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Reforms Collapsible Bucket

Everyone needs a bucket if not just to complete the ice bucket challenge, but the room to store it in our cramped flats is lacking. Fortunately, you won’t need much with Infusion Living Reforms Collapsible Bucket. Made of silicone, this two-gallon bucket folds down to a height under 2 inches – small enough to slip under or between the other junk you’ve been hoarding for too long. It’s also adjustable to 4 distinct height settings, sports a stainless steel handle, and works out great for camping and other road-bound trips for obvious reasons.

Pick one up on Amazon – $30

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FAB Defense Gotcha Cap

Many a good tale begins with, “There I was…”. Imagine the story that follows that three word intro with “…surrounded, wearing just a cap.” The GOTCHA Cap makes the no doubt fanciful tale you’re about to weave at least plausible if not probable. Created as a result of a rare collaboration between professionals drawing on their unique expertise in defense, design and martial arts, this cap means never being caught empty headed/handed. The less-than-lethal self-defense tool within is constructed of a lightweight reinforced polymer composite that is ergonomic and easily concealed in the bill of the cap, keeping personal defense a top-of-mind issue.

Get it in one of several tacticool colors at Amazon – $40

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Sphelar Solar Flashlight

The Sphelar Solar Flashlight is as much a work of art as it is a tool, and then some. This gorgeous minimalist’s flashlight features a translucent tail end packed with spherical solar cells that capture the sun’s rays from all directions, simplifying charging. Top one off and it’s good for four hours of lighting. It also boasts a lanyard hole for hanging, and comes with a wooden base that holds it upright while charging.

Find it at the MoMA Store – $150

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Rite in the Rain Mechanical Pencil

Rite in the Rain’s all-weather notebooks handily put up with adverse weather, but chances are your writing implements – or their inks – won’t. Pair these tough little notebooks with Rite in the Rain’s equally rugged Mechanical Pencil, which boasts a resilient, comfortable resin barrel, an expandable metal tip that secures lead and minimizes breakage, and compatibility with 1.1 mm lead. Plus, like any self-respecting pencil, it’s also got an eraser on its tail end which hides a compartment for stashing extra lead.

Grab one at Amazon or Rite in the Rain – $11 [via]

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Brass Peanut Lighter & Clip

We’re all for redundancy when it comes to important tools. Like carrying multiple bottle openers in case one fails. This also applies to anything relied upon for making fire, so pack a backup with the Brass Peanut Lighter & Clip, a tiny, reliable, waterproof, nigh indestructible lighter that’s American made of solid brass stock. Unscrew its top and light’er up in a pinch, or use it as a candle in an emergency, made possible thanks to its flat bottom.

Find it at Best Made Co – $36

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Tanner Goods Sunglass & Eyeglass Cases

In our experience, whether for sunglasses or prescription specs, nice cases to store them are exceedingly rare. Fortunately, Tanner Goods took it upon themselves to come up with one, and the result is stunning. Inspired by US Army standard-issue cases from the late 1960′s, these eyeglass sheaths are constructed using 5.5 oz Horween Chromexcel leather and feature two folding arms and a wrap-around piece that’s secured in the back with a brass button stud. They come in two sizes – eyeglass and the slightly larger sunglass – and in a variety of colors to suit your precise style.

Hit up Tanner Goods for details – $60 to $65

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Wolfgang Man & Beast Dog Collars

Show your four-legged buddy you care – even if he doesn’t really take notice – by decking him out in a Wolfgang Man & Beast Dog Collar. These handsome, durable accessories add a bit of flair around your pet’s style in a variety of patterns and colors, including the camo DuckLime (bottom left), PolkaDog (top left), as well as some more understated (monochromatic; not shown). Also check out their premium Horween Chromexcel leather collars, each hand-finished and lined with soft, supple glove leather on the inside.

Hit up Wolfgang USA to view them all – $25 to $100

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The Writer’s Block

Petronius, Woolf, Hemingway, Poe, all tormented souls, all suffering tragic ends. Their brilliance and pain are nothing to make light of, but if you find yourself suffering from any writers’ malady, block or otherwise, the Writer’s Block may help organize your thoughts. Machined by hand in Philadelphia with proven techniques and using Type C360 brass, Type 1018 low carbon cold-rolled steel, or Type 304 Stainless steel, the Block is designed to hold your notebook, cell phone, tablet, or anything else .375” or thinner, alongside your favorite pen (or stylus, as it were). Its clean lines and exquisite craftsmanship will only do good for your current desk situation.

Find it on Kickstarter – $39+

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Tessel Anti-Gravity Pack

Space, the final frontier, unless you count the ocean of which less than 5% has been explored. But most agree that as kids we wanted to be astronauts, not fish. So what could be cooler than gear designed and inspired by the space program? The modular Anti-Gravity System is comprised of 4 individual bags, The Anti-Gravity Pack, Rover, Lander and Fuel Cell. First, the Anti-Gravity Pack, is made of 420 D coated nylon with integrated sternum strap and ventilated shoulder straps, a notebook sleeve and 2 hidden pockets, as well as magnetic hardware to attach to other components (Rover & Fuel Cell). The Rover, a case designed for pencils, pens, styluses, zip drives, keys, and your communication equipment (phone), features the necessary magnetic coupling technology to secure it to the Pack. The Lander is reminiscent of bags that held the space helmets of old. It’s designed to carry your 15” laptop with its fully padded, fur-lined interior and features nylon webbing handles for easy carry, plus magnetic attachment points for the final piece of the Anti-Gravity gear carry solution. The Fuel Cell, as its name implies, is perfect for carrying cables, battery packs, hard drives and also mini-tablets. Like the Lander, it boasts a fur-lined interior and is built to the same specs as the entire Gravity collection. So forget the moon and customize your carry for anything Terra Firma can throw your way.

Find it on Kickstarter – $70+

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Aecraft Slim Wallet

Small and simple is an understatement. Aecraft’s Slim Wallet is barely wider than the cards it carries, securing them over two sides using elastic straps. The straps stay tight even when either compartment is empty, meaning it can carry one card, or even just a banknote, as well as it would twelve. It’s tiny, blazing fast to use, and robust thanks to triple-stitching – what’s not to love?

Find it at Aecraft in Black or Natural (shown) – roughly $53

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