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2016 Acura NSX

After a long string of concepts it’s finally official, and judging by the looks of it this supercar was well worth the wait. Acura’s 2016 NSX is a four-wheel drive hybrid that has its real wheels driven by a mid-mounted twin-turbo DOHC V6 and a direct-drive electric motor that bolsters acceleration and braking, and boasts twin independent electric motors linked to its front wheels as well for lightning quick launches and ridiculous handling response. Other features include an ultra-rigid aluminum & high-strength steel frame anchored by a carbon fiber floor, a rapidly shifting 9-speed dual clutch transmission, the lowest center of gravity in its class, and aggressive looks that are bound to get heads spinning.

Stay informed at Acura – est. $150,000

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2016 Chevrolet Volt

The way we see it, widespread electric vehicle adoption hinges on practicality. And in that regard, Chevrolet’s 2016 Volt is more convincing in every which way than was its predecessor. The new Volt boasts a higher capacity battery that’s lighter than before for 50 miles of gas-free commute range, a more powerful 1.5L SIDI high-efficiency engine that kicks in when the battery is depleted, and a lighter dual electric motor drive unit makes for a nimbler ride and better acceleration. It also dabbles in high technology, offering optional 4G LTE Wi-Fi, an 8″ capacitive center console that’s equipped with ApplePlay and MirrorLink for mirroring your phone, and a variety of sensors to warn you if you’re at risk for a collision or drifting from your lane.

Learn more at Chevrolet – $TBA

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Mercedes-Benz F 015 Self-Driving Concept

Before long we’ll be having to choose between different models of self-driving cars, and if current concepts are any indication, we’ll take Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury In Motion. More mobile living space than car — logical, considering this automobile drives itself — the F 015 boasts a bold but streamlined shape that maximizes interior space, making full use of it thanks to four luxurious swivelling lounge chairs in face-to-face arrangement, six touchscreen displays, and gorgeous walnut floors complemented by ice-white nappa leather walls. It also boasts a handful of imaginative communication-centric features including oversized LED arrays on the front and back, a front-facing laser system that can project a virtual crosswalk on the road amongst other things, and a outdoor speaker for acoustic cues. Plus, its power plant is as advanced as the rest, relying on both a battery and a fuel cell to cover a total range of up to 1,100 kilometres while pumping out no emissions to speak of.

Learn more at Mercedes – $TBA

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Shelby Cobra 427 50th Anniversary

While anniversary editions of any iconic vehicles [whose parent company is still in existence] are expected, we’re still a little dumbfounded at how accurately Shelby’s Cobra 427 50th Anniversary embodies the original (though this is not without catch – read on). The “new” 427 comes with a muscular fiberglass or polished aluminum body, gold 50th anniversary badges, and a large empty space under the hood for the engine and transmission of your choosing, since technically this is a kit car. Limited to 50 units, so if you want one you’d better get your checkbook ready by January 13th.

Learn more at Shelby – $120,000 (fiberglass) to $180,000 (aluminum) [via]

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Equinox Snowcoach

Add a couple of seats to your snowmobile with Equinox’s Snowcoach, a roomy capsule with seating for two (a pair of children or one adult plus one child) that attaches quickly to your vehicle using a limited rotational hitch. High performance gas shock suspension and padded seating make for a comfortable ride, while numerous safety features — including seat belts, reflectors, and brake/running lights — ensure visibility and the well-being of your passengers. And once spring hits and the snow’s melted, an optional conversion kit adds wheels to let you trail the Snowcoach behind your ATV.

Learn more at Equinox – $2000

Swiss+Tech BodyGard XL7

Swiss+Tech has a way of packing loads of functionality into tiny tools, but their BodyGard XL7 takes it to a ridiculous level. This diminutive gadget is loaded with a slew of crucial roadside tools including a glass breaker, seat belt cutter, LED flashlight, emergency flasher, sonic alarm, tire depth indicator, and tire pressure gauge, all in a device smaller than typical stand-alone gauges. Throw it in the glovebox and hope you never have to use it, but on the off chance you do you’ll be glad you were prepared.

Pick one up on Amazon – $13 for one or 17$ for two

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Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang

It’s back in a big way, and it’s better than ever. Ford announced the return of the Shelby GT350 Mustang just in time for the line’s 50 year anniversary, equipping this thoroughbred with their most powerful naturally aspirated engine ever — a 5.2-litre V8 pumping out over 500 horsepower and 400 lb.-ft of torque — that’s coupled to a six-speed manual transmission, the stiffest Mustang platform ever, and a lower, aerodynamically enhanced design. In any case, it successfully embodies Carroll Shelby’s idea of transforming a solid everyday car into a track-worthy contender.

Learn more at Ford – $TBA

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Boosted Boards

Launched two years ago on Kickstarter, Boosted Boards have come a long way since their humble beginnings. Built around a flexible bamboo Vanguard deck, these longboards boast a single or dual electric motor powering their rear wheel(s) to power forward at speeds of up 22 mph for 6 or 7 miles, even tackling relatively steep inclines (from 15% to 25% depending on the model) with ease. Intuitively, acceleration and braking is controlled using a wireless handheld remote and — fortunately — smoothed out thanks to software and sensors across several modes of expertise (beginners can learn without flying off thanks to speed and torque limits). And with a charge time of 90 minutes and a weight of 15 pounds, there’s little excuse to grab your push-powered longboard over a Boosted Board.

Compare the models at Boosted Boards – $1,000 to 1,500 [via]


The contrast between the serenity of being on water and the cacophonous roar of an outboard motor is rather sharp. Unlike its gasoline-powered brethren, Quadrofoil instead slices across the surface silently at up to 21 knots using an electric motor and C-foil technology to effectively float its chassis above water, running for up to 100 km on a single charge. It also steers like a car and boasts an integrated touchscreen display in its steering wheel, boasts numerous safety measures including an unsinkable hull and safety gear plus paddle, and offers ergonomic seating for two, keeping both driver and passenger perfectly dry.

Read more at Quadrofoil – roughly $18,700+

Tesla Model S P85D

The enigmatic D in Elon Musk’s recent tweet stood for Dual, as in dual motor. If you’re wondering why you should care, the answer’s pretty simple: the P85D. This flagship version of Tesla’s Model S adds a second 221 horsepower electric motor to drive the car’s front wheels (read: four wheel drive), totalling 691 horsepower in all to launch this sedan from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds flat — as fast as a McLaren F1 but with far more trunk space. Every new Tesla also includes Auto Pilot mode which, while not actually taking the job of driving away from you just yet, surveys the road and surrounding vehicles using cameras and ultrasonic sensors to both smoothly execute lane change maneuvers just by flicking on your turn signal and reduce speed by interpreting speed limit signs. And if that all extra power proves unnecessary, grab a standard Model S with D option for better traction and more efficient energy recovery, actually resulting in 10 extra miles of range.

Hit up Tesla for details – $120,000

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