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Schrade Survival Hatchet

Lightweight and measuring in at about a foot in length, the Schrade Survival Hatchet borders on everyday carry material — for woodsmen, anyway. For the rest of us, it’s a solid addition to your camping gear or bug out bag. The axe features a titanium nitride coated stainless steel blade for durability as well as a flat striking textured hammer on the other end. The head is fused to a fibreglass filled handle that’s rubberized on the outside for grip and comfort, and which also stashes an oversized ferrocerium rod in its base that works with the top of the axe’s head — not the blade — to throw serious sparks.

Grab one at Amazon – $35

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Lacking a certain swish in your game? Add one back to your park’s netless basketball hoop with BlackNet, the first portable basketball net that installs in seconds over all North American regulation rims: just put a ball in and throw it over the hoop. The net’s ring is made of rigid soft touch composites that make both it and the net extremely tough, even withstanding a full adult’s weight on its net. And removing it is just as easy: throw a ball up through the net to pop BlackNet out.

Learn more at BlackNet – $30

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Vargo Titanium Pocket Cleats

Freezing rain has a way of catching us off guard all too often. But a pair of Vargo Titanium Pocket Cleats in your pocket could save you from a few wicked falls even if you didn’t see the ice coming. Made of ultralight titanium as their name suggests, the legs on these cleats fold down and nest into the body to slip away into the included nylon carrying case and then into a pack or pocket. Reliable Duraflex fasteners on strong nylon wedding keep the cleats attached to your shoes or boots, setting up in a minute or two.

Grab a set at Amazon – $70

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Tanner x Danner Mountain Pass Randolph

Trekking off-trail and through the city both call for sturdy footwear – just different types of it. Heritage-focused brands Tanner Goods and Danner have teamed up for a special take on one of Danner’s classic silhouettes that meets both of these needs. Featuring Natural Essex Horween leather, eyecatching laces and a sturdy Vibram outsole for comfort and durability, the Mountain Pass Randolph offers all-around comfort that will last. This is one style that’ll sit well under dark denim and navy chinos in the coming months. And even after five partnerships, the two West Coast brands have managed to keep their deep roots alive while still churning out tough boots fit for trail and town.

Learn more at Tanner Goods – $375

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HeLi-On Solar Charger

Power outputted by a solar panel is proportional to its surface area, making the most capable ones less portable by nature. But despite that HeLi-On Solar Charger is tiny, instead rolling its long, thin solar panel composed of polymer solar cells into the compact unit at the twist of one of its ends. Within HeLi-On there’s also a 2,600mAh lithium ion battery that’ll recharge your device whether it’s sunny or cloudy. And just two or three hours in the sun is enough to revive and top up most mobile devices, or to just refill its own battery.

Check it out at Kickstarter – roughly $75

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Digitsole Heated Insole

If winter sports give you cold feet — literally — try the Digitsole Heated Insole on for size. These insoles slip into your shoes or boots and activate using their accompanying smartphone app, providing heat in adjustable one degree increments (up to 113 degrees F) to keep your feet comfortable for up to 8 straight hours per charge. A built-in accelerometer lets them double as an activity tracker as well, displaying steps, distance walked, and calories burned in the app. And they make your shoes more comfortable, not less, thanks to a shock heel cushion, flex zone, and arch-supporting design.

Preorder at Amazon – $200

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YOGO Ultra Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are big. The ones made to accommodate big guys? Even more so. YOGO’s 6 foot long Ultra Yoga Mat fits taller folks while still rolling up to about the size of a newspaper, easily packing away discreetly in a backpack. Eco-friendly 2mm-thick biodegradable tree rubber goes into each one which makes it extremely grippy even when covered in sweat, plus integrated straps keep the mat wrapped up tightly and also double as a hanger for washing and drying. It’s also more hygienic than most, folding in half on itself before rolling to keep both the back and front surfaces from coming into contact with one another.

Find it at YOGO – $88

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5AM Quiver Surfboard Carrier

Winter’s almost upon us, and unless you live in perpetual summer chances are you’ll need to hop on a plane to catch a few waves. The Make Co’s 5AM Quiver Surfboard Carrier ensures your board tags along in style, made of durable, weather-resistant 24 oz Martexin waxed twill that’s paired to distressed leather and lined on the inside with a half-inch of polyethylene foam for protection. The carrier includes leather shoulder strap that’s detachable for check-ins, all-around solid brass hardware, and reliable YKK zippers. And each is custom made to the dimensions of your exact board, ensuring a perfect fit.

Learn more at The Make – $595

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Small enough to leave in your pack or glove compartment and forget it until you need it, Alice Min Soo Chun’s SolarPuff is the perfect small lantern for off-grid adventures. The water-resistant SolarPuff packs flat and weighs nearly nothing but inflates to a 4.5-inch cube when light is required. Its battery provides up to 12 hours of continuous light after facing its solar panel to the sun for an 8 hour recharge.

Get it at the MoMA Store ($30) or at Amazon ($35) [via]

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Giro x Topo Edit Snow Helmet

Giro’s first collaboration with Topo Designs resulted in their lightest full-featured snow helmet ever, the Edit, which, as its name hints at, boasts a stealthily concealed GoPro mount on its forehead for straightforward POV integration. But besides that, the helmet is also packed with numerous comfort-enhancing features including Giro’s Roc Loc 5 fit system for on-the-fly adjustments, 10 vents with slide-to-adjust control, stack ventilation to keep your goggles fog free, and the inclusion of natural silver in its X-Static padding to naturally fight off odor-causing bacteria. It’s also seamlessly compatible with all Giro goggles, though it’ll work just fine with off-brand models as well.

Get it in seventeen colors at Amazon – $180

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