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Pon Punctureless Push Pin

Cork boards are fantastic productivity boosters, but it always pains us a little to jab a thumbtack through stuff we plan on keeping. And now with Pon you don’t have to. Pon is sized and works just like a push pin except that it sports a tensioned coil able to grip anything with a thickness of between one to eight sheets of paper, all without inflicting any damage whatsoever. They’re small, strong (made of heat-treated stainless steel), and highly versatile to display and present all sorts of stuff on your wall.

Find it at Kickstarter – $7 for 20

Tags: Gadgets

Elastic Precision Rubber Band Guns

While firing off rubber bands using your fingers is acceptable in a pinch, the next time a full on brawl breaks out at work we’d much rather be equipped with a few Elastic Precision Rubber Band Guns. These handsome firearms are made from solid maple or walnut and are modelled after classics like the 1911, the Walther PPK, and the MP5 sub-machine gun (shown). Each boasts a precise semi-automatic firing mechanism, capacity for 5 to 24 rubber bands at a time, and a range of up to 30 feet.

Check out their full arsenal at Etsy – $25 to $80

Tags: Gadgets, Toys

Held Shifter Boot Protector

Repetitive friction with your motorcycle’s shifter eventually wears through any shoe’s unspoiled finish. Prevent it altogether with the Held Shifter Boot Protector. This super simple fix involves a one-size-fits-all elasticized strap fitted with a piece of leather. Just position it over the toe, start riding and stop worrying.

Find it at Town Moto – $8

Tags: Gadgets, Rides

Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

More a sort of welder than a glue, Bondic is the quickest and simplest way to fix or fill nearly anything made of plastic, wood, metal, or fabric. Bondic is much easier to use than glue since it can be positioned — think welding — without drying too quickly, nor will the liquid in the tube dry if you forget to recap it. Then, expose Bondic to UV rays using the included light for four seconds to harden it into solid plastic, at which point it can be painted, sanded, or polished to your desired finish.

Pick up a starter kit on Amazon – $22

Tags: DIY, Gadgets

Bug-A-Salt 2.0

The original Bug-A-Salt is the most entertaining way to rid your residence of errant flies. And while technical advancements on the insect side of things have lagged, Bug-A-Salt’s taking no chances with the Bug-A-Salt 2.0. This new salt shooter is better in every way, with increased power, a quick action safety for increased rate of fire, and the use of less salt per shot to conserve ammo. It still unforgivingly rubs out flies while leaving their bodies whole for easy cleanup and comes either in stealthy Camofly (pictured) as well as the same bright yellow as its predecessor.

Hit up Indiegogo to learn more – $55

Tags: Gadgets

Quip Electric Toothbrush

A toothbrush need not an LCD display, angular, colorful bristles, or to fire ultrasonic waves all in an effort to get your teeth clean. A bit of prodding and encouragement of good behaviors is enough, and that’s what Quip’s all about. This gorgeous aluminum toothbrush is equipped with a motor that pulses every 30 seconds to let you know when to move on from cleaning each quadrant, and at 2 minutes, the recommended time per session. They’ll also automatically ship you new brush heads every 3 months for five bones apiece, optimizing your oral hygiene by reminding you to change it.

Hit up Quip for more information – $25

Tags: Body, Gadgets

Luna Concrete Skin For iPhone 6

Your phone looks like everybody else’s. Shake things up with the Luna Concrete Skin, a far more elegant adornment than a printed plastic skin with a photo of your dog. Thicker than the previous generation, each Luna for iPhone 6 is made using real concrete and comes in both cratered and smooth versions, the former of which — unsurprisingly given its name — emulates the surface of the moon. And, if you ever decide (for some reason) to take it off, its high quality adhesive leaves no residue whatsoever behind.

Hit up Posh Projects for details – $30

Tags: Gadgets

eTape 16

Tape measures aren’t particularly difficult to use, but we’re all for the convenience that eTape 16’s digital screen brings to the table. Like any good tape measure it packs a 16 foot long marked tape and a locking mechanism, but also boasts a large digital display that tells at what precise distance you’ve measured to either anvil on the tape measure’s body. It also switches between imperial and metric at the push of a button and boasts dual memory buttons to retain the last measurement, just in case your own weary memory wasn’t up to the task.

Pick one up at eTape 16 – $30 [via]

Tags: Gadgets, Tools

Exploding Kittens

Fan of The Oatmeal? Then you’ll want to get your grubby paws on a copy of Exploding Kittens. This fast-paced card game plays not unlike Russian Roulette in that you draw a card each turn and hope not to stumble upon an exploding kitten card, which entails certain death — unless you defuse it with a laser pointer, catnip sandwich, or other distraction. Alternately, use cards to rearrange the top of the deck, skip your draw or your turn, or summon a cat card, strategically to avoid, or at least delay, the inevitable, and increase the odds that your opponents explode instead. And since all the art is hilariously drawn by Matthew Inman himself, shuffling through the cards is nearly as entertaining as playing the game itself.

Find it on Kickstarter – $20

Tags: Gadgets, Games

Mininch Tool Pen

Never leave home without a set of screwdrivers? Whatever your reason, Mininch’s versatile Tool Pen might be worth a gander. Made of 6061 aluminum, the Tool Pen works like those push-up pencils of yesteryear, carrying 6 bits — one exposed and five within the pen body — that are sequentially accessed by pulling out the first and pushing it into the back. Each Tool Pen comes with a magnetic cap, 13 bits including a hex set in Imperial or Metric, and can be customized to your precise needs. Oh, and each bit has a marking icon on its side that shows through a window on the pen’s body, eliminating the need for any guessing when trying to finding the right bit.

Find it at Mininch – $60

Tags: Gadgets, Tools