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Hands-On: InMovement Elevate Desktop DT2 Sit-To-Stand Desk

Chances are you sit too much. We undoubtedly do, and it’s always seemed to be an integral and impossible-to-avoid downside to working with a computer. But there’s hope with the advent of sit-to-stand desks in recent years, the specific benefits of which we won’t go into. These range in price from sub hundred dollar portable stands to several thousand dollar motorized desks that raise themselves at the push of a button. We got our hands on one of InMovement’s Elevate Desktop DT2 sit-to-stand desks — which lies somewhere in between at a reasonable $400 — and played slash worked on it for a few weeks to get a good idea of what it’s all about. Click on through to read more.

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Feltmark Ellum Motion Sensing Light

Much prettier than your run-of-the-mill wall plugged night light, Feltmark’s Ellum Motion Sensing Light looks like it requires customized wiring but actually runs off several AA batteries. Two motion sensors in each light fire up the efficient but powerful LEDs inside to light your way in the dark. Installation is accomplished using 3M adhesive dots or screws with magnetic backings to which the light attaches, making swapping batteries a breeze, and they come in both small and long variants with a precision milled case made using your choice of Black Walnut or White Oak.

Find it at Feltmark – $130+

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Rumpl Super Fleece

As soft as your favorite hoodie and twice as cozy, the Rumpl Super Fleece is a high performance blanket that’s fit for your bed — wherever it might be. The Super Fleece is crafted with the same materials found in technical outerwear for a water and stain repelling technical knit upper that’s complimented by ultra-cozy fleece underneath. They’re also filled with a synthetic down material that works with the outer to perform well in out-of-home situations, like camping. Choose between twin, queen, and king sizes in one of 25 color combinations (or with custom accent patterns drawn by artist Jeremy Collins).

Learn more at Kickstarter – $105+

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Grovemade Tabletop Collection

Grovemade’s been beautifying your desk and everyday carry with wooden accessories for years, and now they aim to do the same to your dining room with the Grovemade Tabletop Collection. The set spans most essential tabletop accessories including reversible hand-sanded hardwood placemats with German wool felt linings, powder coated machined aluminum salt & pepper shakers, a glazed porcelain pitcher with cork and hardrock maple top, plus porcelain plates, bowls, and cups, amongst others. Cheap they’re not, but Grovemade’s obsessive attention to detail makes these gorgeous pieces a perfect fit for modern homes.

Hit up Grovemade for details – $29+

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Sitskie Block Benched Armed

Built with about 450 individual pieces of wood, it’s obvious at first glance that the Sitskie Block Benched Armed isn’t your typical wooden bench. Instead, it boasts a sitting surface composed of narrow wood slices joined by elastic that rest on a cushion, providing responsiveness and conforming to your body like upholstered furniture but with the clean aesthetic of wood. Unlike upholstery it always looks clean, what with a surface that wipes down easily and cushions that are completely hidden. Each is custom made in Los Angeles to one of four sizes in either domestic walnut or ghost oak.

LEarn more at Sitskie – $4,000+

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Nora Smart Snoring Solution

If you snore, you’re obnoxious. Sure, you don’t mean to, but that doesn’t help your partner who wakes up 40 times a night thinking there’s a bear next to them. Enter the Nora Smart Snoring Solution. When you sleep, your upper throat muscles relax which reduces your airway, in turn causing vibrations which manifest themselves as snoring. Nora senses those vibrations caused by your lazy throat muscles and triggers a silent, non-invasive padded pillow insert that moves your head ever so slightly, stopping snoring before it starts. The 3-piece system is comprised of a sensor, a padded insert and a mini-pump. The sensor is placed near your bed, the pad under or in your pillow and the pump on the floor. Nora even comes with an app that allows you to view your sleep statistics, like time quiet, times Nora kicked into gear, and even downloads for your doctor.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $200

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Plus Concrete Modular Storage Solution

The Plus Concrete Modular Storage Solution is so versatile that it’s hard to define. Plus is composed of three distinct units: a storage cube, which can also be used as a seat, a larger bench, and an accent table. However, each of these three units can expand its initial function to numerous others, including a shelf, bookcase, coffee table, nightstand, and corner cabinet. Made from concrete and carved in simple angles, these pieces are aesthetically sound in a minimalist way while also being remarkably adaptable to the needs of your space. They do weigh a ton, though.

Find it at the Gessato Shop – $360+

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Gorilla Carts

Forget unstable wheelbarrows. If you’ve got hard work to do around the yard, try one of Gorilla Carts’ Dump Carts on for size. These heavy duty garden carts are equipped with large pneumatic turf tires, padded handles, a steel frame, and one of a variety of bed types and sizes, including poly (shown) or steel mesh. Unloading the carts is effortless thanks to a quick-release design that has the back wheels fold towards the cart’s middle to release its goods smoothly using gravity. The carts are also all effectively maintenance-free and can move up to 1,200 pounds of supplies, with an optional convertible handle that can hook up behind an ATV or tractor.

Check out their different models at Amazon – $70+

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August Doorbell Cam

Pairing particularly well with their Smart Lock, August’s Doorbell Cam lets you know who’s knocking — or ringing the doorbell, rather — even when you’re not home. August sends you notifications when the bell is rung or, optionally, if movement is detected at your front door, opening a live HD video (one-way) and audio (one-way) stream if desired. The cam installs easily by connecting to your existing doorbell wiring, boasts both Bluetooth and WiFi for straightforward setup and connection, and records all visits to show you who you missed.

Learn more at August – $200

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Cor Surf Roll-Rack

The first thing you’ll ask yourself after acquiring a kayak or stand up paddle board is where to store the damn thing. And the answer is Cor Surf’s Roll-Rack. This unique all-bamboo rack is 37-inches wide to fit even the largest watercraft and features rolling dowels to let your board slide into place effortlessly. All mounting hardware comes included and the dowels are removable, letting you ditch the middle ones to stash taller kayaks alongside a board above.

Learn more at Cor Surf – $190

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