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Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer

After a grueling 18 holes, a well deserved respite at the mythical mulligan-free 19th hole is in order. After that you may well need a breathalyzer, but long before that the Zepp Gold 3D Swing Analyzer makes par a reality and not just a goal. Zepp’s lightweight golf glove-mounted sensor paired with the proprietary app (that communicates via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet) turns your swing into a 3D diagnostic treasure trove of golfing goodness. Track club head speed, club plane, backswing and much more with Zepp’s 360 degree motion capture technology. Replay and view your swing from any angle or overlay your swings to uncover your metrics, allowing Zepp to provide personalized tips and coaching to improve your game.

Grab one on Amazon – $150

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Like a modern day walkie-talkie but without the old fashioned handheld unit, goTenna links to your phone and creates an off-grid network (no NSA listening in here) capable of communicating to other goTenna-linked devices even when cell networks are overloaded, offline, or out of range. Each goTenna features a Bluetooth LE data interface, antenna, and 2-way radio, all wrapped up in a water-resistant, dust-tight enclosure that straps to a backpack or slips into a pocket. It’s totally free to use after purchase, boasts end-to-end RSA-1024 encryption, and works with both Android and iOS devices. Expect a couple miles of range in a congested city and far more in open areas, especially when elevated.

Learn more at goTenna – $150

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German Military Surplus Utensil Set

Your Leatherman tool or Swiss Army knife might help you open a can or whittle a marshmallow roaster, but when it comes to actually eating it’s virtually useless (though we’ll admit to carving rudimentary spoons in a pinch). And with this German Military Surplus Utensil Set, eating in the wilderness comes compromise-free. This four-piece set is made of strong, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and includes the classic triple-threat plus a can- and bottle-opener that sports a nesting base to secure the others. The fact that some aren’t new but used – by German soldiers, no less – only adds to their appeal.

Grab a set at Cool Material – $13.50

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Priority Bicycles

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike. Freddie Mercury never imagined the simple, maintenance free quality that a Priority Bicycle would eventually deliver. Priority delivers on their promise of Happiness in Motion. Starting with an oversized aluminum frame as the foundation, Priority builds a bike built for a lifetime thanks to belts replacing chains, cutting out grease, stains and maintenance for years of hassle-free riding. No more selecting one of ten or twenty gears. Priority bikes come with three speeds to traverse any terrain you need to cover. And Priority’s two-wheelers come with everything you need to ride out of the box, including a tire pump, kickstand, water bottle cage, puncture-resistant tires, and even a seat built for comfort. All you’ll need to do is assemble it, which is done in four simples steps and only takes about five minutes.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $375

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Nike Vapor 360 Fielding Glove

We didn’t know it, but the traditional baseball glove needed a modernization. Nike delivers with the Vapor 360, a fielding glove designed to be used right out of the box – no tedious break in required – thanks to an engineered perforation pattern on the leather palm, all without sacrificing strength or structure. It’s also incredibly lightweight, boasts Nike’s Flywire lacing system, soft PORON foam on the inside to boost breathability, and uses tunable inserts in the thumb and pinky for fit and function that’s as individualized as it is responsive.

Learn more at Nike – $TBA

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Mega Hammock

We’ve seen big hammocks before, but the Mega Hammock puts them to shame without breaking a sweat. This three person hammock offers up a massive 8′ by 15′ lying surface, probably big enough for a few more and with a total weight rating of 1,000 pounds. Each unit is hand-crafted from colorful coated ripstop nylon by an FAA-certified parachute rigger for standing up to years of use. And if it doesn’t quite cut it size-wise, feel free to submit your specifications to HummingbirdHammocks for a quote.

Grab one at Etsy – $375

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Yeti Hopper Cooler

In our experience, soft-sided coolers can’t really be held up to heavy-duty rigid models – unsurprisingly, they just don’t seem to keep stuff cold as long. But Yeti’s Hopper is different. This gigantic shoulder bag holds a combined 6.5 gallons of ice, food, and beverages, all within rugged, one inch-thick insulated waterproof walls. It also boasts an airtight, waterproof zipper that won’t leak if the bag is turned upside down, reinforced handles and shoulder straps for lugging around even the heaviest of loads, and thicker insulation on the bottom for keeping cold in even if it’s placed on a hot surface, all in keeping its contents cold for days.

Coming this October. Sign up to be notified at Yeti – $300

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Alite Bison Chair

We’re huge fans of Alite’s Mayfly chair and with good reason: any camping chair that packs down to fit in a bag while weighing in at just 1.4 pounds has a lot going for it in our books. But our desire for a taller, more upright ultraportable chair has been largely unmet – until now. Alite’s Bison Chair stands at 34 inches in height, offering a slightly reclined stance and overall shape that’s inspired by Eames’ designs. And just like their Mayfly, the Bison is easy to lug around since it disassembles to fit into a convenient stuff sack with adjustable shoulder strap.

Grab one on Amazon or Alite – $200 [img via]

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Coolest Cooler

We’ve grown to expect just one thing from a cooler: cold food and drinks. At most, it’ll also offer a spot to sit. But the Coolest Cooler is a hell of a lot more ambitious. Sure, it’ll keep your drinks cold for hours, but it also packs an ice-crushing blender for churning out margaritas, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, rechargeable batteries to power the two former, a divider that doubles as a cutting board, a bottle opener, integrated storage for plates and a knife, a tie-down for lugging around extra gear, and a USB port to top up your devices. Oh, and it’s also got LED lid lights to keep the party going past sundown, plus extra-wide tires won’t sink in the sand.

Pledge for one at Kickstarter – $185

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Properly organizing your camping or backpacking gear might be possible if manufacturers actually put a few extra pockets or compartments in their packs. Unfortunately, it’s so far been not entirely dissimilar to overstuffing a garbage bag full of clothing and praying for things to stay in place - and for this, Hoboroll was designed. This ultra-lightweight 2.8 ounce stuff sack features five evenly sized internal compartments to declutter up to 21.8 litres of gear. Once filled, two radial compression straps put the squeeze on your fabric goods to reduce volume all while keeping gear highly accessible thanks to openings on both ends. It’s also got a secret zippered compartment inside for valuables, fits in your pocket when not in use, and comes in two colors – pinyon pine (shown) and mineral blue.

Grab one at Kickstarter – $35