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Tactical Walls Firearm Shelves

Easily the coolest [realistic] way to stash your firearms, Tactical Walls’ shelves keep them handy in a living room or bedroom, simultaneously discretely and readily accessible should they ever be called upon. Each shelf is USA-made and boasts a finish in your choice of wood, unlocks using a magnetic key, and lowers gently thanks to pneumatic struts on the inside. Included is a foam insert to cut to your specific needs, plus all the brackets necessary for installation. We’d also recommend springing for the optional LED lights that automatically illuminate when the shelf is opened. And if you don’t own any guns? Hell, we’d just as soon stuff it with secret snacks.

Hit up Tactical Walls for details – $295+ [via]

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Simple side and coffee tables are a little too one-dimensional for the modern guy’s gear. iSkelter’s Caddy foregoes the age-old characterless flat surface for one that’s much more comprehensive, complete with slots for propping up a few smartphones, both with and without cases, a pair of recessed drink holders, plus a felt pad for keeping remotes handy. And you won’t find any flimsy fiberboard here – instead, Caddy employs a machined bamboo top surface fitted atop a hand-welded steel frame that’s built to last.

Find it at Kickstarter – $269

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Mega Hammock

We’ve seen big hammocks before, but the Mega Hammock puts them to shame without breaking a sweat. This three person hammock offers up a massive 8′ by 15′ lying surface, probably big enough for a few more and with a total weight rating of 1,000 pounds. Each unit is hand-crafted from colorful coated ripstop nylon by an FAA-certified parachute rigger for standing up to years of use. And if it doesn’t quite cut it size-wise, feel free to submit your specifications to HummingbirdHammocks for a quote.

Grab one at Etsy – $375

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City Prints Spaceflight Maps

City Prints have been making wall-mountable prints of cities and other earthly wonders for some time now, but they’re taking it interplanetary with their latest line of Spaceflight Maps. These artful prints detail Freedom 7 – the first human spaceflight conducted by the United States – as well as several Apollo mission trajectories, a map of the Kennedy Space Center, plus the moon’s surface marked with landing sites of all probe and human expeditions alike. Each piece is printed on gorgeous, slightly shimmering Pearlescent paper, easily making these prints worth of few empty spots on the walls of your man cave.

Learn more at City Prints Map Art – $50

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Cesarré Kara Barbecue

Cesarré’s Kara isn’t cheap, but then, that was probably pretty apparent. That’s out of the way, now let’s get into what this aerotrim-like device can actually do. This substantial ring-in-ring structure features a 20″ by 20″ height-adjustable, stainless steel grilling surface at its core for cooking grub over charcoal, a design that works great for lifting your food off the flames to keep them warm or for serving. Overbuilt and excessive, maybe, but Kara’s perfect if you’re purposely trying to run up a big bill decking out your home.

Learn more at Cesarré – roughly $7,300 [via]

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Smart Cloud

A literal cloud, not one that sits in a data center halfway around the world, Richard Clarkson’s Smart Cloud is first and foremost a lamp but with a bit of a twist. Using motion sensors, this cloud notices your presence, setting off a light show that closely mimics that of a thundercloud, accompanied by thunder via its power built-in speakers. Else, it can also play music, and its color-changing light lets you set your desired warmth and brightness for either lighting up the place or simply showing off the thing. Or, save a few bucks with the lamp-only model.

Get the details at Richard Clarkson - $3,360

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Greg Klassen River Tables

Never satisfied with tables built from simple slabs of wood? Greg Klassen’s works are likely to be of more interest to you. Each table is fashioned from discarded slabs of elm, maple, or walnut, pairing their intact live edges with meticulously hand-cut blue glass to form shapely rivers that span their entire length. Choose from a coffee table, conference table, console, or dining room piece to lighten up any room – and accompanying wallet.

Learn more at Greg Klassen Furniture Maker – $3,600 to $9,000 [via]

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Roomsafari Triangle Hanger

The Triangle Hanger was designed for those that care about the aesthetics of their hangers as much as the clothes they support. Inspired by the instrument, these hollow aluminum triangles do away with everything unnecessary, including the hook. Instead, a small opening lets them slip over wardrobe rods for hanging. Only downside: replacing your current collection of hangers might annihilate your wardrobe budget.

Learn more at Ode To Things – $35 (silver) to $38 (black)

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LED Edison Light Globes

Filament-based Edison bulbs tend to look a lot more interesting than their modern LED counterparts, but damn do they burn out fast. Edison Light Globes’ 3 Watt dimmable LED is a solid compromise. Packed with lines of LEDs on yellow circuit boards, these dimmable bulbs use just a fraction of the electricity consumed by traditional bulbs and produce a warm, pleasant color temperature of 2,400K. They’re also available in a few shapes to accommodate your fixtures and/or decor.

Find them at Edison Light Globes – $30 to $40 [via]

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M&U Co Valet Tray

Most accessory trays couldn’t keep up with the rate at which we’re accumulating gadgets. But then most aren’t quite as thoughtful as M&U Co’s Valet Tray. These solid cherry or walnut pieces are adorned with a strip (or several) of contrasting maple, all harvested sustainably in the USA. Two large main compartments help separate your wallet, keys, and other miscellaneous gizmos from your scratch-prone smartphone, which is nestled in its own oversized recess – ready should you up your screen size in the near future – that’s complete with a notch for a charge cable.

Grab one at M&U Co – $55 to $88

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