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Filson Dry Duffel

Virtually all your gear is water-sensitive, at least to some degree. Unfortunately, so are most carrying solutions. Keep your goods dry with Filson’s Dry Duffel, a rugged bag that boasts vinyl-coated polyester construction, radio-frequency welded seams, and a roll-top closure with hook-and-loop tab to completely shut out water, dust, and sand. You won’t need to think twice about throwing it in the back of a truck or boat. And with its quick-dry webbing handles, giving it a good cleaning is as simple as blasting it with a hose.

Find it at Filson – $160

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Aer Duffel Pack

Hitting the gym before or straight from work requires discipline and, ideally, a special kind of bag. The Aer Duffel Pack can definitely help you with the latter. This low-key, highly organized pack is a cross between a duffel and a laptop bag thanks to a dedicated compartment for your computer and accessories, a waterproof vertical zipper that unfurls to access the large main compartment, plus a ventilated slot for your shoes and used clothing that isolates them from clean clothes. Else, its water-resistant ballistic nylon exterior ensures durability while padded shoulder straps and a mesh back panel make for a comfortable carry.

Go pledge at Kickstarter – $150

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Hard Graft Frame Folio

Travel primarily on two wheels? Air out your back and strap your goods to your bike instead with hard Graft’s Frame Folio. Barely wider than your bike’s frame, this handsome tote packs away your tablet, books, magazines, writing implements, and other goods between two pockets, fitted with color-coded zippers to quickly find what you’re looking for. And when you’ve arrived at your destination, its straps can be repurposed into a smart handle or simply wrapped around the bag.

Find it at Hard Graft – roughly $409

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Properly organizing your camping or backpacking gear might be possible if manufacturers actually put a few extra pockets or compartments in their packs. Unfortunately, it’s so far been not entirely dissimilar to overstuffing a garbage bag full of clothing and praying for things to stay in place - and for this, Hoboroll was designed. This ultra-lightweight 2.8 ounce stuff sack features five evenly sized internal compartments to declutter up to 21.8 litres of gear. Once filled, two radial compression straps put the squeeze on your fabric goods to reduce volume all while keeping gear highly accessible thanks to openings on both ends. It’s also got a secret zippered compartment inside for valuables, fits in your pocket when not in use, and comes in two colors – pinyon pine (shown) and mineral blue.

Grab one at Kickstarter – $35

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Ultra-Sil Day Pack

It’s tough to mess up shopping for a small day pack – after all, most will have the size, shape, and durability to carry a few small goods. But what will carry your daypack when it’s empty or no longer required? Sea to Summit’s Ultra-Sil Day Pack is ideal for the variety of scenarios where a pack is only required for part of the trip, like stashing your bike helmet upon arrival, lugging groceries, or as an extra traveling tote. This 20-litre backpack weighs just 2.4-ounces and crumples down into its tiny inner pocket, making it easy to carry in a jacket pocket or key ring. And it’s made of siliconized Cordura fabric for surprising strength despite its thinness and weight.

Grab one at Amazon – $40

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Solid Gray Backpacks

Not your average backpack – frankly, not even by a mile - Solid Gray’s unique wares still have merit of their own. For one, the polypropylene copolymer hardshell offers far more impact protection than standard soft materials, cushioning your goods in conjunction with a EPDM foam lining. It’s also got room for a laptop, boasts a variety of inner compartments for small items that are revealed only when the bag is opened, plus a multi clip for taming paper and documents. Else, it locks shut thanks to two smart locks and sports a back panel that forms a slight curve when worn for a surprisingly comfortable fit.

Read more at Solid Gray – roughly $190

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Rareform Weekender Duffle

Amongst the most unique-looking duffels we’ve seen, Rareform’s Weekender boasts an upcycled advertising billboard exterior that’s simultaneously style-conscious and green (sometimes literally: bag, bottom right). Each duffle is crafted in California, features a nylon zipper closure, and is lined on the inside with a nylon pack cloth, engulfing up to 53-litres of goods to easily tide you over for a weekend or longer.

Check out the lineup at Rareform – $50 [via]

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Nike Rebento 3D-Printed Duffel & Mercurial Shin Guard

Styx isn’t just a phenominal band, she’s the mother of Nike (the winged goddess of victory) and the grandmother of the world’s first 3D printed performance sports bag and shin guard. Nike combined state-of-the-art craftsmanship and tradition with the introduction of two new high performance additions to their line of products. The new lightweight Rebento Duffle – Portuguese for “explode” – will be carried by some of Soccers greatest players, Neymar Jr., Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo included, and each will feature gold hardware along with the player’s name. The Mercurial Flylite Guard likewise is tailored to the games best. The specially engineered materials that make-up this shin guard provide maximum protection with a barely there feeling. Forget foam backing and welcome the new webbed shock system that provides more consistent inpact absorption, hit after hit, thanks to experimentation with hundreds of impact patterns. Their bold designs aren’t half bad, either.

Available July 1st at Nike – $TBA

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Henty Wingman Suit Bag

Lugging around wrinkle-sensitive garb in a protective garment bag is fine and dandy, but their length and size make them a little unwieldy, not to mention totally impractical for flying or biking. Enter Henty’s Wingman Suit Bag. This seemingly normal garment bag rolls up into a rugged duffel for throwing over your shoulder, into the back seat of a taxi, or into your flight’s overhead compartment, all while keeping your suit virtually wrinkle-free. The Wingman’s big enough for a suit and shirt or two plus accessories, includes a gym bag that slips in the center to separate your shoes and other small goods from your precious cargo, packs a deployable rain cover should the weather turn ugly, and even boasts a compartment large enough to fit a small sleeved laptop.

Pick one up on Amazon – $200 [via]

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Apidura Saddle Packs

Can’t fit all your gear into your existing saddle pack? An unlikely occurrence with Apidura’s Saddle Packs. These waterproof 11- or 17.5-liter packs attach to the back of your saddle and weigh under 400 grams, eliminating the need for a rear rack – at least for most carrying scenarios. Features include a three-point anti-slip attachment system for stability, roll top closures with dual compression straps, reflective graphics plus two bike light attachment points, and a bungee cord tie down feature for strapping down more gear.

Find it at Apidura in either compact and regular size – roughly $135 [via]