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feature post image for Bare Light

Bare Light

Naked light sockets are typically unattractive. Bare Light lets the beauty of its internal components shine through thanks to the use of glass instead of plastic for the socket, crafted by glass blowers in Los Angeles, making it a perfect, minimal lighting solution all alone or as a series. Another result is that the glass also refracts light upwards from the light bulb, illuminating the base of the cloth cord from which it hangs.

Find it at Brendan Ravenhill – $195 [via]

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feature post image for Mercedes-Benz Home Battery

Mercedes-Benz Home Battery

It started with Tesla’s Powerwall, and now Mercedes-Benz is also getting ready to sell you a home battery. Daimler’s unit packs 2.5 kWh of energy versus Tesla’s 7, hopefully making up for it with a lower price point (so far unannounced). The battery can buffer energy use in solar powered homes or to circumvent the grid’s higher prices during peak hours, daisy chains in combinations of up to 8 units for higher-demand settings, and also comes in more flexible commercial versions with much higher capacities.

Learn more at Daimler or order at ACCUmotive (German site) – $TBA

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feature post image for EverBlock


We’d build furniture with our Legos if we could, but even the giant bins full we have are barely enough to construct a solid foot stool. EverBlock addresses this issue with oversized plastic building blocks that can be quickly assembled into complex large scale objects. Blocks come in a variety of colors and include a 12″ four by two piece, 6″ two by two, 3″ one by two, and 12″ smooth finishing caps for flat tops where desired. Connector clips and reinforcement rods are also available to optionally add reinforcement for bigger projects, like sheds or tents.

Learn more at EverBlock Systems – $4+

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feature post image for Urge Head-Headers Man Cave Holders

Urge Head-Headers Man Cave Holders

Attention to details. That’s what makes the difference between mediocre and envy-enducing man caves. Urge’s Head-Headers Man Cave products are a line of towel racks, paper towel and toilet paper holders crafted to look like the exhaust headers from Chevy and Ford engines. Each is solidly crafted out of pure stainless steel and shows off your gearhead pride from behind the bar right to the bathroom.

Learn more at Urge Gear – $65 to $125

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feature post image for Rain Lamp

Rain Lamp

If all you’re looking for is lighting and you don’t have a grand to spare on a lamp, skip this one. Otherwise, Richard Clarkson’s Rain Lamp is about as unique as they come. Using a peristaltic pump, this lamp draws up water from its base that then rains back down at a rate of 1.5 gallons per hour. A resulting rhythmic ticking sound and a mercurial ripple pattern accentuates the light projected downwards. It comes in either 12″ or 16″ sizes, both accompanied by an LED bulb, 6 feet of aircraft cable for hanging, and 10 feet of power cord.

Check it out at Richard Clarkson – $940

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feature post image for Booze Books Chapter 2

Booze Books Chapter 2

A flask laying out in the open might, to some, give off the wrong message. But Bender Bound’s Booze Books Chapter 2: The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes is a hell of lot more discreet. These books feature a custom cover and spine designed by Jude Landry wrapped around a few hundred unglued pages, with a cutout shaped perfectly to hide the included glass flask. Pick your poison, fill the flask, then slip the Booze Book between some other hardcovers in your bookshelf where it’ll stay until you need a drink.

Read more at Kickstarter – $24

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feature post image for Fade Task Light

Fade Task Light

Most desk lamps are fitted with intricate articulations that inevitably fail. Not the Fade Task Light, which instead leverages a sliding steel sheet that offers 60 degrees of tilt per hinge, or 120 degrees total arm tilt, all without the use of any traditional moving parts. The base of the arm also rotates 270 degrees and is fitted with a touch-sensitive on button plus analog control that slides along 2 axes: up or down for setting the brightness (between 45 and 370 lumens) and right or left for warm or cool light, respectively, hitting light color temperatures between 2700K and 5600K depending on needs. Unsurprisingly its 16 LED array sips power and entails a lifespan of 50,000 hours of use, and a single USB port hidden in back of the base charges your devices.

Preorder at Fade Studio – $200 [via]

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feature post image for Awair Air Monitor

Awair Air Monitor

Air. It’s all around us, and while we know in theory what it should and shouldn’t contain, we don’t know what’s actually in ours. Bitfinder’s Awair Air Monitor sheds light on the air around you in real time, tracking temperature, humidity, CO2, fine dust, and volatile organic compounds while offering suggestions to modify your environment or, worst case, your exposure, depending on your current priorities. It’s contained within a handsome dried wood enclosure so you won’t mind showing it off, works well in sets, and collaborates with your home’s other connected devices such as Nest, humidifiers, and fans, to create the environment that’s right for you.

Find it at Awair – $150

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feature post image for SensorWake Smell-Based Alarm Clock

SensorWake Smell-Based Alarm Clock

You know your morning’s going to be brutal from the moment an abrupt, shrieking noise — your alarm — wakes you up. The SensorWake Smell-Based Alarm Clock, on the other hand, takes a gentler, more considerate approach to getting you out of bed, instead waking you up with one of various scents, including Espresso, Hot Croissant, freshly cut Grass, Chocolate, Peppermint, and the Kickstarter-exclusive Dollar, which smells like cash (motivation enough?). Each recyclable capsule contains enough of its safe, solvent-free scent to reliably wake you up 60 times, and if a blocked nose keeps you snoozing an audible alarm triggers after 3 minutes to get the job done quickly.

Learn more at Kickstarter – roughly $90

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feature post image for D'Hauteville Concrete Chair

D’Hauteville Concrete Chair

Wood. Plastic. Leather. It comes as no surprise that the D’Hauteville Concrete Chair sets itself far apart from traditional seating materials by eschewing them for concrete instead. The chair’s legs are made of steel rebar and welded together before the seat is made by pouring cement mix into a cast. It’s then layered with high performance cement for a smooth, low-abrasion finish before sitting to dry for 10 days. The chair is then fitted with rubber caps at its feet and coated with a subtle matte finish to stave off rebar rust and stains to the concrete, making for a stunning seat that’s both practical and surprisingly comfortable.

Find it at Gessato’s Shop – $370

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