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Only Clock

Minimal is hardly the word to describe Kibardindesign’s Only Clock: in fact, most of the clock has been stripped away. What’s left is a simple ring made of ABS Plastic, holding its own to Dieter Rams’ design principle that good design is as little design as possible. Around the ring numbers designate the hours while minute markers tell you the time to the exact minute, lighting up thanks to LEDs to make it legible both in daylight and at night. A concealed wall mount lets you hang it up, though it’s just as suited to use as a table or desk clock, and it’s also equipped with an alarm.

Pick one up at Kibardindesign Studio – $130

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Everyday Carry Breakdown #114

Each week we’ll show you an everyday carry – a small selection of tools, gadgets, and gear carried daily to cope with a variety of situations – worthy of a few minutes of your attention. This week’s EDC belongs to a visual artist and teacher in Mexico.

For the full May 20th breakdown, hit up Everyday Carry

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Dash Minimalist Travel Wallet

When Dora explores (and that’s her only gig), you’ll find the Dash in her backpack. Lightweight eco-synthetic leather is the perfect size to hold your passport, credit cards, and currency, both foreign and domestic. Forget fumbling in pockets for essential travel documents. The Dash puts everything in one thin, secure place, and, importantly, comes in at a price point even the most frugal traveler can appreciate, leaving more money for splurging on enjoying the destination. And it’s even RFID protected, important since passports are increasingly embedded with electronics.

Grab one at Kickstarter – $22

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Nomo Auto Icon Series

It doesn’t take much more than a few drawn lines to instantly recognize iconic automobiles, and the Nomo Auto Icon Series proves it. The rather large series covers most well-known automobile brands, spanning Honda, Toyota and VW to supercar makers like Lamborghini, Ferrari, as well as many in between. Each 18- by 24-inch print features a multitude of minimal designs of the front of cars by the maker spanning their history. The Mustang also has a print all to itself, as do the tail lights of some of BMW’s most notable vehicles.

Check out the full ineup at Nomo Design – $30

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Pocket Tripod

It’s identical to the original Pocket Tripod in almost every way, including portability (it folds up to stash away in your wallet or pocket) and versatility since it’ll tilt in various angles and even splits in two (as shown) to hold your phone in landscape orientation as well as portrait. But the new Pocket Tripod is also universal thanks to various phone mount sizes that range in half millimetre increments, fitting various phones with or without cases. This means you won’t have to remove your case to snap photos, saving time not to mention potentially saving your phone’s life (or screen) should its mounted position be less stable than thought.

Grab one at Kickstarter – $18

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Google Home

Amazon’s Echo has been largely unchallenged — until now. Or soon, rather, since Google Home isn’t officially for sale just yet. Google’s compact but stubby device boasts a speaker and long-throw microphone to listen out for voice commands and then respond appropriately, both giving you information on things like weather and traffic while also controlling different devices around your home including lighting, your sound system, and other home automation devices (we assume including Google-owned Nest devices, but time will tell). The speaker itself is room-fillingly loud, a benefit of the unit relying on your wall outlet for power instead of small batteries, and we’re fairly confident its feature base will continue to expand until it launches later this year.

Stay notified at Google – $TBA

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It’s living art without the cluttered-looking wire hanging down. Acanvas is a 23-inch digital frame with an ultra-wide viewing angle, up to five hours of battery life, and an accompanying app that curates gorgeous art pieces from around the world specifically for you, letting you get them up on its display with a click. Of course, it can also display your own photos or favorite images straight from your phone, and can easily be customized in appearance via compatibility with various frames. And you won’t need any custom wiring to keep the frame plugged into a wall socket: when its battery is low and no one’s around — for instance, at night — Acanvas quietly lowers its retractible cord and charging puck into the accompanying charging base to fuel up.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $400

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22 Design Concrete Writing Tools

22 Design Studio, from Taiwan, makes use of their capital’s two main construction exports to make all their products: steel and concrete. So it’s no surprise that their Concrete Writing Tools follow the same rules. The series includes a mechanical pencil that works with 0.5mm leads, a rollerball pen, and a sketch pencil with an integrated sharpener compatible with 5.5mm lead. All three are contoured and shaped with unique topographical layers that start rigid and smooth out over time as they adapt to your hand. They also features stainless steel accents and come in two shades of grey and one shade of white — except for the sketch pencil, which skips the darker grey and features brass in the white model (shown) instead of stainless.

Learn more at 22 Design Studio or Kohezi – $72 to $90

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Speck Pocket-VR

Virtual reality need not cost you thousands of dollars of headsets and powerful gaming rigs. The Speck Pocket-VR is also a bit more sophisticated (and compact) than cardboard-built viewers. This pocket-friendly VR headset works with either the iPhone 6/6S and the Galaxy S7 and unfolds from its ultra-thin profile to grant an immersive 3D experience. Included in the kit is a Speck candyshell grip for your phone that’ll protect it from dings and drops and that’s necessary for the Pocket-VR to hold onto it firmly. When closed the lenses are cleverly protected, though it doesn’t come with any sort of headband or way to attach it to your head.

Get one at Amazon – $70

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Nikola One Semi

It’s got no relation to Tesla Motors except for the individual inspiring its name. And perhaps in craziness and vision. The Nikola One Semi is powered at each of its six wheels by electric motors producing a total 2,000 horsepower and 3,700 lb-ft of torque — several times more power than conventional big rigs to blast up inclines with ease — and features fuel saving features like regenerative breaking, zero idling, and an aerodynamic design. Since modern batteries still aren’t capacious enough to pull large, heavy trailers for long distances, they’re instead refuelled as its being driven by a turbine that’s powered by either diesel, gasoline, or clean burning natural gas, running for about 1,200 miles between fill-ups. It’s also equipped with a larger cabin thanks to the absence of a large diesel engine up front that’s got two full sized beds, a fridge and freezer, desk, microwave, television, and other luxuries. The goal is a truck that’s far cheaper to run than the norm, and although we won’t be preordering one just yet we’re curious to see where this goes.

Read more at Nikola One – $375,000

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