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feature post image for Cantilever Flatware

Cantilever Flatware

OCD running rampant when your utensils — or the part that touches food, anyway — comes into contact with the table or counter below it? Cantilever Flatware is a set of stainless steel flatware that’s specifically designed to put distance between the knife, fork, and spoon segment of each utensil and the table, all without the use of napkins or balancing tricks. Each is also nicely weighted and nice to look at. The same concept is also carried over to a set of chopsticks and cooking utensils.

Find it at iLoveHandles – $25

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feature post image for Mighty Toothbrush Holder

Mighty Toothbrush Holder

Declutter your bathroom sink with Tooletries’ Mighty Toothbrush Holder, a sleek, minimalistic bathroom accessory that fuses a toothbrush holder, razor rack and a jewelry dish all on a compact wall-mountable plaque. The holder’s special silicone adheres to smooth flat surfaces without the need for permanent adhesives or suction cups, sticking to mirrors, glass, or tiles with simple pressure. It also comes in five colors (we’re partial to charcoal, shown), bears drainage holes in its main compartment to shed water for use in the shower, and boasts ample space for toothpaste plus a toothbrush or three.

Find it at Kickstarter – $15

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feature post image for Outdoor Bean Bag Chair

Outdoor Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs are the epitome of comfort. So don’t let a few raindrops keep yours from the poolside. Restoration Hardware’s Outdoor Bean Bag Chair is constructed from weather-hardy Perennials and Sunbrella fabrics that stave off stains, mildew, and hold up well against ultraviolet light’s fading effect. It’s 50-inch diameter is sufficiently large for serious loafing and an extensive choice of colors and textures lets you find one that fits your porch or yard best.

Pick one up at Restoration Hardware – $600+

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feature post image for Threepence Motorcycle Helmet Rack

Threepence Motorcycle Helmet Rack

Your motorcycle helmet is tasked with the all-important role of protecting your skull. Show it off with the Threepence Motorcycle Helmet Rack, a wall piece appropriately constructed of 530 chain that’s stiffened via welding to provide a nesting place for your helmet. It’s available in both Solo and Double oak-mounted variants for holding one or two helmets respectively, and also optionally boasts a hook at its base for keys or other hangable accessories. And if you want to save a few bucks by mounting it yourself to a completely different surface, Threepence also offers a DIY Solo version that includes the stiffened chain alone.

Learn more at Threepence – $125

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feature post image for Artifox Bike Rack

Artifox Bike Rack

Display your ride on a rack that’s worthy of it with the Artifox Bike Rack. Uniting solid hardwood like maple or walnut with powder coated steel hardware, this rack is built to last and frees up more space versus just leaning your bike on a wall. The mounting system self-levels the rack along any surface while concealing the final screw with a magnet, and the leather-guarded wheel holder fits all bike wheels up to 4.5″ in width.

Find it at Artifox – $250

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feature post image for Staeckler Shoe Storage System

Staeckler Shoe Storage System

Show off your favorite kicks at home — and we don’t mean strewn on the floor of your entranceway — with the Staeckler Shoe Storage System. Available in white, orange, blue, or grey, each Staeckler mounts using either included adhesive pads or screws plus wall anchors for smooth laminates or wood/plaster/particleboard, respectively, and holds virtually any shoe with a heel, even most high tops. Functional decor at its finest, at least if your shoes are actually worth displaying.

Learn more at Staeckler – $12

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feature post image for Bare Light

Bare Light

Naked light sockets are typically unattractive. Bare Light lets the beauty of its internal components shine through thanks to the use of glass instead of plastic for the socket, crafted by glass blowers in Los Angeles, making it a perfect, minimal lighting solution all alone or as a series. Another result is that the glass also refracts light upwards from the light bulb, illuminating the base of the cloth cord from which it hangs.

Find it at Brendan Ravenhill – $195 [via]

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feature post image for Mercedes-Benz Home Battery

Mercedes-Benz Home Battery

It started with Tesla’s Powerwall, and now Mercedes-Benz is also getting ready to sell you a home battery. Daimler’s unit packs 2.5 kWh of energy versus Tesla’s 7, hopefully making up for it with a lower price point (so far unannounced). The battery can buffer energy use in solar powered homes or to circumvent the grid’s higher prices during peak hours, daisy chains in combinations of up to 8 units for higher-demand settings, and also comes in more flexible commercial versions with much higher capacities.

Learn more at Daimler or order at ACCUmotive (German site) – $TBA

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feature post image for EverBlock


We’d build furniture with our Legos if we could, but even the giant bins full we have are barely enough to construct a solid foot stool. EverBlock addresses this issue with oversized plastic building blocks that can be quickly assembled into complex large scale objects. Blocks come in a variety of colors and include a 12″ four by two piece, 6″ two by two, 3″ one by two, and 12″ smooth finishing caps for flat tops where desired. Connector clips and reinforcement rods are also available to optionally add reinforcement for bigger projects, like sheds or tents.

Learn more at EverBlock Systems – $4+

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feature post image for Urge Head-Headers Man Cave Holders

Urge Head-Headers Man Cave Holders

Attention to details. That’s what makes the difference between mediocre and envy-enducing man caves. Urge’s Head-Headers Man Cave products are a line of towel racks, paper towel and toilet paper holders crafted to look like the exhaust headers from Chevy and Ford engines. Each is solidly crafted out of pure stainless steel and shows off your gearhead pride from behind the bar right to the bathroom.

Learn more at Urge Gear – $65 to $125

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