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feature post image for Chammock Hammock Chair

Chammock Hammock Chair

Weighing less than a can of coke, the Chammock Hammock Chair is the smallest, easiest to carry hammock chair — and also camping chair in general — so far. Chammock is made of rip-stop nylon and sets up quickly using two rope-equipped straps, stringing across two trees that are at least 4 feet apart just like a hammock. It also features both pillow and gadget pockets to keep your crucial gear close at hand and has been stress tested through 10,000 sitting cycles with a weight of 264 pounds.

Find it at Kickstarter – $65

feature post image for Fabric Cageless Water Bottle

Fabric Cageless Water Bottle

You could argue that the weight difference is negligible, but if for you every gram counts Fabric’s Cageless Water Bottle is the way to go. Mount the two ultralight studs — each weighing in at 1.5 grams (0.53 ounces) — onto your bike’s frame, and when you’re not carrying a bottle the frame is as good as bare. When you do need to lug around the 600ml bottle, just slip it onto the studs in just one intuitive motion.

Learn more at Fabric – $TBA

feature post image for Vaiden Triton

Vaiden Triton

Under exertion, your body works hard to regulate its temperature. Help it along with Vaiden’s Triton, a workout shirt that employs OUTLAST Phase Change Materials — originally developed for the thermal regulation of astronauts — to optimize your temperature during a run or through tough training. Tiny polymer Thermocules within the fabric capture excess heat generated by the body, acting like a sort of battery to release it back to you when needed (and only when you cool down).

Read more at Vaiden – $70

feature post image for Restrap Touring Saddle Bag

Restrap Touring Saddle Bag

Thought you needed a rack to carry loads of gear on your bike? Think again. The Restrap Touring Saddle Bag is affixed to just your seat post and saddle without the use of tools, holding large dry bags of between 8 to 13 litres. Attaching your dry bag is easy thanks to its hard case design, and can be done even while wearing a pair of clumsy gloves thanks to its unique magnetic buckle. It’s also made from 1000D military-grade cordura, meaning this saddle bag should last about as long as you.

Find it at Restrap or Union of Pedallers – $140+

feature post image for Sleadd Taurus Zip Line Kit

Sleadd Taurus Zip Line Kit

The perfect toy for thrill-seeking outdoorsmen/women, Sleadd’s Taurus Zip Line Kit comes with everything you need to set up your own zip line, including 260 feet of 5/16″ galvanized aircraft cable and a zip line trolley that boasts sturdy rubber grips and runs on dual ball-bearing wheels. Installation is simple thanks to Sleadd’s in-line tensioner, taking as little as 30 minutes to rig and easily attaching to trees of up to three feet wide. The kit also includes an adjustable harness if playing it a little safer is in order.

Grab one at Amazon – $740

feature post image for Matador Mini Pocket Blanket

Matador Mini Pocket Blanket

And we thought the original Matador Pocket Blanket was small. Introducing the Matador Mini (at right), probably the most portable blanket in existence. Made of water repellent, puncture resistant and ultra-thin HyprLyte Nylon, this blanket weighs just over an ounce and easily slips away into a pocket or pack unnoticed, perfect for impromptu picnics or for sitting on rain-drenched surfaces. At 44-inches by 28-inches unfolded it’s evidently not the biggest blanket around. But it still provides ample room for one to lie down or two to sit. And a stitched easy pack pattern makes folding the blanket up for packing in its integrated storage bag an absolute cinch.

Grab one at Matador or at Amazon – $20

feature post image for Misfit Flash Link

Misfit Flash Link

Your fitness wearable needn’t cost more than your monthly gym membership, and the Misfit Flash Link is here to prove it. The round device eschews an LCD screen, instead featuring a halo of LEDs that light up at a press of its button to highlight your progress towards your daily fitness goals. It attaches anywhere (wrist, sleeve, shoe, etc) to track a variety of activities from walking to swimming; it’s rugged, and also water resistant to 30 meters. Otherwise, the Flash Link also analyzes your sleep patterns, runs for 6 months on a single coin cell battery, and doubles as a smart button to control your smartphone for snapping selfies, skipping tracks, and more.

Grab one at Amazon – $20

feature post image for Lumos Bicycle Helmet

Lumos Bicycle Helmet

It could be argued that bicycle turn signals — when actually present — aren’t mounted visibly enough. The Lumos Bicycle Helmet takes care of that by strapping highly conspicuous turn signals, brake lights, and even a headlight onto your head. Lumos meets American (CPSC) and European (EN1078) bicycle helmet safety standards and functions just like a normal helmet until you turn it on. When you do by pressing its button, the helmet’s front and rear lights flash to attract attention and the brake light activates when slowing down thanks to an integrated accelerometer. And no need to lift your hands off of the handles to turn: a handlebar-mounted, waterproof wireless remote activates either right or left turn signals at the push of a button.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $100

feature post image for Matador Droplet Wet Bag

Matador Droplet Wet Bag

Whether you’re using it to isolate your smartphone from water and sand or sweaty clothing from the clean, Matador’s Droplet Wet Bag is always ready to help on a whim. The keychain-sized rubber Droplet opens to reveal a surprisingly large 3 litre wet bag that’ll lock water in or out when the drawstring is tightly pulled and secured around the opening. It’s a lifesaver if you get stuck in a downpour with a water permeable pack or if your messy snacks risk filthying your briefcase.

Learn more at Matador – $15

feature post image for Onnit Primal Kettlebells

Onnit Primal Kettlebells

Re-energize your stagnant workout routine with Onnit’s Primal Kettlebells, a set of individual bells that weigh between 18 and 90 pounds, climbing in 18 pound increments. Each is perfectly balanced, made of chip-resistant iron, and set with an enlarged handle for a solid grip. Most importantly, each is made to look like the head of a great ape — real or imaginary — spanning from a chimp to a gorilla to the monstrous Bigfoot.

Check out the lineup at Onnit – $85+

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