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feature post image for Flyte Levitating Light

Flyte Levitating Light

Not your typical light fixture in the least, the Flyte Levitating Light does just what its name suggests — levitate, seemingly magically, while also pulling in power through the air. Setup is easy: plug Flyte’s base into an AC adapter, then hold the bulb over it: electromagnets grasp of the bulb’s socket in seconds, suspending it in the air while an induction coil lights up the ultra bright, lower-power LEDs in the core of the bulb. It’s also made of your choice of sustainably-sourced oak, ash, or walnut, turns on or off with a simple touch of its surface, and employs shatterproof materials in the bulb that ease worries of breakage should it fall off. Oh, and the base even doubles as a wireless charging base station for your smartphone (with compatible third party accessories).

Grab one at Kickstarter – $250

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feature post image for Woodlands: Hyrule Wooden Map

Woodlands: Hyrule Wooden Map

We’d like to say we knew the streets of our city as well as the intricacies of Hyrule, but we’d be lying. And frankly, considering how much time we spent exploring this fictional land, it’s hardly surprising. Neutral Ground’s Woodlands: Hyrule puts a laser-etched map of Hyrule, inspired by Ocarina of Time and drawn by Alex Griendling, on a beautiful piece of hand-selected maple ply that’s outfitted with a keyhole slot for easy hanging. And as the first in the Woodlands series, we’re equally pumped to see what else they’ve got in the works.

Find it at Neutral Ground – $150

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feature post image for Javi Letterbox

Javi Letterbox

Considering that your letterbox gives off a strong initial impression to visitors and passerbys of your home, very little thought was likely poured into its design. Unlike the Javi Letterbox, an elegant and minimal mailbox that mounts on a post, on a wall, or even flush (within a cavity). Javi boasts a front panel made of durable Accoya wood — delivered raw for optional painting or staining to better match your home — and a body of coated steel for corrosion resistance and longevity. It’s also equipped with niceties including a stainless steel visor, a discreet lock for accessing contents, and a clever magnetic door latch.

Check it out at Javi Design – $300+

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feature post image for Best Made The Footlocker

Best Made The Footlocker

Inspired by the military’s standard issue storage box, Best Made’s The Footlocker is spacious, durable, and lighter than plywood versions thanks to its powder coated steel construction. Unlock the included brass lock and pry open the lid to reveal a sliding interior tray with two dividers plus lots more room underneath, ready to handle a myriad of tools, person items, or other miscellaneous gear. It’s also equipped with fold-down side grab handles and a customizable data plate, and comes in either Army Green or Navy Gray.

Learn more at Best Made Co – $205

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feature post image for Wald Plug Lamp

Wald Plug Lamp

Like a floor lamp but devoid of any parts that actually touch the floor, the Wald Plug Lamp is  a minimalist’s dream. Wald is based around a lightweight, rigid anodized aluminum tube that’s precision bent at a 90 degree angle inches from the plug. This, coupled to an oil-finished white ash or walnut fixture, results in a lamp that supports its own weight using nothing but the socket into which it’s installed. It comes in both 24″ and 36″ varieties to accommodate different accent lighting tasks and, importantly, features an adjustable plug that can handle upside down or horizontal sockets without any rewiring.

Learn more at Feltmark – $140 to $160

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feature post image for Baked/Roast Steel One

Baked/Roast Steel One

While not glaringly obvious from the get go, Baked/Roast is an anagram for the centrepiece used in all the furniture they make: the skateboard. Their Steel One is a bench that’s built starting with a 7-ply Canadian maple wood deck affixed to a handmade welded steel frame. With a weight of nearly 18 pounds, this piece is very stable not to mention exceedingly durable. It’s also crafted with attention to detail, for instance including countersunk bolts on the deck to result in a smooth surface finish.

Find it at Baked/Roast – roughly $215

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feature post image for Amazon Dash Button

Amazon Dash Button

Household staples running low need no longer be manually added to your shopping list with the Amazon Dash Button. These compact gadgets connect to your home’s WiFi network using Amazon’s smartphone app and link up to your Prime account. They stay handy thanks to both an included hook and reusable adhesive, and instantly place orders for the given product — amongst a growing list of over 250 everyday items — at the push of a button. And don’t worry about a mischievous child (or, more likely, male friend) spamming the button: Amazon only sends another if your order’s been delivered, unless otherwise configured.

Exclusively for Amazon Prime members and by invitation only. Find it at Amazon – $Free

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feature post image for Cloak Rugs

Cloak Rugs

Sure, hardwood floors are gorgeous, but we’ll still take a well-placed rug to break up monotony. Cloak unites the craft of carpet making with stunning contemporary design. Made of pure wool, bamboo and silk, or leather, these carpets are luxurious and long lasting by the mere nature of their materials, further reflected in their elegant patterns and careful, subtle use of color. They’re also sustainably fabricated using absolutely no harmful substances. Meaning you can’t use that as an excuse to keep the kids from playing on them.

Read more at Cloak – $200+ per square meter

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feature post image for Plywerk Vinny Record Display

Plywerk Vinny Record Display

The physicality of yesteryear’s music formats are what we miss most about them. Plywerk’s Vinny Record Displays let you show off your favorite record covers right on the wall, either one at a time in the single model or two with the gatefold. Each frame is handmade of restoration juniper and finished with walnut corner splines for a clean, minimal look that puts the record cover within in the spotlight.

Check it out at Crowd Supply – $60 to $70

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feature post image for LED Buster Bulb

LED Buster Bulb

As gorgeous as they are, we have two main gripes with Edison bulbs: their price and their longevity. Buster + Punch’s LED Buster Bulb is as close as light-emitting diodes have come to emulating the unique mood provided by the former. A resin light pipe softly and cleanly diffuses the light through teardrop-shaped glass shells, each finished with a satin metallic sheen in gold, smoked grey, or bright crystal. Rated at 3W, they consume a mere fraction of the energy of conventional bulbs and last roughly 10,000 hours, or about 5 years at six hours of use per day. Use them as direct replacements for your existing E27 base incandescents, or grab a couple with solid steel, bronze, or copper fixtures matched to matt black rubber cords.

Find it at Buster + Punch – roughly $60 (bulb) to $195 (with fixture)

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