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Unofish Basketballs

While synthetics have largely replaced leather in modern day basketballs, there’s still one place the traditional ball really shines: off the court. And there, Unofish’s premium basketballs are all but uncontested. These gorgeous balls are handcrafted using italian leathers that are treated, dyed, embossed with interesting patterns, and matched up with contrasting polyurethane rims to create eleven pieces you’ll want to show off. And while they’re technically court-ready, we wouldn’t have the stomach to break one in.

Find out more at Unofish – $250 [via]

Equinox Snowcoach

Add a couple of seats to your snowmobile with Equinox’s Snowcoach, a roomy capsule with seating for two (a pair of children or one adult plus one child) that attaches quickly to your vehicle using a limited rotational hitch. High performance gas shock suspension and padded seating make for a comfortable ride, while numerous safety features — including seat belts, reflectors, and brake/running lights — ensure visibility and the well-being of your passengers. And once spring hits and the snow’s melted, an optional conversion kit adds wheels to let you trail the Snowcoach behind your ATV.

Learn more at Equinox – $2000

Munk Pack

Snacking on the go usually leaves something to be desired, notably either its taste or the healthiness of its ingredients. Munk Pack found a way to create a grab-and-go snack that’s both delicious and made using good stuff. These oatmeal fruit squeezes come in three flavors — Apple Quinoa Cinnamon, Blueberry Acai Flax, and Raspberry Coconut — and contain absolutely nothing artificial, instead filled with whole grain rolled oats, flax, and fruits. They’re also tailored to suit virtually everyone in that they’re vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and non-GMO.

Grab some on Amazon – $15 for 6

Summer / Beach Sport Utility Bathrobe

Building off their know-how from the previous Sport Utility Bathrobe comes Winnifred Beach’s the Summer / Beach edition, a lighter, airier robe that’s specialized for wear in warmer weather thanks to its organic hemp-linen construction. Like the original, this robe boasts two large side cargo pockets sized to fit an iPad (or comparably sized tablet), two chest pockets for your cell phone and other small goods, a cotton hood, one sunglasses holder loop, and button loops for securing sleeves in a rolled up position. Basically, it’s perfect for the poolside, the beach, or the couch post-ski as we drink hot coffee or cocoa and wait for winter to blow over.

Hit up Winnifred Beach for details – $200

Fairweather Handle Bar Bag

We’d much rather keep our backs free, cool and airy while riding. And for light duties, Fairweather’s Handle Bar Bag should do just fine. These bags boast water-resistant fabric, impermeable zippers, and two adjustable straps that accommodate virtually all handlebars. Each is made up of two main compartments — a large, versatile roll top bag and a detachable accessory pack — the latter of which features a flip-up accessory pocket complete with a clear, touchscreen-compatible window that’s perfect for consulting your smartphone or a paper map.

Hit up Fairweather for details – $128 [via]

Sandbag Fitness Workout Bag

Setting up a home gym with a variety of free weights can quickly fill up a small space, not to mention burn a lot of cash. Instead, Sandbag Fitness’ Workout Bag help you stay fit just about anywhere using nothing but sand for weight. These ultra-rugged 1100D Cordura bags are used by military and law enforcement around the world and sport eight soft grip handles plus three double velcro filler bags for adjusting total weight. All this adds up to extreme versatility, with a recommended maximum of 125 pounds and hundreds of potential exercises.

Find it at Sandbag Fitness – $164


Progress is best measured objectively. ShotTracker makes the otherwise logistically impossible task of analyzing your Basketball game effortless using just your smartphone plus lightweight net and wrist sensors, the latter slid into your wrist band or sleeve. ShotTracker knows every time you shoot, relaying this information, as well as whether the shot was successful or not, to your smartphone to build up some solid stats. The wrist sensor is also good for 8 hours of continuous use per charge — though the net sensor lasts 3 months — and both rugged enough to play as hard as you do.

Learn more at ShotTracker – $150

Bush Smarts Camp Coffee Kit

Our morning coffee is essential to our day, as are the two to three other cups we drink throughout the afternoon. Same goes if we’re camping or otherwise away from home. Bush Smarts’ Camp Coffee Kit is a one stop solution to your off-trail caffeine cravings. This box includes a 12 ounce bag of 21Bean coffee, two Kuksa cups, a BPA-free bottle, and a mesh filter, i.e. everything needed to make Cowboy-style coffee just about anywhere — just add hot water.

Find it at Bush Smarts – $90

Rapid Hammock

Spending time in the great outdoors is more enjoyable with a good place to sit or lie down, and that’s precisely what Rapid Hammock is all about. These 40D ripstop nylon hammocks are lightweight at 1.5 pounds and set up in about 30 seconds: all that’s needed are two suitable trees and a spot worth taking in. They’re also rated to 450lbs, include an integrated double-barrel stuff sack that’s impossible to lose, and boast a RapidStrap suspension system to quickly adjust the height of your hang.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $80


With an amazing array of technology packed into one portable package worthy of James Bond, Spyglass is a complete outdoors navigation toolkit that fits in your pocket. Available for iPad and iPhone, Spyglass provides al fresco enthusiasts with binoculars, a milspec compass complete with maps, gyrocompass, tactical GPS receiver, waypoint tracker, speedometer, altimeter, celestial body finder, gyro horizon, rangefinder, coordinate converter, sextant, inclinometer, and angular calculator. Each instrument is more than just fluff: they’re all real state-of-the art tools made for hard use, even if your bare phone isn’t. Long story short, if you need more than what Spyglass offers, you’re screwed.

Get it off of iTunes – $4