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Power Pen

Jump start your smartphone with a bit of extra juice using Power Pen, the first device designed to combine both a ballpoint pen and backup battery. Granted, with its relatively svelte enclosure, Power Pen carries but 700mAh of fuel, insufficient to recharge your battery completely but more than enough for a few extra hours of work (or play). It also doubles as a stylus when the ink is retracted, comes with both Lightning and micro USB connectors to customize to your exact needs, and can be recharged by plugging straight to any regular USB port.

Grab one at Firebox – $40 [via]

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Luxi For All

The light meter: a crucial instrument for photographers trying to capture that perfect shot. Unfortunately, they’re also expensive, but as it turns out you’ve probably been carrying one in your pocket all along, albeit one that needs a little help. Luxi For All clips over your device’s front-facing camera and adds a diffusion dome to the mix for negating reflectance, effectively transforming your Android/iOS smartphone or tablet into an accurate light meter using the accompanying app. Thanks to its clip-on design it works with virtually all existing devices, and since future models aren’t bound to get thicker its future compatibility is basically guaranteed.

Find it at BiteMyApple – $30

Hush Smart Earplugs

Enjoy the silence without completely dulling your second most important sense. Hush Smart Earplugs combine sound eliminating memory foam with noise masking to quiet a nocturnal roommate, your snoring partner, or inconsiderate passengers aboard a flight while still letting your choice of important notifications from your Bluetooth-connected smartphone come through wirelessly. It can also play a variety of soothing sounds to further drown out noise, binaural beats to encourage relaxing states of mind, and can pipe through your alarm to wake you up discreetly in the morning.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $115

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Nodus Access Case

Settling on a smartphone or tablet case amongst the sea of options is never easy, but have a look at Nodus’ Access Case if folio types tickle your fancy. This simple, unbranded leather case boasts a soft microfiber lining and a utility pocket for a card or two plus cash. Its minimalistic approach of attaching based on residue-free, long-lasting Micro-Suction pads really sets it apart, however, with one large pad to stick to the back of your device and another smaller one on its front flap to keep the case closed. Plus it also doubles as a landscape-oriented stand for watching videos or keeping an eye on notifications.

Hit up Nodus for details – roughly $80

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Smart Kapp Dry-Erase Board

Dry-erase boards do wonders for group productivity and interactive brainstorming sessions. Here to finally bring this indispensable tool to the 21st century is Smart Kapp. First and foremost a practical, stain-resistant 42″ glass dry-erase board, Smart Kapp lets you write with a marker as you would on any normal board while also allowing you to save crystal clear snapshots directly to your devices or a USB key and share what’s on the board remotely in real-time with colleagues who couldn’t be there in person. It also boasts NFC and Bluetooth for straightforward pairing with compatible Android or iOS smartphones & tablets.

Find it at Amazon – $900 [via]


Redesigned for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the new Olloclip is far more versatile than its predecessor thanks to a brand new frame that works with both the front and rear facing cameras to make it selfie-friendly for the first time. Included are four lens options — fisheye, wide-angle, 10x macro, and 15x macro — plus three wearable pendants for carrying it around, if stuffing it into your pocket doesn’t fly.

Find it at BiteMyApple – $80

Mophie Powerstation Plus

Carrying a brick of spare power often entails packing a few charge cables as well. Mophie’s Powerstation Plus does away with the need for anything extra thanks to its sharp, aluminum shielded design that opens up to stash a pair of cables, one for charging the Powerstation itself and another for plugging to your device. The Powerstation Plus comes in a variety of models with either Lightning or Micro USB connectors and capacities ranging from 3,000mAh to 12,000mAh, boasts a 4 LED charge indicator, and charges devices at the fastest speeds available, often even faster than run-of-the-mill wall chargers.

Find it at Mophie (some models coming soon) or Amazon (Lightning only) – $80+

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Dark Energy Reservoir

Carrying around a large capacity backup battery to extend the life of your power-hungry smartphone need not overfill your pockets or weigh you down. Case in point: the Dark Energy Reservoir. This charger is downright lean when compared to some of its bloated competitors yet boasts a whopping 8,000mAh of charge capacity, enough to refill most smartphones three to five times over. It’s also lightweight at a hair under 6 ounces, boasts two USB ports — one 1.0A for smaller devices and another 2.1A for tablets or for faster charging — and comes in two colors: black and white.

Find it at Dark Energy – $60

Tags: Tech

PS4 20th Anniversary Edition

While we still remember it like it was yesterday, Sony’s original PlayStation was launched in an already crowded gaming market a full 20 years ago. To commemorate its passage out of its teen years and into adulthood, Sony’s issuing the PS4 20th Anniversary Edition, a PlayStation 4 that’s decked out just like its earliest predecessor, complete with a colorful logo, a grey body with matching controller and camera, and a numbered plaque denoting its limited supply. If you want one, preorder opens on December 6th. But better be quick about it since only 12,300 units will be made.

Read more at Playstation Blog – $TBA

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Progress is best measured objectively. ShotTracker makes the otherwise logistically impossible task of analyzing your Basketball game effortless using just your smartphone plus lightweight net and wrist sensors, the latter slid into your wrist band or sleeve. ShotTracker knows every time you shoot, relaying this information, as well as whether the shot was successful or not, to your smartphone to build up some solid stats. The wrist sensor is also good for 8 hours of continuous use per charge — though the net sensor lasts 3 months — and both rugged enough to play as hard as you do.

Learn more at ShotTracker – $150