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Our small refrigerators can quickly get crowded, but we’re not about to cut any man loose, especially not the beer. BottleLoft instead lets you hang your bottles from the top of your refrigerator, freeing up space underneath for smaller, flatter goods. Each rail sports three strong neodymium magnets on one side and installs easily thanks to the 3M VHB (very high bond) tape on the other, making for a discreet, permanent bottle-holding fixture in your fridge. It also works with Starbucks bottled ice coffee, glass bottled soda, and virtually everything else with an iron cap.

Find it at Kickstarter – $20+

Final Credit Card

Security breaches: they happen every day. The last time one forced us to change a password was yesterday. But when your credit card gets ripped off — whether due to a large online breach or local hooligans rigging physical terminals — replacing it, along with re-establishing all your existing payment relationships with your new number, is a far bigger hassle. Final finally makes this a thing of the past. This credit card is without a physical number on its front, instead creating unique numbers on the fly with every merchant you deal with for complete control over payments. If a merchant’s numbers are leaked online, Final simply replaces yours with a new one. It also lets you set monthly limits per merchant, warns you if they attempt to overcharge, lets you cancel numbers at a whim or create one-time use numbers for secure single purchases, and plays nice with your digital wallet as well.

Coming early 2015. Read more at Get Final – $TBA [via]

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KeyDisk 2

KeyDisk 2 isn’t the first key holder we’ve stumbled upon nor is it the smallest, but it’s most definitely the thinnest that boasts significant capacity. The secret is in its triangular design that distributes keys over three axes, effectively taming up to nine standard keys in one sleek, pocketable disk. A new, hollowed out design helps you quickly find the right key and draw it out while a custom attachment helps rig up a keyring for non-standard keys, like the bulky one that came with your car.

Find it on Kickstarter – $19+

Tags: Gadgets

Exotac FireSLEEVE

The Bic lighter: inexpensive, widely available, and functional enough, but not particularly rugged. Exotac’s fireSLEEVE takes this simple, minimal lighter and equips it to better suit outdoor use scenarios. Fitting over your Bic like a glove, fireSLEEVE protects the gas button from being pressed accidentally in your pocket or pack and renders the lighter waterproof to 3 feet for 30 minutes. It also floats, improves grip, and boasts a gas lock which holds the button down for you, protecting you from hot thumb. And when the included lighter inevitably runs dry, just slide it out and drop a couple of bucks on another.

Find it at Kickstarter – $15

Lightsaber Keys

A lightsaber can open virtually any door, as illustrated by Qui-Gon Jinn in Episode I. These lightsaber keys can also open doors, albeit only the one bearing the lock they’ve been cut to fit. Measuring at 80mm long, each two-pack pack includes both red and blue blank keys in one of three popular key profiles. Just double check your state laws for carrying concealed weapons.

Find them at Guitar Shaped Keys – $10 [via]

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Nope Privacy Shield

Hackers can’t hijack our webcams without our consent… right? If you’re the type to take no chances, Nope is for you. Better than tape and more discreet than Post-its, Nope is composed of two magnets, the first of which attaches to your computer using 3M VHB tape. The other levitates above the screen by magnetic attraction, rotating at a touch to physically cover the camera. Plus, Nope’s magnets are extremely thin at only 0.8mm, meaning they won’t interfere in any way with the closing of your notebook’s screen.

Hit up Kickstarter for more – $5

Tags: Gadgets

Dubs Acoustic Filters

At a concert or a game, it’s often tricky to find just the right sweet spot using earplugs that allows for hearing clearly without sustaining some degree of permanent hearing loss. Doppler Labs’ Dubs Acoustic Filters aim to do just that while looking like something you’d actually wear. These reusable earplugs employ a 17-piece Dynamic Attenuation filter, a passive mechanical system that reduces volume while preserving the sound’s balance and clarity to let you fully enjoy the show, just at a lower volume. Throw in premium materials including silicone, polymer foam plus a cold rolled steel body, and we’ll gladly shell out 25 bones for a pair.

Grab some at Dubs – $25 [via]

Tags: Audio, Gadgets

Clifton Slim Engagement Ring Case

Looking to pop the question in a far off land? Even if you happen to ask close to home, spare yourself the trouble of carrying a typically bulky, cubic ring box and grab a Clifton instead. With a 1 cm profile, i.e. probably thinner than your current wallet, these handsome leather cases come in two sizes to fit even the biggest rock-adorned rings and slip inconspicuously into any pocket. Then, as the case is opened, the ring holder presents the ring with a flower blooming motion for a bit of added effect.

Find it at Clifton – $100 to $120 [via]

Tags: Gadgets

Batman Branding Iron

Need? Not exactly, but that won’t stop us from seriously wanting NiqueGeek’s Batman Branding Iron. 3D printed of steel, this miniature branding iron boasts the Dark Knight’s insignia and simply snaps onto standard, ubiquitous Bic lighters. Then, just light up the flame, hold it for 60 to 90 seconds, and get to branding. Some suggested targets include notebooks, leather, and anything made of wood – though we’re certain that, given one, there won’t be any shortage of things to brand.

Find it at NiqueGeek’s Etsy page – $30

Tags: Gadgets

Noke Bluetooth Padlock

Experts tell us that it takes 30 repetitions for the human brain to remember a given sequence of data. Human experience tells us that 30 minutes is enough time to forget said sequence. If you’ve ever forgotten a combination to a lock or misplaced a key – and who hasn’t? – Noke is the answer. Noke is the first Bluetooth padlock and the first padlock you can share. Using its iOS or Android app, Noke finds and pairs your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone. Then, unlock Noke at the touch of the lock’s shackle: just have your phone within 10 feet of your lock, without having to launch its app or even pull your phone out of your pocket. The app also allows for sharing the lock permanently, one-time, or anything in between. Even if your phone battery dies you’re not locked out, since Noke allows a custom access code to be programmed for access anytime, inputted by pressing on the shackle in a sort of Morse code. And since the technical prowess of a lock is moot if it can’t stand up to abuse, Noke is water-resistant, made of hardened steel and boron, and lasts up to a year on a single battery.

Find it at Kickstarter – $59

Tags: Gadgets