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feature post image for Nendo Kame Upright 55 Suitcase

Nendo Kame Upright 55 Suitcase

Its name means tortoise in Japanese, but the Nendo Kame Upright 55 Suitcase is a hell of a lot more flexible than its namesake. A hard polycarbonate shell protects the contents within while a unique scored fabric cover is super versatile, opening from the top for quick access and rolling up when unzipped fully to make it easier to pack or unpack in tight spaces. It’s also got a pull-out handle, a removable, pocketed lining good for miscellaneous smaller goods that’s hangable for conveniency, plus a built-in cable lock that can simultaneously secure Kame to a post or handrail while locking in its contents.

Learn more at Nendo or Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano – roughly $200

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feature post image for SOG SwitchPlier 2.0

SOG SwitchPlier 2.0

One handed access to your multitool’s pliers usually involves tightly gripping one side, whipping it hard to get the other side to open using nothing but its weight, and — occasionally — unexpectedly flinging the tool across the room. SOG’s SwitchPlier 2.0 is instead cleverly equipped with button-activated, switchblade-like pliers that are easily accessed and used single handedly without any risk of damaged drywall. The SwitchPlier also boasts a variety of other individually locking tools, including a half-serrated blade, 3-sided file, bottle and can openers, wire cutters, a few screwdrivers, and a ruler, as well as a pocket clip to keep it handy.

Grab one at SOG ($64) or Amazon ($48)

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feature post image for XM42 Personal Flamethrower

XM42 Personal Flamethrower

Dream of a quicker way to rid your driveway of ice or wreak havoc on your nemesis’ numerous cash stashes? Grab an XM42 Personal Flamethrower and get to it. This handheld flamethrower eschews the need for heavy pressurized tanks, filling instead with regular old 87 octane gasoline. With a range of 20 to 25 feet this device is intended for outdoor use only (if you know what’s good for you), and can be used to clean snow, quickly kickstart a bonfire, or for pyrotechnic displays, among others. It’s available in either brushed, polished, or black powdercoated steel, the two latter at a premium of one Benjamin.

Launching on Indiegogo on March 23rd. Until then, learn more at XM42 – $700

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feature post image for Black Ember Neoruk

Black Ember Neoruk

A new take on the traditional rucksack, the Black Ember Neoruk can be tailor-fitted to nearly any situation. Multiple bonded and bar-tacked hypalon mag-lock attachment points make the Neoruk compatible with all Black Ember Accessories — including a hard case, military pouch, and roll-top expander — to scale the bag up or down as needed before hitting the field (or the office) with your gear on your back. It’ll also stand up to plenty of abuse thanks to its waterproof carbonate-coated 1000 denier ballistic nylon build, reinforced YKK waterproof zippers, and bracings at its critical weight bearing points. And it’ll even keep your back relatively dry what with its air flow dimensional-mesh backpanel.

Preorder at Black Ember – $212

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feature post image for Aer Fit Pack

Aer Fit Pack

Whether you need a pack that’ll handle your commute to work, to the gym, or to both sequentially, the Aer Fit Pack is about as clean and minimal as they come. An understated aesthetic disguises three main compartments: one for your work essentials, including a laptop, tablet, and accessories; a spacious main one for your clothing or larger goods; and a third dedicated shoe compartment that ensures the rest of your bag’s contents stay fresh and clean. It’s also made tough thanks to durable 900D polyester with a water repellent coating, boasts a comfortable padded mesh back panel, and hides a compact pocket up top for quick access to smaller stuff.

Find it at Kickstarter – $84+

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feature post image for Basics Wallet

Basics Wallet

Minimalist wallets are often just that — a thin, featureless sleeve to stash a few cards, with no real way of organizing them in any way other than a simple hard to access stack. The Basics Wallet, on the other hand, is about as thin as any but also offers both a compartment that puts your single most used card within easy one-handed grasp and a pull tab that reveals your four next most used cards. The elastic body also stretches to accommodate over a dozen cards at once if just five won’t do, and a pocket on the back side holds small stuff like cash, a key, and a bit of change.

Grab one at Basics Wallet – $20

Tags: Gear, Wallets
feature post image for The Bottle Holder

The Bottle Holder

Les Ateliers Hervé’s The Bottle Holder is not the first bike-centric bottle carrier to grace these pages, but it’s undoubtedly the most stunning. The Bottle Holder is handmade and based around two wooden disks wrapped in stitched leather. Slip in a bottle of wine, close it up, then strap it to your bike on the handlebar or parallel along its top tube. It also carries perfectly well by hand thanks to the built-in handle, making it the to-go wine carrier of choice.

Pledge at Kickstarter – roughly $75

Tags: Gear, Vices
feature post image for Recess Wallets

Recess Wallets

Any generic black leather wallet will technically get the job done, but it certainly won’t elicit much passion. Recess was created as an answer to this astounding lack of creativity in the wallet market. Unlike their cheaply-made brethren, each recess wallet is meticulously crafted from supple European and US aniline leathers then finished with contrasting trim and satin or houndstooth-pattern inner lining. They come in three styles — the standard bifold, a frontal bifold (with an exterior pocket), and the sleek holdster — plus five color schemes (Mint Chip shown), each wholly deserving to be shown off.

Learn more at recess (and use code gh20 for 20% off your order) – $96 to $160

Tags: Gear, Wallets

Yoropen Z3

While most pens attempting to improve ergonomics do so by providing ultra thick, cushy grips, the Yoropen Z3 takes a more ambitious approach, instead quite literally changing the angle at which it writes. The Z3 accomplishes this thanks to its tip that takes a curve — along with the cartridge inside — and hits the paper at a reduced angle, increasing visibility while putting the nib even further away from your hand for decreased smudging. Most importantly, the ambidextrous design also relieves pressure on your wrist while in use, aided by an adjustable rubber grip to improve writing posture and help stave off carpal tunnel syndrome.

Grab one at Yoropen or at Amazon – $65

Tags: Gear, Pens
feature post image for Jack + Mulligan Whitman Knapsack

Jack + Mulligan Whitman Knapsack

Functional they may be, but most backpacks can’t exactly be classified as mature or refined. Jack + Mulligan set out to make the opposing case with their Whitman Knapsack. This minimal rucksack is built of rugged, water-repelling canvas, complemented with chocolate brown leather accents and fitted with matte silver hardware. Behind the buckle and flap is a main compartment with a padded back and two interior pockets — each big enough for a 15″ laptop, a few notebooks, or other goods — while two exterior side pockets keep a water bottle or two in close reach.

Find it in Navy (shown), Regatta Blue or Sand at Jack + Mulligan – $200

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