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The Nug

Large knives may be more functional overall but chances are you’re more likely to carry a micro knife around on a daily basis for reasons of practicality. That said, most are too small to use safely, and that’s where JHO Knives’ The Nug stands out. At just two inches long and with unassuming looks it’s perfect to slip into a pocket alongside keys or a wallet. It’s solidly built of G5 titanium, fitted with a heat treated S35VN 0.71-inch steel blade, and features a hole to slide a finger through for solidifying your grip so it won’t slip and slice you. The short blade sits on a ball bearing pivot and can be discreetly opened in a pocket, though the closed Nug works to protect your knuckles if used for protection un-deployed. Available in black, satin (shown), stone washed, and two tone.

Learn more at JHO Knives – $150+

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Good To Go Gourmet Dehydrated Meals

Roughing it entails eating either decently well (with lots of meticulous planning) or guzzling loads of junk food. Considering its far easier, the second option often encroaches on the first. Good To Go’s Gourmet Dehydrated Meals sit at the intersection of the above: easy to prep food that doesn’t compromise… too much. Each one is cooked using fresh vegetables, spices, noodles, and other ingredients you probably stock at home, before being dehydrated for longevity. Meals include Indian Vegetable Korma, Pad Thai, Smoked Three Bean Chili, Herbed Mushroom Risotto, and more, each with a shelf life of two years. When you’re ready to eat just add boiling water, with each serving packed with roughly 375 calories.

Learn more at Good To Go – $6.75+

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Px Invisible Backpack Mini

It’s tastefully spartan on the outside, earning the px Invisible Backpack Mini its name. But there’s more to this simple looking backpack than its exterior would have you know. First, the shell material is of a slightly glossy, water resistant 800x600D nylon and polyester blend that’s both durable and more elegant than standard ballistic variants. Two stealthy medium-sized front pockets organize smaller goods while a concealed laptop slot on one side fits up to 13-inch computers — and all three, along with the main compartment, close up using durable water resistant YKK zippers. It’s big enough to hold all your daily carry essentials at 14 litres, all without weighing you down like an unnecessarily large bag would.

Learn more at px – $168

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Casper Dog Mattress

Casper’s return policy on standard mattresses includes a 100 night trial. And it’s no different for the Casper Dog Mattress. Designed by the same team but customized to the average dog’s preferences, combining memory foam with a heftier support foam and a thicker upper surface material that mimics the sensation of loose earth to let your pup’s natural digging instincts kick in before he hits the hay. The removable bonded microfiber cover is also extremely durable to put up with teeth and claws and can be taken off (using zippers that otherwise hide in sewn-in pockets to keep from scratching your floor) and thrown in the machine for a quick wash when it starts to smell — or becomes absolutely covered in hair.

Learn more at Casper – $125

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Koraloc Surf Backpack

Surfing means getting a giant board to the beach, probably held underarm — which is fine if said beach is close. If it’s a bit of a trek, the Koraloc Surf Backpack is be a godsend. This backpack is equipped with a fold-out board carrier that deploys to hold up to three surfboards vertically, keeping your hands free and your back comfortable thanks to an adjustable waist belt that puts most of their weight on your hips. It’s also got room for 29 litres of more stuff, including a laptop in a dedicated compartment, wax and fin side pockets, and plenty of place for towels and other beach necessities. Plus, the surfboard straps can also be used to carry beach chairs, wakeboards, or even snowboards when you’re not going surfing.

Grab one at Amazon – $200

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Troubadour Day Bag

If for some reason ballistic nylon repulses you, you’ll find solace in the Troubadour Day Bag. Every one of these duffles is handcrafted in Italy using nothing but vegetable-tanned leather for all of its parts that’s complemented by a thick cotton canvas lining inside. Undo its polished brass long-tail zipper for unrestricted access to its contents thanks to a wide opening, with room for a weekend’s worth of clothes and a tablet compartment (amongst other elastic internal pockets) to keep entertainment close by. Each also comes with a lifetime guarantee which won’t help if it’s stolen or you lose it, so better try to not lose sight of it.

Learn more at Troubadour Goods – $1,426

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Barrell Bourbon

Just like all brandy is not cognac, not all whiskeys (whiskys) can be bourbon. For bourbon, you need Kentucky. Bourbon is the sweet whiskey because of the requisite 51% corn content. In fact all facets of production are regulated, making any bourbon an experience and not a “shot”, “slug”, or any other such euphemism. And bourbon has no additives or color added: the only thing you’ll find in any true bourbon after distillation is water. Barrell Bourbon has refined the generations old process of bourbon crafting to an art, offering eight distinct batches of bourbon crafted and aged in Kentucky and Tennessee. Depending on the batch you select you’ll enjoy a smooth taste in proof ranging from 116 to nearly 140. Each is aged a minimum of five years and up to eight, resulting in a spirit that’s exactly what any bourbon connoisseur wants: hand crafted quality from folks who understand the history and future of this iconic libation.

Learn more at Barrell Bourbon – $70+

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Rungu Electric Juggernaut

Remember the Junnernaut Trike? We’re sure it’s quite a bit of work moving all that rubber. The beefy Rungu Electric Juggernaut, on the other hand, does all that work for you thanks to a 2,100 Watt 3-phase hub motor in the rear wheel that gets you to a top speed of 20 miles per hour. Power is applied thanks to a twist throttle that gives the motor juice whether you’re pedalling or not, and a small display keeps readouts of speed, power consumption, and battery status in sight. It’s got more than enough power to trek through loose ground and uneven terrain, plus all electronics are weather resistant so the Electric Juggernaut is as tough as it looks.

Learn more at Rungu – $5,300

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Chances are you’ve got a few folding chairs stashed away in a closet or under your bed for hosting extra guests. Double up on backup seating with Bookniture, a line of furniture that folds shut into a big book that can literally be kept on a bookshelf. They come in three colors — concrete grey, black, field brown, and red — and can support a ridiculous amount of weight unfolded and with their felt tops installed, that being over 2,000 pounds. Their strength makes them plenty versatile: add a plank of wood across two to make a bench, or just set one up as a footrest or a stool.

Learn more at Bookniture – $86 [via]

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Kobo Aura One eReader

Pouring a hot bath and relaxing while reading is, to us, incredibly inviting. Too bad both paper books and eReaders aren’t really waterproof and require a ton of care. That’s changing with the Kobo Aura One. The slim device is rated waterproof to the IPX8 standard and can therefore go about six feet underwater for up to an hour for reading underwater (but more likely just for withstanding occasional splashes). A massive 7.8-inch Carta E Ink screen is about the size of a good novel as well as just as sharp with a pixel density of 300 dpi, and comes equipped with ComfortLight Pro front lighting, which also gradually reduces blue light exposure as dusk approaches to avoid impacting your sleep. Other features include 8GB of on-board memory for storing thousands of eBooks, one month of battery life, and customizable font weights and sharpness to create a reading experience tailored to you.

Up for preorder on August 30th. Find it at Kobo – $230

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Touch Of Wood MacBook Cover

Your silver MacBook could be anybody’s. Add to it a touch of organic uniqueness with one of Touch Of Wood’s MacBook Covers. They come in several varieties of wood including walnut, zebrawood (shown), teak, and maple, each made thin and backed with a 3M Pressure Sensitive Adhesive that’s strong enough to keep a solid hold as long as you need it to, at which time it won’t leave residue. They’re also precisely laser cut to fit both modern 13-inch and 15-inch Apple laptops and are hand-sanded, with slits in their edges to ensure the skins properly hug the curved surface of your computer.

Learn more at Touch of Wood – $65+

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