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Luna Smart Mattress Cover

Make your bed smart in the time it takes to slip on a mattress cover with Luna. Equipped with a handful of discrete, unobtrusive sensors including biometrics (body temperature, respiratory, and heart rate), ambient temperature, light, sound, and more, Luna invisibly tracks the quality of your sleep without having you wear anything, then reports back on its smartphone app with recommendations. A smart alarm wakes you up at just the right moment in your sleep cycle to avoid grogginess, and built-in, dual-zone heaters warm up your bed to help you and your partner relax and fall asleep quicker. It also teams up with your activity tracker, smart thermostat, smart locks, and more, ensuring your house is locked down and lights are off when you hit the hay. Plus, it’s even machine washable.

Learn more at Luna – $200

Tags: Home

Filson Mackinaw Field Watch

Filson’s made a lot of quality stuff over the last century, but never a watch. Their first foray into the segment includes the Mackinaw Field Watch, a result of their collaboration with Shinola to hand-assemble these timepieces in the latter’s Detroit factory. Powered by Shinola’s quartz Argonite movement, the Mackinaw sports a 43mm stainless steel case and features Swiss Super LumiNova coated hands, a date window, bold, highly visible numbers, and a curved sapphire crystal. Models also include with chronograph and come with one of a variety of watch straps, including tin cloth, stainless steel, rubber, nylon, or leather.

Check out the full line at Filson – $625+

Tags: Style, Watches

Machine Era Multitool

A solid addition to your everyday carry that wont weigh you down, Machine Era’s keychain-friendly Multi multitool is extremely lightweight thanks to its machined titanium design. Multi boasts a phillips head screwdriver, a flathead, a bottle opener, a 1″ rule, and a pry wedge who’s use is facilitated thanks to a roomy finger grip. Its lack of blades also makes the tool TSA compliant, meaning they won’t confiscate it like they did our last keychain tool.

Grab one at Kickstarter – $32

Tags: Gear, Tools

Anso Matrix Credit Card Holder

Anso’s rugged, badass card holder just got a well-deserved upgrade in the Matrix Titanium & Carbon Fiber Credit Card Holder. This new version couples titanium to carbon fiber, holding up to six credit cards firmly with its titanium spring while simultaneously hitting a more affordable price point than its predecessor thanks to higher scale production. The Matrix also grants easy access to your cards thanks to its skeletal frame, letting you easily slide out the outermost cards or push the whole stack out using its bottom-positioned thumb holes.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $94

Tags: Gear, Wallets

Outlier Strongworks Pants

Indestructible clothing usually have a telling look, and while that’s not always bad, notably if you’re hiking, camping, or otherwise out of the public’s eye, it is in most normal scenarios. Almost impossibly, Outlier’s Strongworks pants managed to pull off an overall simple, elegant look while still remaining rugged enough to handle most anything the great outdoors might throw your way. A soft, cotton-like feel and solid breathability both betray the actual material — twisted strands of fine air forged Supplex fibers — which boast the strength and durability of high grade nylon.

Find them at Outlier – $98

Under Armour Fat Tire GTX Shoes

Fact: for off-road grip, oversized rubber wheels coupled with heavy duty treads get results. So it just makes sense that Under Armour’s Fat Tire GTX shoes use large amounts of Michelin tire rubber and some serious mountain bike tire-inspired treads to keep your feet from slipping whether you’re winter hiking or just taking on precariously icy streets. They also feature a Boa steel lace cable system to cinch up in seconds, employ Gore-Tex to stay dry, and barely weigh over a pound per shoe.

Available in fall at Under Armour – $200 [via]

Nixie Machine

Luxurious, sculptural timepieces need not be mechanical. Take Frank Buchwald’s Nixie Machine for M.A.D.Gallery, a gorgeously elaborate clock crafted of 350 brass and steel pieces, and fitted with six original 90mm Nixie tubes — produced in the early 1960s — to tell time. The tubes are rigged up as three pairs for hours, minutes, and seconds, and alternately shows the date, all set automatically thanks to both GPS and DCF77 receivers. Available as part of a limited run of 12 pieces, half burnished, half stainless steel.

Learn more at Mechanical Art Design – roughly $27,500

Tags: Clocks, Home

eTape 16

Tape measures aren’t particularly difficult to use, but we’re all for the convenience that eTape 16’s digital screen brings to the table. Like any good tape measure it packs a 16 foot long marked tape and a locking mechanism, but also boasts a large digital display that tells at what precise distance you’ve measured to either anvil on the tape measure’s body. It also switches between imperial and metric at the push of a button and boasts dual memory buttons to retain the last measurement, just in case your own weary memory wasn’t up to the task.

Pick one up at eTape 16 – $30 [via]

Tags: Gadgets, Tools

Butterup Knife

The best thing to happen to butter since sliced bread, Butterup keeps chunky, poorly spread cold butter from ruining your toast. A built-in grater cuts small spaghetti strands of butter that soften it, air it out, and all in all speed up the warming process for an easier, more even spread that results in you wasting less. It’s also made of long-lasting, dishwasher-safe stainless steel and boasts an extra-wide blade to better collect the grated butter.

Grab one at the MoMA store – $20 [via]

Bolt-Action Light

Typically, flashlights rely on a side- or rear-mounted push button for activation. Four Sevens’ Bolt-Action Light changes it up by equipping the light with an intuitive and tactile sliding bolt instead that turns the light on or off and lets you change output mode with a simple sliding motion. It’s also sized like a pen, boasts three brightness modes — 1 lumen “moonlight”, 59 lumens on low, or 490 on high — and is constructed from hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum for durability.

Find it at Four Sevens – $100

Tags: Gear