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Swing Bin

Swing Bin is the stunning result of tireless effort, thought, and passion poured into a seemingly mundane everyday object like the trash can. A two piece design, Swing Bin consists of a wooden lid and ABS can - white with maple or black with walnut – that come together with no hinge, mechanism, or moving parts of any kind. Instead, the cleverly balanced lid sits on a slight cutout in the tube, swinging down when pressed before closing slowly with a light, satisfying click. And while it won’t hold a trash bag, relegating it to recycling or cleaner waste duties, its crevasse-free design and cover that comes right off greatly simplifies cleaning should the need arise.

Pledge at Kickstarter – $65+

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Buster + Punch Electricity Light Switches

You know those ubiquitously boring white light switches adorning the wall of nigh every home you walk into? There are better options, and that also applies to the junk your local hardware store stocks. Take for instance Buster + Punch’s Electricity range of Light Switches, all made of combinations of solid metal including steel, brass, smoked bronze, and anodized aluminum. Each substantial dimmer or switch is diamond-cut knurled for tactility and is offered in single or double switch units that secure to a wall with matching penny buttons.

Check out the full lineup at Buster + Punch – $30+

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Original Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub

Just because you’re roughing it doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of pleasurable amenities – take, for instance, hot tubs. Granted, we didn’t figure portable hot tubs were in short order until stumbling upon The Original Nomad’s Collapsible Hot Tub. This 225 gallon tub fits up to four adults snugly, coming apart afterwards to pack away into a 30″ long duffel. And if freezing cold water isn’t your jam, rig it up with their stainless steel heating coil that uses thermosyphoning to eschew the need for a pump and warms water with propane, natural gas, or even firewood.

Find it at The Original Nomad – $550 (tub alone) to $1000 (tub + heating coil)

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OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

At its base, OM/ONE is already a solid 3 watt portable speaker, complete with Bluetooth 4.0, one 75 mm audio driver, a built-in microphone, and 15 hours of battery life. But unmissable is the fact that it magically floats 1.2 inches in the air when placed on its stand thanks to electromagnets within, slowly spinning all the while. Granted, its levitating act is mostly aesthetic, but that’s still bound to sway us into choosing OM/ONE over its more grounded counterparts.

Hit up OM/ONE to learn more - $180

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The Floyd Leg Color Collection

Want to build your own furniture but lack the know-how and the willingness to learn? It’s probably for the better, since a set of Floyd Legs plus a slab of something – reclaimed wood, metal, whatever – will look nicer anyhow. These steel legs come in either 16″ or 29″ heights, attach to materials up to 2″ thick using a simple clamp, and are now offered in vermillion red, pastel blue, and saffron yellow in addition to the original’s black and white. Their quick setup also makes for ideal portable tables, mounting and dismounting in just minutes.

Learn more at The Floyd Leg – $179 to $189 for a 4-pack

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Rite in the Rain Mechanical Pencil

Rite in the Rain’s all-weather notebooks handily put up with adverse weather, but chances are your writing implements – or their inks – won’t. Pair these tough little notebooks with Rite in the Rain’s equally rugged Mechanical Pencil, which boasts a resilient, comfortable resin barrel, an expandable metal tip that secures lead and minimizes breakage, and compatibility with 1.1 mm lead. Plus, like any self-respecting pencil, it’s also got an eraser on its tail end which hides a compartment for stashing extra lead.

Grab one at Amazon or Rite in the Rain – $11 [via]

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Brass Peanut Lighter & Clip

We’re all for redundancy when it comes to important tools. Like carrying multiple bottle openers in case one fails. This also applies to anything relied upon for making fire, so pack a backup with the Brass Peanut Lighter & Clip, a tiny, reliable, waterproof, nigh indestructible lighter that’s American made of solid brass stock. Unscrew its top and light’er up in a pinch, or use it as a candle in an emergency, made possible thanks to its flat bottom.

Find it at Best Made Co – $36

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Vargo Titanium Funnel Flask

Titanium. Named for the primeval race of immortal giant deities descended from Gaia and Uranus, and a composite material for armor plating, spacecraft, missiles and the Titanium Funnel Flask. But the titanium construction of this holder of spirits isn’t the prime feature of this one of a kind vessel; it’s the unique filling apparatus built into the flask itself. If you’ve ever filled a flask – and what groomsman hasn’t – you know that even if it comes with a funnel, after the first fill the funnel is long gone and subsequent refills are prone to making sticky hands and wasted hooch. The integrated silicone funnel of the Titanium Funnel Flask makes sure you’re never without an easy, spill-proof filling method again. To fill, simply flip the funnel up, then flip it down when filling is complete. No funnel to lose and no plastic or metallic aftertaste. And with almost a third of a fifth capacity (8 oz., or 5 generous shots), you’ll be ready to make any event more interesting.

Grab one at Vargo Outdoors – $75 [via]

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Everyday Carry Breakdown #26

Each week we’ll show you an everyday carry – a small selection of tools, gadgets, and gear carried daily to cope with a variety of situations – worthy of a few minutes of your attention. This week’s EDC belongs to an industrial designer in Melbourne, Australia.

For the full August 22nd breakdown, hit up Everyday Carry.

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Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Receiver

What’s the weakest link in your sound system? If you’re rocking Audioengine’s B1 Bluetooth Receiver, it likely won’t be connectivity. This premium, all-aluminum receiver boasts Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX codec, a 24-bit upsampling low-noise, high-fidelity DAC, and support for A2DP and AVRCP. Plug it to your system using either stereo analog RCA or digital optical out, then pair it to a Bluetooth device stocked with good music. And with its extended 100 foot range, the source device won’t be shackled to the same room, either.

Find it at Audioengine – $189

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