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feature post image for Zippo Rugged Lantern

Zippo Rugged Lantern

Zippo’s Rugged Lantern boasts a bright 220 lumen LED enveloped by a soft glow diffuser, easily lighting up a good part of your site. But what really sets this IPX7 certified lantern apart is its ruggedized design that can shrug off bumps and 5 foot drops alike, rain, or dips in a lake — it even floats in case it falls in. Moreover, brightness can be adjusted from 10%, 50%, to 100% intensity, running for 59, 18, or 12 hours on its rechargeable lithium ion battery for each setting, respectively, and it also has an S-O-S setting in case of emergency.

Pick one up at Amazon – $70

feature post image for HydraDock USB-C Dock

HydraDock USB-C Dock

Apple may have taken the port pruning one step too far on their latest MacBook. But if you’re rolling with the punches, the HydraDock USB-C Dock is all you’ll need at home. HydraDock is made of Apple-white injection molded ABS-C plastic and acts as a riser stand for your device, lifting the rear edge slightly off your desk. More importantly, it plugs to the MacBook’s lone USB-C port, providing power while expanding it into a multitude of connectivity options, including two more USB-C ports, four USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, Gigabit ethernet, and a 3.5mm audio jack. It even packs an SD card slot to simplify photo transfers and the like.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $130

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feature post image for OLIVERS Brief


It’s no secret that cotton isn’t the choice fabric for performance: between absorbing sweat and drying slowly, it’s pretty terrible, really. And yet nearly every pair of boxers or briefs we find in stores is made of the stuff. OLIVERS Brief instead employs a unique Active Silver-infused fabric weave of polyester, initially developed for military use by Schoeller. The 4-way stretch circular knit fabric wicks moisture away from the skin to stay fresh throughout all activities and conditions, and continues to retain its shape even after being stretched. And no flashy stripes or designs here: the briefs come in elegant yet understated Iron, Slate, and Cobalt colorways.

Grab a pair on Kickstarter – $30

Tags: Gear
feature post image for Celluon PicoAir & PicoPro Pico Projectors

Celluon PicoAir & PicoPro Pico Projectors

Untether your home theatre — or the projector component of it, anyway — with Celluon’s PicoAir and PicoPro Pico Projectors. Among the lightest projectors available at just 7 ounces, both the PicoAir and PicoPro project up to a 250″ image with a custom HD resolution of 1920 x 720, packing in more pixels than standard 720p. Differentiating the models is connectivity: while the PicoAir is designed for wireless use with Miracast-enabled Android devices, the PicoPro also offers wired connectivity including HDMI for iOS users and the like. Both also boast a 80,000:1 contrast ratio, 16.7 million colors, PicoP technology that eliminates the need to focus, and a built-in battery good for up to 3 hours.

Grab the PicoAir ($300) or PicoPro ($350) at Amazon.

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feature post image for Woodlands: Hyrule Wooden Map

Woodlands: Hyrule Wooden Map

We’d like to say we knew the streets of our city as well as the intricacies of Hyrule, but we’d be lying. And frankly, considering how much time we spent exploring this fictional land, it’s hardly surprising. Neutral Ground’s Woodlands: Hyrule puts a laser-etched map of Hyrule, inspired by Ocarina of Time and drawn by Alex Griendling, on a beautiful piece of hand-selected maple ply that’s outfitted with a keyhole slot for easy hanging. And as the first in the Woodlands series, we’re equally pumped to see what else they’ve got in the works.

Find it at Neutral Ground – $150

Tags: Decor, Gaming, Home
feature post image for Polaroid Zip

Polaroid Zip

Polaroid’s instant cameras may be gone, but your smartphone can essentially double as one with Polaroid Zip. The pocket sized Zip connects to your device via either Bluetooth or NFC and wirelessly prints photos in about a minute apiece. For convenience Zip uses ZINK paper, which contains dye crystals that are activated upon printing, sparing you the need of fudging around with ink or toner cartridges. And no power adapter is required: a built-in lithium-ion battery handles printing of up to 25 photos per charge.

Learn more at Polaroid or grab one at Photojojo – $130

feature post image for Marshall Major II

Marshall Major II

Following up on their highly popular Major comes the Marshall Major II, a refreshed set of on-ear headphones that update performance and fit, amongst others. The spotlight of the Major II is new customized drivers that deliver an overall improved acoustic profile, particularly deeper bass and more detailed highs. Importantly, they’re also more solidly built, in part thanks to a more flexible headband, a durable vinyl finish, and redesigned, beefier hinges that still allow for the cans to collapse down and slip into a pack for easy transport. Other niceties include ultra soft ear cushions that passively dampen ambient noise, dual 3.5mm sockets — one per ear — to customize the side where the cord is worn or to share music with others, plus an inline mic and remote for taking calls or skipping tracks.

Grab a pair in black at Amazon ($100) or in several other colors at Marshall ($120)

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feature post image for Hydaway Pocket-Sized Water Bottle

Hydaway Pocket-Sized Water Bottle

Wean off your reliance on bottled water with Hydaway, a sturdier and more portable alternative to bladder-style and rigid bottles, respectively. Made of food-grade silicone and BPA-free plastic, Hydaway collapses down to a 1.25-inch tall disk thanks to engineered hinges across its surface. When expanded, the small version holds 12 fluid ounces while the large packs away 21 fluid ounces, keeping its contents taste and odor free. It’s also entirely watertight, cleans easily thanks to its screw cap (and even easier in a dishwasher), and boasts both a carry handle and a flip-out spout for convenience.

Find it at Kickstarter – $20

feature post image for Weldon Stamford Duffel

Weldon Stamford Duffel

A cut above your standard overnighter, Weldon’s Stamford Duffel is sized just right for weekend trips and meeting carry-on requirements. The bag is classically shaped and constructed from 18oz waxed cotton with vegetable tanned leather handles & trim and a cotton twill fabric lining. It’s also equipped with a detachable seatbelt webbing shoulder strap, YKK zippers, and a single other zippered pocket on the inside for security and simplicity.

Hit up Weldon for the full lineup – roughly $245

Tags: Gear, Packs
feature post image for Stumptown Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Stumptown Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Smoother and creamier than traditional cold brew, Stumptown’s Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is now available in canned format from Stumptown retailers and select cafes. As usual Nitro starts as high quality coffee brewed in the cold over 12 hours that’s then double filtered. Nitrogen is then infused into the brew using a process not dissimilar to that used for draft beer, resulting in super smooth coffee that cascades when popped. And to further aid the process a nitro widget, like the one found in cans of Guinness, is added to the can, ensuring your brew is still packed with minuscule nitrogen bubbles when you’re ready to pop the top.

Learn more at Stumptown – $5

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