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Seinfeld’s been off the air for a couple of years (or so) by now, but if you’re anything like us (and most other Americans with a sense of humor) the episodes still play on your tube regularly. Jennifer Keishin Armstrong’s Seinfeldia: How a Show About Nothing Changed Everything takes a behind-the-scenes look at the two minds behind the sitcom to get you rare information such as how and where they dreamt up the show to begin with, the real life characters inspiring those on the show (down to the many one-episode icons), and plenty of general gossip. Hell, the actual Soup Nazi (or Larry Thomas, the actor that played him, anyway) couldn’t put it down, so you’re likely to be no different.

Grab a copy at Amazon – $17

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Helm Boots Sam

The detailing is fantastic. But it’s the big picture that matters more, and Helm Boots’ Sam puts a dapper finishing touch on your outfit. Each pair is handcrafted in Maine at one of the last shoe factories in the USA using full-grain Tasman York leather for the upper and an oil-treated leather sole for longevity, the latter complemented with Helm’s signature white midsole. Available in black (shown) or original, which features brown Horween Chromexcel leather paired with Cone Mills Denim trim. Wear them and resole them as need be, and you’re bound to have these boots for a long while.

Learn more at Helm Boots – $499

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Mission Workshop Meridian Phase Jacket

Designed with body heat mapping in mind, Mission Workshop’s Meridian Phase Jacket is your go-to piece for all conditions. It starts with a clean profile made of Polartec NeoShell fabric that reacts to changes in body temperature, increasing breathability as heat builds up. A more breathable back sheet with laser drilled pores and side panels set it apart from the brand’s standard Meridian while remaining just as rain proof and lightweight. It’s also got a removable helmet-compatible hood, YKK zippers everywhere, plus a handful or so pockets split between the inside and outside.

Check it out at Mission Workshop – $485

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Nike Flyknit Elite Golf Shoe

Nike’s Flyknit Elite strays far from the traditional golf shoe, and with some merit. The shoe uses Nike’s lightweight and breathable Flyknit upper to securely hug your foot without building up as much heat as leather, as well as a full-length Lunarlon midsole for soft but responsive cushioning. The former also extends to your ankle thanks to an extra-long collar that adds a sock-like fit on top of naturally keeping out pebbles and dirt. But more radical is the absence of traditional golf spikes, replaced instead by a Traction pattern integrated in the base of the shoe that ensures grip on grass — and adds solidity to the shoe’s overall stability.

Learn more at Nike – $270

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Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro

A hard drive: how boring. But don’t click away just yet. On top of packing along up to 3TB of files in a sleek form factor, the Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro also gives you fast wireless access to its contents (via a dual band 802.11ac antenna) alongside an SD 3.0 card reader, and doubles as a Plex media server. Inside, it’s also got a 6,400 mAh battery to run for 10 continuous hours or, if needed, recharge your smartphone or other devices. This all means you can wirelessly stream HD video without skipping frames, offload photos from your camera’s SD card (or even using a USB cable) to your drive and then to your devices, and use it as a WiFi hub to share an internet connection with up to 8 devices at once.

Grab one at Amazon – $190 (2TB) to $217 (3TB) [via]

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Hard Graft Sunglasses

They’ve been churning out premium leather goods for the better part of a decade. That’s why Hard Graft’s Sunglasses mark an expansion of their scope. These minimally-branded specs feature cellulose acetate frame’s around adaptive photochromic mineral glass lenses that darken in the sun and lighten when it’s darker out. The lenses are also oleophobic, hydrophobic, and scratch-resistant to keep clean and free from scuffs. And they’re made start to finish in Italy, like the rest of their products. Available in sand (shown) and army.

Learn more at Hard Graft – $348

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Tier1-D Range Diaper Bag

With a Tier1-D Range slung around your shoulder it won’t be obvious that the pack’s primary contents are diapers — except, perhaps, if you’ve got a baby in your other arm. The bag is made of nothing but tough materials including 1000D Cordura lined with 420D Cordura, water resistant zippers, 1.75-inch Riggers webbing for the handle and strap, plus two 1.75-inch Cobra buckles to quickly detach the latter if need be. Molle trimming accommodates lateral customizations and add-ons, and an expansive main compartment holds everything from diapers to wipes and feeding supplies, with three additional smaller zippered pockets for smaller goods. Add in their 3 pouch removable insert for a touch more tidiness inside.

Learn more at Tier1-D – $295

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Pascal Press Coffee Maker

At first glance, the Pascal Press looks like a standard portable French press. But that’s until you take it apart and use it. Instead of using a simple plunger to compress grinds down to the base of a single chamber, Pascal Press is more of a hybrid mix of a French press, moka pot and aeropress: pour in the grinds as you normally would a french press, then the boiling water, and wait a minute. After, press the inner chamber down over the outer one to use air pressure and force the coffee — and only the coffee — through a 200 micron stainless steel filter and up a flow tube into the cup, from which you can drink right out of with no risk of over-extraction. It’s also double wall insulated to stay hot longer, completely leak proof, and brews quickly in about a minute.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $35

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Plume WiFi System

Calling Plume a router wouldn’t be right. In fact, it isn’t one unit, but rather six (or more) pods evenly distributed around the house to ensure connectivity without having to do the impossible (or at least improbable): reliably transmit data through walls. The system takes minutes to set up by plugging into various wall outlets and goes to work immediately, linking all the pods together using different channels for wireless speeds that are unaffected through the whole linked chain. Also, depending on use the system adapts to provide each device which as much bandwidth as it needs, switching between longer range 2.4GHz and higher speed 5GHz bands. The pods are also tiny and nice looking, with color choice between champagne, silver, and onyx to best accommodate your tastes.

Learn more at Plume – $234+ for 6 pods

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Dash cam feeds needn’t be low res and full of noise. THINKWARE’s new X330 Dash Cam follows up on their popular X500 (which we use ourselves) and boasts a Sony Exmor CMOS image sensor that shoots 1080p video at 30fps, capturing others’ driving skills (or lack thereof) with a wide angle lens on a Micro SD, just in case. A large 2.7-inch LCD lets you review footage straight on the device and select recording mode, which include continuous (saving videos in one-minute segments), incident mode which stores all video data ten seconds prior to and continually after a collision (detected by its accelerometer), and manual recording more. It’s also equipped with a fail-safe that uses a super capacitor to give it time to store video in progress if power is disconnected after an accident and works with THINKWARE’s optional external GPS antenna, adding driving speed and location to your videos, not to mention a variety of safety camera alerts that warn you of upcoming red light cameras, speed cams, too-high average speeds, and more.

Grab one at Amazon – $180

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