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feature post image for Vipp Daybed

Vipp Daybed

Move over feinting couch, the Vipp daybed has arrived. This horizontal wonder is crafted with a 100% aniline leather mattress (not to be confused with airline leather which is limited in width to 17” and a horizontal shift from uncomfortably erect to 3 degrees). Only 5% of all raw hides offer the natural leather softness and texture that Vipp requires. All this luxury rests on a solid aluminum frame, which in turn sits on adjustable bolts for a customizable height that supports the bevy of leather hides and transverse and parallel stitching of the mattress. And it’s available in black, ebony, onyx, midnight and pitch (okay, only in black).

Learn more at Vipp – $TBA

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feature post image for Tempescope


Your smartphone shows you a cute little graphic representing current and future weather conditions. Tempescope takes it to another level, instead recreating these conditions inside of a controlled environment to let you know at a glance what to expect outside. The device pulls weather forecasts from your smartphone and can simulate rain, clouds, lightning, and sunshine — though you do need to put the final pieces together yourself to make the unit operational. Sadly it can’t form snowflakes or recreate thunderbolts, but maybe in a few years.

Learn more at Indiegogo – $200

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feature post image for Leaf Cannabis Growing System

Leaf Cannabis Growing System

Wish you could grow your own cannabis? Soon you’ll be able to with the Leaf Cannabis Growing System. This plug-and-plant pot-growing system is about the size of a large mini fridge and handles all the work, including feeding, providing light using a custom NASA-made growlight, monitoring water and air temperatures, humidity, pH, and more. Leaf’s smartphone app displays all environmental parameters in real time, even letting you watch your plants using its inwards-facing HD camera. No need for feeding charts or other cumbersome tracking methods: just plant and let Leaf grow you some high quality stuff.

Reserve yours at Leaf – $1,500

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feature post image for iRobot Roomba 980

iRobot Roomba 980

iRobot’s latest robotic vacuum cleaner is also its smartest yet. While similar in appearance to its predecessor, the Roomba 980 connects to your home’s WiFi and is controlled entirely from its companion Android & iOS apps which handle scheduling, an archive of cleaning jobs already completed, plus the option of setting multiple passes for an extra-clean home. Moreover, an on-board, low-res camera compiles a list of landmarks to help the machine map your home, making for more efficient cleaning paths as it gets to know what stands in its way. An extended battery also keeps the Roomba 980 swallowing dust and dirt along for up to two hours at a time — usually enough to clean a whole floor before making its way back to its charge station for a top up.

Find it at iRobot – $900

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feature post image for Ferrowflow Ferrofluid Sculpture

Ferrowflow Ferrofluid Sculpture

Essentially a contemporary lava lamp (only way cooler), the Ferrowflow Ferrofluid Sculpture moves around its namesake substance automatically in what we can only describe as an extremely mesmerizing distraction. Tap any part of Ferrowflow’s touch sensitive top half to turn it on or off and its rare earth magnets come to life, raised and lowered by a powerful servo motor to manipulate the shape of the ferrofluid below. Alternatively, turn the knob to gain manual control over the magnet to play with the fluid in real time. Its components are also built with the finish of a fine watch, including lab quality glass, a stainless steel base, and T8 anodized aluminum upper cylinder.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $220+

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feature post image for Mazama Wares Glassware

Mazama Wares Glassware

There’s no denying the enhanced experience that’s achieved by drinking from finer drinkware. Mazama Wares’ Glassware aims to accomplish precisely that, designing a series of cocktail, wine, and pint glasses that are each hand blown from soda-lima glass into stunning, practical, and comfortable pieces that will quickly earn a spot amongst your favorites — and be called upon time and time again for your best alcohol. Available in three colors: smoke, clear honey, and clear aqua.

Learn more at Mazama – $34 to $38

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feature post image for Bulbing 2D LED Lamps

Bulbing 2D LED Lamps

Bulbing’s series of 2D LED Lamps are an incredibly unique take on the traditional reading light. Seen from the side each lamp appears to sport a three-dimensional wire frame shade, gorgeous in its own right. A closer look — or a rotation of the lamp — reveals its low-profile, two-dimensional design, with an acrylic shade that’s still bright enough to use for reading or to function as a night table light. It’s also equipped with a dimmer to set just the right mood, boasts a plywood birch frame, and lights up using ultra efficient, long lasting LEDs.

Learn more at Kickstarter – roughly $70

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feature post image for Kelvin LED Green Table Lamp

Kelvin LED Green Table Lamp

Made of a combination of die-cast and extruded aluminum parts, the Kelvin LED Green Table Lamp is likely far prettier than whatever’s currently lighting your desk. More interesting, however, is its built in Daylight Sensor which lets the lamp automatically adjust its light output by analyzing the brightness of the work surface below it, decreasing energy use when ambient lighting is compensating partially. It’s also controlled and adjusted to several brightnesss using a touch sensor dimmer on the lamp head and, with the optional motion sensor, even turns itself off after 5 minutes if movement is no longer detected. Green indeed.

Find it at FLOS – $400+ [via]

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feature post image for Darwin Tank Jellyfish Aquarium

Darwin Tank Jellyfish Aquarium

When it comes to pets, few are more exotic than the ones contained within the Darwin Tank Jellyfish Aquarium. This domed borosilicate glass tank shows off up to three jellyfish nudged around by the current created by its StreamMaker diffuser that lets water circulate without harming or aspirating the delicate creatures. Else, it’s fitted with individually controllable RBG LEDs that light the tank up in various colors and hides all pump, filters, and tubes inside its cube-shaped base.

Check it out at Kickstarter – roughly $2,380

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feature post image for Railyard Studios Ping Pong Table

Railyard Studios Ping Pong Table

A regulation ping pong table up top held up by salvaged railroad parts make up the Railyard Studios Ping Pong Table. Each table is built using on rails originally manufactured in March 1904 that have served moving trains for over 100 years and that are propped up on oak and hickory timbers. A steel net — i.e. another rail — meets height and width regulations of the International Table Tennis Foundation although a net also comes with the set for a more traditional setup. Fortunately, the price also includes delivery and installation of this hefty table anywhere in the Continental United States.

Find it at Railyard Studios – $14,000

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