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If NaCl is the extent of your knowledge of the chemical composition of your food, Ingredients: A Visual Exploration of 75 Additives & 25 Food Products can help. Unlock the secret of polysorbate 60 and other synthetic-sounding additives in processed food from Twinkies to McNuggets. The demystifying process is accompanied by photos of the additives as well as background on where they come from and why each is used. But tread carefully: remember that once you explore how a hotdog is made, you can’t unsee it.

Find it at Amazon – $19

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100 Deadly Skills

If a dangerous situation arises, the only thing you’re absolutely guaranteed to have is your knowledge. And retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson wants to beef it up with 100 Deadly Skills, a guide adapted to civilians for eluding pursuers and surviving life-threatening situations. The book is packed with established self-defense skills to expand your relevant skills, including tips on escaping a locked trunk, immobilizing maneuvers, evading shooters, rappelling down the side of a building, and much more. It mightn’t magically transform you into a SEAL but there’s a high chance some of the skills picked up will be put to good use.

Grab a copy at Amazon – $11

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Dinner With Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock is renowned for his artwork, but far fewer are familiar with his aptitude in the garden and kitchen. Dinner With Jackson Pollock: Recipes, Art & Nature explores another side of the great American artist, complete with a collection of over fifty recipes from Jackson’s personal handwritten pages that include entrees, side dishes, breads, and desserts, notably his prize-winning apple pie. Also included are photographs of both Pollock’s former home and the final result you can expect from the recipes, providing an insightful depiction of the artist’s more personal life away from the canvas.

Grab a copy at Amazon – $40

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F*ck Feelings

Feelings are overrated. Or so would argue Michael & Sarah Bennett’s derogatorily titled self-help book, F*ck Feelings. Written with a tongue-in-cheek attitude and an unlikely psychiatrist-comedian combination, F*ck Feelings incites you to do away unrealistic wishes, goals, and the desire to change things you can’t control, instead focusing on proactive steps towards objectives that are actually feasible. Because while feeling one way about a problem — and trying to dissect the exact emotions as well as their cause through lengthy analysis — may seem like the ideal, perhaps finding a solution is a better investment of your time.

Learn more at Amazon – $11

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The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes

Your house is your biggest investment. Make sure your efforts to transform it into a home are fruitful with The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes. Not merely a picture book with impossibly perfect and ludicrously lavish pads, this realistic guide accounts for the fact that houses are meant to be livable, serving as a practical guide to selecting locations and neighborhoods in which to buy or build as well as architects and makers if you want to get a little more hands-on with your design. Most of all, the stunning included imagery frames homes around the globe and serves as fantastic inspiration to spruce up your own place, if just a little.

Preorder at Amazon ($33) or Gestalten ($60)

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NASA Graphics Standards Manual

As children of the 80s, the iconic NASA logo we grew up with — affectionately known as the worm — isn’t easily displaced in our minds despite the return to the original logo in 1992. And the NASA Graphics Standards Manual, penned by design agency Danne & Blackburn, that kicked off this memorable insignia is now available to anyone with eighty bucks and enough design curiosity. Printed from scans of Richard Danne’s personal copy of the manual (and one of the few still around), this reissue is essentially unaltered albeit in form: it’s hardcover instead of binder-bound. It describes and instructs on all things brand-related, unifying NASA’s image at the time and clarifying logo placement as well as overall design vision. Also included is a foreword by Danne alongside never before seen materials from his archive and an essay on NASA’s culture while the manual was still in use.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $80

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Taco-making just begs for the use of a little creativity, but if you’re feeling uninspired give Phaidon’s Tacopedia a read through. Over 100 recipes adorn its pages, accompanied by hunger-arousing images, interviews, illustrations, graphics, maps, and street food photography that shed light on the background behind each one. It’s an indispensable tool for the kitchen (or bookshelf) of taco aficionados everywhere.

Hit up Amazon for details – $15

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Cabin Porn

It’s not what you think… or maybe it is. The guys behind Cabin Porn are publishing a book about – you guessed it – enticing cabins. What makes it special? Namely images of hundreds of cabins submitted by the Cabin Porn community alongside stories of Beaver Brook plus ten other cabins and builders, each complete with original photography and narratives. If you’re interested in creating a quiet place for contemplation, Cabin Porn is bound to provide plenty of inspiration.

Preorder at Amazon – $22

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Go Set A Watchman

Enjoyed To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee’s first — and thus far only — novel? Then you’ll want to pick up Go Set A Watchman post-haste. Set twenty years after Mockingbird, the story centers around Jean Louise Finch (Scout) struggling with personal, politic, and social issues, not to mention that of her father, Atticus Finch, having been swayed towards racism himself. It’s the novel that may have never been, had the original manuscript, long assumed lost, not been rediscovered late last year.

Grab a copy at Amazon – $16

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Humans of New York: Stories

By now there’s little chance you haven’t heard of Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York. Humans of New York: Stories perpetuates this ambitious project, this time delving deeper into the stories and lives of a new group of New Yorkers with longer narratives alongside stunning photographs of each subject. If his last book or the HONY blog are any indication, the pieces in Stories are bound to be more moving and eye opening than any before.

Preorder at Amazon – $18

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