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feature post image for Reserve Strap

Reserve Strap

Apple Watch’s battery life not quite as long as you’d hoped? Drop the bulky charge pack and try a Reserve Strap instead. This white, grey, or black thermoset elastomer silicone band uses the watch’s accessory port connector to boost its battery, extending usage by roughly 30 additional hours thanks to embedded lithium polymer cells. It’s also water resistant, comes in both 38 and 42mm sizes, and boasts side-mounted LED charge status indicators.

Learn more at Reserve Strap – $250

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feature post image for Slow Mo

Slow Mo

Your watch’s second and minute hands are constantly moving. But obsessing over individual minutes and seconds means losing the big picture, at least to some degree. Slow Watches’ 34mm Slow Mo, like the bigger Slow Jo, foregoes most hands (and even the date) that its Swiss-made Ronda 505.24H Quartz movement supports, featuring instead just a single hand that makes its rounds once every 24 hours. The minimal face bears no branding whatsoever, with each hour split in four quarters for relatively accurate time telling. It’s all packed in a stainless steel 100 meter water-resistant case with extra hardened antireflective mineral glass and comes in several color combinations with either a steel, leather, or nylon strap.

Check out the entirely lineup at Slow Watches or Amazon – $250 to $300

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feature post image for Tanner Goods NATO Watch Strap

Tanner Goods NATO Watch Strap

Made of stoic Horween Natural Cordovan leather, Tanner Goods’ NATO Watch Strap is a solid complement to modern and vintage timepieces alike, being, surprisingly, the brand’s first watch strap. Each 20mm strap is cut from a single piece of leather and then fitted with a custom buckle, matte stainless Zulu keepers, and sewn by hand using waxed thread for years of durability.

Get it in conventional NATO or single pass at Tanner Goods – $100 to $120

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feature post image for Xeric Halograph

Xeric Halograph

Successfully Kickstarting and delivering a timepiece, particularly an automatic one, isn’t easy, but Watchismo made it look that way, first with the Xeriscope and now with the Xeric Halograph. Unique in both its design and the way it tells time, the Halograph literally encircles both the minute and hour through the full day over two arcs and sports a unique sapphire-coated domed crystal atop its PVD-coated 46mm stainless steel case. The intricacies of its dual balance mechanical automatic movement is visible through a window on the bottom half of the face, naturally generating and storing up to 36 hours worth of power as you move your wrist.

Find it at Kickstarter – $200 (quartz) to $350+ (automatic)

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feature post image for IWC Connect

IWC Connect

We like being connected. But we also like fine mechanical timepieces. IWC Connect gives you the best of both worlds. This intelligent device will roll out on IWC Schaffhausen’s sports watches beginning with the Big Pilot, providing full-fledged activity tracking and allowing interactions with your connected devices. Importantly, it sits apart from your watch, being instead embedded into its strap. It also means that eventual hardware updates to its interface and functionality — which are inevitable for any like digital device — will be as easy as changing its strap.

Learn more at IWC – $TBA

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feature post image for Miansai M12

Miansai M12

A bit more conventional than their M24, the Miansai M12 is just as stylish. This Miami-designed minimal wristwatch boasts a sleek, circular 39mm case, a domed acrylic crystal, and an understated face with just minute and hour hands — no seconds. It’s also equipped with a quartz Swiss Ronda movement and comes in a large variety of color and material combinations, with either leather or nylon straps and differing face and case shades.

Find it at Miansai – $465 to $495

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feature post image for Anicorn Series 000 Watch

Anicorn Series 000 Watch

Nothing’s wrong with watch hands, but straying from the norm is a bit trickier when you maintain a component shared by over 99% of watches. The Anicorn Series 000 Watch instead points out the time at the north of a system of three concentric disks representing the hour, minutes, and seconds. Behind the flat sapphire crystal and disks lies a Miyota 8215 automatic movement with 40 hour power reserve, protected from water to 5ATM (or 50 meters) by a sleek 42mm stainless steel case with PVD black plating.

Grab one at Anicorn – $325

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feature post image for Classic Engineering Classic NATO

Classic Engineering Classic NATO

You want minimal? You got it in Classic Engineering’s Classic NATO. This ultra-simple watch boasts a featureless face, a machined aluminum, ceramic-coated unibody enclosure, and sapphire glass, resulting in a watch that’s extremely resilient to the bumps, bruises and dings of everyday life. Each USA-made, hand-assembled watch also includes a handsome leather NATO strap and a Swiss Ronda Quartz movement on the inside. The latter of which you’ll barely think about through its six years of battery life.

Learn more at Classic Engineering – $295 [via]

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feature post image for Simple Station

Simple Station

It’s no secret that your soon-to-be-had Apple Watch isn’t quite its whole self without a nearby iPhone. So dock and charge both at once with Simple Station, a sleek docking station that’s designed to keep the pair handy on a bedside table or desk. Every Simple Station comes in either matte black or silver and is crafted from a single block of aircraft-grade aluminum for solidity and appearance, with built in cable management to keep tidy. What’s more, sound amplifying channels boost your iPhone’s audio output, making music — or your wakeup alarm — that much louder.

Launching later this month. Stay up to date at designed by many – $TBA

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feature post image for Skagen x Eone Bradley Watch

Skagen x Eone Bradley Watch

Originally conceived to provide discreet time-telling abilities to the visually impaired, Eone’s popular Bradley Watch is being re-released as a limited-edition collaboration with Skagen. The Skagen x Eone Bradley Watch boasts a Skagen-designed Vacchetta leather strap that’s durable and develops a gorgeous patina as it ages. Its organic strap pairs well with the minimalistic watch face itself, made from a single sculpted slab of titanium. It also uses the same brilliantly simplistic time-telling mechanism that magnetically pulls two tactile ball bearings around the watch — one in the center and one on the side — that represent the minutes and hours, respectively.

Available April 2nd at Skagen – $295

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