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DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Quadcopter

Capturing shots from otherwise impossible vantage points is now a cinch thanks to DJI’s Phantom 2 Vision+, a highly capable quadcopter outfitted with impressive filming capabilities. Phantom’s feature list starts with an HD 1080p camera that shoots 30 frames per second (or 60 at 720p) with tilt control for setting up stunning flyovers, going as far as filming straight down. A 3-axis stabilizer ensures your footage is smooth through both tight turns and turbulence, also helped by a GPS auto-pilot system that offers position holding, altitude lock, and stable hovering for distraction-free shooting. Controls are managed via a 2-joystick controller with a WiFi range extender (to connect with your ‘copter as far as 700 meters away) plus a mount for your smartphone for in-depth camera control and a live feed of what’s in the Phantom’s crosshairs.

Preorder on Amazon – $1,300

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Vvego T-1 Boot Blade

We’d never have thought of carrying tools on our boot laces, but then it sort of makes sense. Vvego’s T-1 Boot Blade fits within its custom leather holster that’s easily threaded by a boot lace to remain easily accessible at the front of your boot. Not content with using steel or any like materials,Vvego instead fashioned this blade from an Inconel alloy that’s commonly used in high-heat and other extreme applications, such as rocket thrust chambers and as the skin of the mach 6 X-15 rocket plane. It won’t ever rust or corrode, weighs less than 1 ounce, and boasts a curved profile that’s easy to grasp despite its compact size.

Find it at Vvego – $33

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UCO Grilliput Portable Camping Grill

We’ve seen our share of portable grills. But are any remotely close to topping UCO’s Grilliput Portable Camping Grill when it comes to portability? Not a chance. With a 10.2 by 9.1 inch square cooking area, this grill handles lightweight loads with ease, but really stands out thanks to its tube inside a tube design: all parts fit within the largest tube, which then screws shut to keep everything tidy and secured for transport. A cleaning groove facilitates scraping soiled rods and all stainless steel parts are dishwasher safe for a more thorough – and thoroughly lazy – cleaning. Granted, it takes a couple of minutes longer to set up than your typical grill, but the fact that it fits into even the smallest daypacks is compensation enough.

Find it on Amazon – $23 [via]

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Boreas Lost Coast Adventure Packs

Checking in baggage and rolling around a carry-on: we’re done with that. But while travel backpacks are often lighter than their wheeled brethren, they’re still often hefty, bulky, and laden with hanging straps. Boreas’ philosophy is different. Their minimalistic Lost Coast Series ranges in carrying capacity from 45 to 60 litres, yet weighs only 3 pounds and 7 ounces, or as little as 2 pounds 7 ounces without the included rain cover and removable back stiffening frame sheet. Despite this, the pack is still highly adjustable and boasts a molded eVa z-foam backpanel that keeps your back cool by pumping through air as you walk. To maintain a clean look, most straps and loops tuck away within the seams when not in use, an innovation we’ve yet to see on another pack . A variety of pockets and compartments on both the main pack – including two hip belt pockets, two stretch side pockets, and a full-face stretch one on the front – plus on and within the removable top lid keep your smaller goods organized, while a dedicated sleeve locks your hydration pouch in place.

Find it at Boreas- $190 to $210

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Fietsklik Locking Cargo System

Sure, you could fiddle endlessly with bungee straps until your bike’s cargo is tamed, but why put yourself through all that when there’s a far simpler (and safer) way? Introducing Fietsklik, a family of products that begins with the Klik adapter; fasten Klik to nearly any rear rack and you’re in business. Afterwards, attaching their wheeled crate, shopper panniers, laptop bag, messenger back, or even a child seat is as easy as clicking it in. Fietsklik also secures attached accessories against theft using an included key, carries the crate and two panniers at once, and makes lugging home a 24 absurdly straightforward.

Read more at Kickstarter – $100+

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Raven MPV7100S

Trouble convincing the wife to let you blow some savings on a riding mower? Or an ATV? Or a generator? Raven’s MPV7100S is a game changer in that it’s all three. With a large mowing deck, top speed of 6mph, and 14-inch turn radius, the MPV7100S handily maneuvers around obstacles in your yard to finish the job quickly. But pull off the mowing deck and, in less than a minute, this ride is ready for off-road use, with a towing capacity of 550lbs and the ability to attaining speeds of up to 17mph. Otherwise, an on-board 7,100 watt generator powered by its engine sustains anything from power tools to small appliances, and doesn’t even need to be towed to site.

Read more at Raven – $TBA

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GoPro 3D Dual HERO System

Make your extreme action videography more immersive with GoPro’s Dual HERO System, a tandem housing that puts two HERO3+ Black Edition cameras side by side in the heat of the action. While discernibly bulkier than using a solo GoPro, this system enables the simultaneous capture of full-resolution video alongside photos, and, even better, lets you shoot 3D footage and/or images by using their Studio editing software after the fact. It also simplifies the interface, allowing one camera to control the other’s settings, is waterproof to 200 feet, and includes two pairs of anaglyph 3D glasses for viewing your three-dimensional content.

Find it at GoPro – $200

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Double O Magnetic Bike Light

Theft is every city biker’s mind, hence why we all usually strip our two-wheelers of any and all easily removable accessories. Paul Cocksedge’s Double O makes this a breeze – for your bike light, anyway – by docking to its mount using powerful neodymium-grade magnets hidden within their enclosures. Both headlight and taillight use twelve LEDs each to deliver 80 and 45 lumens of brightness, respectively, emitting about the same amount of light as competitors but in a less harsh, more diffuse manner. They’re also waterproof, durable, charge by USB in about an hour and a half, run for between 2 and 10 hours depending on the mode, and actually don’t have to be taken with you when leaving your bike, since they can conveniently be threaded onto a lock and left secured with your bike.

Hit up Kickstarter for more info – $66+, or $115 for a set

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Slyde Handboard

If strapping your surfboard to the top of your woody is more than you want to tackle, a Slyde Handboard could be for you. Easy to learn and perfect for all skill levels, the Slyde is a 12 ounce handboard designed for quick access to body boarding fun. Premium materials go into each board, built by skilled artisans by hand, making for a solid hydrodynamic board. Paired with fins, the Slyde lets you get barreled with the best of them. Slyde even provides in depth tutorials for those new to the handboard experience, and a Go Pro camera mount lets you film your phenomenal success.

Learn more at Slyde Handboards – $127+

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Rungu Juggernaut Trike

For when riding on just two ultra fat tires won’t cut it, there’s Rungu’s Juggernaut. Instead, this beast of a trike floats on three wheels to roll over nigh any obstacle less than 6-inches tall with relative ease, relying on an extended wheelbase, the wider stance than two shoulder width front wheels provide, and improved grip while braking thanks to dual front disk brakes controlled by a single lever. A two-fork frame makes all this possible, and while low gearing via a 9-speed Shimano Deore rear derailleur accommodates riding over snow, sand, and asphalt alike, e-bike kit mounting points can eventually facilitate propelling this 56 pound monster forward.

Read more at Rungu – $2,500+