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The Drinking Jacket

Drinking on the go can be as simple as packing a flask in your pocket and worrying about the details later. But if you’re the type to never hit the streets unprepared, Zane Lamprey’s Drinking Jacket is for you. First and foremost a warm, comfortable hoodie, this jacket boasts a multitude of features including a bottle opener zipper pull, beer koozie pocket, sunglass holder, slip resistant mitts with thumb holes built into the sleeves, a hidden flask pocket, plus deep pockets to carry miscellaneous goods (or just more beers). And when you’re not knocking back a few, it double as a solid travel hoodie thanks to its numerous compartments and snappable I.D. & money pocket.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $85

Tags: Style, Vices

Luxi For All

The light meter: a crucial instrument for photographers trying to capture that perfect shot. Unfortunately, they’re also expensive, but as it turns out you’ve probably been carrying one in your pocket all along, albeit one that needs a little help. Luxi For All clips over your device’s front-facing camera and adds a diffusion dome to the mix for negating reflectance, effectively transforming your Android/iOS smartphone or tablet into an accurate light meter using the accompanying app. Thanks to its clip-on design it works with virtually all existing devices, and since future models aren’t bound to get thicker its future compatibility is basically guaranteed.

Find it at BiteMyApple – $30

Measure-It! Adhesive Measuring Tape

We’re not all cut out for handiwork. Measure-It! adhesive measuring tape simplifies your home decorating and renovations by doubling as a literal measuring tape on your wall, with Imperial markings to ensure you get it right the first time around. It’s low tack and repositionable, doesn’t leave residue upon removal, and also sports 16″ center markings for indicating positioning of studs.

Pick up a roll on Amazon – $8

Tags: Home, Tools

Equinox Snowcoach

Add a couple of seats to your snowmobile with Equinox’s Snowcoach, a roomy capsule with seating for two (a pair of children or one adult plus one child) that attaches quickly to your vehicle using a limited rotational hitch. High performance gas shock suspension and padded seating make for a comfortable ride, while numerous safety features — including seat belts, reflectors, and brake/running lights — ensure visibility and the well-being of your passengers. And once spring hits and the snow’s melted, an optional conversion kit adds wheels to let you trail the Snowcoach behind your ATV.

Learn more at Equinox – $2000

Cascade Wallet

Stop shuffling through the numerous cards in your wallet with Cascade. This durable machined aluminum wallet limits you to 7 cards — or 5 with raised lettering — but makes up for it with its ejection mechanism that, in a single flick, displays its contents in a cascade fashion to make each and every card visible and instantly accessible. It also boasts money clip that retracts flush with the wallet when not in use, protects your cards from RFID skimming, and works with the optional Cover to add room for 8 additional cards when going the minimal route just won’t cut it.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – roughly $50

Tags: Gear, Wallets

Stirio 2 Hands-Free Stirrer

Even experienced cooks could use a little help in the kitchen. Stirio’s new Hands-Free Stirrer lends a hand by stirring your porridge, risotto, stew, or just about anything that needs it to let you focus on more important tasks. This device improves upon the original thanks to a quieter motor, the use of easier to clean non-stick surface materials, and a clever one-size-fits-all blade that adjusts to your pot. Setup is still as easy as ever using its dual extendable clamps, and everything is dishwasher safe — except the motor, of course.

Find it at Unikia – $62

Wall Ride

Stash and show off your longboard while also keeping your walls scratch-free with Zanocchi & Starke’s Wall Ride. This practical, wall-mountable rack boasts a slide-in slot for a board, three hooks to hang your pack or some outerwear, plus two shelves for stacking parts of your everyday carry. And if that wasn’t enough, it even doubles as a bottle opener.

Learn more at Zanocchi & Starke – $TBA [via]

Tags: Decor, Home

Johnnie Walker Oliver Sweeney Brogue

Bringing together style, flair, and a touch of inebriation comes the Johnnie Walker Oliver Sweeney Brogue, a collaboration between its namesakes, the Scotch Whisky brand and the shoemaker. This iconic Oxford brogue features a calf leather upper, a Blake stitched construction, and aesthetic details that include a striding man tattoo on its heel and contrast red leather brogueing. It really stands out, however, thanks to not-so-subtle heel compartments sized perfectly for stashing a Johnnie Walker Red Label miniature in each shoe.

Read more at Oliver Sweeney – $490

Tags: Shoes, Style, Vices

Monopoly 80th Anniversary Edition

Commemorate Monopoly’s 80th anniversary (already?) with a brand new board that takes the game back to its roots. This attractive set comes with a decidedly retro game board & cards, wooden houses & hotels, and eight metal tokens that span in conception from the 1930s through the 2000s. Of course, gameplay — which involves snapping up property, developing it quickly, then bankrupting your hapless opponents — remains unchanged, though we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Check it out on Amazon – $40 [via]

Tags: Games

Hush Smart Earplugs

Enjoy the silence without completely dulling your second most important sense. Hush Smart Earplugs combine sound eliminating memory foam with noise masking to quiet a nocturnal roommate, your snoring partner, or inconsiderate passengers aboard a flight while still letting your choice of important notifications from your Bluetooth-connected smartphone come through wirelessly. It can also play a variety of soothing sounds to further drown out noise, binaural beats to encourage relaxing states of mind, and can pipe through your alarm to wake you up discreetly in the morning.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $115

Tags: Home, Tech