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feature post image for Couchlet


USB outlets are easy to find if you’re at your desk. On the sofa? Not the case, unless you’ve got a Couchlet between the cushions. Shaped like a wedge, Couchlet stably nests between cushions, mostly out of sight and mind until called upon to charge your phone, tablet, or console controller. It works with your existing wall charger thanks to the included removable 6 foot long USB cable, charges two devices thanks to dual USB ports, and sports a fold out arm that even lets you wedge it vertically under a mattress or couch cushion.

Learn more at Indiegogo – $16

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feature post image for Red Wood & Blue Cricket Dart Board

Red Wood & Blue Cricket Dart Board

Cricket’s your game? The Red, Wood & Blue Cricket Dart Board strips down the board to the essentials, removing all parts unused — including most of the dart board itself. This first edition run is limited to 100 pieces and crafted using hand picked American Walnut frames alongside 1 1/4″ Basswood for the board itself, which is laser etched with numbered triangles. Also included are walnut and turkey feather darts, each made by hand and balanced by a third generation dart maker. The only problem we foresee is actually biting the bullet and throwing darts at this work of art.

Find it at Red, Wood & Blue – $300

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feature post image for SNAP Furniture Legs

SNAP Furniture Legs

Make your own table from just about any relatively flat surface or board with SNAP furniture legs, a set of two, three, or four colorful & versatile steel wire legs. Affixing SNAP is simple: pull back on the flexible portion, slip it over a board, then release and cinch its cable, forming a solid table capable of bearing loads of up to 154 lbs. Otherwise, SNAP will optimally work with boards that are 0.4- to 1.6-inches thick (but can work with irregular surfaces as well, such as a bike wheel), is easily stackable to make shelves, and creates highly portable furniture, letting you take the table apart and pack it in the trunk of a car.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $60+

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feature post image for Pikaplant Tableau

Pikaplant Tableau

Responsibilities and general forgetfulness can make keeping plants tricky. Conversely, the Pikaplant Tableau makes it so easy even frequent travellers can do it. Tableau is composed of three ceramic pots, a glass reservoir, and a steel base, funnelling water from the latter to the capillary fabric lining the base and in turn to the plants, as they require it. When all the water is sucked up from the fabric the reservoir is tapped for more water, mimicking the wet-dry cycle in nature all while requiring zero electricity to run. And with up to 6 weeks of watering on a single fill and the fact that remaining water levels are available at a glance, the risk of your plants drying up before a refill is essentially nil.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – roughly $140

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feature post image for Merge Concrete Desk Accessories

Merge Concrete Desk Accessories

Don’t worry about knocking over or displacing 22’s hefty Merge Concrete Desk Accessories, though we suggest watching your feet if one does fall off your desk. With every stage of both design and production achieved by hand, these uncompromising concrete pieces are staunch, long-lasting, and inspiring in a sort of minimalistic way. Available in blue or grey in pen holder, cardholder, and tape dispenser components.

Find it as individual components or as sets at MollaSpace or Dwell – $65+ [via]

feature post image for Zero Hour Nightstand

Zero Hour Nightstand

At first glance the Cloaked Zero Hour Nightstand looks like your run-of-the-mill nightstand, albeit handsomer than most with its walnut veneered body and contrasting drawers atop raw steel hairpin legs. Around on its back side lies a concealed door, however, which opens with a firm inwards press to trigger its push latch. The hidden compartment within is roughly 4-inches deep, plenty of room to stash a few valuables or a fat stack of cash.

Learn more at Cloaked – $450

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feature post image for Nuimo Universal Dial

Nuimo Universal Dial

Modern technology can accomplish a whole lot in our homes. But using your connected devices to their full potential is often cumbersome, like a media center with too many remotes. Senic’s Nuimo Universal Dial makes controlling your devices far more intuitive by using more physical controls all in one place. Equipped with a simple touch screen, a 360 degree analog ring, and gesture recognition, Nuimo’s inputs adapt to the function in question: for instance, turn the dial to adjust volume, or, if your hands are dirty, palm over the device and lift up or down to raise or lower it. Nuimo also connects to your Bluetooth Low Energy enabled devices and works with a variety of devices and apps including Sonos, Philips Hue bulbs, smartlocks, and a slew of music-playing apps, the list of which will continue to grow thanks to its open platform.

Check it out at Kickstarter – roughly $120+

Tags: Home, Tech
feature post image for Smartflower Pop Solar System

Smartflower Pop Solar System

We’d all love to be self sufficient — particularly when it comes to our energy consumption — but most solar systems require cumbersome custom rooftop installations. The Smartflower Pop Solar System instead offers a plug-and-play solution, installing in your yard in as little as one hour. While relatively small in photovoltaic surface area, the Smartflower Pop continuously faces the sun throughout the day to produce up to 40% more output than traditional installations. And its intriguing design isn’t just for show: at night or in strong winds the petals fold up and stack to secure itself in an entirely automatic manner.

Learn more at Smartflower – $TBA

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feature post image for Beer Cap Maps

Beer Cap Maps

Collect beer caps but not for any specific reason? Beer Cap Maps should finally bring meaning to your collection. These maps are cut from 5mm thick plywood and feature holes shaped to accommodate nearly all common bottle caps with a simple push. They’re available in designs that cover all 50 states as well as 9 countries and make for interesting wall pieces, hanging up with nothing more than a couple of finishing nails.

Grab one at Beer Cap Maps – $40+

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feature post image for Varidesk Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk

Varidesk Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk

Sitting for hours on end may slowly kill you, but the steep cost of acquiring a standing desk will have most settling for the former regardless. The Varidesk Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk is a solution that’s a little easier to swallow. Instead of replacing your existing desk entirely, this solid contraption sits atop it and by default provides a small boost in height for your laptop, monitor, or dual screen setup — something most of us could use while sitting, anyway. When you’re ready to stand, a spring-assisted lifting mechanism rated for 35 pounds raises the display surface by nearly 18 inches in just a few seconds, along with a platform for your keyboard and mouse. Best of all it comes fully assembled right out of the box, meaning setup is as easy as placing it on a desk and loading on your computer rig.

Pick one up at Amazon – $350 [via]

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