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feature post image for Therm-a-Rest Treo Chair

Therm-a-Rest Treo Chair

Hearing have a seat sucked when your parents wanted to chat. Hearing have a seat really sucks when your boss wants a talk, and even more so when in a police interrogation room (not that we can vouch for that). But sitting on the Therm-a-Rest Treo Chair is a pleasant surprise given its exceptionally small footprint. This portable and easy to use chair offers a seat that’s 13-inches off the ground and provides a steady platform for your posterior. A composite tripod base is at home on sand, rocks, dirt or linoleum and the beefy aluminum frame gives the TREO the ability to support individuals of up to 250lbs. It weighs in at a respectable 2 pounds and 3 ounces — not quite as light as the Mayfly but higher off the ground to make up for it — and comes with a built in storage band for quick and easy packing into its own base.

Grab one at Amazon or REI – $100

feature post image for GSI Ultralight Java Drip Coffee Maker

GSI Ultralight Java Drip Coffee Maker

It mightn’t look like much, but if you’re craving your fix in the woods you’ll be glad you brought along a GSI Ultralight Java Drip Coffee Maker. This flat-packing device weighs about half an ounce, uses a flexible, food-safe FDA-compliant polyester for the drip segment, and works with conventional paper filters. Just clip the three legs to your mug to hold the filter up cleanly, pour over hot water slowly, then enjoy a fresh cuppa in the wilderness, where it tastes even better.

Pick one up at Amazon – $10

feature post image for 3DR Solo Smart Drone

3DR Solo Smart Drone

Piloting a drone takes some practice, even before acquiring the skills needed to simultaneously control an on-board camera. The 3DR Solo Smart Drone makes flight simple with an intuitive video game-style controller that offers one-button take off, landing, and pausing your flight midair. A series of Smart Shots enable programming the Solo to circle around an object, follow you, or set a virtual “cable” to have the drone fly a set route while capturing the perfect shot. And it’s the first drone with full GoPro integration, controlling your HERO3+ or HERO4 — optionally mounted on a 3-axis gimbal — completely during flight all while powering it, too.

Learn more at 3DR – $1,000 to 1,400 (with gimbal)

feature post image for Kniper Multitool Throwing Knife

Kniper Multitool Throwing Knife

Your accuracy leaves a lot to be desired? Despite this, you’re still bound to get good use of the Kniper Multitool Throwing Knife. This machine milled high-carbon stainless steel knife boasts 22 tools, including can and bottle openers, a ruler, wire stripper, nail puller, rangefinder, saw, closed wrench, a couple of screwdrivers, a fork, and much more. Unbelievably, it even doubles as a pipe. All while maintaining perfect balance for throwing, so better start practicing in anticipation of the July delivery date.

Learn more at Urchin Sky – $75

feature post image for Kronos Golf Putters

Kronos Golf Putters

A discerning putter for discerning golfers, Kronos Golf Putters are in a league of their own. Each Kronos is machine milled in small batches with extreme precision out of metals like stainless steel, carbon steel, or brass. Afterwards, they undergo the Pure Balance COG certification process to ensure their sight lines are properly balanced, which in turn guarantees that every aligned putt hits the exact sweet spot of the putter for highly reliable results. A variety of models and finishes round out Kronos’ offerings, with each model absolutely stunning in its own right. In particular the One of One hand-engraved club and the upcoming Patina Series (shown).

Learn more at Kronos – $410+

feature post image for SURVCO Tactical Credit Card Axe

SURVCO Tactical Credit Card Axe

It comes as no surprise that lugging an axe around as part of an everyday carry isn’t particularly discreet or even convenient given its size and weight. The SURVCO Tactical Credit Card Axe changes the game thanks to its card-sized stainless steel multitool which can be fashioned into an axe with a bit of paracord or a handful of zip ties. Better yet, it also features 20 other tools, including a bottle opener, seatbelt cutter, saw, nail puller, knife, a bunch of wrenches, and a flat head driver. All in one compact package that slips into a wallet unnoticed.

Find it at Etsy – $30 [via]

feature post image for Tentsile Trillium Hammock

Tentsile Trillium Hammock

With a maximum load of 880 pounds and a surface area of over 80 square feet, the Tentsile Trillium Hammock easily becomes the focal point of any camping site or slacklining setup. This massive triple hammock is made of a nylon-PE composite or a heavy duty PE mesh and reinforced by over 20 meters of seatbelt, attaching safely to three trees using 35mm polyester webbing and heavy duty stainless steel ratchets. The Trillium offers near unlimited setup configurations, stacking easily under floating tents for extra sleeping areas, to create multifloor rigs, or just to add more room for stashing all your extra muddied-up gear.

Find it at Tentsile – $250

feature post image for Closca Fuga Folding Helmet

Closca Fuga Folding Helmet

Bicycle helmets rapidly become a nuisance once arrived at your destination, since it’ll take a specialized pack — or an overly big one — to stash yours away discreetly. Closca solves this issue with their Fuga Folding Helmet, a helmet whose appeal isn’t limited to a sleek, minimal design. Thanks to three articulated rings, the 2015 Red Dot winning Fuga folds flat and stays that way in a single motion. The spacing between each ring when expanded also doubles as air vents to keep your noggin cool while riding. And, most importantly, it’s also safe thanks to a fibreglass-reinforced structure and expanded polystyrene foam shell, meeting safety standards in the USA, European Union and Asia.

Available in black and white at Closca – roughly $80

feature post image for VSSL Flask Light

VSSL Flask Light

The makers of the touted VSSL Supplies are back with the VSSL Flask Light, another multifunctional tool that’s this time slightly more geared towards emergencies related to your state of sobriety. Each Flask Light boasts a dual-mode LED flood beam lantern that’s powered by three E90 batteries, a 300ml flask extruded from food grade stainless steel, a compartment with 2 collapsible stainless steel shot glasses plus a bottle opener, and an oil filled compass on the end. They also come in either matte green or polished steel and are more discreet than typical flasks, minus the bit about “Flask” being written across its side.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – roughly $55

feature post image for Acre Supply Meridian Alpine Cycling Jacket

Acre Supply Meridian Alpine Cycling Jacket

We’re itching to cut back down to two wheels for our primary means of transportation, but so far the weather has had other plans. Acre Supply’s Vancouver-made Meridian Alpine Cycling Jacket is all about keeping out the elements and does so with its fully-taped Polartec NeoShell construction. The fabric’s breathability reacts to changing temperatures, enabling more heat and moisture dissipation when activity levels are high and, conversely, minimizing exchanges in colder environments. The Meridian also couples a highly articulated fit with stretchable fabrics to minimize any hindrance on mobility while worn and boasts a removable helmet-compatible hood, zippered underarm vents, plus a variety of pockets.

Learn more at Acre Supply – $455