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Lume Cube

Compact devices require a compact flash — but that doesn’t mean it can’t be powerful. Lume Cube is smaller than your GoPro and goes just about anywhere it can, easily withstanding adverse weather and even going to depths of up to 100 feet underwater. Each syncs via Bluetooth with your smartphone from which brightness is adjusted up to a blinding 1,500 lumens, and up to 5 can be controlled at once to effectively create daylight. And mounting to a variety of surfaces is straightforward thanks to a 1/4″ 20 screw mount plus both a powerful magnet mount and a suction cup.

Grab one at our shop – $80

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Joey Roth Steel Speaker

Part wireless speaker, part work of art, Joey Roth’s Steel Speaker is as unique in design as any of his pieces. The Oregon-made omnidirectional speaker boasts an aluminum chamber with innards split into two halves by a central divider, creating a 24-inch long folded transmission line. A well-positioned port on the backside of the speaker lies a ways away from the end of the line to eliminate all harmonics besides the first and lowest, extending the bass response of the unit. It all sits atop a maple hardwood ball that contains a Bluetooth 4.0 antenna and that also diffuses sound from the downwards-facing driver in all directions.

Find it at Joey Roth – $450+

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Revols Custom-Fit Wireless Earphones

Custom molded earphones always come with a heavy price tag due to the array of complex processes involved. And by doing away with these, Revols Custom-Fit Wireless Earphones aim to bring well-fitted molded earbuds to the masses. To mold them, first select the tip that best fits, insert them into your ears, and start the process on their companion app. In roughly 60 seconds the nano-composite gel hardens to the shape of your ear, providing better passive sound insulation and a far improved fit as compared to traditional one-size-fits-all buds. They’re also powered by Onkyo’s acoustic technology for quality sound, are wireless, with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and the aptX codec, and last for 8 hours per charge. Optional accessories include silicone skins to block out water and the Revolvs Revive battery extender, which uniquely clips onto the earphone’s wire for 6 extra hours of listening.

Pledge for a pair at Kickstarter – $200

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Figment VR

Dubbed the world’s first virtual reality and augmented reality phone case, Figment VR goes places other VR sets haven’t dared — namely, your pocket. Figment VR is first and foremost a protective rigid, protective plastic case but features a lens at at the end of an aluminum arm that swings out and up in front of your iPhone 6/6S’ or 6/6S Plus’ display, letting you make full use of almost any VR app just about anywhere. You won’t need absolute darkness, just place it near your eyes and cup around the sides if it’s really bright out. And if you’re wondering what you can do with it, the list is long and includes touring world landmarks with Google Street View, experiencing a rock concert right from the stage, plus exploring faraway places both on Earth and off of it.

Learn more at Figment VR or back them on Kickstarter – $55+

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Samsung Gear VR

Mass marketed virtual reality is finally here and it’s cheap, at least with Samsung’s Gear VR — though you’ll need a Samsung Galaxy Note5, S6, S6 edge, or S6 edge+ to use it. Pop off its face, place in your phone, and snap it back together before immersing yourself in games, movies by way of a private, personal theatre, and 360 degree virtual adventures, the latter with Samsung Milk VR. It’s powered by Oculus and boasts a touch pad, a comfortable lightweight design, and improved fit thanks to additional cushioning and a eyeglasses-accommodating design.

Learn more at Amazon – $100+

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Dock For Apple Watch Marble Edition

Granted, plugging your Apple Watch to its charger and dropping it on your nightstand will get the job done, but not as elegantly as Native Union’s Dock For Apple Watch Marble Edition. Each is hefty, being made from solid marble, and is fitted with a brushed aluminum arm that rotates for getting that perfect angle. It’ll work with all Apple Watches (but pairs particularly well with Edition models), can be lain down flat on its side to make your watch switch in Nightstand Mode, and snaps together easily from its two parts — the arm and the marble block — for when setting up by feeding in your magnetic charge cable.

Find it at Native Union in black and white – $120

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Bobine Apple Watch Charging Dock

Probably the most versatile (or should we say flexible?) dock yet made for a smartwatch, the Bobine Apple Watch Charging Dock boasts a durable, bendable metal cable that bends and twists any which way you want. Snap in your Apple Watch’s magnetic charging puck into its circular holder and then shape Bobine into a stand, wrap it around furniture, or wrap it tightly into a narrow circle for portability. An included dash stabilizer clips it inside your car for charging while you drive, and its rigidity easily supports the weight of the featherlight smartwatch.

Find it at the GearHungry shop – $25

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The classic arcade system: it’s undeniably awesome but also bulky, square-ish, and usually capable of playing only one game. Polycade was designed to address these issues, notably the aesthetics: its shapely wooden cabinet is constructed by professional cabinet makers and painted using a professional spray gun or wrapped with high quality printed vinyl graphics. Standard 8-way two player controls as well as 4-way single player controls cover the wide variety of games that it ships with, including Pac-Mac, Pole Position, Street Fighter II, Sonic 2, and nearly a hundred more. The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B inside will also run a variety of emulators if you’re so inclined including Atari 800, Game Boy Advance, Sega Genesis, NES, SNES, and others. We’d expect no less from a design by children of Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $1,250

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Sit-stand desks range in price from a couple hundred to over a thousand dollars. LEVIT8 was created to come in at the very bottom of that price range and is portable to boot. Shaped and sized like a large, thin notebook, open LEVIT8 and fold along its crossing lines to set up a strong and stable work surface suitable for your laptop. Water-repellent and stain proof fabricsprotects it from coffee spills and its slim profile lets it slip into your bag as comfortably as your razor thin laptop. It’s also available in three sizes to better accommodate your height: an 11.8-inch tall small, 13.8-inch medium, and 17.7-inch large.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $32

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Cocoon Tech Grid-It Backpack

If your backpack feels like it doesn’t have pockets or compartments truly suited to your specific gear, that’s because it doesn’t. But the same can’t be said about the Cocoon Tech Grid-It Backpack. This sleek pack holds your 16″ (or smaller) laptop in its padded compartment — as well as notebooks, a tablet, magazines, whatever — but really stands out thanks to its built-in Grit-It system with crisscrossing mesh bands that hold items of nigh any shape or size. Its ballistic nylon construction is also waterproof, protecting your delicate gadgetry from the elements.

Check it out at the GearHungry Shop – $80

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