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eTape 16

Tape measures aren’t particularly difficult to use, but we’re all for the convenience that eTape 16’s digital screen brings to the table. Like any good tape measure it packs a 16 foot long marked tape and a locking mechanism, but also boasts a large digital display that tells at what precise distance you’ve measured to either anvil on the tape measure’s body. It also switches between imperial and metric at the push of a button and boasts dual memory buttons to retain the last measurement, just in case your own weary memory wasn’t up to the task.

Pick one up at eTape 16 – $30 [via]

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Exploding Kittens

Fan of The Oatmeal? Then you’ll want to get your grubby paws on a copy of Exploding Kittens. This fast-paced card game plays not unlike Russian Roulette in that you draw a card each turn and hope not to stumble upon an exploding kitten card, which entails certain death — unless you defuse it with a laser pointer, catnip sandwich, or other distraction. Alternately, use cards to rearrange the top of the deck, skip your draw or your turn, or summon a cat card, strategically to avoid, or at least delay, the inevitable, and increase the odds that your opponents explode instead. And since all the art is hilariously drawn by Matthew Inman himself, shuffling through the cards is nearly as entertaining as playing the game itself.

Find it on Kickstarter – $20

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Mininch Tool Pen

Never leave home without a set of screwdrivers? Whatever your reason, Mininch’s versatile Tool Pen might be worth a gander. Made of 6061 aluminum, the Tool Pen works like those push-up pencils of yesteryear, carrying 6 bits — one exposed and five within the pen body — that are sequentially accessed by pulling out the first and pushing it into the back. Each Tool Pen comes with a magnetic cap, 13 bits including a hex set in Imperial or Metric, and can be customized to your precise needs. Oh, and each bit has a marking icon on its side that shows through a window on the pen’s body, eliminating the need for any guessing when trying to finding the right bit.

Find it at Mininch – $60

Tags: Gadgets, Tools

Carbon Fiber LEGO Tiles

Have expensive taste? Spruce up your LEGO creations with a bit of high-end style in the form of Carbon Fiber LEGO Tiles. Currently available for preorder as 1×2 flat pieces, these tiles are made in the United States from 3mm sheets of high-gloss, aerospace-grade carbon fiber. Add a few to your LEGO land vehicles, jets, or anything really — because what isn’t better when inlaid with carbon fiber?

Grab a ten-pack at Kickstarter – $14+ [via]

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Breeze Breathometer

With breathalyzers now wholly affordable, there’s really no excuse to not be in the know and risk a DUI. Breathometer’s Breeze is sized for a keychain and lets you check your blood alcohol content in seconds — no warm up time required — using nothing but your smartphone. Powered for over a year by a single coin cell battery, just pair it to your Android or iOS phone via Bluetooth, launch the accompanying app, and blow. And on top of quickly deciphering your blood alcohol levels, it can also call you an Uber cab with the push of a button and boasts Back to Zero, a function that estimates at what time you’ll be totally sober.

Hit up Breathometer for more info – $100

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Wish you had a comb sized right to slip into your pocket unnoticed? Headgehog’s that comb, and a whole lot more. This laser-cut tool is made from heat-treated stainless steel and boasts a panoply of tools including a bottle opener, four wrenches, a phillips screwdriver, a chip clip, and indentations to double as a phone stand or money clip. All that is especially impressive considering it’s sized like a credit card and measures in at just a hair thicker, sliding into your wallet without a hitch.

Find it at Kickstarter – $12

Tags: Gadgets, Tools

Gerber Zip Light+

Enhance your everyday carry minus the addition of any bulk with Gerber’s Zip Light+. Not much bigger than your average zipper pull, this handy little device is made of stainless steel and pulls triple duty, also packing along a surprisingly bright flashlight and a bottle opener. It’s also designed with a built-in one-handed quick release clip to remove it from your pack or jacket when it use.

Pick one up on Amazon – $10 [via]

Whisker Dam

Frankly, you’ve worked too hard on that magnificent mustache to let it dip into and be spoiled by unsightly beer suds. Whisker Dam is your fix. Handmade using nothing but copper and coated in a non-toxic barrier, Whisker Dam attaches to the top of most pint glasses and forms a barrier to protect your stache while still letting beer get through. Simple, effective, and perfect for all the mustachioed gentlemen in your life.

Find it at Whisker Dam – $20

6061 Mechanical Pencil

Finding a long lasting machined pen online these days is relatively easy, but a mechanical pencil? Not so much. And that’s what prompted Modern Fuel Design’s 6061 Mechanical Pencil. Milled from one solid block of metal, these 0.5mm lead pencils are incredibly strong, not to mention stunning. They come in brass or aluminum, include a removable clip, and should technically last a lifetime, lest they’re sent in to be replaced or repaired for free.

Go pledge at Kickstarter – $6o

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Micro Fiber Lens Cleanse Patches

Cleaning your glasses, camera lens, or slick smartphone display with a shirt varies in results depending on the material of which it’s made. Not the case with these ultrasoft, colorfully patterned Micro Fiber Lens Cleanse Patches. Iron one onto the inside of your favorite hoodie, coat, or tie and always be equipped to rid your gear of oily smudges in an instant.

Grab a 3-pack at Photojojo – $12

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