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Weiss Standard Issue Field Watch

Tempis fugit when you’re having fun. Now you can count the seconds on a fully mechanical, manually wound timepiece made in the USA. The Weiss Standard Issue Field Watch is comprised of over 100 precision parts and hand assembled in a solid piece stainless steel caseback. Sapphire crystals used on both the front and back of the watch showcase the masterful work inside, ticking away at 18,000 beats/hour keep to keep close to perfect time through a 46 hour power reserve. Securing this 42mm diameter piece to your wrist is an olive green Cordura canvas strap reminiscent of the type worn 75 years ago, while luminescent paint allows for easy reading of the sold steel hands in low light.

Preorder at Weiss Watch Company – $950

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Cole Haan ZeroGrand No Stitch

High style need not be distinct from performance and functionality, particularly if you require a shoe that works as well in a boardroom as it does jogging to your next meeting. Cole Haan ZeroGrand No Stitch couples a traditional brogue upper made of ripstop nylon to a luxuriously cushioned injected outsole, fused using high frequency welding to eschew the need for visible stitching. The result is a pair that’s extremely breathable, lightweight at 290 grams per shoe, and entirely made for motion.

Available in three colors. Learn more at Cole Haan – $248

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Can You Handlebar Beard Oils

Your beard probably looks great as-is, but consider the attention head hair gets by way of products, shampoos, conditioners, and the like. Fittingly, Can You Handlebar’s line of Beard Oils and waxes were actually designed with your facial hair in mind. Each oil is blended and bottled by hand using olive, grapeseed, and apricot oils, plus jojoba, argan, and vitamin E as a base. Widsom and Initiative give off a scent of freshly cut spruce and a brisk citrus smell, respectively, while Temperance is entirely unscented for those with particularly sensitive skin or who prefer keeping their beard simple. Just pour a dime sized puddle in your hand and massage it into your beard for best results – then rub what’s left on your dog.

Check them out at Can You Handlebar – $23+

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Chrome Forged Rubber Sneakers

Ever had your sneakers’ sole start tearing off of its upper? In our experience, it happens way more often than we like, at least the way we treat our shoes. Chrome’s Forged Rubber Sneakers won’t delaminate, ever – not even at the flex point – thanks to their forged rubber soles that are fused directly onto the upper at high temperature and pressure. Durable, fused rubber would be moot if the other materials couldn’t take a beating, and so these sneakers also boast a 12-ounce fire hose canvas upper that’s durable and breathable. Else, thoughtful details like reflective heels for nighttime visibility both on and off a bike plus an antimicrobial, odor-resistent sock liner for optional sockless wear make these shoes ideal for life in and around the city.

Check out the lineup at Chrome Industries – $85

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Grovemade Wood Watches

Grovemade’s wooden accessories for smartphones, tablets and the like have garnered our attention from the get go, so naturally, so did their first foray into the timepiece department. But rather than just sub out traditional materials for wood – as many others do – Grovemade’s Wood Watches still employ stainless steel for its durable case and vegetable-tanned leather or silicone for their straps. Eastern Hardrock Maple or Claro walnut make up the watches’ distinctive twelve-windowed face, backed by attractive, colored circular minute and hour hands that are spun by a Japanese quartz movement.

Preorder or learn more at Grovemade – $200 to $240

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French Cuff Bottle Openers

All we ask of most pairs of cufflinks is that they look good while securing French button cuffs. But perhaps that’s no longer enough. Hammacher Schlemmer’s French Cuff Bottle Openers also handle bottle opening duty, meaning you can dress to the nines all while remaining prepared to free soda and beer from their glass prisons. These cufflinks are made from polished stainless steel for durability, come off the cuff quickly thanks to a swivel bar, and include Hammacher’s unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Grab a set at Hammacher Schlemmer – $50 [via]

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Bison Kool Tool Belt

Forget attaching tools to your belt’s strap. Bison’s Kool Tool Belt’s buckle boasts all the tools you need, provided you only need a Phillips screwdriver, large and small flatheads, 10 hex wrenches – 5 metric, 5 imperial – a bottle opener, metric + imperial rulers, and 14, 16 & 18 gauge wire strippers. That same steel buckle keeps its durable 1.75-inch wide nylon strap around your waist and your pants up, or at least until you need to make use of a tool or two.

Pick one up at REI – $22

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MeUndies Boxers

Underwear shopping: not something particularly riveting, especially considering the fact that we know we’ll probably end up with a few subpar pairs that we’ll continue wearing until they’ve turned to dust, all in an effort to avoid the activity altogether. But MeUndies’ wares are different. These premium undergarments are made of an ultra-soft, highly breathable Lenzing Modal fabric and are sewn together using durable flat lock stitching for chafe-free comfort typically found in high-priced designer underwear. They don’t ride up nor stretch or fade with time, and are offered in three styles – boxer briefs, trunks, and briefs – each in a staggering array of colors and patterns. And you don’t even need to leave the house to buy them.

Visit MeUndies to snap up a few pairs - $20

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Ray-Ban Round Folding Classic

In the early 1920’s pilots were flying higher and faster than mere earthbound mortals could dare. The adventurous spirit that led them also subjected them to phenomenon not found at ground level on terra firma. For instance, extremely bright sunlight brought about more than just squinting. You may not be experiencing headaches and altitude sickness, but you can still benefit from the revolutionary remedy of the pilots – Ray-Ban sunglasses. Now, decades later, Ray-Ban offers a new take on the round variant of their famous specs. Worn by legendary musicians and inspired by the 1960’s counter culture, these retro, unisex, metal sunglasses are defined by their round crystal lenses. The new foldable version perpetuates the iconic design with extraordinary detail and precise engineering, and of course with the new folding design that lets you store your Ray-Bans in your pocket when all reasoning to continue wearing your specs in the dark wears thin.

Hit up Ray-Ban for details – $250 [via]

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UTL Ninja Footwear

Unbelievable Testing Laboratory’s Ninja are so called for a reason: they weigh in at less than 130 grams (roughly 4.6 ounces) per shoe. But weight isn’t everything. Based off of their original Light Wing shoes, Ninja takes them to the next level, greatly simplifying the manufacturing process and coalescing components down to just eight main pieces. A refined cupped EVA foam outsole reduces weight while maintaining strength and comfort, and a non-split terylene Microfiber upper naturally repels water while remaining extremely soft to the touch. Best of all, their weight and size make them ideal for travelling or as a spare pair: compress them down using the reusable velcro strap, pack them in the Tyvek back in which they came, then throw them in your carry-on or backpack.

Hit up Kickstarter for deets – $55

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