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Sander Mulder Pandora Cabinet

Forget particleboard. Sander Mulder’s Pandora Cabinets are built of steel just like the rugged shipping containers most inexpensive furniture arrives to our shores in. Designed by Sander Mulder and made in the Netherlands, they come in various colors and sizes, the former inspired by the palette of tones coming and going atop container ships in harbors around the world. Each piece also includes an oversized, overbuilt door latch and stacks nicely with other Pandora cabinets to create the perfect unit for your needs.

Learn more at Sander Mulder – roughly $1,300

Photography by Studio Sander Mulder.

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Canon EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR

Canon’s new flagship, the EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR, has a name that keeps on going. Fortunately so does its spec sheet. The camera features a full-frame 20.2 megapixel CMOS sensor, dual DIGIC 6+ processors, and a Dual Pixel 61-point autofocus system that altogether manages to shoot continuously at up to 14 frames per second or capture video at 4K and 60 fps (and 1080p at 120fps). Other notable features span an ISO range of between 50 and 409,600, geotagging thanks to a built-in GPS module, a weather- and dust-sealed magnesium alloy body that’ll go anywhere you can (sparing being submerged), and two memory card slots capable of writing to both CFast or CompactFlash memory.

Preorder at Amazon or B&H – $6,000

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Oren Isaac Eyewear

Your eyes deserve the best. But perhaps your wallet didn’t appreciate the beating it took the last time you bought a pair of glasses. Oren Isaac Eyewear aims to change the way things are done from frame to lens. The former comes in a multitude of designs, all employing hypoallergenic acetate of cellulose in various modern and vintage designs of various color combinations and with, for some, fitted metal accents. Top optical clarity antireflective CR39 lenses are outsourced from renowned manufacturers and induce less distortion than standard polycarbonate ones. And the glasses are built to last for years, with scratch resistant lenses and reinforced rivets for strength at the joint, the otherwise weakest point.

Learn more at Oren Isaac – $98

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Néit Collapsible Luggage

Unsurprising considering it’s made to store lots of your stuff, luggage takes up a lot of room. That’s why the Néit Collapsible Luggage line folds up to shrink down in size by 50% to 70%. Inspired by the rugged shell of an armadillo, these tough, waterproof pieces of luggage feature fold-down walls and retractible spinner wheels that altogether significantly reduce the space occupied by the Néit. A carabiner-like handle allows for hanging as storage plus optional GPS lets you track your lost luggage in case of loss in transit.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – roughly $215

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TPT Titanium Pocket Tool

Carry a handful or two of useful tools in a package no thicker than a pair of keys with the Titanium Pocket Tool, or TPT for short. This low profile tool is crafted of Grade 5 titanium and features a flat head screwdriver, mini pry bar, two measurement cues, a 1/4-inch hex bit driver, bottle opener, scraper, fifteen universal wrenches across both imperial and metric sizes, and both a camping fork plus finger-safe box opener edge on its stainless steel insert. Or swap out the insert for a standard utility razor blade to safely carry a knife in your pocket using the included sheath.

Find it at Kickstarter – $40

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Side Project Skateboards

Inspired by the do-it-yourself spirit of the skateboard culture half a century ago, Side Project Skateboards was started as a literal side project by woodworker Jake Eshelman. Each skateboard is built using recovered hardwoods, hand selected for their unique beauty before being cut, paired, and laminated to highlight the character and intricacies of the grain. Boards are then shaped by hand, optionally painted or stained, and finished with two coats of marine grade varnish — all by hand in Houston, Texas. Get yours bare or fitted with Bennett Vector trucks, Tekton Abec 7 bearings, and Seismic 3dm Cambria Wheels, the latter option coming ready to ride right out of the box. Just don’t go too crazy grinding lest you scrape, chafe, and otherwise tarnish the skateboard’s finish.

Learn more at Side Project Skateboards – $225+

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Zero Halliburton Vintage Carry-On Spinner

Paying tribute to the brand’s mid-century military and camera cases, the Zero Halliburton Vintage Carry-On Spinner is built tough out of thick aluminum hardshell with a classic khaki green paint job. The carry-on suitcase features custom draw-bolt latches and a three digit TSA-approved combination lock to secure its contents, which are coddled in its fully lined interior, mesh compartments, and immobilized via compression straps. Carry it by the handle or roll it around on its four wheels thanks to a retractible multi-stage handle, the former featuring sealed ball bearings for longevity.

Learn more at Zero Halliburton – $1,200

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ForeverSpin Tops

CNC machined from a solid block of metal, ForeverSpin Tops are meticulously balanced for a perfect spin and overbuilt to survive several lifetimes of use. These handsome tops are made of fifteen different metals to suit all tastes, including aluminum, titanium, copper, bronze, gold plated, tungsten — by far the heaviest — and numerous others, with different weights and thus spin properties. With a little practice they can even spin upside down.

Grab one at Amazon – $32 [via]

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Creating a 360˚ image is nigh impossible without professional equipment. But with Foldio360 that equipment is, all of a sudden, completely affordable. Foldio360 boasts a step angle motor plus Bluetooth 4.0 and an infrared sensor for communicating with your photographic equipment, whether it’s a smartphone or DSLR. Angle your shot up right, fire up the app, and hit start; the system automatically rotates, snaps photos, and even combines them to output a finalized 360˚ image. The platform itself also becomes invisible in your photos thanks to its Halo Edge light system, which throws light off the Foldio360’s back to soften and eliminate the lines between it and the backdrop.

Hit up Kickstarter for more information – $90

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Last Land Rover Defender

Sixty eight years separate the production of the first Land Rover Defender and the last at the company’s famed Solihull production facility. The last Defender was of the 90 Heritage Soft Top variety, painted in Aintree Green and looking retro as ever. The actual vehicle itself isn’t for sale and will instead be housed in Jaguar’s Land Rover Collection while the facility will be, at least in part, repurposed for Land Rover’s Heritage Restoration Programme, in which a team of long standing Solihull employees restore various Series Land Rovers from around the world. But while this Defender will soon be history another, more modern one — or rather a family of them — will take its place in 2018.

Read more at Land Rover.

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