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Beer Glass Froster

Lacking the foresight to stock glasses in the freezer, the Beer Glass Froster was seemingly designed just for us. Clamp one to your table or bar and hit the spout to instantly chill a beer glass or mug to ice-cold temperatures, inviting for any beer best served chilled. A blue LED also lights up the glass while in use, powered by a trifecta of AAA batteries. However, using the froster requires a CO2 tank which, while inexpensive, isn’t really helping much in the overall price department.

Find it at Hammacher Schlemmer – $400 [via]

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The Many Varieties of Whiskey Chart

Left bewildered by the seemingly boundless whiskey choices in today’s liquor stores and bars? Let Pop Chart Lab demystify this spirit with their latest chart, The Many Varieties of Whiskey. Covering all major producers including American, Canadian, Irish, and Scotch whisk(e)ys, this diagram is godsend for the more visual, breaking down each category into types, brands, and particular products. Every print is stamped onto 100 lb. archival paper, signed and numbered by the artists, and comes either as a standalone poster, mounted to a panel, or in one of three wooden frames.

Get one at Pop Chart Lab – $29+

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Wineist Monthly Wine Tasting Kits

Short of planning a wine tasting night, our experimentation with wines of the world usually consists of one cheap bottle arduously consumed over supper at a BYOW, leaving us none more cultured in the long term (and especially not over the ensuing hours). Wineist aims to change that, and without spending a fortune or doing things you’ll later regret. Wineist’s monthly wine tasting kits are mailed to your doorstep regularly, each containing six themed samples – 50ml each for the Solo tasting pack, or 187.5ml for the Group pack – of expertly handpicked wines from around the world. And if your wine experiences thus far have been limited to the bottles sold by your convenience store, you need Wineist more than you think.

Learn more at Wineist – $20+ per month

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Skypak Wine & Whiskey Bar

Skypak is a German company that designs highly functional airplane trolleys. But they’re actually not for use on aircraft: instead, Skypak is dedicated to overhauling standard airplane trolleys into modern, edgy items that will seriously upgrade any room, no matter the interior design. Skypak’s La Barrique Collection sees them adapted into coolers or storage space for wine, beer, whiskey, or your poison of choice. Each unit is handcrafted in Germany using up-cycled wood from reclaimed barrels and/or from famous chateaux around Europe. The cooler includes 2 separate temperature zones for both red and white wine, a touchpad control panel with background lighting, while all models come standard with multiple sliding wooden shelves ready for labelling, a locking handle, and a stainless steel door fitted with a glass window.

Learn more at Skypak - $2,900+ [via]

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Leather Bike Growler Carrier

Stocking up on local craft beer while on a bike just feels right, though trying to lug one gallon of brew in a growler isn’t easier said than done – rather, it’s impossible. At least, without the proper gear. Meriwether Montana’s Leather Bike Growler Carrier effortlessly bears your growler beneath your saddle, wrapping it in vegetable tanned leather and metal hardware. Strap it on using the two buckles, slip in your growler, secure it with redundant dual clasps, then bike home with a week’s (or at least a couple day’s) worth of beer.

Find it at Meriwether Montana – $95 [via]

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Vintage Beer: A Taster’s Guide

If you love beer – really love the nuances, the regional character, even the sound of the cap extraction making way for your lips, Patrick Dawson’s Vintage Beer: A Taster’s Guide to Brews That Improve Over Time is a tome you’ll want to revisit time after time. Just as wine improves over time under the right conditions, so too will high alcoholic content brews, conditioned beers that are bottled with yeast, barleywines, and others. The aging process changes the flavor of the beer in delicious ways, and so Vintage Beer explains what makes a good candidate for aging and what to look for when sampling aged beer. If you’re interested in the science behind the process, he covers that too. And if all that wasn’t enough the book also contains a buyers’ guide, helping you select from a variety of ready to age beers to add to your fledgling collection.

Grab one at Amazon - $10

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Whiskey Barrel Coffee

Sure, we enjoy the occasional cup of hazelnut or French vanilla flavored coffee, but that’s mainly because we were unaware of the existence of Whiskey-flavored coffee. These green coffee beans start off aging in authentic bourbon barrels before small batch roasting in a  vintage European air roaster for a taste that embodies the essence of fine whiskey . Bean variants include dark roast, light roast, and decaf, each packaged and wax-sealed in a hand-numbered bottle f0r freshness before liberating an invigorating and delicious mix of flavors at home via grinder.

Grab a bottle or three at Whiskey Barrel Coffee – $50

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1001 Hookah

We’re not exactly the authority on the matter, but every Hookah we’ve ever come across has had a distinct antiquated (but charming) aspect to it. The 1001 Hookah embodies a new spin on the design of this classic, opting instead for modern materials and a minimalistic twist. Sculpting parts from brash, anodized aluminum, and crystal clear glass, 1001 exudes a natural aesthetic appeal coupled with functionality in its purest form. But its stunning good looks will cost you.

Hit up 1001 for more details – roughly $690 [via]

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Reclaimed Tequila Barrel Ice Chest

Throw big get-togethers on the regular? As long as they’re rarely dry, chances are that investing in a Reclaimed Tequila Barrel Ice Chest would be a wise move. This downright massive booze-cooling drum started its life as a 60 gallon French Oak wine barrel before retirement and conversion, making it the perfect receptacle given its alcoholic roots. Each barrel holds up to 100 pounds of combined bottles and ice, and includes both a stand and a drain with accompanying plug. Of course, you could always instead fill it with blankets and the like, but then you’ll miss out on the exceptional pleasure of showing it off.

Learn more at Wine Enthusiast – $600

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GarageMonk Homebrew Beer Labels

Using generic amber bottles bottles for your hobby brewed beer gets confusing, and quick. Fortunately a few of GarageMonk’s Homebrew Beer Labels can keep things nice and organized. These bold vinyl labels are handcrafted in California and easily endure repeated wash cycles as your bottles are hand or machine washed for reuse. And if their large variety of shapes and colors weren’t enough to help you remember what’s what, they label easily using a dry-erase marker – at least until your bottles are empty and ready for the next batch.

Pick some up at GarageMonk’s Etsy Shop – $24+ for 24