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Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang

It’s back in a big way, and it’s better than ever. Ford announced the return of the Shelby GT350 Mustang just in time for the line’s 50 year anniversary, equipping this thoroughbred with their most powerful naturally aspirated engine ever — a 5.2-litre V8 pumping out over 500 horsepower and 400 lb.-ft of torque — that’s coupled to a six-speed manual transmission, the stiffest Mustang platform ever, and a lower, aerodynamically enhanced design. In any case, it successfully embodies Carroll Shelby’s idea of transforming a solid everyday car into a track-worthy contender.

Learn more at Ford – $TBA

Tags: Rides

KMN Aluminum Rolling Pin

KMN Home’s take on this common kitchen staple isn’t quite like your grandmother’s rolling pin. Made of anodized aluminum, this rolling pin can be chilled to stay cool to the touch to avoid transferring heat to dough and melting butter, just like a marble pin but without the weight. It’s also non-stick, measures in at 21 inches wide, and sports laser engraved measurements in both inches and millimetres to get the size just right.

Find it at Kickstarter – $35+

Tags: Home, Kitchen

Herb Cannabis Cookbook

Finally, a concise tome of recipe excellence for residents of Colorado and Washington state (sorry other 48, but your time is coming). Herb, affectionately compiled by the guys from The Stoner’s Cookbook, is a crowdfunded book chock full of cannabis-based recipes originating from their website. Reaching 120 million people per month, Stoner’s has combined their readers love of mind-altering botanicals and the munchies obtained thereby into recipes that satisfy both desires simultaneously. Inside Herb you’ll find 200+ pages of mouth-watering dishes that all feature something that might look like oregano. Recipes are replete with detailed extraction methods, beautiful photography, science behind cannabis, and much more. You won’t find these dishes at Chez Henri, but you may have thought up some of them while munching at Taco Bell.

Find it at InkShares – $15+

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Hockenheimer Magazine Stool

Recycle your already-read magazines in a different way with Njustudio’s Hockenheimer Magazine and Newspaper Stools. These kits includes a four-legged waxed birch stool base, two custom leather belts, and a cushion, leaving you fill its metaphorical gap with nothing but magazines or newspapers. Stack more — or less — to precisely tailor its height to your needs. Just don’t leave it too close to a lit fireplace.

Find it at Connox or Njuorder – roughly $160+ [via]

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Kodak PixPro SP360

Unsurprisingly, action cams have a way of getting us in the moment. Dive even deeper with Kodak’s PixPro SP360, the first big name action camera to shoot in full 360º glory with its 16 megapixel sensor at up to 1080p and 30fps. The device’s dome-shaped lens captures footage in a variety of immersive modes such as ring, dome, 360º panorama, and simultaneous front 180º / rear 180º, which acts as two ultra wide angle cameras facing both forward and backwards. It’s also rugged with its shockproof enclosure and waterproof case, works with your smartphone (and the 360 Remote Viewer App) just as well as without it, and features motion sensing and time lapse modes for setting and forgetting.

Learn more at Kodak or Amazon – $350 to $400 (with Extreme Pack accessories)

Spool Dock

Most smartphone docks aren’t very flexible. They usually won’t fit more than one specific model, need to be held down as the phone is pulled off, and always leave an unsightly trail of wires. Not so with the oak and wool felt Spool Dock, which is compatible with all Lightning iPhone models as well as the iPad Mini and iPod Touch. The trick lies in its low-profile, three contact point docking element that’s adjustable in width to accommodate any device, with or without just about any case. Else, as its name suggests, the dock also features an internal spool that keeps wires no longer than they need be, and boasts a weighty metal base plus micro-suction pads that keep it firmly affixed to your desk for one-handed removal.

Grab one at BiteMyApple – $65

Tags: Tech

Bose SoundLink Color

Bose’s SoundLink Color rounds out their portable speaker lineup, bringing a touch of liveliness to their otherwise drab grey and black devices. This compact, lightweight Bluetooth unit weighs just 1.25 pounds and puts out a full, lifelike sound for up to 8 hours per charge. It also pairs easily with voice prompts that talk you through the process, boasts an auxiliary input for wired connections, and comes in 5 colors — Black, White, Mint, Red, and Blue.

Find it at Amazon – $130

Tags: Audio, Tech

Carry On Cocktail Kit

Drinking is flying’s only redeeming factor, other than that whole bit about being able to traverse continents in mere hours. The Carry On Cocktail Kit heightens this experience with one simple, checkpoint security-friendly tin; just order a mini-bottle of bourbon at 30,000 feet and use the kit’s cane sugar, small batch bitters, and custom combination bar spoon & muddler to mix a proper old fashioned or two. It even includes a linen coaster to class up your on-flight drinking experience and a recipe card to walk you through the steps.

Check it out at Carry On Cocktail Kit – $24

Maple Bacon Coffee

When you think Canada, the first things that come to mind are hockey, Mounties, and of course maple syrup. You may however have overlooked Maple Bacon Coffee, and if you’ve ever sat down to a nice pancake, bacon and coffee breakfast you know what the Bewdly Coffee Company has captured with this brew. Maple bacon flavor is poured onto slow smoked coffee beans like syrup while roasters overlook as it soaks into every nook and cranny. Brewing this seemingly odd, delicious blend, your house will smell like breakfast without the artery clogging effects bacon may or may not bring about.

Learn more at Bewdly – $19

Everyday Carry Breakdown #38

Each week we’ll show you an everyday carry – a small selection of tools, gadgets, and gear carried daily to cope with a variety of situations – worthy of a few minutes of your attention. This week’s EDC belongs to a graphic designer.

For the full November 14th breakdown, hit up the redesigned, sleeker, and easier to navigate Everyday Carry.

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