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Leather Flask Case

Glasgow, Scotland is known for Rugby’s favorite Glasgow Warriors and Malcom Young (as close to AC/DC as Scotland will ever come). And now also the Leather Flask Case. Handcrafted in Scotland, this piece is a collaboration between a pewter business founded six decades ago and a traditional Scottish company that produces some of the finest kilt belts and accessories available. Premium leather from a three generation tanner makes this accessory a must-have – at least, if you own the manufacturer’s 4-ounce pewter flask. Get rid of that paper bag and carry your single malt in style.

Grab one at Kaufmann Mercantile (and the accompanying flask here) – $42+

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Synek Draft System

Enjoying craft beer shouldn’t mean scrambling to empty your growler within 48 hours after opening. The Synek Draft System uses vacuum-sealed, UV-shielded bags instead of kegs to hold your beer, keeping its contents fresh for upwards of 30 days after filling. Swapping bags in the portable dispenser is quick and easy, done by unplugging and replugging just two valves, meaning you can quickly switch to other beers on a whim. Otherwise, the dispenser handles cooling, pressurizing using CO2, and pouring via its straightforward tap system – just keep the 1-gallon bags coming.

Go pledge at Kickstarter – $300

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Mount Fuji Beer Glass

For years there have been specialty glasses to bring out the finest in wines, liquors, cordials, and scotches. Now beer can be added to that list. The Fuji Glass was designed by famed Suzuki Keita and features a distinctive shape reminiscent of Mt. Fuji, a symbol of Japan. Recipient of the Tokyo Midtown Award and commercialized from Sugawara art glass, now you can own this piece of functional art. Exquisite thinness highlights your beers golden bubbles and reflects and refracts the morning sun – if you drink in the morning – or the afternoon blaze. Each 280ml glass comes in its own private wooden paulownia box, a nicety that we’d expect at this price point.

Check it out at Amazon – $105

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KegWorks Deluxe Watermelon Tap Kit

At your next barbecue bash, forget preparing cocktails in pitchers and plastic gallon jugs. The Deluxe Watermelon Tap Kit by KegWorks is based off of the industry standard in faucet heads – where, traditionally, beer comes out - but instead of just kegs, shanks or towers, you can tap into a watermelon. All you need besides the tap kit is a hollowed-out watermelon and your imagination. From iced tea to cocktails, everything tastes better when it comes from a melon. Watermelon keg instructions are included, and if you’re low on ideas on how to utilize the kit, Food Networks magazine has some for you.

Find it at Amazon – $34

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Misc Goods Co Ceramic Flask

While it’s not geared towards the butterfingered, the Misc Goods Co Ceramic Flask is worth a gander, at least for the rest of us. Foregoing stainless steel for quarter inch ceramic instead, this gorgeous 6.5 inch-tall flask holds your liquor taste-free and is accented with two leather straps, a brass stud, and a button that work in conjunction to hold its cork stopper in place.

Check it out at Misc Goods Co – $92

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Frozen Beer Slushie Maker

We’re for ice cold beers but the Frozen Beer Slushie Maker takes it to another level. This small, battery-powered tabletop device designed by Japan’s Kirin Brewery Company tops your already cold beer with a whipped, frozen head that’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted (unless you dropped in on one of Kirin’s summer beer campaigns). It also doubles as insulation, keeping your beer colder for longer.

Find it at Japan Trend Shop - $65

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Spreadable Beer

Drink your beer and eat it, too, with Spreadable Beer. Each jar contains 40% beer in a smooth, sticky-textured spread that gives off a delectably hoppy scent, perfect for smothering on toast, bagels, muffins, cheese, pizza, and probably everything else edible. It also brings man one step closer to thriving off a diet consisting of beer and beer alone. The only catch is it’s entirely devoid of alcohol, which we strongly hope they one day reconsider.

Grab a jar at Firebox – roughly $16.80

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Mirth Legal THC-Infused Beverages

There’s a little more than caffeine in Mirth Provision’s Legal Cold Brew Coffee. Limited of course to states where weed is legal – the number of which grows with each passing month – these cold brew coffees and sparkling drinks each contain 20mg or 10mg of THC, respectively, sourced from locally-grown cannabis. Of particular interest are the cold brews, which come in two varieties, one basically strong, bold and black, the other smooth, creamy and sweet. Though the sparkling drinks, which include Rainier cherry, Lemon ginger, and Pomegranate, sound equally delicious.

Find it at Mirth Provisions – $TBA (but probably about $10 a bottle)

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Humidor Notes

We always make an effort to drink from every proverbial cup, but sometimes variety gets the best of our porous human memory. Humidor Notes helps ensure you’ll never smoke a cigar and forget it. This 32 page soft cover notebook boasts cleverly organized pages for annotating important details regarding your cigars, including name, size (length and gauge), filler, where & when smoked, your opinion, whether it’s worth buying again, and much more. It’s even got a space on each page for sticking the band using the included glue dots and a ruler plus ring gauge guide on the back cover, should you be a stickler for details.

Find it at Humidor Notes - $13

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DropCatch Travel Carrier

DropCatch’s Travel Carrier transports six 12-ounce beer bottles with style and ease, but what really sets it apart is its unique collapsible design that flattens when empty to slip away into a glovebox, backpack, or bike bag. Else, it’s made of walnut wood finished with lacquer, accented with brass, and fitted with genuine leather straps for a rustic look that could’ve spawned from a decades-old workshop.

Check it out at DropCatch -$68

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