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Menu Champagne Sabre

Sure, you could continue uncorking your champagne the traditional way, but sabrage is both far more interesting and entertaining. And if you’re looking to pick up the technique, invest in a proper tool like Menu’s Champagne Sabre. This unabashedly flamboyant polished stainless steel sabre is devoid of sharp edges, yet still cleanly cuts off the bottle top at the neck with just a bit of practice and a spectacular pop. And no worries about glass shards falling back into your bottle: the positive pressure already present within your bubbly ensures nothing’s getting in after the break.

Find it at Amazon – $150


Enjoying a few cocktails every day after leaving the office can really eat into your salary. Bring the bar home with Somabar, the most affordable consumer robotic bartender to date. Connect Somabar to your home’s WiFi, fill the Soma Pods with 7 of your favorite ingredients — three per side, with a seventh container for bitters, simple syrup, and the like — then scroll through their app’s extensive cocktail list before letting the machine craft your cocktail with dead-on precision. It also makes suggestions based on ingredients at hand, mixes each drink stronger or weaker to suit your taste (and tolerance), and boasts dishwasher safe components to make cleaning a breeze.

Find it on Kickstarter – $400

Breeze Breathometer

With breathalyzers now wholly affordable, there’s really no excuse to not be in the know and risk a DUI. Breathometer’s Breeze is sized for a keychain and lets you check your blood alcohol content in seconds — no warm up time required — using nothing but your smartphone. Powered for over a year by a single coin cell battery, just pair it to your Android or iOS phone via Bluetooth, launch the accompanying app, and blow. And on top of quickly deciphering your blood alcohol levels, it can also call you an Uber cab with the push of a button and boasts Back to Zero, a function that estimates at what time you’ll be totally sober.

Hit up Breathometer for more info – $100

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Cannador Humidifiers

The benefits of keeping your cigars in a humidor are no secret, but perhaps they weren’t as obvious regarding marijuana. A huge upgrade from the classic Ziploc, Cannador aims to be that humidifier for your bud by coupling an airtight, mahogany-lined box with a reusable two-way humidity system that maintains the relative humidity at a stable 70% in order to preserve taste, potency, and to ensure a controlled burn. Cannadors also come in a variety of sizes with either walnut or cherry exteriors, are devoid of glass to keep out damaging UV rays, and include vented metal cars to split up and store your different strains safely.

Hit up Cannador for details – $120+

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Make your favorite liquor your own with Infuse, a tool created to simplify the process of imbuing unique flavors to your spirits. Each kit includes a 550ml hand-blown lead-free crystal decanter and a rubber-topped borosilicate glass infusing rod crafted with small perforations that let liquid flow into contact with your ingredients. Experiment with sliced fruit, chile peppers, hops, herbs, or whatever else tickles your fancy, swirl it around occasionally for ten to twenty minutes — simplified thanks to its convex bottom — and enjoy.

Find it at BespokePost – $55

The North American Whiskey Guide from Behind the Bar

Confronted with seemingly limitless whiskey options, keeping track — not to mention simply settling on your next bottle purchase — can be a nightmare without proper guidance. Good thing The North American Whiskey Guide from Behind the Bar handled the daunting task of reviewing over 250 different whiskeys. Written by the general manager of San Diego’s The Aero Club Bar and packed with blind taste tests by top bartenders, this handy tome will tell you what to try, with which cigar to pair it, and with what to mix if you enjoy the occasional cocktail.

Grab a copy at Amazon – $16

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Whisker Dam

Frankly, you’ve worked too hard on that magnificent mustache to let it dip into and be spoiled by unsightly beer suds. Whisker Dam is your fix. Handmade using nothing but copper and coated in a non-toxic barrier, Whisker Dam attaches to the top of most pint glasses and forms a barrier to protect your stache while still letting beer get through. Simple, effective, and perfect for all the mustachioed gentlemen in your life.

Find it at Whisker Dam – $20

The Drinking Jacket

Drinking on the go can be as simple as packing a flask in your pocket and worrying about the details later. But if you’re the type to never hit the streets unprepared, Zane Lamprey’s Drinking Jacket is for you. First and foremost a warm, comfortable hoodie, this jacket boasts a multitude of features including a bottle opener zipper pull, beer koozie pocket, sunglass holder, slip resistant mitts with thumb holes built into the sleeves, a hidden flask pocket, plus deep pockets to carry miscellaneous goods (or just more beers). And when you’re not knocking back a few, it double as a solid travel hoodie thanks to its numerous compartments and snappable I.D. & money pocket.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $85

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Johnnie Walker Oliver Sweeney Brogue

Bringing together style, flair, and a touch of inebriation comes the Johnnie Walker Oliver Sweeney Brogue, a collaboration between its namesakes, the Scotch Whisky brand and the shoemaker. This iconic Oxford brogue features a calf leather upper, a Blake stitched construction, and aesthetic details that include a striding man tattoo on its heel and contrast red leather brogueing. It really stands out, however, thanks to not-so-subtle heel compartments sized perfectly for stashing a Johnnie Walker Red Label miniature in each shoe.

Read more at Oliver Sweeney – $490

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Screwpop Cigar Punch 2.0

Never be caught unprepared when facing an import or a stogie with Screwpop’s Cigar Punch 2.0. This keychain-sized device performs two crucial functions: opening brews and cutting circular holes in cigars. It’s an improvement over the original thanks to its now-removable punch, which is purged of any leftover tobacco leaf when screwed back onto the carabiner.

Learn more at Screwpop – $15

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