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Phorce Freedom

Your devices lack long lasting batteries, but that’s a non-issue when lugging them around in Phorce’s Freedom. This versatile, lightweight bag transforms from backpack to messenger bag or briefcase in just seconds and boasts a 15,000 mAh power core with two USB ports to charge up to a pair of devices — your smartphone, tablet, camera, smartwatch, etc — simultaneously. Other features include numerous padded compartments to store your 13″ laptop or A4 documents alongside smaller devices, rubber cable rings that cleanly route charge cables, and a high performance fabric construction that renders the pack both durable and water resistant.

Learn more at Phorce – $200

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Cascade Wallet

Stop shuffling through the numerous cards in your wallet with Cascade. This durable machined aluminum wallet limits you to 7 cards — or 5 with raised lettering — but makes up for it with its ejection mechanism that, in a single flick, displays its contents in a cascade fashion to make each and every card visible and instantly accessible. It also boasts money clip that retracts flush with the wallet when not in use, protects your cards from RFID skimming, and works with the optional Cover to add room for 8 additional cards when going the minimal route just won’t cut it.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – roughly $50

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TGT Deluxe

Free up some (read: tons of) space in your pocket with TGT’s minimal wallets. The TGT Deluxe boasts a super slim elastic body that holds between two to twelve cards and that’s attached to a soft, stretchy lambskin double pocket for organizing cash and/or a key or two. They come in a large variety of color combinations and, best of all, take up hardly any more space than would carrying your cards or cash with an elastic band.

Check out the full lineup at Tight – $42+

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SOG Elite Entrenching Tool

Got enough spare room in your trunk for a stack or two of A4 paper? Then you’ve got little excuse not to pack SOG’s Elite Entrenching Tool. Equipped with a collapsible handle that folds back in towards the carbon shovel, this tool extends to its full length of 26-inches and is always ready to help move dirt, sand, or — most importantly right now — snow. It also boasts a wood saw hidden inside its handle, adding a bit of extra functionality with minimal additional weight.

Pick one up on Amazon – $45 [via]

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Nitecore Tiny Monster

The average car headlight puts out an odd 1,000 or so lumens, making Nitecore’s Tiny Monster — at a brilliant 3,800 — even more impressive. This handheld flashlight is the smallest yet in relation to its output, relying on four CREE XM-L2 U2 LEDs and four 18650 batteries for 45 minutes at full brightness, or up to 25 hours on lower modes that are accessed using its two stage side switch. It’s also wrapped in an entirely waterproof aerospace grade aluminum body, features an accurate power indicator to ensure you won’t run out of juice unexpectedly, and doubles as a self defense tool thanks to its blinding brightness.

Find it at Amazon – $200

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Outlier Ultrahigh Duffle

Packing light is an understatement with Outlier’s Ultrahigh Duffle. This highly compressible rolltop pack is made of rugged ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and carries anywhere from 15 to 50 liters of stuff comfortably in duffle, messenger, or backpack (with optional extra strap) conformations. It also boasts a magnetic closure on its roll top, two external and one internal zippered pockets, and ultrasuede shoulder pads on its straps.

Find it at Outlier – $450

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Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket

Protecting your smartphone and wallet contents from the elements just got a lot classier than a ziplock bag. Made of Bellroy’s all-weather leather, the Elements Phone Pocket closes thanks to a rugged, water-resistant zipper and boasts plenty of room for all your pocket essentials, including an iPhone 6, cash, cards, plus a key and a Nano SIM thanks to individual dedicated slots. Granted, it’s not made for scuba diving, but it’ll suit your on-land activities through rain, grit, and snow just fine.

Learn more at Bellroy – $100

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Waterfield Razor Case

Fan of the wet shave? Instead of chucking your safety razor haplessly into your dopp kit, carry it around safely with Waterfield Design’s Razor Case. This leather or ballistic nylon case is lined with gold ripstop nylon and sized to fit most small safety razors, closing using a self locking YKK zipper. It’s also got room for spare blades, so all you’ll need to pack alongside it is some shave good soap, a brush, and aftershave.

Find it at Waterfield Designs – $25

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Gift Guide: Everyday Carry

Technically, everybody has an everyday carry. Some are just more enthusiastic regarding the meticulously-handpicked contents in their own. The following items bring diverse value to the EDC of the person you’re gifting — or, more likely, your own — spanning from laces that can start a fire, multitool belts and hair clips, to just generally compact, quality stuff.

1. Flint Laces – $14 9. Retrakt Pen – $40+
2. TIHK Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key – $13 10. Sens Mini Flashlight – $28
3. Ultra Sil Daypack – $33 11. Bison Kool Tool Belt – $20
4. Brass Peanut Lighter – $36 12. Davek Mini – $50
5. Worn&wound Watch Straps – $60+ 13. FreeKey – $8
6. Wingback Wallet – $50+ 14. Leatherdos Multitool Hair Clip – $10
7. OrbitKey (code: GearHungry15) – $30+ 15. Gerber GDC Money Clip – $25 for 4
8. Beta QR Flashlight – $50+ 16. IN1 Multitool Case for iPhone 5/5S – $30

J.L. Lawson & Co Brass Shaving Brush

Step up your wet shave game with J.L. Lawson & Co’s Brass Shaving Brush. These hefty, manually machined brushes are made of solid brass and fitted with badger hair for a quick, rich lather to soften and lift beard hair before chopping them off with your razor. Each limited edition brush is individually numbered and begs to replace that worn-down brush in your current setup — just don’t drop this one on your foot.

Find it at J.L. Lawson & Co – $85

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