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Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag

As clean and timeless as it is functional, the Bomber Barrel is the ideal companion for overnighters, hitting the gym, lugging your gear to work, and everything in between. Virtually every part of this pack is overbuilt: the bag itself is made of ripstop nylon and boasts wrap-around carry handles, military-grade clips, an adjustable leather-padded nylon shoulder strap, and emergency paracord zipper pulls, just in case. All this makes for a duffel that’s weather-resistant, ultralight at just 14 ounces, and simple, with just one large compartment and two pockets, one inside and one outside.

Grab one at Kickstarter – $60

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Bushkill Blades The Necker

There was a time that every gentleman carried a pocketknife. Bushkill’s flagship model Necker isn’t that knife. Like all Bushkill blades, the Necker is handcrafted in Bushkill, Pennsylvania. Though diminutive in size with an overall length of 5.5” and a drop point cutting edge of just 2.5”, the 1/8” thick 80CrV2 high carbon steel with ¾ height hollow grind plus a convex cutting edge (yeah, it’s just that cool) and HRC rating of 61 make this blade tough enough for any job. Designed to be worn around the neck for easy access, each knife comes with a kydex sheath that’s set up for standard milspec carry options with breakaway clasps for safety. Blade finish options include polished chrome, gun metal grey, stone grey, and Alabama Damascus (shown), with handle options available to customize your knife further.

Find it at Bushkill Blades – $100+

Gerber MP600 Bladeless Multitool

By default most beefy multitools include a blade or two, landing themselves on the non-compliance list of many institutions and industrial facilities. Gerber’s Bladeless Multi-Plier MP600 avoids potential issues by skipping the knife altogether. It’s still, as always, packed with a slew of useful tools including a one-hand opening needle-nose plier, replaceable RemGrit saw, replaceable Tungsten Carbide wire cutters, scissors, can and bottle openers, a ruler, plus a few screwdrivers. And if a knife’s still a must, the MP600 also comes in bladed form with fine-edge and serrated-blade knives.

Grab one on Amazon – $50 [via]

Tags: Gear, Tools

Wet Shave Club

Skip the battle for cartridge blade supremacy and kick it old school with Wet Shave Club, the quickest way to start shaving with a safety razor. The first box comes packed with the basics and a few extras, including a hefty safety razor, brush, shave soap, aftershave, and a bunch of blades. Subsequent boxes provide more soaps, aftershaves, blades, and more, letting you experiment with a wide range of goods. It also includes a set of instructions that demystify the whole process, from prepping your beard to angling the blade just right.

Learn more at Wet Shave Club – $29

Tags: Body, Gear

The Six Mile Pencil

Wood pencils are a little like erasers and staples in that we’re more likely to eventually misplace them than actually actually use them down to a tiny stub. The Six Mile Pencil employs a bit of creativity to increase the likelihood that we’ll stick with the same one pencil until there’s nothing left to show for it but pages and pages of notes. Produced in England by one of the few remaining pencil manufacturers, these bright yellow pencils contain enough graphite to write text that tallies up to about 6 miles — or 10 kilometers — in length. And whether you prefer to imperial or metric, they’re available with markings set in either.

Find it at Kickstarter – $8+

TKSP Ti-Brass Pen

The pocket pen: a crucial part of our everyday carry. And at about 4-inches long, Tactical Keychain’s TKSP Ti-Brass Pen has all the makings of a solid contender for that coveted spot alongside our wallets and keychains. These precisely machined titanium pens are capped with a raw or polished brass screw cap and boast machined grips (optionally colored), a dry weight of 17 grams, and compatibility with arguably our favorite ink cartridge for the road, the Fischer Space Pen refill. Though we’d be hard pressed not to shell out the extra bread for the high polish edition (shown).

Pick one up on Kickstarter – $50+

Tags: Gear, Pens

Grably №15 Vinyl Beard Comb

Repurposed goods, in particular vinyl, are nothing new. Upstairs’ Grably №15, on the other hand, is the first time we’ve seen old records upcycled into combs. These handsome combs are embellished with a double rake emblem and make short work of your grooming needs, boasting longer, thicker, and widely set-apart teeth for tackling even the curliest of beards. Alternatively, their Grably №20 sports closer set teeth for more hair-oriented usage.

Find it at Upstairs Shop – roughly $12

Tags: Body, Gear

Broquet EDC Kit

If you’re looking to revamp your everyday carry but don’t know where to start, take a gander at Broquet’s EDC Kit. Compact yet full of function, this set includes an aluminum Machine Era Co wallet good for 2 to 6 cards plus cash, Gerber’s Dime multitool that’s packed with 10 functions, a four-mode INOVA Microlight LED flashlight, and an Inka pen/stylus. Plus, it’s held together by a Niteize carabiner keychain with slide lock to lug it around all at once.

Find it at Broquet – $69

Tags: EDC, Gear

TUL Suitcase

When’s the last time you actually weighed your luggage before checking in or carrying it on? If you’re like 99% of people, probably not until your airline forced you to. Here to simplify things is TUL, a suitcase with a built in scale that helps prevent unpleasant run-ins with even the most anal airline agents. Unlike other packs with scales, TUL’s doesn’t require the suitcase to be upright to function — hell, it barely even needs to be closed, working to tell you the weight of its contents and TUL itself as you fill it with stuff. It’s also water-resistant, includes a PoronXRD jacket, and comes with a TSA-approved lock that secures its main zipper.

Read more at Kickstarter – roughly $205

Tags: Gear, Travel

EDC Card

Most multitools are more than your wallet can handle. Not EDC Card. This S35VN stainless steel card effortlessly equips the user with a variety of useful tools for their everyday carry, including a slew of hex wrenches, a prybar & nail lifting slot, both metric and imperial rulers, flathead and phillips screwdrivers, a 1/4-inch hex driver, and a bottle opener. It also packs away in virtually any wallet’s credit card slot and is TSA compliant. How’s that for handy?

Hit up Kickstarter for more info – $25+

Tags: Gear, Tools