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Drinking spirits is expensive. Instead of dropping bank on a bottle you’re not sure you absolutely love, try Flaviar, a service that curates 45 millilitres (1.5 ounces) of three to five fine spirits in a tasting box and ships it to your doorstep every month. Flaviar’s selection of spirits is far larger than your local liquor store, totalling thousands, and includes must-know brands like Jameson, Macallan, Lagavulin, and Yamazaki. Each sample includes tasting notes, and Flaviar’s smartphone app lets you browse their full database of 15,000 bottle profiles. And at $25 per month it’s far cheaper than trying individual drinks at your local bar.

Learn more at Flaviar – $25 per month

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Box Brew Kits Winemaking Kit

Tried your hand at brewing beer and want to expand your repertoire? Box Brew Kits’ Winemaking Kit takes the brand to making vino with a compact, easy-to-use kit that’ll have you sipping wine in four short weeks. Included are two 1-gallon primary and secondary glass fermenters, five cobalt blue 750 ml wine bottles, a hydrometer and test jar for measuring alcohol content, a mini corker, and all other necessary accessories, each stored neatly in its place in the rustic pine box. Six different ingredient kits — including Pinot Noir, Carbernet Sauvignon, Chilean Merlot, and more, each producing 1 gallon of wine — are offered alongside instructions to further simplify the task, lest you’d rather trample the grapes yourself.

Grab one at Box Brew Kits – $240

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label (Sponsored)

Carefully blended from several of Scotland’s rarest, most remarkable whiskies, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is an amalgamation of complexities, some acquired from distilleries long extinct. Hints of hazelnut, honey, sherry, oranges proceed the richly smoky yet sweet flavor, followed by undertones of dark chocolate and ginger. Drinks well neat, on ice, or alongside a tall glass of water, and pairs nicely with a equally fine cigar. It’s an award-winning whisky worth crossing off your bucket list, and a surprisingly smooth, pleasant one at that. And it makes an equally powerful way of expressing gratitude, for instance when you’re looking to repay a selfless stranger or two that helped you win a wager for a priceless Delahaye 135S racing car, as in the short The Wager 2 (after the jump), starring Jude Law, Giancarlo Giannini, and Zhao Wei.

Learn more at Johnnie Walker – $220

Presented by Johnnie Walker.

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Brewing beer is easy. Brewing beer that tastes good? A little harder. MiniBrew simplifies the process, handling the brewing, cooling, and fermenting steps by way of a simple, compact machine. Load MiniBrew with ingredients and water, fire up the app to tell it what to brew, and it handles the rest, mashing, boiling, cooling, yeast pitching, and automating primary and secondary fermentation with minimal intervention required from your part. The machine works with MiniBrew’s ingredient packs — which can be ordered straight from their app — and also brews a variety of beer styles, suiting virtually all tastes. A few short weeks later you’ve got 5 litres of fresh brew, conveniently packed away in a keg for freshness and easy transport.

Learn more at MiniBrew or preorder at Indiegogo – $2,250

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10 Gallon Moonshine Still

You may not live on Copperhead Road, but you can still enjoy the sweet nectar of the corn gods with the Whiskey Still Company’s 10 Gallon Moonshine Still. Each still pot is handcrafted in copper in the classic onion style and also brews whiskey, scotch, rum, bourbon, cognac, schnapps, tequila, and vodka if shine isn’t your thing. Intended for the experienced bootlegger who has perfected his crafted, Whiskey Still Company’s design takes a little longer to heat up, but finishes with 2 to 4 gallons of premium moonshine. Each kit includes the still bottom, onion top, condensing unit and thermometer. And unlike corn alcohol, it comes with a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year warranty, though you’re unlikely to need it since it’s meant to last a lifetime. Just don’t ask how to brew your poison. The revenuers require a Federal Distillers Permit, which admittedly takes a little fun out of the process.

Find it at Amazon – $670

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Leaf Cannabis Growing System

Wish you could grow your own cannabis? Soon you’ll be able to with the Leaf Cannabis Growing System. This plug-and-plant pot-growing system is about the size of a large mini fridge and handles all the work, including feeding, providing light using a custom NASA-made growlight, monitoring water and air temperatures, humidity, pH, and more. Leaf’s smartphone app displays all environmental parameters in real time, even letting you watch your plants using its inwards-facing HD camera. No need for feeding charts or other cumbersome tracking methods: just plant and let Leaf grow you some high quality stuff.

Reserve yours at Leaf – $1,500

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Love discovering and taste testing new wines? Then check out Vinebox. Unlike existing wine subscription services Vinebox ships over three international wines in tasting pours, thus limiting costs while still letting you try a variety of vino. Each is stored in a 100ml glass vial and transferred from its original bottle using a method that ensures wine is never exposed to oxygen, preserving its original taste for up to three years. Try each wine, submit feedback through their website, and patiently await the next box: over time Vinebox learns about your taste profile, recommending wines that you’re more likely to enjoy.

Check it out at Vinebox – $28 per month

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Kole Thermal Flask

Flask meets Thermos meets premium materials, the Kole Thermal Flask is as practical a way to carry around a few shots of liquor or espresso. Instead of the typical flattened shape, Kole bears a unique cylindrical design made of a stainless steel core surrounded by genuine oak, the former hand polished and the latter sealed with several coats of lacquer for a stunning finish. Its cap also doubles as a cup, making for a classier image over drinking straight from the flask, and each Kole includes a stainless steel funnel for easy, mess-free filling.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $78

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21st Amendment Toaster Pastry Beer

Breakfast beer has a whole new meaning. Introducing 21st Amendment’s Toaster Pastry, an India Red Ale that’s crafted with a Pop-Tarts-inspired taste and, perhaps not coincidentally, brewed in a former Kellogg’s factory. Interestingly, the 7.6% beer also boasts an IBU of 74 to balance the sweet with some bitter, though with our extensive Pop-Tarts experience we’re pretty certain the former will prevail. Each can also contains 19.2 oz of the brew, more than enough to sip through a pack or two of the actual snack for a particularly sweet breakfast (or any meal, really).

Arriving on August 29th. Check it out then at 21st Amendment – $TBA

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Orange Vessel Stoneware Growlers

Brown glass growlers are the mainstay for taking home large volumes of craft beer, but they’re vulnerable to UV light, often have narrow necks, and sometimes bear imperfect seals. Orange Vessel’s Stoneware Growlers were specifically created to improve upon their design, hand poured in small batches in Central Ohio. They feature an ergonomically spaced carry loop for slipping in two fingers, a simple flip top closure that ensures a hermetic seal, and 100% opacity to protect your beer from the taste-altering effects of light. They also come in five handsome colors with or without gloss, including orange, black, and white.

Read more at Orange Vessel Co. – $60

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