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Ballistics Bench

Limited edition by its very nature rather than marketing purposes, each one of Oliver Apt’s Ballistics Benches is crafted using repurposed ammunition boxes and wholly embraces its raw, original finish, printed with lot numbers and labels detailing the munitions or explosives once held within. They make particularly good entryway pieces, as these steel leg-fitted benches also swing open to stash goods and outerwear to be kept handy.

Find it at Oliver Apt. – $700

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Vipp Limited Edition Anniversary White Release

“Good design never goes out of fashion,” Vipp founder Holger Nielsen used to say. He was right. Since 1939, few improvements have been made to his iconic bins. Originally sold to doctors, dentists and veterinarians, he produced them in white to match the institution walls where his invention found a home. Holger would have turned 100 in 2015, and to commemorate, Vipp is releasing several products in the original white color, dubbed “Anniversary White.” Pedal bins, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and toilet brush holders are available in the retro color complete with handwritten logo imprinted on each. What began as a labor of love for Holger evolved into a passion for good tools.

Available in March. Learn more at Vipp – $75 to $319

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Parker Wool Sheepskin Bean Bags

The bean bag: a staple of many a college dorm room across the country. As a piece of furniture in an adult home, however, it’s a little tougher to pull off. Unless of course we’re talking Parker Wool’s Sheepskin Bean Bags. These shaggy, luxurious bean bags are made of natural sheepskin and complement just about any type of decor. They come in two sizes — a normal 3′ or a downright massive 6′ (in diameter) — and make for a great spot for reading, gaming, or just general lazying.

Hit up Parker Wool for details – $1,200+ [via]

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Fallen Furniture Exhaust Lamp

If you, like us, think that adorning your living room with a turbofan engine exhaust is awesome, you’ll definitely appreciate Fallen Furniture’s Exhaust Lamp. This 6-foot tall lamp is built upon a polished stainless steel stand and displays a BAE 146 exhaust that’s been repurposed as the light’s fixture. A complex process of sanding, polishing, and heating goes into creating the remarkable colors on the cone, which is then fitted with an Italian holophane glass that diffuses the light warmly.

Learn more at Fallen Furniture – Price upon request [via]

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Easy Sort Laundry Bags

If you’re anything like us, you accumulate about 4 weeks worth of worn clothing before mussing up the courage to do the laundry. This also means a lot of last minute sorting, which can be avoided altogether with a few Easy Sort Laundry Bags. These well-labeled 300-denier polyester bags make sorting your laundry straightforward, which a dedicated bag for darks, whites, and a (deliberately?) humorous third one appropriate for delicates or other special case clothing.

Hit up PB Teen for details – $30 [via]

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feature post image for Luna Smart Mattress Cover

Luna Smart Mattress Cover

Make your bed smart in the time it takes to slip on a mattress cover with Luna. Equipped with a handful of discrete, unobtrusive sensors including biometrics (body temperature, respiratory, and heart rate), ambient temperature, light, sound, and more, Luna invisibly tracks the quality of your sleep without having you wear anything, then reports back on its smartphone app with recommendations. A smart alarm wakes you up at just the right moment in your sleep cycle to avoid grogginess, and built-in, dual-zone heaters warm up your bed to help you and your partner relax and fall asleep quicker. It also teams up with your activity tracker, smart thermostat, smart locks, and more, ensuring your house is locked down and lights are off when you hit the hay. Plus, it’s even machine washable.

Last chance to get 20% off retail. Learn more at Luna – $199

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Nixie Machine

Luxurious, sculptural timepieces need not be mechanical. Take Frank Buchwald’s Nixie Machine for M.A.D.Gallery, a gorgeously elaborate clock crafted of 350 brass and steel pieces, and fitted with six original 90mm Nixie tubes — produced in the early 1960s — to tell time. The tubes are rigged up as three pairs for hours, minutes, and seconds, and alternately shows the date, all set automatically thanks to both GPS and DCF77 receivers. Available as part of a limited run of 12 pieces, half burnished, half stainless steel.

Learn more at Mechanical Art Design – roughly $27,500

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Symbol Stereo Console

Symbol’s Stereo Console doubles as both a console for your audio system and part of that system itself. This stunning handcrafted piece boasts a powder-coated steel wire frame stand, an optional LP storage bin, room for a turntable, and built-in cable management to eliminate all wires from sight besides a single power cord. Oh, and it’s also got two 4″ full range titanium cone speakers and a down-firing 8″ subwoofer, powered by its 2.1 Class D amplifier and controlled by an included remote.

Learn more at Symbol Audio – $3,700

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Vipp Shelter

Building your dream getaway can take serious consideration and painstaking amounts of effort. Or it can be as simple as online shopping with the Vipp Shelter. This 600-square foot prefabricated living space is inspired by large volume vehicles like planes and submarines and boasts two stories, the lower of which is encapsulated within floor-to-ceiling windows that accentuate the presence of nature all around. The Shelter comes equipped with everything necessary to make it fully livable, including furniture; the only thing you’ll need to figure out is where to put it.

Read more at Vipp – $585,000

Float Magazine Rack

We love holding a good physical magazine in our hands as much as the next guy, but unfortunately our reading material piles up month after month in literal stacks around the house. J-me’s Float Magazine Rack keeps your individual mags organized, visible, and off your coffee table in a way that’s far more conducive to them actually being read. Its minimal frame is made of chrome plated steel in three colors — chrome, black, or white — and holds up to twelve magazines at once.

Grab one on Amazon ($70) or j-me (roughly $75) [via]

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