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Alienware Graphics Amplifier

Since they’re only upgradeable to a certain degree, gaming laptops often come with an extremely limited shelf life. In reality, the main issue laptop gamers stumble on over time is an outdated, underpowered mobile GPU. Alienware’s solution is the Graphics Amplifier, a relatively compact box that plugs to your notebook computer, expanding its capabilities by adding a full-length, double-wide desktop graphics card plus a 460W internal power supply on which to run. It also doubles as a sort of dock, letting you make use of the output on the graphics card plus its four USB 3.0 ports by plugging in just one cable to your computer. Only catch: you’ll need one an Alienware 13 gaming laptop to actually make use of the Amplifier due to its proprietary PCI-Express connector, meaning this won’t be the piece of gear to breathe new life into your already outdated portable gaming rig.

Learn more at Dell – $300

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Cree Soft White LED Bulb

Thus far, LED bulbs don’t usually look much like normal incandescent bulbs due to the need for large heat sinks to cool their light source. Cree’s latest finally does away with these unsightly contraptions, instead employing cross-flow ventilation to passively cool the LED within. It’s also dimmable (without buzzing), emits omnidirectional light, and costs just about nothing to operate compared to traditional bulbs. And with a lightweight, shatterproof design and 25,000 hour rating — or 20+ years at 3 hours a day — a small investment in a few of these bulbs is bound to pay off.

Find them at Home Depot – $7.50+ [via]

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Motorola Droid Turbo

Priorities. It’s what’ll make you either love or hate (but probably love) the Morotola Droid Turbo. This phone doesn’t skimp on much and pays the price in thickness — at least compared to the iPhone 6 and the like. What this gets you, though, is the sharpest display of any smartphone at 565 ppi, a 21 megapixel camera that shoots 4K videos, Qualcomm’s blazing fast quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor, and a 3,900 mAh battery that’s the biggest of any smartphone, good for two straight days of heavy use. Else, a water repellant nanocoating protects the device from the inside out against downpours and spills while durable metalized glass fiber (shown) or woven ballistic nylon back covers are as functional as they are handsome.

Read more at Motorola – $200 (32GB) to $250 (64GB)

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Sometimes, we wonder if prolific authors like Hemingway would’ve accomplished half as much as they did had they been faced with monumental distractions like Facebook, Reddit, and the internet as a whole. Hemingwrite does away with all of that while keeping your work digital for straightforward archiving or publishing. This mechanical keyboard-equipped, typewriter-like device boasts a backlit 6″ e-ink display to let you do one thing and one thing only: write. It also boasts WiFi for syncing to your preferred cloud apps like Evernote or Google Docs, a one million page memory, and a gorgeous retro die-cast aluminum design. And if you’re hellbent on really getting some work done, grab your Hemingwrite and go off the grid: with 6+ weeks of battery life, it easily outclasses even the longest lasting laptops or tablets forty fold.

Still in development, but stay updated at Hemingwrite – $TBA

RoboReel Air

Not since the Death Star has a sphere packed so much utility. The ability to destroy a planet may be insignificant next to the power of the Force, but the ability to utilize all your pneumatic tools, top off your tires air, or inflate just about anything without a tangled mess following you around has to be a close second. RoboReel is a cutting edge automatic air hose reel designed for portability and/or out of the way mounting. Use RoboReel as a portable system, mount it to your bench, or mount it at any angle on your ceiling or wall. Unlike traditional spring loaded reels, the Robo utilizes a two-speed retraction system combined with smart engineering and industrial grade material for a hassle free, long lasting system. Just push a button and up to 40 feet of ¼” hose retracts. Forget lesser hoses that can handle 100 psi; RoboReel provides up to 300psi of force where you need it, in your hand and out of the way. To add to the convenience, RoboReel comes ready for use right out of the box. Had Admiral Motti not choked on his words, he would have owned one.

Find it at RoboReel or Amazon $300

Tags: Home, Tools

Shrine Sneaker Duffel

Travelling light while bringing along more than just the pair of shoes on your feet requires quite a bit of Tetris-ing into your normally under-equipped pack. And that’s precisely where the Shrine Sneaker Duffel excels. This clever duffel boasts dual dedicated sneaker compartments — one on either end — that keep up to two pairs of your favorite kicks safe while you wander. Importantly, it also complies with most airline carry-on size requirements, and boasts a dedicated watch compartment, a rear zippered pocket big enough for a tablet, and enough room for a few days worth of clothes plus toiletries.

Preorder at Shrine – $185 [via]

Tags: Packs, Shoes, Travel

Native Union Night Cable

It’s only logical to charge your power-hungry smartphone while you sleep, but keeping the cable from falling off your bedside table is a surprisingly daunting task, and one that’s solved using a bit of creativity. Native Union’s Night Cable stays put thanks to its weighted knot which can be slid along along the wire to keep it solidly planted on even the slipperiest of flat surfaces. It also comes in either Micro USB or Lightning flavors, is both far more durable and prettier than your stock cable thanks to its braided construction, and measures in at 3 meters long to comfortably reach just about anywhere.

Find it at Native Union – $40

Tags: Tech

Lunatik Aquatik

We figure we’ll be waiting quite a while before our consumer electronics — notably those made by Apple — will be in any way ruggedized. Until then, count on Lunatik’s Aquatik to protect your all-too-fragile device. This surprisingly sleek case makes your iPhone water- and dust-proof to IP68 standards (fully waterproof to 2 meters for a consecutive hour), meaning it’ll protect against accidental drops on solid ground as well in the toilet and grants the ability to snap underwater photos through its optically clear photo lens. Of course, full tactile control of all of the phone’s buttons is achieved, as well as a fluid touchscreen experience, protected behind Gorilla Glass, and Touch ID compatibility.

Find it alongside the Taktik 360 at IndieGoGo – $80

Double Shot Coffee & Espresso Mug

Unlike most consumerists, we’d rather buy less stuff in general and instead rely on just a few versatile, quality products. And when it comes to coffee, Gamago’s Double Shot has you covered regardless of what you’ve got brewing. This hand-blown glass mug pulls double-duty, ready to hold 1.5 ounces of espresso or 5.5 ounces of piping hot coffee on opposite ends. It’s also dishwasher-friendly for when you don’t have the ten seconds it takes to hand wash the thing.

Find it at Cool Material’s Shop – $14

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Eyeing the Chromecast but haven’t yet picked one up? Amazon may sway you with their Fire TV Stick, a drop dead simple way to watch Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, stream media from your computer, or rent TV shows or movies amongst the hundreds of thousands on Amazon. This compact stick plugs straight to an HDMI port to take over your TV and doesn’t disappoint in quality thanks to support for 1080p HD video and Dolby Digital 7.1 sound. It also outclasses its competitors performance-wise, boasts 8GB of on-board storage, and doubles as a casual gaming rig with support for the Fire Game Controller and over 200 games.

Preorder at Amazon – $39 (or $19 for Prime members over the next 2 days)

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