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Reforms Collapsible Bucket

Everyone needs a bucket if not just to complete the ice bucket challenge, but the room to store it in our cramped flats is lacking. Fortunately, you won’t need much with Infusion Living Reforms Collapsible Bucket. Made of silicone, this two-gallon bucket folds down to a height under 2 inches – small enough to slip under or between the other junk you’ve been hoarding for too long. It’s also adjustable to 4 distinct height settings, sports a stainless steel handle, and works out great for camping and other road-bound trips for obvious reasons.

Pick one up on Amazon – $30

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Swing Bin

Swing Bin is the stunning result of tireless effort, thought, and passion poured into a seemingly mundane everyday object like the trash can. A two piece design, Swing Bin consists of a wooden lid and ABS can - white with maple or black with walnut – that come together with no hinge, mechanism, or moving parts of any kind. Instead, the cleverly balanced lid sits on a slight cutout in the tube, swinging down when pressed before closing slowly with a light, satisfying click. And while it won’t hold a trash bag, relegating it to recycling or cleaner waste duties, its crevasse-free design and cover that comes right off greatly simplifies cleaning should the need arise.

Pledge at Kickstarter – $65+

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Buster + Punch Electricity Light Switches

You know those ubiquitously boring white light switches adorning the wall of nigh every home you walk into? There are better options, and that also applies to the junk your local hardware store stocks. Take for instance Buster + Punch’s Electricity range of Light Switches, all made of combinations of solid metal including steel, brass, smoked bronze, and anodized aluminum. Each substantial dimmer or switch is diamond-cut knurled for tactility and is offered in single or double switch units that secure to a wall with matching penny buttons.

Check out the full lineup at Buster + Punch – $30+

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The Floyd Leg Color Collection

Want to build your own furniture but lack the know-how and the willingness to learn? It’s probably for the better, since a set of Floyd Legs plus a slab of something – reclaimed wood, metal, whatever – will look nicer anyhow. These steel legs come in either 16″ or 29″ heights, attach to materials up to 2″ thick using a simple clamp, and are now offered in vermillion red, pastel blue, and saffron yellow in addition to the original’s black and white. Their quick setup also makes for ideal portable tables, mounting and dismounting in just minutes.

Learn more at The Floyd Leg – $179 to $189 for a 4-pack

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Iris Z-Wave Garage Door Controller

Add one more to your smartphone’s ever-growing list of capabilities with the Iris Z-Wave. Mount this garage door controller near your opener, connect its two wires to your opener’s input terminals, then plug it in to a socket to begin wirelessly controlling your garage using the Iris smartphone app from anywhere in the world. It works with virtually any opener and an associated tilt sensor detects whether the door is open or closed, relaying this information to you through the app as well for peace of mind. Only one catch: you absolutely need Lowe’s Iris smarthome hub ($100) to actually use it.

Find it at Lowes – $100

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Velo Sock

Knox on fox in socks in box. The good Doctor can remedy the pains of a poor jacked up fox, but when it comes to home décor… well you remember the cat in the hat. Enter Velo Sock. Velo’s bike sock is the answer when you want to express your personality through functional, livable home accents. This sock fits over the wheels of your bike, not only protecting your floor from road exudation, but doing so in style – 10 styles, in fact. Made of a flexible 90% polyester, 10% spandex material, each sock can fit a bicycle with a length from 1.6 to 2 meters in length. In the happenstance that one of the ten designs doesn’t fit your living space, custom covers are available. And when the inevitable happens and the sock gets dirty, just turn it inside out for a good scrubbing (actually gentle is better).

Learn more at Velo Sock – $69

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Dyson DC59 Motorhead

Lugging a canister vacuum through the house, up stairs, across an untidy man cave floor, and to the car is an absolute drag. Lucky, then, that Dyson’s lightweight DC59 Motorhead handily outperforms other cordless vacuums with regards to suction, even topping many full-sized machines. At its core lies Dyson’s lightweight V6 motor and 2 Tier Radial cyclones that generate high centrifugal forces to spin even microscopic dust out of the airflow. The DC59 Motorhead also boasts hygienic bin emptying at the push of a button (think trap door on its underside), a wall-mountable docking station, 24 minutes of cleaning time per charge, and also includes a variety of accessories to adapt to any task at hand, including carpets, hard flooring, plus ceilings and hard to reach corners.

Hit up Dyson to learn more – $550

Presented by our friends at Dyson.

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Yardstash III

Running out of space in the garage/closet/storage room for your various sporting goods? If you’ve got a yard (or a balcony, in a pinch), don’t put them up on eBay just yet; try Yardstash III instead. Bringing various improvements over Yardstash II, this outdoor storage solution now features a stronger, UV-protected vinyl tarpaulin roof, a more rugged polyester body, plus top and bottom zippers to fully seal the door to shut out water, dust, and pests. It’ll easily stash a pair of adult bicycles with room to spare, a lawn mower, or loads of other seasonal tools that are otherwise bound to uselessly occupy floor space for months.

Find it at Amazon – $130

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Blink Home Monitoring & Alert System

Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia. The Blink Home Monitoring System lets you be your own Big Brother without the downside of interfamilial relations. Blink is a 100% wire free, Wi-Fi monitoring alert system that works via an app on your iOS or Android. Battery powered with a one year battery life, this little marvel is designed to go or be positioned anywhere, recording HD video whenever motion is detected. You’ll get an alert on your smartphone instantly with the recorded video, so you’ll be able to handle any potential security risk appropriately. If you’re nosy, the same technology lets you use your phone to look at life through Blink’s eyes, or access the built in temperature function to gauge the comfort level at home. If one Blink isn’t enough, you can easily connect more to create an iron dome of secure goodness. Because seeing is believing, Blink utilizes advanced low-light LED illumination for video access day or night. And with its built in microphone, you’ll not only see, but hear Blink’s surroundings. But don’t worry about being the focus of your monitors ever-watchful eye: an unhackable indicator and optional audio alert tells you when Blink is recording.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $120

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Death Star Rug

The search is over for Star Wars diehards looking for the perfect rug to adorn their man caves. Totem’s Death Star rug is a head-on view of one of sci-fi’s most recognizable superweapons, depicted in a manner that’s surprisingly tasteful, all things considered. Quality’s also a non-issue, since each 6′x6′ Nepal-made rug is hand-knotted in wool & bamboo. But with only five set to be made, better hurry.

Read more at Totem Rugs – $3,300

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