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feature post image for Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

Precision tracking isn’t just for gamers anymore. The Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse boasts a Darkfield Laser Sensor that works on virtually any flat surface, including glass and glossy ones, with a resolution that ranges up to a solid 1,600 dpi. A unique thumb wheel alongside a more traditional smart speed-adaptive scroll wheel works for far more efficient horizontal navigation as well as special features, including turning pages, switching between apps, and more, all configurable within the installation drivers. It also boasts a hand-sculpted ergonomic design, dual connectivity that includes both Bluetooth and the Logitech Unifying Receiver, an Easy-Switch button to quickly switch between controlling one of 3 devices, and a 40 day battery that embarrasses our G700.

Find it at Amazon – $100 [via]

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feature post image for Brik Case

Brik Case

Customizing your sleek aluminum device is more important now than ever. So peel off the decal and pick up a Brik Case in its stead. This snap case isn’t officially licensed by LEGO, Mega Blocks, or PixelBlocks, yet still works with all of them and comes in variants to fit most MacBook Air, Pro, and Retina models from 2012 and on. Clip one on, personalize it with some bricks — including some of the 100 1×1 bricks included with each Brik Case — and get ready to attract some attention.

Read more at Kickstarter – $30

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feature post image for InfiniteUSB


USB ports on ultraportable notebook computers are quickly becoming a scarce commodity. InfiniteUSB takes care of that in a simple, straightforward way: every time one is plugged in it provides a new USB port on its end, essentially letting you daisy chain your devices all to a single port — provided not too many of them require power, of course. InfiniteUSB comes in several flavors, including MicroUSB, Lightning, or a female USB extender, and each features magnets in both ends that keep them neat and tidy when carried. MacBook owners should be especially enthusiastic about the USB-C version, coming later this year.

Find it at Kickstarter – $14

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feature post image for Olio Model One Smartwatch

Olio Model One Smartwatch

Pack in it all the functionality you’d like, but one thing’s certain: we won’t opt for a smartwatch that doesn’t put style at the forefront. The Olio Model One does just that with its machined surgical-grade stainless steel case, lightly brushed finish, and custom impact and scratch resistant crystals on the front and back. Instead of focusing on running apps, the Model One’s high resolution color display organizes your digital life by separately compiling notifications missed alongside your upcoming schedule while the built-in digital assistant offers increasingly personalized suggestions to save you time. It also boasts touchscreen functionality to interact with notifications, a microphone for voice to text, and a Control Hub that connects to your devices and presents to you only relevant controls, avoiding the need to always search for the right app. And it’s compatible with both iOS and Android out of the box, meaning you won’t have to pick and choose.

Read more at Olio – $600 to $800

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feature post image for Blue Freedom Hydropower Generator

Blue Freedom Hydropower Generator

Using solar panels is an ultra convenient method for keeping your power hungry devices fuelled when you’re off the grid, but if there’s flowing water in the vicinity there’s a new option: the Blue Freedom Hydropower Generator. This small power plant weighs less than a pound and features a hydrodynamic turbine that attaches to a 70-inch long rope-like drive shaft. Secure the donut-shaped device around a stick jammed in the ground, drop the turbine in water — even shallow — and Blue Freedom’s 5W generator will fully top off the built-in 5,000mAh battery within a couple of hours. Then, it’ll charge any and all of your USB-compatible devices at up to 2A speeds.

Go pledge at Kickstarter – $200

feature post image for HTC Grip

HTC Grip

So here’s another watch/sports bracelet that will stay in the drawer until the battery goes dead, right? Wrong. If you’re serious about training you know that the more dedicated you are to the art of self-improvement, the more your hard work rewards you. The HTC Grip understands this perfectly. Time, distance and speed are accessible anytime so you can track every mile, minute or rep. However the grip is more than a glorified pedometer. HTC has paired it with Under Armor’s iOS and Android Record app for a complete workout training experience. Forget lugging around your smartphone and rely on the GPS enable Grip to capture distance, pace, calories burned and then sync to your phone when you get home. Or, keep your smartphone with you and control it from your wrist to receive call notifications, messages, or just to skip to the next song on your play list. Waterproof, breathable material and easy-to-read display were all specifically designed for hard training. And like you, the Grip can hang tough to the end of your workout — even a marathon — with its 5-hour battery life.

Available in spring. Learn more at HTC – $200

feature post image for Suunto Essential Collection

Suunto Essential Collection

If you’re even slightly style conscious, there’s little chance of ever adorning your wrist with an outdoor watch. That is unless it’s part of the Suunto Essential Collection. These timepieces offer sapphire crystal covers, premium vegetable-tanned Italian leather straps, and far more minimal lines than we’d expect from rugged sports watches. They also come ready for action out of the box with a slew of functions including an altimeter, barometer, digital compass, thermometer, depth meter for snorkelling, and dual time.

Find it at Suunto in six colors (copper shown) – $700+

Calypso Timeless Moment

You’re probably teetering on the brink of caving on Apple Watch. But you’ll need someplace to stash it every night as it charges, and the hard surface of your night table won’t cut it. Calypso’s Timeless Moment is thus far the most luxurious of such stands, handcrafted of premium Italian leather in Europe and assembled to exacting precision. The arch smartly integrates with the Apple Watch’s charger and cable, following its curvature nigh invisibly. Just drop your watch onto it and inbuilt magnets will hold it solidly until it’s fully fuelled and ready to take on another day.

Preorder at CalypsoCrystal – $95 [via]

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feature post image for WonderCube


Keychain-sized cables, we’ve seen. WonderCube outclasses them all with its extensive list of functions, doubling as a 3-inch long charge/sync cable when unfolded, a stand (thanks to a micro suction cup plate), an LED light, and a backup battery charger by plugging to it a standard 9V battery. It even functions as both a memory stick and OTG (On-the-go) memory for Android devices thanks to a micro-USB card reader built into its USB plug. All this tightly packed into a compact, one cubic inch ABS plastic device.

Check it out at Indiegogo – $45

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feature post image for Chromebook Pixel

Chromebook Pixel

Love your Chromebook but wish it had a more premium feel? Google’s latest Chromebook Pixel upgrades and modernizes their sleek aluminum flagship notebook with a more powerful Intel Core i5 processor, upwards of 8GB of RAM, and 32GB or 64GB of flash storage for an experience that’s incredibly responsive thanks in no small part to its minimal Chrome OS. True to its name, it also boasts a gorgeous 239 ppi 2560 by 1700 pixel touchscreen display that’s as brilliant even in bright sunlight. Plus, it also packs the new USB Type-C port — two of them — that support high bandwidth data transfers, 4K display out, and charging, plus two USB 3.0 ports for dongle-free backwards compatibility with your existing accessories.

Learn more at Google – $1,000+

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