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feature post image for Cabin Porn

Cabin Porn

It’s not what you think… or maybe it is. The guys behind Cabin Porn are publishing a book about – you guessed it – enticing cabins. What makes it special? Namely images of hundreds of cabins submitted by the Cabin Porn community alongside stories of Beaver Brook plus ten other cabins and builders, each complete with original photography and narratives. If you’re interested in creating a quiet place for contemplation, Cabin Porn is bound to provide plenty of inspiration.

Preorder at Amazon – $22

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feature post image for Go Set A Watchman

Go Set A Watchman

Enjoyed To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee’s first — and thus far only — novel? Then you’ll want to pick up Go Set A Watchman post-haste. Set twenty years after Mockingbird, the story centers around Jean Louise Finch (Scout) struggling with personal, politic, and social issues, not to mention that of her father, Atticus Finch, having been swayed towards racism himself. It’s the novel that may have never been, had the original manuscript, long assumed lost, not been rediscovered late last year.

Grab a copy at Amazon – $16

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feature post image for Humans of New York: Stories

Humans of New York: Stories

By now there’s little chance you haven’t heard of Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York. Humans of New York: Stories perpetuates this ambitious project, this time delving deeper into the stories and lives of a new group of New Yorkers with longer narratives alongside stunning photographs of each subject. If his last book or the HONY blog are any indication, the pieces in Stories are bound to be more moving and eye opening than any before.

Preorder at Amazon – $18

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feature post image for The United States of Pizza

The United States of Pizza

Like you, we love pizza, and while we’ll happily wolf down slices of pepperoni all day long, at these levels of exposure variety is in better taste. Penned by pizza expert Craig Priebe, The United States of Pizza: America’s Favorite Pizzas, From Thin Crust to Deep Dish, Sourdough to Gluten-Free covers influential and important pizzas coast to coast, the result of meticulous research and many a visit to promising pizzerias across the country. Examples include squash blossoms with burrata, red onion with rosemary and pistachios, roasted cauliflower and salsa verde, amongst the over 75 original recipes covered, along with blueprints for various types of dough and adaptable base sauces.

Preorder a copy at Amazon – $21

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feature post image for Apple Music

Apple Music

About a million services exist to stream music. And here’s another. But while similarities between Apple Music and other platforms are particularly conspicuous regarding concept, most others aren’t backed by companies with relevant resumes as extensive as Apple’s and Beats’. Apple Music grants access to tens of millions of tracks across all your devices (even Android-powered ones, soon), letting you stream, make playlists, download for offline listening, and discover tons of new music thanks to smart recommendations that build off songs and artists you already like or love. It’ll also serve up recommended playlists from respected tastemakers in music, includes Beats 1, a new 24/7 radio station (amongst others) manned by renowned DJs, and gives you a closer look into the behind-the-scenes work of your favorite musicians via Connect.

Coming June 30th with a free three-month trial. Learn more at Apple – $10 per month

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feature post image for The Furniture Bible

The Furniture Bible

Your furniture makes your house a home. Learn to restore, care, and maintain it for the long haul with Christophe Pourny’s The Furniture Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Identify, Restore & Care for Furniture. This 304 page tome briefly covers the provenance and history of furniture, then delves deeper into techniques Pourny himself employs to restore finer pieces, including ceruse, water gilding, vernis anglais, and many more, complete with step-by-step photographs to guide even the inexperienced. And for more involved DIYers, he even includes recipes to make your own waxes, stains, and varnishes.

Find it at Amazon – $24

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feature post image for Celluon PicoAir & PicoPro Pico Projectors

Celluon PicoAir & PicoPro Pico Projectors

Untether your home theatre — or the projector component of it, anyway — with Celluon’s PicoAir and PicoPro Pico Projectors. Among the lightest projectors available at just 7 ounces, both the PicoAir and PicoPro project up to a 250″ image with a custom HD resolution of 1920 x 720, packing in more pixels than standard 720p. Differentiating the models is connectivity: while the PicoAir is designed for wireless use with Miracast-enabled Android devices, the PicoPro also offers wired connectivity including HDMI for iOS users and the like. Both also boast a 80,000:1 contrast ratio, 16.7 million colors, PicoP technology that eliminates the need to focus, and a built-in battery good for up to 3 hours.

Grab the PicoAir ($300) or PicoPro ($350) at Amazon.

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feature post image for Better And Faster

Better And Faster

Change, ironically, is really the only one constant you can count on. Yet so many individuals and companies fail to adapt to the changing times. TrendHunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche’s Better and Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas sheds light on the deficient philosophies of the layman and helps decrypt the elusive patterns of opportunity crucial to making it in this chaotic world. Leveraging over a quarter million ideas covered in TrendHunter, this easy-to-read book transforms data-driven, brand-tested research into actionable skills. And with plenty of inspiring examples, you’ll want to drop the TV remote and put these newfound abilities into action immediately.

Grab a copy at Amazon – $14+

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feature post image for Becoming Steve Jobs

Becoming Steve Jobs

How did a selfish, arrogant young man grow up to become a brilliant visionary and highly effective business leader capable of turning everything he touched into gold? That’s the question Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader aims to answer. This 464 page tome details his story and progressive rise with never before told stories from his inner circle and family as well as numerous on- and off-record notes collected by Brent Schlender, the author, over 25 years of interviews. It’s the story of growth and self-improvement that nuances Jobs’ keys to success and his increasingly honed genius throughout his fascinating life.

Preorder at Amazon – $15+

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The Great Wide Open

Living in the urban jungle, along with all associated responsibilities, sometimes results in us forgetting all about the real world outside civilization’s walls. Somewhat ironically, The Great Wide Open takes you on a visual journey of several of the most scenic places on earth, all from the comfort of your sofa or coffee table. This 352 page tome features stunning page-spanning photographs shot by cyclists, mountaineers, surfers, and intrepid globetrotters, accompanied by the stories behind the photographs that’ll undoubtedly stir up fierce cravings for adventure in even the most adamant homebodies.

Hit up Gestalten ($68) for details or preorder at Amazon ($50)

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