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feature post image for Kryptonite WheelNutz

Kryptonite WheelNutz

Sure, your overbuilt bike lock may thwart would-be thieves from making off with your frame and most of your ride, but more often than not your other pricy components are easily picked off by anyone with a couple of wrenches. Kryptonite’s WheelNutz eschews the need for multiple locks by instead securing your axles using a gravity locking system that won’t unscrew unless the bike is turned upside down, which, normally, is prevented by your primary lock. WheelNutz also install easily using nothing fancier than a 15mm wrench and boast weather protective coatings to stay corrosion-free through adverse weather.

Read more at Kryptonite – $31

Leif eSnowboard

Technically a skateboard but closer to a snowboard in terms of maneuverability, mechanics, and movement, the Leif eSnowboard is as close as you’ll get to shredding long after the snow’s gone. Guided by a wireless remote, the eSnowboard is equipped with twin 2000w electric brushless motors connected to tandem-rotating caster wheels that propel the board to speeds of up to 20mph, even climbing hills with up to 15% grade. The casters also enable carving through pavement like it was snow, sliding into hard turns, and even braking by turning the board perpendicular to your direction and cutting the gas.

Hit up Leif Technologies to learn more – $1,300

Davek Alert Umbrella

A well-designed umbrella will endure the elements admirably, but thoughtful and durable construction can’t help much if you misplace or lose it. Davek’s Alert Umbrella is expertly built and boasts a core rib of steel, aircraft-grade aluminum and fiberglass that reliably holds up against strong winds (and reverts back unharmed in the event of an inversion) coupled to an ultra-thin 190-thread count microfiber fabric and 3-action button system to both open and close with sequential presses. What sets it apart from the brand’s previous models, though, is the Bluetooth Low Energy module in the handle that sends a notification to your smartphone if the distance between your umbrella and device exceeds 30 feet. And don’t worry about often changing batteries or recharging: depending on usage, a single coin cell should last about a year or two in the Alert before running dry.

Find it at Kickstarter – $80+

UltraX Folding Bike

Cleveland, home of carbon fiber and the Go-Go’s song most remembered because of a Dilbert look-alike. It’s this lightweight material that gives the UltraX Folding Bike a stiff, vibration absorbing ride that’s most often associated with aluminum frame bikes. Not only are the frame and fork made of carbon fiber, so too is the seat, dampening an already smooth ride. Even the crank set benefits from carbon fiber construction. A 20 speed SRAM X9 drivetrain boasts the range needed to make powering up steep terrain or leisurely cruising a breeze. But what makes the UltraX all the more amazing is its ability to fold to a tiny size for transport, aided by its paltry weight of 18.75 pounds. You can stow it in your trunk without having to move the body and still have room to spare.

Find it at Allen Sports – $5,000

Nike SFB Mountain Boot

We all know the bear went over the mountain to see what he could see, but there’s no record of him returning. If he’d have donned a pair of Nike’s SFB Mountain boots, he may have come back. Inspired by Nike co-founder and WWII vet Bill Bowerman, the SFB offers traction and fit that make any terrain traversable. A Kevlar reinforced upper sheds water while providing a breathable layer to shed excess heat, and Kevlar in the footbed protects against punctures. Interior cushioning provides support for fast walks or long slogs with a full pack. Plus, the memory foam bootie within is durable enough to be removed and worn on its own, and keeps feet otherwise toasty.

Check it out at Nike – $300

SeaSucker Bicycle Rack

Roof racks: you either have one or you don’t. Regardless, you won’t need any sort of permanent fixture to carry your two-wheeler with SeaSucker’s Bike Racks. These versatile mounts attach to your vehicle’s roof using incredible strong vacuum mounts, temporarily — and, importantly, securely — carrying your bike by its wheels, then detaching when no longer required without leaving any residue on the metal or glass. They attach in minutes and come in single, double, and triple bike variants to satisfy even bigger groups of bikers.

Check out the lineup at SeaSucker or Amazon – $270+

Snolo Scion

Sledding basically consists of strapping your body onto a slippery board and bombing down a hill with just the slightest inkling of control. Snolo changed that with their original carbon fiber sled and they’re doing it again with the far more affordable Scion. This high performance sled is made of a fiber-reinforced high density polyethylene body and employs a precise steering system suitable for tight carving or drifting, a low center of gravity, Tetron seat padding made of impact absorbing foam, and a wide front ski good for soft and hard pack snow alike.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $384

Adidas Ultra Boost Shoes

In 1969, a certain astronaut had to be drugged before a launch so his favorite running shoes could be forcibly removed. This drug induced nap ended in a case of tinnitus for the erstwhile space cadet, earning him the nickname Buzz. What’s that have to do with Adidas Ultra Boost Shoes? Only this: if Buzz cherished his old kicks that much, how much more would he dig Adidas’ Ultra Boost Shoes that provide an energy-returning boost in the midsole thanks to thousands of energy capsules contained in the foam. The Ultra Boosts also features a breathable mesh upper with a rubber outsole so grippy you’ll think you have honey on your feet. A bootie-like fit further adds to the running performance of these lightweight shoes.

Find them at Adidas – $180

Airboard Inflatable Sled

As portable as a flying carpet and much more comfortable, the Airboard Inflatable Sled is the latest way to get adrenaline pumping this winter. Airboard is made of durable urethane-coated nylon and features a ribbed underbelly for grip and steering. Just inflate it with the included hand pump then lie down on your chest and figuratively buckle up for the ride: this bad boy’s got a tested speed record of a frightening 77 miles per hour.

Grab one on Amazon – $380

BioLite NanoGrid

Lighting up large areas of your campsite just got way easier with BioLite’s NanoGrid. This portable lighting system is centered around the PowerLight, a versatile 200 lumen lantern that provides even, no-hotspot warm lighting and doubles as both a torch and 4,400mAh powerbank to charge your USB-powered devices. Flip out its stand or hang it from a tree branch, then daisy chain up to four SiteLights — two included, each outputting 150 lumens and equipped with a 10-foot long cable — for up to 40 feet of overhead off-grid lighting. Each light can also be angled and dimmed at will for up to 22 hours of continuous illumination with the included trio.

Find it at BioLite – $100