves the screen entirely unhindered. Signal strength is also unaffected, making this the go-to case for most iPhone users that don’t require the bulky, tank-like protection of an Otterbox.

Find it at BiteMyApple – $80

Tags: Tech
feature post image for Edwin Minimal Wallet

Edwin Minimal Wallet

Anyone who’s tried one knows that a binder clip makes a decent wallet. Hive Design explores this idea with the Edwin Minimal Wallet, an all-steel money clip featuring a binder clip to open its main clamp, a slot on the back for your most used card, and a unique cash stem that safely holds cash while keeping the cards behind it accessible. It’s also naturally RFID blocking, preventing skimming of your cards, and comes in two versions — the sleek classic and the versatile Edwin+, the latter of which features Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, a bottle opener, and several imperial Hex wrenches. And it holds anywhere from 1 to 15 cards, satisfying both those attaining and attempting minimalism.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $30

Tags: Gear, Wallets
feature post image for Revo SuperSystem

Revo SuperSystem

Enjoy having a massive assortment of listening options? That’s what Revo’s SuperSystem is all about. As the SuperSeries flagship music system, the SuperSystem can receive a wide range of radio standards including DAB, DAB+, FM with RDS, and WiFi internet radio, totalling over 24,000 stations globally. It also supports Spotify Connect, network audio and WLAN for listening from your computer or music server, and Bluetooth with aptX for streaming straight from your modern devices. And since musical variety isn’t enjoyable without quality hardware on which to play it, the SuperSystem boasts an all-wood cabinet with an anodized aluminum face, twin 3.5-inch Balanced Mode Radiator drivers, an 80 Watt sub, a large OLED display, and a joystick with which to control it all.

Find it at Revo UK – roughly $840

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