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Artifox Desk

At first glance, a slab of wood with four legs might seem like all you really need in a desk. But it took Artifox to show us how wrong we were. Artifox was conceived for individuals who are (to varying degrees) multitaskers, tech geeks, neat freaks, and for anyone else who spends long hours glued to their desk. A tidy cable management system puts all of your unsightly cables within a closed box at the back – just slip in a narrow power strip – and an integrated, angled dock holds your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, e-reader, etc) as they charge. What’s more, a dry-erase whiteboard helps keep tabs on your to-do lists or current projects. It’s even got a place to hang your headphones or backpack: both legs boast a peg on which to hook your gear.

Learn more at Artifox – $1,100+

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The Many Varieties of Whiskey Chart

Left bewildered by the seemingly boundless whiskey choices in today’s liquor stores and bars? Let Pop Chart Lab demystify this spirit with their latest chart, The Many Varieties of Whiskey. Covering all major producers including American, Canadian, Irish, and Scotch whisk(e)ys, this diagram is godsend for the more visual, breaking down each category into types, brands, and particular products. Every print is stamped onto 100 lb. archival paper, signed and numbered by the artists, and comes either as a standalone poster, mounted to a panel, or in one of three wooden frames.

Get one at Pop Chart Lab – $29+

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Stand Desk

We’ve long heard of the health benefits of standing desks, but without any reasonably priced options the only solution has been placing our pricy notebook computer atop a precarious stack of books (something we evidently don’t practice very often). Finally one hits the mark that’s set at only twice the price of a typical Ikea desk, and just as easy to build as one, too. Stand Desk is based on a steel frame fitted with a laminate or bamboo surface, and adjusts anywhere from 28 to 45 inches in height. Better yet, this takes virtually no effort, as a built-in motor handles the load and raises up to 225 pounds at a speed of 0.75-inches per second, letting you switch between sitting and standing in seconds. A premium model includes controls with 4 memory preset options and every unit includes a cable management tray to handle the ups and downs.

Reserve yours at Kickstarter – $400+

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Bourbon Barrel Bottle Opener

It sort of feels natural for a wall-mounted bottle opener to be crafted from up-cycled wood pulled from bourbon whiskey barrels over of fresh timber – after all, weathered wood staves are just loaded with personality. Wood Thumb outfits each one Bourbon Barrel Bottle Opener with an old school, nigh indestructible stainless steel bottle opener and three powerful rare-earth magnets embedded in the wood below that catch falling caps, holding up to 30 at a time. Inherently, each opener is unique in appearance, a fact that only makes these even more desirable in our books.

Pick one up at Wood Thumb – $62

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Record Frame

Show off your latest record while keeping it within reach with Sonntagsstaat’s Record Frame. These handsome frames are handcrafted of dark Walnut or Northern European Birch, and let you effortlessly slide in a single record cover, with or without contained vinyl, for storage and viewing. Logically, we’d hang one on the bare wall above our turntable.

Learn more at Sonntagsstaat in Walnut or Birch – roughly $120

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Skypak Wine & Whiskey Bar

Skypak is a German company that designs highly functional airplane trolleys. But they’re actually not for use on aircraft: instead, Skypak is dedicated to overhauling standard airplane trolleys into modern, edgy items that will seriously upgrade any room, no matter the interior design. Skypak’s La Barrique Collection sees them adapted into coolers or storage space for wine, beer, whiskey, or your poison of choice. Each unit is handcrafted in Germany using up-cycled wood from reclaimed barrels and/or from famous chateaux around Europe. The cooler includes 2 separate temperature zones for both red and white wine, a touchpad control panel with background lighting, while all models come standard with multiple sliding wooden shelves ready for labelling, a locking handle, and a stainless steel door fitted with a glass window.

Learn more at Skypak - $2,900+ [via]

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Bullet Chess Sets

To us, a good chess set is just like a desirable piece of artwork: it’s interesting, starts conversations, and is just slightly controversial. Case in point: Olde World’s Bullet Chess Sets. Bullet shell casings are cut, slashed, curled, and bent into every standard chess piece, occasionally fitted atop wooden mounts, and paired with either wooden or hot rolled steel game boards. Sets vary wildly in style, appearance, bullet size, and price, the Mini sets taking the cake in terms of affordability. Stunning is an understatement. Heavy might be as well, but then what self respecting chessboard isn’t?

Check out the full lineup at Olde World’s Etsy Shop – $169+ [via]

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DOC Convertible Sofa & Bunk Bed

“Transform and roll out.” Optimus Prime gave the directive to the Autobots in every single encounter with Megatron; Sun Tzu wouldn’t have approved of the predictability. Clei’s DOC sofa accomplishes the same maneuver in a more stylish fashion. This space saving sofa was designed for small pads and for those who like to squeeze every ounce of functionality out of their furniture. An exceedingly simple movement transforms this seat into a practical bunk bed, including supports and an integrated ladder. The DOC is also available XL format, comes in dozens of fabrics and colors, sports a removable covering for easy washing, and is utterly perfect for revisiting slumber parties in adulthood.

Find it at Bonbon UK - roughly $5,000

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Red Cedar Wood Cooler

Nothing adds a touch of low-class to a barbecue or tailgate like a flimsy styrofoam cooler. While that’s not to say there isn’t a time and place for everything, Williams-Sonoma’s Red Cedar Wood Cooler lies on the opposite end of that spectrum. Its removable plastic cooler insert is completely disguised thanks to a handcrafted Western red cedar chest around it, complete with legs to raise the goods within, antique iron handles, a built-in bottle opener, and a hydraulic shock absorber to prevent the lid from accidentally slamming shut. Throw in an extra fifty bucks and they’ll even engrave it for you with up to 15 characters, though we’ll just need four to spell the beverage we’ll fill it with.

Read more at Williams-Sonoma – $400 to $450 [via]

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Big City Prints

When it comes to prints and posters, bigger is undoubtedly better, in our case mainly because we’ve still got loads of wall space to fill. And big the pieces that make up City Prints Elite collection are. Amongst our favorites include the Roads of the World Map (left) and Streets of the States, each two feet in height as to accurately detail the impressive roadwork laid by humans across both the planet and this country, respectively. Each poster is printed on heavy paper stock with a subtle metallic shimmer, yielding a unique visual effect, and shipped in heavy-duty mailing tube to ensure prompt – and safe – delivery.

Eye the lineup at City Prints – $90

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