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Garwood Watches

Decent looking wood watches are hard to come by, particularly since working with the naturally fragile material requires thicker lines and a bolder design. But it plays in perfectly with the overall aesthetics of Garwood Watches. Each piece — link, case, everything — is handcrafted using light American Maple or dark Indonesian Sandlewood and fitted with a Japanese quartz Miyota 2035 movement. They also include complementary or contrasting copper faces in white, black, and red (shown), plus a special edition Packers’ green.

Learn more at Garwood – $160

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Shinola Runwell Midnight

There are watches you throw on just to tell the time, and there are watches that are works of art, pieces you’d gladly show off in your living room. And the Shinola Runwell in Midnight is certainly display-worthy. Hand-assembled in Detroit, the 47mm Runwell mixes refined design with a dash of ruggedness. A rose-gold case plating is complemented handsomely by midnight blue dial that’s just different enough from other watches on the market, and it’s complete with Shinola’s characteristic eye for heritage design. The Swiss-made movement is among the most accurate in the business, and to ensure the timepiece is fit for the boardroom, a premium dark Oxblood football leather strap finishes things off beautifully. Feel free to wear this watch with everything from a navy suit to a shawl cardigan — it’s likely you won’t want to take it off.

Learn more at Shinola or check out their other offerings at Amazon – $600+

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Withings Activité Steel

Withings’ original Activité line strayed from the overcomplicated digital looks of so many smartwatches, and their new Activité Steel is no different. This model sits between their entry-line Pop and high end Activité models, pairing a stainless steel case with a silicone strap and tracking both steps walked and ran, pool laps, estimating calories burned, and analyzing your sleep should you wear it to bed. There’s no button to press to activate: tracking is entirely seamless, and all metrics are transferred over to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth 4.0 for viewing. It also conveniently lasts for 8 months off a single CR2025 button cell battery and boasts a silent vibrating alarm for waking up without disturbing your partner.

Hit up Withings for more info – $170

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Autodromo Group B Automatic

Inspired by the early to mid ’80s era of motorsport, the Autodromo Group B Automatic pays homage to the style and exotic materials used in race cars at the time. The 39mm timepiece’s aspect is decidedly high tech, complimented by a titanium capsule that’s bolted together with stainless steel lugs that also makes it the lightest watch ever crafted by Autodromo at an undeniably lightweight 52 grams (1.83 ounces). Each is capped with sapphire crystal, powered by a Miyota 9015 self-winding movement with 42 hour power reserve, and comes with two nylon racing straps with custom buckles, one grey (shown) and one black.

Find it at Autodromo – $925

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Bernard Favre Planet Watch Winder

Place your tourbillon-powered timepiece in a watch winder that’s just as balanced with the Bernard Favre Planet. This gorgeous winder sits upon a sturdy aluminum base and uses a series of concentric rings to rotate your watch in three dimensions, delivering a dose of mechanical wonder to the simple act of keeping your automatic fully wound. A built-in battery provides enough juice for four months of operation, and a glass bell dome keeps both the winder and your timepiece dust-free while on display. Available with its rings in silver, anodized black, or gold-plated.

Learn more at Bernard Favre – $1,300

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Minus-8 Square Chrono

A classic aviation timepiece with a modern twist, Minus-8’s Square Chrono boasts a bold look and technology to fit. Its case is made of 316L stainless steel that’s coated by physical vapor deposition for extreme hardness and corrosion-resistance, and is coupled to a vegetable tanned leather strap that puts its raw suede back in contact with your wrist. Sapphire crystal keeps the lens scratch-free, and 10 atmospheres of water-resistance makes the watch suitable for swimming, snorkelling, or, more likely, everyday life.

Read more at Minus-8 – $400

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BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch

For adventurers, athletes and the tech-savvy, there’s a new way to replace your regular wristwatch. Billed as the world’s first customizable smartwatch, the BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch features a crisp, clean design and the ability to swap out various modules with different features all geared toward building a timepiece that’s custom tailored to your needs. That means that one SIM module turns your watch into a standalone device to replace your smartphone, while another offers data fit for the adventurer — like temperature, altitude and the like. Other modules include GPS, heart rate, extra battery, and NFC for contactless payments and data transfer. The brand’s open platform approach also means that developers and small companies alike are in the process of building even more specialized modules, expanding on the device’s future functionality.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $285+

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Klokers KLOK-02

Klokers’ KLOK-01 is unique, though even by those standards the newly unveiled KLOK-02 is exceptional. This timepiece displays the time in retrograde direction, showing seconds on the outer ring, the minutes right underneath, and the hours in the center. Interestingly, the watch also supports switching between all 24 time zones at the push of its 4 o’clock button, displaying the current time zone in the window just to the right of the hour (and displaying the date at a longer press of this same button). The watch’s embossed faux leather finish also helps set it apart, as does compatibility with Klokers’ Docking Jewel, which allows for swapping the watch quickly between straps, a clip, or a pocket watch chain, all in all making this watch as versatile as it is bold.

Check it out at Kickstarter – roughly $335

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Helgray Hornet

It takes more than a catchy name to make a watch work for EDC. But Helgray’s new Hornet watch lives up to its moniker. Inspired by fighter jockey’s pilot watches from the 80’s, the Hornet is overbuilt, reliable and more than capable of following you into that half-cuban-eight. Nearly indestructible, the Hornet’s 42mm case is forged from solid 316L grade stainless steel, and boasts a double-domed sapphire crystal and water resistance to 10 ATM (or 100m for those who dig the metric system). Unlike automatic watches that can cost more than double, the Hornet utilizes a Japanese quartz Miyota 1L45 movement that requires virtually no maintenance. Each watch is built with four essential elements, robustness, accuracy, functionality, and value. Most importantly, the Hornet tells time. The uncluttered face allows tracking of more than one time zone using the inner rotating 12-hour bezel, and unique Superluminova hands distinguish between hour and minute in a glance.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $250

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4th Dimension Watch

A timepiece like few others, 22 Design’s 4th Dimension Watch is a wrist-borne take on their unique 4th Dimension Clock. The watch takes inspiration from a spiral staircase by casting 12 steps — each representing one hour — out of concrete, with the break placed at the 12 o’clock mark. Though it’s not for small wrists: it measures in at a bold 42mm in diameter and is naturally tall due to its design. Get it in three colors including Midnight (not shown), Urban (left) and Original (right), each built with a sapphire crystal lens capping its stainless steel case, powered by a Citizen Miyota GL36 Quartz movement, and affixed to a Italian naturally tanned leather strap.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $240+

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