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feature post image for Amazon Dash Button

Amazon Dash Button

Household staples running low need no longer be manually added to your shopping list with the Amazon Dash Button. These compact gadgets connect to your home’s WiFi network using Amazon’s smartphone app and link up to your Prime account. They stay handy thanks to both an included hook and reusable adhesive, and instantly place orders for the given product — amongst a growing list of over 250 everyday items — at the push of a button. And don’t worry about a mischievous child (or, more likely, male friend) spamming the button: Amazon only sends another if your order’s been delivered, unless otherwise configured.

Exclusively for Amazon Prime members and by invitation only. Find it at Amazon – $Free

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feature post image for Cloak Rugs

Cloak Rugs

Sure, hardwood floors are gorgeous, but we’ll still take a well-placed rug to break up monotony. Cloak unites the craft of carpet making with stunning contemporary design. Made of pure wool, bamboo and silk, or leather, these carpets are luxurious and long lasting by the mere nature of their materials, further reflected in their elegant patterns and careful, subtle use of color. They’re also sustainably fabricated using absolutely no harmful substances. Meaning you can’t use that as an excuse to keep the kids from playing on them.

Read more at Cloak – $200+ per square meter

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feature post image for Plywerk Vinny Record Display

Plywerk Vinny Record Display

The physicality of yesteryear’s music formats are what we miss most about them. Plywerk’s Vinny Record Displays let you show off your favorite record covers right on the wall, either one at a time in the single model or two with the gatefold. Each frame is handmade of restoration juniper and finished with walnut corner splines for a clean, minimal look that puts the record cover within in the spotlight.

Check it out at Crowd Supply – $60 to $70

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feature post image for LED Buster Bulb

LED Buster Bulb

As gorgeous as they are, we have two main gripes with Edison bulbs: their price and their longevity. Buster + Punch’s LED Buster Bulb is as close as light-emitting diodes have come to emulating the unique mood provided by the former. A resin light pipe softly and cleanly diffuses the light through teardrop-shaped glass shells, each finished with a satin metallic sheen in gold, smoked grey, or bright crystal. Rated at 3W, they consume a mere fraction of the energy of conventional bulbs and last roughly 10,000 hours, or about 5 years at six hours of use per day. Use them as direct replacements for your existing E27 base incandescents, or grab a couple with solid steel, bronze, or copper fixtures matched to matt black rubber cords.

Find it at Buster + Punch – roughly $60 (bulb) to $195 (with fixture)

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feature post image for Evermade Hand Drawn Maps

Evermade Hand Drawn Maps

The intricate beauty of a map makes for perfect wall art in a bachelor pad. Stare for a few seconds to see larger patterns; analyze it while longer and you’ll catch its complexities and minuscule details. This applies doubly to Evermade’s Hand Drawn Maps, a series of colorful, intricately-designed maps complete with landmarks of note, pop-culture references, facts, and other places of interest cherished by locals. The series covers five cities — Berlin, London, New York, Paris, and San Francisco — each the result of months of research and painstaking illustrative work by Jenni Sparks. And frankly the former is not one bit surprising.

Find them at Evermade – roughly $112+

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feature post image for Glowpear Urban Garden

Glowpear Urban Garden

Too busy to consistently care after something as simple as a plant, but want one anyway? Then the Glowpear Urban Garden is for you. This versatile planter is designed to grow a wide range of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs, boasting a 3.5 gallon water reservoir encapsulated between its walls. Just check the level indicator and simply top up when low. And thanks to its drip tray and hard wearing, corrosion-resistant HDPE construction, the Urban Garden is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use alike.

Read more at Glowpear – $200

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Tuft & Needle Mattresses

Between commission-craved salesmen breathing down your neck and unrepresentative five minute test runs in a store with your jeans on, mattress shopping is an excruciating experience, even before you spot the price tag. Instead, drop the brick & mortar mattress shopping and try the world’s — and Amazon’s — highest rated mattress. Each Tuft & Needle mattress is made start to finish in the USA using T&N foam fashioned into a minimal two layered design that’s then wrapped in high-quality Tactel fabric. This simplicity results in superior breathability while their custom foam’s heat wicking characteristics draw heat outward away from your body for a better night’s sleep. It also conveniently ships to your door vacuum sealed in a surprisingly small box, and if you don’t love it you’ve got 30 days to send it back, hassle-free.

Learn more at Tuft & Needle – $350 to $750

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feature post image for Movie Director Portraits

Movie Director Portraits

Paying homage to some of the biggest names in cinema comes the first of Stellavie’s Movie Director Portraits. Created by Julian Rentzsch using both analogue and digital techniques, this triad of prints subtly slips in references from the body of work of each director into an unmistakable portrait that’s then finished with an important quote that sheds light on the inner workings of their mastery. Each 16- by 20-inch portrait of either Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scorsese or David Lynch is printed on textured acid-free cotton paper with archival quality inks and is hand numbered by the artist himself. Though if you can’t see your wall without one you’d better act fast, since only a total of 200 hand-numbered prints per edition are being made.

Read more at Stellavie – roughly $100

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Ballistics Bench

Limited edition by its very nature rather than marketing purposes, each one of Oliver Apt’s Ballistics Benches is crafted using repurposed ammunition boxes and wholly embraces its raw, original finish, printed with lot numbers and labels detailing the munitions or explosives once held within. They make particularly good entryway pieces, as these steel leg-fitted benches also swing open to stash goods and outerwear to be kept handy.

Find it at Oliver Apt. – $700

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Vipp Limited Edition Anniversary White Release

“Good design never goes out of fashion,” Vipp founder Holger Nielsen used to say. He was right. Since 1939, few improvements have been made to his iconic bins. Originally sold to doctors, dentists and veterinarians, he produced them in white to match the institution walls where his invention found a home. Holger would have turned 100 in 2015, and to commemorate, Vipp is releasing several products in the original white color, dubbed “Anniversary White.” Pedal bins, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and toilet brush holders are available in the retro color complete with handwritten logo imprinted on each. What began as a labor of love for Holger evolved into a passion for good tools.

Available in March. Learn more at Vipp – $75 to $319

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