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feature post image for Honns Gloves

Honns Gloves

We all have one, a homburg which is just days from back in style, or a monocle that’s ready for the wearing. But Honns gloves don’t need to make a comeback, they’re here and push fashion and functionality to their limits. Each pair of Honns is made of lambskin so supple they practically baa when you put them on. In fit and form they’re unparalleled, with each glove handmade and molded to mimic the hand at rest rather than cut flat like so many inferior gloves. All gloves also feature touch screen capable tips so you can answer your phone or utilize your tablet. But most importantly they look fantastic, fit divinely, and will accent your homburg nicely.

Learn more at Honns – $98+ [via]

feature post image for OLIVERS All Over Short

OLIVERS All Over Short

Athletic wear — especially shorts — often looks the part, between being too skimpy, too technical, and/or only offered in overly flashy neon colors good for nowhere but the gym. The OLIVERS All Over Short takes a different approach, instead aiming for a look that’s more than passable in the city and performance suitable for a multitude of activities. These shorts boast a base fabric that’s 87% nylon and 13% spandex for water repellency and 4-way stretch, plus a ballistic mesh inner pocket linings that resist against punctures by keys or other pointy objects. The end result is a high quality, tailored-fit short that’s as durable as it is sharp looking.

Learn more at OLIVERS – $68

feature post image for Snow Peak GigaPower Stove

Snow Peak GigaPower Stove

When it comes to just about anything backcountry-related, smaller is better, and it’s difficult to top Snow Peak’s GigaPower Stove with regards to size. GigaPower’s four collapsible legs fold up compact enough to slide the unit away into the included carrying case yet set up quickly when needed, performing admirably at temperatures as low as 14°F (-10C°). It runs on Snow Peak’s proprietary GigaPower fuel mix canisters, can rapidly boil or be dialed down to a true simmer for actually cooking, and comes in both manual and automatic models, the latter which includes a built-in piezo auto-igniter.

Grab one in auto ($50) or manual ($40) versions (or fuel here).

feature post image for Blue Freedom Hydropower Generator

Blue Freedom Hydropower Generator

Using solar panels is an ultra convenient method for keeping your power hungry devices fuelled when you’re off the grid, but if there’s flowing water in the vicinity there’s a new option: the Blue Freedom Hydropower Generator. This small power plant weighs less than a pound and features a hydrodynamic turbine that attaches to a 70-inch long rope-like drive shaft. Secure the donut-shaped device around a stick jammed in the ground, drop the turbine in water — even shallow — and Blue Freedom’s 5W generator will fully top off the built-in 5,000mAh battery within a couple of hours. Then, it’ll charge any and all of your USB-compatible devices at up to 2A speeds.

Go pledge at Kickstarter – $200

feature post image for Litelok Lightweight Bike Lock

Litelok Lightweight Bike Lock

Besides the bulk lugging around a solid steel bike lock entails, all that metal sure is heavy. It’s not uncommon to spot carbon road bikes secured using locks a quarter of their weight. Litelok promises otherwise. This flexible lock weighs in at under 2.2 pounds while remaining supremely resilient thanks to the composite nature of its Boaflexicore strap that withstands sustained attacks from cable cutters, bolt croppers, and hacksaws, taking well over five minutes to get through during in-house testing. It also locks quickly by snapping together with no key needed — that is, until you’re ready to unlock your bike — and mounts along the top tube or within your bicycle’s frame using two included WrapStraps. And if you fancy Boa green (shown) too flashy, Litelok also comes in subtler Herringbone and Crow Black.

Find it on Kickstarter – roughly $120

feature post image for Endure Survival Pen

Endure Survival Pen

The consolidation of everyday carry gear continues with the Endure Survival Pen, a precision machined solid titanium ballpoint pen employing LAMY M22 refills at the end of a bolt action mechanism. In an emergency of survival situation, however, the pen comes apart to reveal a ferrocerium rod concealed within, a hardened steel pocket clip that doubles as a striker, a multi-use spike on the end, and a flare launcher. Also included is a fob that can be unravelled to provide 3.5 feet of FireCord, a special paracord with a removable inner core that doubles as tinder for your fire in a pinch.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $100+

feature post image for LuminAID Pack Lite 12 Lantern

LuminAID Pack Lite 12 Lantern

Essentially the perfect emergency lantern, the LuminAID Pack Lite 12 is bright, portable, and best of all sustainable. This 3.5 ounce lantern twists down flat to pack and inflates when needed to take on roughly the size and shape of conventional lanterns. Twelve bright LEDs run for between 6 and 12 hours straight on extra bright (45 lumens) and low settings, respectively, or even longer — up to 32 hours — on flashing mode. An adjustable strap with clasp makes it easy to hang while high-efficiency solar panels recharge its lithium-polymer battery in just 7 hours of sunlight.

Preorder at Amazon – $23

feature post image for HTC Grip

HTC Grip

So here’s another watch/sports bracelet that will stay in the drawer until the battery goes dead, right? Wrong. If you’re serious about training you know that the more dedicated you are to the art of self-improvement, the more your hard work rewards you. The HTC Grip understands this perfectly. Time, distance and speed are accessible anytime so you can track every mile, minute or rep. However the grip is more than a glorified pedometer. HTC has paired it with Under Armor’s iOS and Android Record app for a complete workout training experience. Forget lugging around your smartphone and rely on the GPS enable Grip to capture distance, pace, calories burned and then sync to your phone when you get home. Or, keep your smartphone with you and control it from your wrist to receive call notifications, messages, or just to skip to the next song on your play list. Waterproof, breathable material and easy-to-read display were all specifically designed for hard training. And like you, the Grip can hang tough to the end of your workout — even a marathon — with its 5-hour battery life.

Available in spring. Learn more at HTC – $200

feature post image for Touchpoint 2.0 Leather Gloves

Touchpoint 2.0 Leather Gloves

Taking off your gloves to send a text or snap a photo is hand-suicide, at least for anybody particularly sensitive to the cold. August Brand’s Touchpoint 2.0 Leather Gloves couple a precise fit with electroconductive fabric on the tip of the thumb and forefinger for silky smooth touchscreen use. They’re also equipped with two durable, waterproof NFC chips in each glove, which can be individually customized within your NFC-equipped smartphone to quickly fire up the camera, call a favorite contact, launch an app, and much more with just a quick tap. Two versions are available — Rider and Quilt (shown) — each crafted with ultra-soft sheepskin leather and insulated with a warm fleece lining.

Hit up Kickstarter to pledge – $60+

feature post image for Suunto Essential Collection

Suunto Essential Collection

If you’re even slightly style conscious, there’s little chance of ever adorning your wrist with an outdoor watch. That is unless it’s part of the Suunto Essential Collection. These timepieces offer sapphire crystal covers, premium vegetable-tanned Italian leather straps, and far more minimal lines than we’d expect from rugged sports watches. They also come ready for action out of the box with a slew of functions including an altimeter, barometer, digital compass, thermometer, depth meter for snorkelling, and dual time.

Find it at Suunto in six colors (copper shown) – $700+