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The Tie Maker Premium Neckties

Shopping for nice ties in a retail environment is all too often synonymous to getting gouged. The Tie Maker aims instead to give men a more reasonable option. The brand’s 20 custom designed, hand crafted neckties are produced in the same factories as other high end tie brands and made of either 100% silk or wool, leaving them basically indistinguishable, quality-wise, from their $60-to-$80-a-tie competitors. Meaning you can stock your closet with multiple ties for less than the price of a single in stores and pocket the change.

Go pledge at Kickstarter – $15+

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Leatherman Tread QM1

The Leatherman Tread is one of the more innovative multitools of late, but one function it’s lacking is time telling. The TSA-compliant Leatherman Tread QM1, on the other hand, straps a Swiss-made, quartz-powered timepiece to its highly functional Tread bracelet. The watch itself is water resistant to 200 meters and boasts sapphire crystal to shrug off scratches through heavy use. Then, if you need access to any of its 19 tools — which include a bottle opener, carbide glass breaker, pick/SIM card tool, a cutting hook, and a large variety of screw and hex drivers — just take it off, fold the strap, and get to work.

Available in black and stainless steel. Learn more at Leatherman – $500 to $600

Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope 2015

Originally designed and launched in 1962 by Max Bill, Junghans’ latest iteration of the Max Bill Chronoscope has quite a bit of history behind it. This handsome timepiece has a face that’s cleaner than that of its predecessors, if that’s possible, and boasts a 38mm case to hold its modified Valjoux 7750 automatic movement with both day and date. Its sleek profile effortlessly slides under a cuffed shirt, maintaining the same overall shape and domed lens of models past.

Set to release in May. Stay updated at Junghans – $1,860 [via]

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Bell & Ross BR03-92 Military Type

As well suited to a soldier’s wrist as to yours, the Bell & Ross BR03-92 Military Type is about as practical for time telling as it gets. This 42mm wrist piece keeps time thanks to an automatic Calibre BR-CAL.302 movement encased in a matte black ceramic case that’s topped with antireflective sapphire. It also boasts either a black rubber or heavy duty canvas strap, a highly legible white-on-khaki face, plus Superluminova coated hands and hour markings for consulting past dusk.

To be officially announced at BaselWorld. Until then, hit up Bell & Ross – $TBA [via]

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MMT Pocket Watches

Rather keep your wrists free while still avoiding total reliance on your smartphone for the time? MMT’s Pocket Watches put a modern spin on an old classic. The Paris and Hong Kong based brand — pronounced memento — crafts minimal, two to three hand timepieces powered by optionally dated Japanese movements and encased in plated stainless steel shells. Each timepiece also includes an ebony or maple wood cover and a genuine leather strap with snap hook for keeping the watch handy and secure from drops.

Pick one up at MMT or Amazon – $250+

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Declan Pocket Squares

Wiping down your smartphone or tablet on your shirt — or worse, your tie — is juvenile at best. Admittedly, however, most of us don’t bother carrying around anything suitable with which to clean them. But what if you could hide a proper microfiber cloth in plain sight? That’s the idea behind Declan Pocket Squares. These 12 by 12 squares are made using Declan’s premium M fabric for both thinness and feel that mimic that of a traditional pocket square while retaining the cleaning efficacy of a microfiber cloth. And with roughly fifty pattern or color options to choose from, finding one that flatters your latest suit is a cinch.

Hit up Declan for more – $30

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Spine Eyewear

Traditionally, eyeglass makers draw attention to the style, unsurprising considering the few innovations on any other part of their design. Spine Eyewear would instead direct your attention to their spine-inspired hinges, which sport five vertebrae fitted with a high-tensile cable and two springs to articulate from closed to open and accommodate a variety of face shapes. They also lightly grip your head to avoid slipping off, automatically fold closed when removed, and boast extended durability since each individual vertebrae only rotates about 18 degrees when opening the arms, minimizing wear.

Coming soon. Learn more at Spine Optics – $150+

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Urwerk UR-110 Eastwood

Urwerk’s UR-110 Eastwood perpetuates the watchmaker’s radical time telling with orbiting satellite complications but with a heightened focus on aesthetics, if that’s even possible. Time is displayed on the far right side of the watch with the hour shown on the rotating satellite and an arrow pointing out the minutes, which, aside from being easy to read, remains visible even if two thirds of the watch is hidden under your dress shirt. It’s also completely mechanical and self-winding, with its twin turbines visible through portholes on the back, and adds a touch more luxury thanks to materials like ebony wood on its faceplate and wool tweed straps.

Ogle at Urwerk – $TBA

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Filson Mackinaw Field Watch

Filson’s made a lot of quality stuff over the last century, but never a watch. Their first foray into the segment includes the Mackinaw Field Watch, a result of their collaboration with Shinola to hand-assemble these timepieces in the latter’s Detroit factory. Powered by Shinola’s quartz Argonite movement, the Mackinaw sports a 43mm stainless steel case and features Swiss Super LumiNova coated hands, a date window, bold, highly visible numbers, and a curved sapphire crystal. Models also include with chronograph and come with one of a variety of watch straps, including tin cloth, stainless steel, rubber, nylon, or leather.

Check out the full line at Filson – $625+

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Outlier Strongworks Pants

Indestructible clothing usually have a telling look, and while that’s not always bad, notably if you’re hiking, camping, or otherwise out of the public’s eye, it is in most normal scenarios. Almost impossibly, Outlier’s Strongworks pants managed to pull off an overall simple, elegant look while still remaining rugged enough to handle most anything the great outdoors might throw your way. A soft, cotton-like feel and solid breathability both betray the actual material — twisted strands of fine air forged Supplex fibers — which boast the strength and durability of high grade nylon.

Find them at Outlier – $98