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Samsung Chef Collection Induction Oven

Induction stove tops come with a handful of advantages over gas burners, including improved safety, energy efficiency, and faster heating. Regardless, there’s something whimsical about cooking with a ring of flames around your pots and pans, not to mention the fact that it gives off a clue as to how hot you’ve got it. And while it’s not quite the same, Samsung’s latest Chef Collection Induction Range comes close with its set of virtual flames, shone upon your cookware using LEDs that grow brighter as temperatures are turned up. The oven itself also boasts their Flex Duo system with Smart Divider that lets you cook two separate dishes at two distinct temperatures without transferring aromas thanks to its dual convection fans. Otherwise, an intuitive (but possibly intimidating) control panel guides you through selecting cooking options one step at a time, its Chef Bake mode keeps temperatures consistently even for nailing those tricky dishes, and a gliding rack with ball bearing mounts that lets you slide large, heavy items in and out of the oven without herniating a disk.

Hit up Samsung for details – $3,700 [via]

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Ikea Bekant Sit/Stand Desk

Ikea’s Bekant obviously isn’t the first (or last) hybrid sit/stand desk, but it is the furniture giant’s first foray into this market segment, and soon, the likely go-to option for the masses. This 63-inch wide particleboard desk comes in a wide range of colors, boasts a steel powder coated frame, and also adjusts in height from a minimum of 22″ to a maximum of 48″ at the push of a button. Of course, you’ll still have to put it together yourself, but isn’t that half the fun?

Find it at Ikea – $600 [via]

Avi-on Wireless Light Switch

Rearranging a room shouldn’t start and end with the furniture. The Avi-on movable light switch greatly simplifies the task of moving or adding additional switches as it pairs wirelessly with all Avi-on powered products, including their Bluetooth smart bulb, GE’s plug-in smart dimmer, and many more. Pair a switch to a bulb or dimmer in just a few clicks using their mobile app, stick it to a wall within 100 feet, and Avi-on is ready to use. Other features include dimming functionality straight from the switch, the option to set timers or schedules from the Android & iOS app, and a battery life of three years.

Check it out at Avi-on – $60

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Desu Leather Coasters

If your tables are worth protecting, step up your game with Desu Design’s Leather Coasters. These 4″ x 4″ coasters are cut from thick, heavy-duty vegetable-tanned bridle leather, adding raw appeal that goes hand in hand with a glass of well-aged whiskey. Custom monogram yours with up to three letters that are hand-stamped onto each coaster at no extra charge.

Grab a set of six at Desu Design – $38 [via]

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Dyson Humidifier

Granted, it won’t arrive in time to stave off dryness this winter, but we’re still excited for Dyson’s first stab at the humidifier market. This sleek, gorgeous device uses the company’s Air Multiplier technology to quickly and, more importantly, quietly project humidified air through a room size of up to 172 square feet. Unlike many of its competitors that disperse microbes in the air, Dyson’s employs Ultraviolet Cleanse technology that exposes each drop of water exiting the machine to sterilizing UV light, killing 99.9% of bacteria within. It also doubles as a high-velocity fan sans humidification to get you through the hotter, wetter months, avoids over-humidifying by compensating for temperature, and works for up to 18 hours on a single tank of water.

Coming in fall 2015. Learn more at Dyson – $TBA

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Stumble Upon Sofa

With a ridge in its carpet that shouldn’t — and can’t — be flattened, Alessandro Isola’s Stumble Upon Sofa kills two birds with one stone in that it’s at once a couch and carpet. This uniquely designed piece features carbon fibre-reinforced undulations to create a large, asymmetrical seating area on one side and a casual lying space on the other, otherwise extending to cover a downright massive amount of floor with carpet. It also boasts a small shelf on the larger open end of the sofa for stashing books, and, fortunately, padding over the hard frame comfort.

Read more at Alessandro Isola – $TBA [via]

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Horizontal Shower

It’s like wet shiatsu. The Horizontal Shower is the world’s first (only?) reclined shower. Six Water Bars controlled by a single eTOOL panel respond at the push of a button. These wide Water Bars are set above the user and feature three pre-programmed water therapy “sessions” designed for balancing, energizing (alternating warm and cold), and de-stressing effects. The result is an almost meditative, sense-harmonizing, soul-cleansing experience. Towel not included. Neither is a bathroom big enough to house one.

Learn more at Dornbracht – $35,000

Tags: Home

The Floyd Shelf

The Floyd Leg lets you transform any interesting slab of wood (or any material that will fit, really) into a fully functional table, so it was only logical that their next piece of work would be The Floyd Shelf. This two-bracket set comes in either red, white, or black, and bolts to your wall, clamping down on any flat material up to 1 and 5/8 inches thick to form a shelf of virtually any width. Each shelf is Detroid-made and rated to a combined load of 50 pounds, including the shelf material.

Find it at The Floyd Leg – $85

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Magnetic Oven Glove

Forget unsightly hooks or giving up valuable drawer space for your oven mitts. Instead, keep them at hand and in plain sight by swapping your pair out for Suck UK’s Magnetic Oven Glove. Predictably, this 100% cotton glove boasts strong magnets that let it stick to the metal on your oven or fridge, always ready to take some heat. Try pairing it with the brand’s magnetic towel ($10) to rid your kitchen of its towel rack, too.

Grab a pair at Amazon – $15 [via]

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SnapRays Guidelight

Need a nightlight but have no intention of polluting your otherwise clean hallway with a gaudy gadget sticking out of a socket? Try SnapRays Guidelight instead. This plug-and-play wall socket cover replacement installs in seconds — no fiddling around with wires required — and packs a light sensor along with three downward-facing LEDs. Come night, the lights turn on to give a base level of visibility in a hallway, kitchen, bathroom, or other socket-equipped room. Best of all its LEDs are incredibly efficient, rated for 25+ years of use, at a price of about 5 cents per year per guide light in electricity.

Grab some at Amazon or Snap Power – $15+

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