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feature post image for Randolph Engineering Concorde Sunglasses

Randolph Engineering Concorde Sunglasses

The shades you want shielding your eyes this summer have a little more history than you might think. Started in 1972 by two Polish immigrants, Randolph Engineering quickly grew from a parts & machinery supplier feeding the thriving U.S. optical manufacturing industry to the military’s prime sunglasses contractor in just a decade. The shades exploded onto the commercial market in the years thereafter, and the quality of a pair of Randolph Engineering Sunglasses — made in the U.S.A — still make them an option for military members today. The fashion-forward yet classic Concorde Flash Lens series combines sharp looks and durability with an attractive price — everything you could want from a pair of specs in one stylish package.

Learn more at Randolph Engineering or Amazon – $170

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feature post image for SlapSee Sunglasses

SlapSee Sunglasses

Our wrists still sting at the thought of the slap bracelets of yesteryear, and now they’re back, albeit integrated into SlapSee Sunglasses. These casual specs feature a hinge at their nose-bridge to fold in half, aligning their silicone-coated slap bracelet-like arms that can wrap around your wrist, ankle, bike frame, or anything else that’s suitable. Else, they come in four colors (black, red, pink, and blue) and boast 100% UV blocking lenses, useful when they’re actually on your face.

Grab a pair at Firebox – roughly $32

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feature post image for Breitling Emergency Watch

Breitling Emergency Watch

Not exactly conceived for backyard campers, if ever you do find yourself miserably lost and in danger you’ll be glad to have worn the Breitling Emergency Watch over a timepiece that focuses just on, well, the time. The Emergency tracks time using a  thermocompensated SuperQuartz movement and also features a chronograph, digital calendar, alarm, and a second time zone. Its crucial feature, though, is a dual-frequency Personal Locator Beacon, deployed by turning the lower right side cap, that broadcasts a distress beacon through 121.5 MHz and 406 MHz frequencies to reach both local rescuers and the Cospas-Sarsat satellite system, respectively, greatly increasing your chances of being rescued.

Learn more at Breitling – $16,000+

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feature post image for Greats Wooster

Greats Wooster

When temps skyrocket in the summer, few things beat replacing a sturdy pair of winter boots with a set of lightweight slip-on sneakers. Designers have been trying their hand at the style in various fabrics for a few seasons now, but Greats, based in Brooklyn, NY, just might have it all figured out. The brand’s Wooster slip-on silhouette – so named for the legendary #menswear icon – was previously made in a thick wool offering and now gets a decidedly upscale leather update. Available in four versatile colors and made in Italy out of the finest materials, it’s one slip-on you can (and should) look for when buying your summer kicks.

Learn more at Greats – $150

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feature post image for Carlsberg Beer Beauty Series

Carlsberg Beer Beauty Series

As it turns out, the prime ingredients of Carlsberg’s lager, including barley, hops, and yeast, are actually packed with B vitamins and silicium. And since they purportedly enhance both skin and hair, it only made sense that the Danish beer maker attempt to pierce the men’s beauty market with the Carlsberg Beer Beauty Series. The set includes a shampoo, collagen-rich conditioner, and body lotion, the production of each started with about a pint of Carlsberg beer that’s freeze-dried into a power before being blended in with organic ingredients.

Read more at Carlsberg or grab the set at Thirst for Great – roughly $72

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feature post image for Hammak Boxer Briefs

Hammak Boxer Briefs

Crafted of a thin, ultra soft blend of 95% viscose and 5% spandex, wearing Hammak Boxer Briefs is the next best thing to wearing nada, but with support. These supremely comfortable fitted boxers feature colorful soft elastic waistbands and come in a variety of stylistic prints, from solids to patterned to graphic, all at one single price point. They also sport a secret stash pocket on the upper left side that’ll hold a folded banknote or a rubber.

Learn more at Hammak – $22 (25% off with GEARHNGRY9)

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feature post image for Baron Shave Kit

Baron Shave Kit

Between overpriced cartridges and an uninteresting shaving experience, there are plenty of reasons to try wet shaving. And the Baron Shave Kit is a good place to start. Baron consists of a durable matte-black stainless steel razor with both open and closed combs plus a premium synthetic fiber brush that quickly whips up a thick lather. The kit also includes a unique travel case to hold the former, shaving soap, and a pack of razors, and comes apart to double as a low-footprint stand and soap dish. Plus on top of offering a smoother shave, replacement blades cost just a fraction of the price you’re currently paying.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $75 each

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feature post image for Slow Mo

Slow Mo

Your watch’s second and minute hands are constantly moving. But obsessing over individual minutes and seconds means losing the big picture, at least to some degree. Slow Watches’ 34mm Slow Mo, like the bigger Slow Jo, foregoes most hands (and even the date) that its Swiss-made Ronda 505.24H Quartz movement supports, featuring instead just a single hand that makes its rounds once every 24 hours. The minimal face bears no branding whatsoever, with each hour split in four quarters for relatively accurate time telling. It’s all packed in a stainless steel 100 meter water-resistant case with extra hardened antireflective mineral glass and comes in several color combinations with either a steel, leather, or nylon strap.

Check out the entirely lineup at Slow Watches or Amazon – $250 to $300

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feature post image for Cigar Punch Cufflinks

Cigar Punch Cufflinks

Suits and cigars naturally go hand in hand, whether planned or not. Either way be ready with a set of Cigar Punch Cufflinks. Each ‘link unscrews to reveal a small but useable cigar punch, so there’s no need to try and tear off the top of a stogie with your pocket knife or, worse, your teeth. They’re a solid investment, especially with wedding season rapidly approaching.

Grab a pair at Cool Material’s Shop – $35

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feature post image for Mack Weldon Underwear

Mack Weldon Underwear

Get the basics right and everything else falls into place. Mack Weldon’s line of essentials starts with their underwear, each made of ultra soft 18-Hour Jersey, in turn composed of 47.5% long staple cotton, 47.5% modal and 5% lycra that manage heat and moisture. Numerous other features also speak of obsessive attention to detail, including labels on the outside, the addition of mesh cool zones on specific zones of the front & back to promote air circulation where needed, and stay-put legs that minimize ride up. And since basics don’t end at underwear, they also make socks, t-shirts, and undershirts — crafted with the same design principals — for your perusal.

Learn more at Mack Weldon – $19+

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