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feature post image for Sea to Summit X-Pot

Sea to Summit X-Pot

Cooking pots aren’t exactly space efficient in our kitchens, but with ample cabinet space we manage. For camping, though, there’s Sea to Summit’s X-Pot. Transforming from the size of a frisbee to a full sized pot, the X-Pot features a flexible silicone build that withstands heat and a hard anodized aluminum base for cooking over a direct flame or a stove. It’s entirely BPA free, includes a lid that doubles as a strainer, sports handles that also double as fasteners to lock the lid on tight when packing the pot away, and comes in three sizes, two of which arrive in July.

Check out the full range at Sea to Summit or grab the 2.8L version now at Amazon – $50

feature post image for Oru Coast Origami Kayak

Oru Coast Origami Kayak

The trunk-friendly kayak is back in the Oru Coast Origami Kayak, this time bigger and specifically engineered for rough waters and longer expeditions. The 16 foot Coast weighs in at a paltry 31 pounds and unfolds from its box in under 10 minutes, making it far easier to transport or store by any measure compared to traditional rigid kayaks. Straps and clips along its length open from bow to stern for packing in tons of gear for multi-day journeys, and the kayak also boasts a rugged 2 layer polypropylene construction, adjustable footrests, and a 400 lbs weight capacity. Also available is a higher end Coast+ option with ratchet buckles for easier assembly, an ergonomic seat, thigh braces, and more hatches for stashing gear.

Find it at Kickstarter – $1,775

feature post image for Senz 6 Automatic Umbrella

Senz 6 Automatic Umbrella

Pit a compact umbrella against rough winds and the result is rather predictable. The Senz 6 Automatic Umbrella, on the other hand, is built stronger but mainly smarter. An asymmetrical aerodynamic shape lets this storm proof umbrella cut through oncoming winds of up to 50 mph, essentially never inverting on itself. Plus, the Senz 6 Automatic also boasts smooth-shaped eye savers on its tips, a UV50 protective canopy, and an automatic mechanism that pops open or collapses the umbrella with just a push of its single button.

Find it at Senz Umbrellas – $80

feature post image for Otium SoftRack Roof Rack

Otium SoftRack Roof Rack

We appreciate the ability to easily transport kayaks, skis, snowboards, and the like on the roof of our car. But we also appreciate the aerodynamics of a bare roof when we don’t need to. The Otium SoftRack Roof Rack sets up and comes down in just two minutes, installing on any vehicle from a Mini to a Minivan using a single strap per rack. Each Otium is made up of a foam block encased in weatherproof canvas and also boasts non-slip, non-scuff RubberTek that keeps them gripping the roof of your vehicle, not to mention their payload. Nine security loops across the top of each helps find just the right fit to hold your equipment firmly in place through highway speeds and adverse weather alike.

Read more at Otium – $125+

feature post image for WaterField Rapide Saddlebag

WaterField Rapide Saddlebag

Ditch the ballistic nylon and complement your retro-styled single speed cruiser with WaterField’s Rapide Saddlebag instead. This handsomely rugged saddlebag blends full-grain naturally-tanned leather with a waxed canvas insert, clips shut using a single metallic stud closure, and attaches to your bike using a leather toe-clip strap. To keep things organized the Rapide also comes with a mini tool roll with ample room for a spare tube, tire levers, plus several other compact tools.

Find it at WaterField Designs – $60

feature post image for Lily Camera Drone

Lily Camera Drone

Drones are advancing by leaps and bounds, particularly those created for shooting video footage. But none come close to being as easy to use as the Lily Camera Drone. Ready to start recording? Throw Lily in the air and the drone automatically starts flying and filming in either 1080p at 60fps or 720p at a slo-mo 120fps, all while simply following the accompanying tracking device in your pocket or wrist from which it also records synchronized audio. Lily’s also waterproof and floats for safe water landings, sports folding rotors for throwing it into your backpack, and can be set to record specific types of shots using the accompanying app.

Learn more at Lily – $500

feature post image for Best Made American Longbow

Best Made American Longbow

Whether you’d like to try your hand at archery or are looking to refine existing skills, Best Made Co’s American Longbow is a timeless instrument that’s sure to reconnects you with this age-old art. This simple tool contrasts a hickory core to black fiberglass laminate for power without the use of pulleys or counterweights. Hold it by its hand-stitched leather grip, lay an arrow on the calf hair rest, and let the Flemish twist Dacron string loose for a forgiving, dependable, and accurate shot that’s suitable for the range or the field.

Read more at Best Made Co – $690

feature post image for Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro

Outdoor Tech’s Buckshot is a solid no-frills option for listening to jams on a bike. The Buckshot Pro, alternatively, comes complete with all the frills. This portable Bluetooth speaker still boasts a ruggedized IPX5 shock- and water-resistant casing, a rechargeable li-ion battery good for 10 hours of playtime, and a simple rubber handlebar mount that can also strap it to just about anything small. Moreover, it also doubles as as a three-mode flashlight thanks to the plug-on accessory and a backup battery to conveniently recharge your smartphone or GoPro.

Pick one up on Amazon – $80

feature post image for Fold Project Eating Set

Fold Project Eating Set

Bulk is the main deterrent to carrying around proper dinnerware and cutlery. And that’s why the Fold Project Eating Set was developed. Made from resilient food-safe plastics, these plates, cups, bowls, and utensils fold up or down in seconds and hide away even in the most overfilled packs thanks to their near paper-thin profile. They’re also completely watertight, easily withstand boiling water or hot meals (and are thus also dishwasher safe), and are made start to finish in New Zealand.

Preorder at Crowd Supply – $20

HIIT Bottle

The protein bottle to end all protein bottles, HIIT immediately sets itself apart from its plastic competitors with its double wallet, vacuum sealed stainless steel construction that keeps its contents at their original temperature for hours. A unique cap is completely leakproof when sealed and yet opens with a quarter twist, revealing a wide mouth spout for drinking. Else, it won’t retain odors or stains, boasts rounded interior bottom edges to prevent accumulation of bacteria or clumped protein powder (using the included shaker ball), and is even dishwasher safe.

Preoder at HIIT – $30

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