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feature post image for Black Kite Cycling Backpack

Black Kite Cycling Backpack

Messenger bags facilitate access to their contents, but if we could choose we’d go for two straps — the load distribution is way better that way. The Black Kite Cycling Backpack simplifies access to your stuff thanks to both an open back pocket (think cycling jersey) for your phone, wallet, and other small goods as well as a side zipper pocket for quickly grabbing your lock (or whatever else you load in it) without ever having to take it off. Empty, the 16 litre pack weighs in at a scant 1 pound and yet still holds what you’d want to carry for the day, including a laptop, shoes, a packable jacket, and more, all kept close to your back for better riding. Else, its 1050 denier ballistic nylon fabric is durable and DWR-coated for a long lasting bag that’ll admirably protect the stuff you put inside of it.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $98

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feature post image for SlapSee Sunglasses

SlapSee Sunglasses

Our wrists still sting at the thought of the slap bracelets of yesteryear, and now they’re back, albeit integrated into SlapSee Sunglasses. These casual specs feature a hinge at their nose-bridge to fold in half, aligning their silicone-coated slap bracelet-like arms that can wrap around your wrist, ankle, bike frame, or anything else that’s suitable. Else, they come in four colors (black, red, pink, and blue) and boast 100% UV blocking lenses, useful when they’re actually on your face.

Grab a pair at Firebox – roughly $32

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feature post image for EraThr3 E3 Asylum Bulletproof Backpack

EraThr3 E3 Asylum Bulletproof Backpack

On first impression, EraThr3’s E3 Asylum Bulletproof Backpack is handsome, but otherwise looks like a typical, well-equipped backpack. And discreetly well-equipped it is: the E3 Asylum features a Certified IIIA built in Soft Armor in its back panel rated to stop 9mm to .44MAG and to offer blunt trauma protection. In terms of storage space the backpack is rigged with ambidextrous side entry to its rear compartment suitable for quick grab items or dual concealed carry, a large main compartment for the bulk of your goods, plus small pouches to organize everything your way. It’s also overbuilt, including seatbelt webbing for carry handles and strap attachment points, a weatherproof waxed canvas, and a Hyperlon bottom panel to stop the elements from seeping in when setting the pack down on wet surfaces.

Grab one at EraThr3 – $570

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feature post image for Ultimate Hammocks

Ultimate Hammocks

Simple. Inexpensive. Portable. All reasons to snatch up one of Ultimate Hammocks’ Hammocks. Made of strong parachute nylon material, triple stitched at the seams and bar tacked, each hammock is rated for at least 350 lbs and goes up quick and easy using tree-friendly Ultimate Straps ($25), which have ten adjustment loops per strap to find just the right tension for a perfect hang. Each also includes a stuff sack for keeping it tight in your pack and carabiners on either end to facilitate setup.

View the lineup at Ultimate Hammocks ($30 to $40) or pick up a single at Amazon ($30)

feature post image for The Seven Kingdoms Mug

The Seven Kingdoms Mug

Whether you’re drinking beer, wine, or the blood of your enemies, nothing makes a statement like The Seven Kingdoms Mug. This 1-pint vessel is crafted using cattle horn that’s attached to a solid wooden base before being smoothed and finished by hand, making each unique in its own right. Just don’t fill it with coffee or tea: this mug’s not intended for hot beverages, which also means you won’t be able to throw this one in the dishwasher.

Grab one at Cool Material’s Shop – $50

feature post image for RinseKit Portable Shower

RinseKit Portable Shower

Whether you need to clean up after a surf session, hose down your dogs after a hike or ensure easy access to a shower throughout your cross-country road trip, RinseKit has you covered. RinseKit fills to its 2 gallon capacity in 20 seconds using a run-of-the-mill garden spigot, automatically pressurizing as it does so to eschew the need for manual pumping or batteries. Then, it delivers back the water through its spray nozzle in one of seven different settings, supplying a steady stream for up to 4 minutes. The tank also holds pressure up to one month and has insulated walls to lock heat in if filled with hot water.

Pick one up at Amazon – $90

feature post image for Titanium Pocket Bit

Titanium Pocket Bit

About as compact a tool as they come, Big Idea Design’s Titanium Pocket Bit is not superfluous in the least. The Pocket Bit is evidently made of a super strong, lightweight titanium alloy and measures in at about the size of a standard bit but bears a hole in its center for slipping onto a keyring. On top of functioning as both a Phillips and flathead screwdriver — with help from the keyring for a little leverage — the bit also works as a mini pry bar, box cutter, and bottle opener, making it the ideal addition to any minimal everyday carry.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $10

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feature post image for Breitling Emergency Watch

Breitling Emergency Watch

Not exactly conceived for backyard campers, if ever you do find yourself miserably lost and in danger you’ll be glad to have worn the Breitling Emergency Watch over a timepiece that focuses just on, well, the time. The Emergency tracks time using a  thermocompensated SuperQuartz movement and also features a chronograph, digital calendar, alarm, and a second time zone. Its crucial feature, though, is a dual-frequency Personal Locator Beacon, deployed by turning the lower right side cap, that broadcasts a distress beacon through 121.5 MHz and 406 MHz frequencies to reach both local rescuers and the Cospas-Sarsat satellite system, respectively, greatly increasing your chances of being rescued.

Learn more at Breitling – $16,000+

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feature post image for Survival Laces

Survival Laces

Carry crucial survival gear invisibly and without adding additional weight to your pack with Survival Laces. These shoe laces are made of 550 paracord and embed a 1-inch ferrocerium rod, a 4-inch strand of tinder, as well as an 8 lb. fishing line right within the lace, accessed by removing the metal aglet. Then, a knife or sharp edge is all that’s needed to facilitate starting a fire. Survival Laces also come in a red deluxe version that drops the fishing line to instead include a full shoelace-long strand of tinder, plus of course a ferro rod to light it up.

Learn more at Wasatch Outdoors – $15 to $22

feature post image for MagKey EDC Key Holder

MagKey EDC Key Holder

A good key organizer can be a godsend for taming that unruly keychain, but naturally they all add some bulk. Not the MagKey EDC Key Holder, which instead turns your keys into the key holder themselves thanks to tiny, lightweight neodymium magnets that stick to them using 3M adhesive. They include in both positive and negative variants for each side of each key and effectively work with any type, reducing both rattle and the space they take in your pocket.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $10

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