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feature post image for Sunoco Burnt Rubber Cologne

Sunoco Burnt Rubber Cologne

The growl of massively powerful engines. The scents of race fuel. The peeling of tires. Sunoco’s Burnt Rubber Cologne finally captures the essence of racing, or at least the latter, in a scent that’s surprisingly pleasing to the nose. The burnt is balanced out by a touch of sweet, satisfying racing fans of both sexes. And though it isn’t for sale yet, Sunoco will be giving some away to a few lucky Facebook followers, only intensifying its rarity and appeal.

Learn more at The Essence of Racing – $TBA

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feature post image for Ursa Major Black Walnut Razor

Ursa Major Black Walnut Razor

Ursa Major’s Black Walnut Razor won’t save you money on cartridges — it’s compatible with the ubiquitously available Gillette Mach 3 blades available at your local drug store. But it will make your shave routine more enjoyable with its Vermont-made reclaimed black walnut handle, sourced locally in both New York and along the Southeast Coast. The razor is part of a limited 100-piece run and is also compatible with Venus cartridges, should your significant other care to give it some use.

Find it at Ursa Major – $36 [via]

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feature post image for Taylor Stitch Standard Issue Slim Chino

Taylor Stitch Standard Issue Slim Chino

Khaki chinos are quickly becoming indispensable in today’s menswear landscape for the blend of versatile, dressy-casual style they provide. The right pair — slim but not too slim, durable but with enough give to move around in — is tricky to find. Taylor Stitch’s Standard Issue Slim Chino is American-made from a special 9.5 oz brushed Spanish twill, a custom fabric that manages to combine rugged style and softness in one tailored package. Vintage San Francisco map designs printed on the interior pockets add a pleasant design touch to a pair of pants that should get better, and even more wearable, with age.

Grab a pair in one of several colors at Taylor Stitch – $98

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feature post image for Mott & Bow Skinny Mosco

Mott & Bow Skinny Mosco

Great denim made responsibly and at a fair price is hard to find if you don’t know where to look. It’s even trickier dealing with varied sizing and fit issues across so many retailers. And that’s where Mott and Bow comes in. A lifetime around craftsmen and denimheads led Alejandro Chanin to found the company, which has grown aggressively across the past year thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. The brand sources its denim from one of the world’s finest Turkish mills, offers a no-hassle try-on and return policy and combines the whole process with excellent fit and classic styling potential. The Skinny Mosco fit in Dark Blue is perfect for guys who want to upgrade from a Levi’s 511, but Slim and Straight fit options are also available.

Learn more at Mott and Bow — $96

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feature post image for Pistol Lake Short Sleeve Henley

Pistol Lake Short Sleeve Henley

Maybe your closet’s already filled with T-shirts. But you’ll need to make room for at least one more — the Pistol Lake Short Sleeve Henley, crafted with attention to detail and care in the U.S.A. Pistol Lake, out of Los Angeles, excels at making quality, vintage-inspired basics that combine durability and style in equal measures. The brand’s short-sleeve, garment-dyed henley is crafted from soft 6 oz. jersey cotton and features double-stitched seams, a three-button placket and unfinished sleeves for an extra dash of ruggedness. It’s also available in White and a Faded Black, but the olive shaded Quartermaster is ideal for spring, summer and beyond.

Learn more at Pistol Lake – $35

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feature post image for Mosevic Solid Denim Sunglasses

Mosevic Solid Denim Sunglasses

Metal. Acetate. Wood. And now denim. But the latest material to be built into a pair of sunglasses isn’t merely a veneer. Mosevic’s Solid Denim Sunglasses use denim in every layer throughout their frames, the typically flexible fabric having been infused with resin for structural rigidity and then stacked by hand in the UK as part of the brand’s unique manufacturing process. The number of layers in the arms tapers from 4 to 3 towards the tips for optimal flex, which are also held on the frames using sturdy 5 barrel library hinges. Their range includes the Wayfarer-like Cassini, the squarer Celsius, and the Kepler (shown), each available in one of three color schemes and fitted with one of two polarized Carl Zeiss Vision lenses.

Learn more at Kickstarter – roughly $110

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feature post image for Xeric Halograph

Xeric Halograph

Successfully Kickstarting and delivering a timepiece, particularly an automatic one, isn’t easy, but Watchismo made it look that way, first with the Xeriscope and now with the Xeric Halograph. Unique in both its design and the way it tells time, the Halograph literally encircles both the minute and hour through the full day over two arcs and sports a unique sapphire-coated domed crystal atop its PVD-coated 46mm stainless steel case. The intricacies of its dual balance mechanical automatic movement is visible through a window on the bottom half of the face, naturally generating and storing up to 36 hours worth of power as you move your wrist.

Find it at Kickstarter – $200 (quartz) to $350+ (automatic)

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feature post image for Restrap Link Magnetic Belt

Restrap Link Magnetic Belt

Elasticated webbing. Leather finishings. Magnets. Enough said. Restrap’s Link Magnetic Belt is a unique pants-holder that can be fastened, tightened, loosened, or removed with just one hand thanks to its clever magnetic buckle. The stretchy webbing makes Link extremely comfortable through your daily activities — including cycling — and the buckle won’t give way nor open up inadvertently, shrugging off lateral forces of up to 50kg. And they’re available with finishes in either subtle black or contrasting tan leather.

Grab one at Kickstarter – $25

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feature post image for Ray-Ban Clubmaster Wood

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Wood

Wood used in glasses is becoming a thing. Or it’s already one, depending on who you ask. But even if a little late to the party we’re still happy to finally welcome the Ray-Ban Clubmaster Wood. Made using either walnut, maple, or cherry, the glasses boast metal parts to round out the look, on top of an inner rubber lining for non-slip comfort. Put in your own prescription lenses or select between Ray-Ban’s Green Classic (also available polarized), Grey Classic, or Brown Classic.

Find them in Optical and Sunglass variants at Ray-Ban – $300+ [via]

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feature post image for Miansai M12

Miansai M12

A bit more conventional than their M24, the Miansai M12 is just as stylish. This Miami-designed minimal wristwatch boasts a sleek, circular 39mm case, a domed acrylic crystal, and an understated face with just minute and hour hands — no seconds. It’s also equipped with a quartz Swiss Ronda movement and comes in a large variety of color and material combinations, with either leather or nylon straps and differing face and case shades.

Find it at Miansai – $465 to $495

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