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Argonaut Kevlar & Tyvek Boot

Jason would have been proud to exchange his sandals for the Unbelievable Testing Laboratory’s limited release Argonaut. After two years of exhaustive research using cutting edge materials including Tyvek, Kevlar, EVA Rubber and microfiber technology, the Argonaut is ready for four-season wear. Tear proof, water-proof and weighing in at a scant 420g per shoe — less than a loaf of bread — this multi material wonder utilizes a derivative of microfiber that looks and feels like leather but is more durable, creates an animal free high function boot, and improves material use efficiency by 30%. The athletic shoe inspired Poliyou insole offers great ventilation, moisture abatement, and fights odor-causing bacteria, all while offering the option of removal in lieu of a custom insole.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $118

Tags: Shoes, Style

Chrome Base Cobra Hoodie

A bike hoodie that doesn’t look like one, Chrome’s Base Cobra is packed with cyclist-centric features that will handily dethrone whatever you currently wear while riding. A slightly longer torso and arm cut makes for better shielding against the cold, bolstered by its build material, ultrasoft heathered technical fleece. The Base Cobra also boasts thumb holes, a high neck collar with a 3 panel hood, and numerous zippered pockets, including a wrist key-stash, lateral hand warmers, and a pass through back cargo pocket.

Find it at Chrome Industries – $100

Tags: Apparel, Bike, Style

Harry’s Foaming Shave Gel & Aftershave

Buying good skincare products needn’t — and shouldn’t — cost you a day’s work. Harry’s new shave gel lathers into foam and is packed with natural, soothing ingredients that hydrate your skin, like licorice root extract and a cooling blend of cucumber and aloe to protect against irritation. And for your post-shave ritual, their aftershave in the form of a light lotion absorbs quickly for a no-sheen look that locks in moisture all day long.

Hit up Harry’s for more – $8+

Tags: Body, Style

Division Furtive Type 50 & Type 50X

Looking for a distinctive timepiece to round out your collection? You just found it. Division Furtive’s individually serialized, sapphire glass-capped Type 50 (shown) & Type 50X (flux capacitor dial) boast a unique dual linear LED display that illuminates only when you twist your wrist to have a look at the time, displaying the hours across the top cursor and the minutes underneath. And though devoid of buttons, an inbuilt accelerometer grants access to a range of other features by simply tapping on the crystal, including chronometer functionality, a calendar, moon phase tracking, travel time adjustments, power reserve indicator (to know when to change its user-serviceable AAA battery which lasts, on average, one year) and a dual-intensity flashlight mode that activates all its LEDs to shed a surprising amount of light. Best of all its timekeeping is extremely precise, set in seconds by visiting their link on your smartphone — or any web-enabled device, really — and placing your watch atop it.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – roughly $265

Tags: Style, Tech, Watches

Converse All Star Chuck ’70 Polartec

In 1917 basketball phenom — or as close as anyone came at that time — Chuck Taylor donned the shoe that would bear his name. Nearly a century later, the iconic design of that shoe has been reinvented to allow hardcore ballers the freedom to play in ice and snow in a warm, waterproof sneaker. Okay, so this basketball shoe is a solution is search of a problem if it’s a court shoe you seek. But if you want to make a classic fashion statement in the first Chuck Taylor to incorporate the Polartec weather resistant membrane, this is your kick. Externally the shoe keeps the lines of its predecessors, but enhances its all weather performance like nothing else. Available in two standout colors, Clematis Blue and Gargoyle Gray ox, each incorporating a reverse color tongue and popping red eyelets.

Read more at Converse – $110

Tags: Shoes, Style

Urwerk EMC

Long focused on crafting ludicrously intricate mechanical watches, Urwerk’s latest is still largely machine-driven, but now boasts an injection of electronics for higher precision. The EMC — short for Electro Mechanical Control — features an electronic monitoring unit that, when activated, tracks the rate of oscillation, helping compensates for changes in position, temperature, as well as bumps and shocks that can all affect timing by spitting out an estimate on the watch’s daily accuracy on the upper left dial. While this compensation isn’t done automatically, the estimate helps the wearer adjust its timing rate to obtain higher precision. Otherwise, it’s manually wound, has an 80 hour power reserve, Super-LumiNova-treated markers, a winding handle to charge the super-capacitor powering its electronics, and a price tag fit for a small house.

Learn more at Urwerk – roughly $120,000 [via]

Tags: Style, Watches

Botta UNO 24

Can your watch capture the revolution of the earth while making you cognizant of time’s fleeting passage, pinpointing the location of the sun at a glance? The UNO 24 is a new, innovative watch that brings the wearer closer to understanding the 4th dimension. On the UNO’s face the entire day is displayed with a single hand completing a revolution every 24 hours. That one hand transforms the idea of minutes and hours into an ever-changing tempis event: one glance lets you see how much of the day has passed and how much is to come. A single delicate line marks one day’s transition to the next, and at that precise moment, the date jumps forward to announce the new day. Even more impressive is the accuracy with which one can tell time with this piece. Using the special scale on the UNO’s face, a wearer can tell the time to within five minutes and even more precisely after a short period of familiarization.

Find it at Botta Design – roughly $460

Tags: Style, Watches

Model 2 Watch Straps

Found yourself a nice vintage watch but fancy the strap a little lacking? Upgrade with worn&wound’s Model 2. Cut from slightly tapered Horween leather, this rugged two-piece strap is available in three colors – crimson, russet, and black – and suits nigh any timepiece, from divers to military, to dress-casual. Besides, its raw cut edges and hand-tied knots make for a look that gains a nice patina and gets better with age, just like its wearer.

Pick one up at worn&wound’s shop – $59

Tags: Style, Watches

Survival Belts

Functionality and style need not be mutually exclusive. Slide Belt’s Survival model couples an insanely durable strap – it’s waterproof, abrasion resistant, UV protected, and flexes like normal even at sub-zero temperatures – with a hole-less belt buckle that locks the belt at 1/4-inch intervals, attaining lengths far more precise than with typical eyelets. Get the right color (namely, black), and a Survival Belt will look as good on a suit as it would heading off into the woods. Each belt also sports a built-in bottle opener, though throwing over a bit of extra cash nabs you The Survivor, which also stashes a striker and ferrocerium fire starter rod rated for 1,000 strikes.

Hit up Kickstarter for more information – $59 to $89 (with fire starter)

BÖ Wooden Bow Ties

In today’s world, sometimes one needs to push the envelope in order to stand out. While this applies to all aspects of our lives, it’s especially pronounced with regards to personal style. Nothing puts you above your peers fashion-wise than wielding a BÖ. Yes – it’s exactly what it looks like: a modern twist on the classic bow tie, where the traditional fabric is replaced by an architectural wooden masterpiece weighing-in at only 25 grams, i.e. nothing, coupled to a leather strap and artisanal twine. Choose from one various styles available in the Spring 2014 collection or unveil the artist within and build your own.

Eye the offerings at Bo – $55 to $65

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