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Breitling Chronospace Military

Whether you’re an Air Force pilot or a desk-strapped professional, Breitling’s Chronospace Military won’t let you down. This reliable timepiece boasts a thermocompensated, COSC-certified SuperQuartz movement that’s ten times more accurate than typical quartz and that also powers the unit’s chronometer, accurate to 1/100th of a second. It also boasts two inverted LCDs for access to a slew of functionality, including split times, alarm, countdown timer, dual timezone display, plus Coordinated Universal Time, and comes wrapped in a black steel case with a bidirectional rotating bezel.

Learn more at Breitling – $TBA

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Division Furtive Type 50 & Type 50X

Looking for a distinctive timepiece to round out your collection? You just found it. Division Furtive’s individually serialized, sapphire glass-capped Type 50 (shown) & Type 50X (flux capacitor dial) boast a unique dual linear LED display that illuminates only when you twist your wrist to have a look at the time, displaying the hours across the top cursor and the minutes underneath. And though devoid of buttons, an inbuilt accelerometer grants access to a range of other features by simply tapping on the crystal, including chronometer functionality, a calendar, moon phase tracking, travel time adjustments, power reserve indicator (to know when to change its user-serviceable AAA battery which lasts, on average, one year) and a dual-intensity flashlight mode that activates all its LEDs to shed a surprising amount of light. Best of all its timekeeping is extremely precise, set in seconds by visiting their link on your smartphone — or any web-enabled device, really — and placing your watch atop it.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – roughly $265

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Urwerk EMC

Long focused on crafting ludicrously intricate mechanical watches, Urwerk’s latest is still largely machine-driven, but now boasts an injection of electronics for higher precision. The EMC — short for Electro Mechanical Control — features an electronic monitoring unit that, when activated, tracks the rate of oscillation, helping compensates for changes in position, temperature, as well as bumps and shocks that can all affect timing by spitting out an estimate on the watch’s daily accuracy on the upper left dial. While this compensation isn’t done automatically, the estimate helps the wearer adjust its timing rate to obtain higher precision. Otherwise, it’s manually wound, has an 80 hour power reserve, Super-LumiNova-treated markers, a winding handle to charge the super-capacitor powering its electronics, and a price tag fit for a small house.

Learn more at Urwerk – roughly $120,000 [via]

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Moto 360

The splash made by Apple Watch temporarily distracted many from noticing another recently released smartwatch of the Android variety — notably, one that’s actually available for preorder right now. Motorola’s Moto 360 is a thriftier but just as functional timepiece, its internals contained in a round stainless steel case that’s capped with a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass screen and attached to a Horween leather strap. Its default screen, a customizable watch face, displays time in an analog or digital manner, but quickly makes way for notifications, weather, flight alerts, traffic, its built-in activity tracker (including heart rate monitor), and third party apps from the likes of Facebook, Pinterest, and others. It also enjoys an all-day battery, widespread Android compatibility, working with any device running 4.3 or above, and a wireless docking station that lets it double as a bedside clock.

Preorder at Motorola starting tomorrow – $250

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Apple Watch

Long awaited and highly speculated, Apple’s iWatch is finally here, minus the “i” and plus a . The Apple Watch doesn’t simply replicate a smartphone’s features on smaller scale, and that’s a good thing, since gesturing on such a small display would be rather difficult. Instead, navigating through its home screen and apps is accomplished via a capacitive display — the first to differentiate taps and presses — plus a scrolling digital crown that acts to both execute functions, such as zooming in, and doubles as the home button when pressed. In terms of functionality, Apple Watch connects with your iPhone to display and respond to messages or mail using Siri, make phone calls, double as a fitness coach (partially thanks to specialized hardware like a pulse monitor and accelerometer), display directions via maps, control your music and iPhone camera, double as a credit card with Apple Pay, and much more — frankly, way too many to fit here so hit the features page. A variety of custom alloys ranging from stainless steel to rose gold, several handsome straps (including ultrathin link bracelets, leather, and Milanese mesh), and the ability to choose between a ludicrous amount of customizable faces all work together to make each watch surprisingly personal. Plus, it comes in two sizes to fit nearly any wrist just right.

Arriving early 2015. Read more at Apple – $350+

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Botta UNO 24

Can your watch capture the revolution of the earth while making you cognizant of time’s fleeting passage, pinpointing the location of the sun at a glance? The UNO 24 is a new, innovative watch that brings the wearer closer to understanding the 4th dimension. On the UNO’s face the entire day is displayed with a single hand completing a revolution every 24 hours. That one hand transforms the idea of minutes and hours into an ever-changing tempis event: one glance lets you see how much of the day has passed and how much is to come. A single delicate line marks one day’s transition to the next, and at that precise moment, the date jumps forward to announce the new day. Even more impressive is the accuracy with which one can tell time with this piece. Using the special scale on the UNO’s face, a wearer can tell the time to within five minutes and even more precisely after a short period of familiarization.

Find it at Botta Design – roughly $460

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Model 2 Watch Straps

Found yourself a nice vintage watch but fancy the strap a little lacking? Upgrade with worn&wound’s Model 2. Cut from slightly tapered Horween leather, this rugged two-piece strap is available in three colors – crimson, russet, and black – and suits nigh any timepiece, from divers to military, to dress-casual. Besides, its raw cut edges and hand-tied knots make for a look that gains a nice patina and gets better with age, just like its wearer.

Pick one up at worn&wound’s shop – $59

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Mijlo Everyday Watch

Slowly building up you watch collection to cover every possible occasion? Kill 10 birds with one stone with Mijlo’s Everyday Watch, a timepiece set that’s easily customized to form 10 aesthetically distinct variations. The kit starts with two watches, both powered by a Japanese quartz movement, capped with mineral crystal, and built within either a satin-brushed rose gold or steel case with different faces. Throw in five straps – brown, tan, and black leather, plus one made of blue rubber and another of canvas and leather – and you’ve got the potential for ten combinations, helped by easy switch technology that makes swapping straps as simple as pressing the button on their spring bars. They even include in a handy watch roll to stash extra parts or carry it all.

Check it out at Kickstarter – roughly $200

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Miansai M24 Watch

Minimal and spirited, Miansai’s M24 boldly mixes a blue we’ve yet to see on a man’s timepiece with clean features and a fine Italian leather strap (of course it also comes with a black face but where’s the fun in that?). These sleek watches put a one-handed Japanese movement that makes two full turns per day behind a mineral glass face and in between PVD-coated stainless steel. It’s also water-resistant to 100 feet and measures in at just 5.5mm thin, making the M24 a solid choice for daily wear.

Check out the full lineup at Miansai – $185 to $215

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Braun Ceramic BN0171

Braun’s ultra-minimal timepieces are instantly recognizable, though their latest release pushes the brand’s iconic designs into uncharted territory, at least when it comes to choice of materials. The BN0171 features a ceramic face paired to a matching ceramic bracelet for a smooth, comfortable fit and far superior hardness (and scratch resistance) when compared to metal straps. Else, the watch boasts a round 38mm face underneath mineral crystal glass, 30 meters of water resistance, and a quartz movement spinning three hands – two understated and another not so much.

Find it in black or stone grey at Dezeen’s Watch Store – roughly $390 [via]

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