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Carry On Cocktail Kit

Drinking is flying’s only redeeming factor, other than that whole bit about being able to traverse continents in mere hours. The Carry On Cocktail Kit heightens this experience with one simple, checkpoint security-friendly tin; just order a mini-bottle of bourbon at 30,000 feet and use the kit’s cane sugar, small batch bitters, and custom combination bar spoon & muddler to mix a proper old fashioned or two. It even includes a linen coaster to class up your on-flight drinking experience and a recipe card to walk you through the steps.

Check it out at Carry On Cocktail Kit – $24

Guinness The 1759

With a name derived from the year Arthur Guinness first started brewing the stout we know and love today, Guinness’ limited edition The 1759 is nothing but steeped in tradition. The amber ale in each 25.4 fl. oz. bottle is brewed with peated whiskey malt according to a 200-year-old recipe, bursting with hints of caramel, butterscotch, a touch of fruit and a subtle taste of hops. It’s the first instalment of the new Guinness Signature Series, so you can be sure this 9% beer won’t be without company shortly.

Find it at ReserveBar – $35

Mantry Cocktail Crate

Twelve bucks will net you a fancy cocktail from your local mixologist, accompanied by ambience that may or may not justify its price tag. Alternately, try your hand at making some yourself with Mantry’s Cocktail Crate. This kit packs four cocktail mixers sourced from artisan makers across the country that can be used to make a total of 32 drinks — 8 per mixer — including bacon bloody mary’s, gin & tonics, barrel aged old fashioned’s, and Siberian fir vodka rickey… just add booze.

Find it at Kickstarter – $60

uKeg Pressurized Growler

Most of our favorite microbrews aren’t sold in sealed bottles, meaning they’re best consumed quickly after bringing them home lest they go flat, or worse. GrowlerWorks uKeg sets itself apart from standard glass growlers in that it locks in freshness thanks to a regulator cap that keeps out oxygen, pressurizing the chamber with CO2 from food-grade cartridges that are easily bought at kitchen stores (or online) for about 50 cents apiece. Otherwise, it’s also got a double-walled vacuum insulated construction to keep its contents cold all day, a site glass to quickly judge how much beer is left, a tap with interchangeable handle, and a gauge to ensure optimal pressure. Its handsome stainless steel and brass design is just icing on the cake.

Find it at Kickstarter – $100

Time & Oak Whiskey Elements

There’s a significant price discrepancy between run-of-the-mill and top-shelf whiskey. Expectedly, there’s also a significant discrepancy in taste. Whiskey Elements narrows the gap between the two by aging your inexpensive whiskey the equivalent of 3 years in just 24 hours. The trick lies in the horizontal cutouts that expose the wood’s capillaries, increasing interchange between the liquid and wood. Just open your bottle and throw in an Element of your flavor choice — either oak, vanilla, smoke, or peat, each attained without flavor additives but rather by different methods of curing — and 24 hours later you’re left with something a lot more palatable, plus a bit of cash left over in your wallet.

Find it at Kickstarter – $10 for two

Liquid Body Flask

We’ll give it to you: virtually every flask we’ve come across has had the same general shape and proportions. Regardless, the guys behind Liquid Body Flask weren’t content with having theirs look like all others, instead crafting a fluid-like shape by pumping water into a steel bag. And while production units are welded together using pre-bent stainless steel that’s then polished to a mirror finish, they still maintain the original’s intriguing, flowy look from which they were cast.

Check it out at Areaware – $TBA [via]

Kiva Confections Cannabis Chocolate

Making the most of legalisation in your state? Kill two birds with Kiva Confections Cannabis-infused chocolate bars. These munchies-satisfying bars fuse dark or milk chocolate with standardised doses of THC, ranging from 60mg to 180mg total per bar. Though with flavors like vanilla chai, mint irish cream, tangerine dark chocolate, and blackberry, it might be a little hard to exercise self restraint and limit yourself to just one or two portions.

Learn more at Kiva Confections – $9+

Baggy Winecoat

Boxed wine: bang for your buck, but not quite the epitome of class. Enter Menu’s Baggy Winecoat, a slightly more discreet way to lug around just the right amount of vino. Winecoat boasts more than enough room for standard wine bags, an opening that fits all standard taps, an adjustable handle, and compatibility with ice packs if desired. Alternatively, stuff it with these disposable bags to change it from boxed wine to box rum & coke, or whatever else tickles your fancy.

Find it at Amazon – $53 [via]

Balls of Steel

These aren’t Superman’s tackle, a Jan Fonda workout or a bar bet gone too far. Balls of Steel are no joke. Everyone knows that ice melts, and every whiskey or single malt connoisseur knows that melted ice means destroyed aromas and a diluted less flavorful libation. Giant ice cubes and cold soap stones were a step in the right direction, but where they fall short, Balls of Steel dominate. The secret is the Artic Core that is ready to chill after just 90 minutes in the freezer. Once dropped into your favorite whiskey, Balls of Steel chill your drink to the perfect temperature — and keep it there — to accentuate all the complex flavors inherent in your chosen distilled beverage. Each set comes with two balls, tongs, and a storage sack. Plus, with each purchase, 15% of proceeds go to testicular cancer awareness initiatives.

Grab a two-pack at Balls of Steel or Amazon – $25+

Vargo Titanium Funnel Flask

Titanium. Named for the primeval race of immortal giant deities descended from Gaia and Uranus, and a composite material for armor plating, spacecraft, missiles and the Titanium Funnel Flask. But the titanium construction of this holder of spirits isn’t the prime feature of this one of a kind vessel; it’s the unique filling apparatus built into the flask itself. If you’ve ever filled a flask – and what groomsman hasn’t – you know that even if it comes with a funnel, after the first fill the funnel is long gone and subsequent refills are prone to making sticky hands and wasted hooch. The integrated silicone funnel of the Titanium Funnel Flask makes sure you’re never without an easy, spill-proof filling method again. To fill, simply flip the funnel up, then flip it down when filling is complete. No funnel to lose and no plastic or metallic aftertaste. And with almost a third of a fifth capacity (8 oz., or 5 generous shots), you’ll be ready to make any event more interesting.

Grab one at Vargo Outdoors – $75 [via]