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feature post image for Hudson Valley Hard Goods Guitar Stands

Hudson Valley Hard Goods Guitar Stands

If run-of-the-mill wiry metal guitar stands don’t do your instrument justice, Hudson Valley Hard Goods Guitar Stands should. Available in three styles, each is made using walnut or ash coupled with copper and brass accessories for cleaner, more elegant designs. The Hyla (shown, left) mounts on a wall and holds your guitar by its headstock, rotating on a central axis to adjust to it while shielding contact points with thick leather pads. Alternatively, the Bord (right) boasts a cantilevered design that secures most Fender or Gibson style guitars by the bottom of the body, no neck support required.

Learn more at Hudson Valley Hard Goods – $165 to $230

feature post image for Ferrolic Ferrofluid Clock

Ferrolic Ferrofluid Clock

Digital but with a tangible, physical edge, the Ferrolic Ferrofluid Clock drops liquid crystal for a far more mesmerizing display material: ferrofluid. The clock boasts a basin filled with free-flowing ferrofluid that can be pulled, shaped, and moved thanks to powerful electromagnets behind the display and hidden from view. The governing software is also accessible, letting experienced users can repurpose the clock’s magnets to display custom shapes and transitions completely unrelated to time telling. And while technically still in development you can reserve one of the first 24 pieces for yourself, albeit at a price.

Learn more at Ferrolic – roughly $8,500

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feature post image for Winemaking Process Glass Set

Winemaking Process Glass Set

Chances are you’re into wine. So it logically follows that you should be at least somewhat familiar with how it’s made. Pop Chart Lab’s Winemaking Process Glass Set lets you learn about it all while drinking thanks to its set of two red wine and two white wine glasses — detailed with gold and silver ink, respectively — that are adorned with the intricate steps and processes that go into crafting the wine in each and every bottle. They might even inspire you to try your hand at making some yourself.

Read more at Pop Chart Lab – $45

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feature post image for Nebia Shower

Nebia Shower

By now, you’ve had your fair share of showers. But none like Nebia. Instead of using large nozzles as do most, Nebia atomizes the water into millions of minuscule droplets, resulting in a mist that has 10 times the surface area of a typical shower stream to better clean and hydrate your skin. The result is also the sparing of water, wasting 70% less compared to typical shower heads and paying itself off in savings within a couple of years. Else, Nebia mounts to your shower’s wall using its anodized aluminum bracket, which slides up and down for height adjustment, and also features a compact wand for those tough to reach spots (or for giving your pets a thorough wash).

Learn more at Kickstarter – $300

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feature post image for Eva Solo Gravity Cookware

Eva Solo Gravity Cookware

Cookware lids are typically a pain. The Eva Solo Gravity Cookware series greatly improves upon this necessary evil. Unlike most lids that sit either on or off, Gravity’s multifunctional lid can also stand on the pot’s edge to prevent condensation and foodstuff from dripping all over your cooking surface. They’re also equipped with both a built-in steam vent and glass aperture that lets you see what’s going on in the pot even when closed, and an integrated colander facilitates draining out water and other liquids. Moreover, the stainless steel pots themselves are minimally yet functionally designed, complete with litre markings on the inside for estimating volumes and cold, flat handles upon which to rest cooking utensils between stirs.

Check out the lineup at Amazon – $130+ [via]

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feature post image for Solenica Lucy

Solenica Lucy

Illuminating a room with natural light takes bright sunlight and, more importantly, perfectly angled walls and windows, unfortunately decided by the way your home was built and thus nigh impossible to modify after the fact. If you aren’t so lucky, Solenica’s Lucy can help. Just place Lucy in a spot with a direct view of the sun, point its “nose” towards the ceiling of the room you want to illuminate, and let it do its thing, diffusing the harvested sunlight over a large surface area to brighten up the room in question while providing enough sunlight to help plants grow efficiently. Powered by solar energy, Lucy’s mirror follows the sun throughout the day to continuously illuminate the same spot, and it’s weatherproof for outdoor use as well if nailing an optimal angle indoors proves difficult.

Learn more at Solenica – $150

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feature post image for Topo Coasters

Topo Coasters

Interesting, conversation-starting coasters are surprisingly difficult to find. Tom Will Make’s Topo Coasters are just that, however, each built of layered cork — each with a slight color variation — to represent topography of an actual place, in this case part of the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. And if you’re inspired to seek out the place, every coaster is laser engraved on its veneered back with the geographic coordinates of the land it honors.

Grab a four-pack at Tom Will Make – $39

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feature post image for WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

Unless you’ve got a riding mower, mowing the lawn is a drag. Fortunately, like for vacuuming, there’s a robot to do the job for you: the WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower. Initial setup requires installing an unobtrusive perimeter wire — hidden below the growing grass — to define the area requiring mowing, as well as setting up the charging station. Landroid handles the rest, mowing your lawn regularly and efficiently, even navigating narrow passages and slopes of up to 20 degrees. You can also customize mowing schedules and cut height to your liking for a perpetually manicured lawn. And it requires nearly no maintenance, automatically docking with its charger when the job is done.

Pick one up on Amazon – $1,000

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feature post image for Fred & Friends City Water

Fred & Friends City Water

Watering plants seems the simplest of tasks, and yet the consistency is hard to master. Prevent another untimely death with Fred & Friends’ City Water. More interesting than your run-of-the-mill self-waterer, the water tower-shaped device fills with 4 ounces of plant drink and slowly drains into the soil as needed. Plus, its frosted borosilicate glass tank, propped up by a powder-coated steel frame, shows water remaining to let you know when a refill is in order.

Preorder at Fred & Friends – $22 [via]

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feature post image for Black Diamond Knife Block

Black Diamond Knife Block

A knife block you’ll definitely want to show off, Edge of Belgravia’s Black Diamond Knife Block is crafted of stainless steel and plastic, and makes an impression with its open, angular frame that shows you what blade you’re going for even if all their handles are alike. The block fits up to 11 knives with blades as thick as 4 millimetres, each easy to extract yet simultaneously secure thanks to a clever use of weighting. Plus, its rather vertical stance saves space over traditional knife blocks.

Find it at Edge of Belgravia – roughly $140

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