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feature post image for Brass Hexagon Bottle Opener

Brass Hexagon Bottle Opener

Sure, it only does one thing: open bottles. But Ferm Living’s Brass Hexagon Bottle Opener is different enough to make it an intriguing conversation piece. Each is milled of a solid block of brass that’s then polished with a matte, brushed finish. Just try not to drop it on any delicate glassware, lest its heft cause some damage.

Find it at TRNK – $44 [via]

Tags: Gear
feature post image for Supr Slim 2

Supr Slim 2

It’s tricky to properly pull off minimalism without being drab. Supr nails it with their Slim 2, a follow up to the original elastic-based Slim. Coupling smooth grain leather to a herringbone-patterned elastic band, the Slim 2 takes up little space in your pocket and, importantly, actually looks good. It’s build to hold just your essentials [read: cards], though a few banknotes are more than welcome. And unlike fully leather wallets, the integrated elastic does the actual gripping of the cards, keeping the leather from stretching out over time for a perpetually solid hold.

Find it at Kickstarter – $50

Tags: Gear, Wallets
feature post image for Canary Home Security

Canary Home Security

Home security is a polarizing subject. On one hand, we’re not too keen on installing hefty hardware and then paying steep monthly fees to a company that’s unlikely to do much in case of a break-in, but on the other we’d prefer to deter and put pressure on would-be looters. And for that, Canary might be just what we’ve been waiting for. All contained within one compact tabletop device that sets up in minutes, Canary packs a handful of sensors including a night vision-equipped HD camera, microphone, motion detector, temperature/humidity sensor, and air quality sensor, leveraging them to keep tabs on your home. Over time, Canary learns what is and isn’t normal for your particular household, and sends video notifications straight to your smartphone.This also eliminates false alarms: if an alert pops up, have a look through Canary’s camera right from your iOS/Android smartphone, then decide whether to trigger its siren and/or call the police yourself.

Learn more at Canary – $249

Tags: Home, Tech
feature post image for FYF Footwear

FYF Footwear

Barefoot running shoes are positively cumbersome in comparison to Swiss Barefoot Company’s FYF Footwear. Made of 46.5% Dyneema, these “shoes” are supple, soft and comfortable like socks yet protect your feet thanks to incredible cut and abrasion resistance. While Dyneema in itself is low friction, the soles are lined with grip dots for a solid no-slip grip suitable to a wide variety of sports asides from running. Else, FYF have high thermal conductivity to cool you down, dry fast (they won’t soak up water), and boast an elastic seam that keeps them strapped to your feet.

Hit up Kickstarter for more information – $50+

feature post image for Corkcicle Tumbler

Corkcicle Tumbler

Corkcicle’s ever expanding lineup of drink accessories grows on with the Corkcicle Tumbler. Looking to dethrone whatever vessel you’re currently lugging your coffee/beer/tea/etc around in, this tumbler is made of stainless steel and features triple insulation to keep your beverage cold for 9+ hours and hot for over 3, a non-slip bottom, a shatterproof drink-through lid, and flat sides for easier grip. Available in both 16 oz. and 24 oz. variants in a variety of colors including brushed copper and steel.

Check it out at Corkcicle – $25

feature post image for Battlecade


Battlecade isn’t Love Hulten’s first stab at a retro-inspired gaming system — far from it, actually — but it’s definitely the most unique. Instead of putting competing players side by side where they can peek at each other’s controls and strategies, Battlecade boasts a Battleship-inspired form factor, down to the two folding halves for packing it up to take it on the go. Key difference: it’s gorgeous, and covered in American walnut instead of grey plastic. Each side is also complete with six buttons, an arcade stick, and a 12″ LCD screen.

Learn more at Love Hulten – $TBA

Tags: Gaming, Tech
feature post image for Kole Thermal Flask

Kole Thermal Flask

Flask meets Thermos meets premium materials, the Kole Thermal Flask is as practical a way to carry around a few shots of liquor or espresso. Instead of the typical flattened shape, Kole bears a unique cylindrical design made of a stainless steel core surrounded by genuine oak, the former hand polished and the latter sealed with several coats of lacquer for a stunning finish. Its cap also doubles as a cup, making for a classier image over drinking straight from the flask, and each Kole includes a stainless steel funnel for easy, mess-free filling.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $78

feature post image for Ferrolic Ferrofluid Clock

Ferrolic Ferrofluid Clock

Digital but with a tangible, physical edge, the Ferrolic Ferrofluid Clock drops liquid crystal for a far more mesmerizing display material: ferrofluid. The clock boasts a basin filled with free-flowing ferrofluid that can be pulled, shaped, and moved thanks to powerful electromagnets behind the display and hidden from view. The governing software is also accessible, letting experienced users can repurpose the clock’s magnets to display custom shapes and transitions completely unrelated to time telling. And while technically still in development you can reserve one of the first 24 pieces for yourself, albeit at a price.

Learn more at Ferrolic – roughly $8,500

Tags: Clocks, Home
feature post image for 21st Amendment Toaster Pastry Beer

21st Amendment Toaster Pastry Beer

Breakfast beer has a whole new meaning. Introducing 21st Amendment’s Toaster Pastry, an India Red Ale that’s crafted with a Pop-Tarts-inspired taste and, perhaps not coincidentally, brewed in a former Kellogg’s factory. Interestingly, the 7.6% beer also boasts an IBU of 74 to balance the sweet with some bitter, though with our extensive Pop-Tarts experience we’re pretty certain the former will prevail. Each can also contains 19.2 oz of the brew, more than enough to sip through a pack or two of the actual snack for a particularly sweet breakfast (or any meal, really).

Arriving on August 29th. Check it out then at 21st Amendment – $TBA

feature post image for Ursa Major Natural Deodorant

Ursa Major Natural Deodorant

We don’t consider ourselves overtly paranoid, but it’s a fact that many of the synthetic ingredients in our personal care products aren’t well tested. Ursa Major’s Hoppin’ Fresh Natural Deodorant aims to give you a better option, at least as far as your underarms are concerned. Devoid of aluminum and any stain-causing products, their deodorant provides a subtle, crisp aroma of ginger, rosemary, chamomile, lemon, and grapefruit, protecting you from odors for 24 hours while absorbing excessive moisture to keep you feeling fresh all day. All accomplished without the inclusion of a single known or suspected toxin.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $30 for two

Tags: Body, Gear
feature post image for Onean Carver Electric Jet Board

Onean Carver Electric Jet Board

Nothing beats catching and riding the perfect wave. Or so we’d imagine. For anyone without adequate skills or waves, there’s the Onean Carver Electric Jet Board. Quick and nimble, the Carver sports a dual-core brushless electric motor, high efficiency axial water pump, and Bizintek electric drive, all controlled using a handheld wireless remote. The board can hit high speeds (exact numbers still to be determined) and run for about 20 minutes at full power. Alternatively, Onean’s larger, stabler Manta is more suited for exploring than for satisfying your thrill seeking needs, cruising at a cool 4.5 mph for hours on a charge.

Preorder at Onean – $4,000+ [via]

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