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Like PuckOpener but for baseball diehards, Buffalo BottleCraft’s BaseballOpener is what it sounds like: a baseball with an integrated bottle opener. Each is made using a genuine leather baseball that’s first cut in half, partially cored, and bolted to a stainless steel opener plate that makes quick work of bottle caps. It’s magnetic so it’ll stick to your fridge and also uses the same magnets to catch the cap, keeping errant (and sharp) metal from dropping on your floors and sticking your foot.

Hit up Buffalo BottleCraft for details – $16

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When most notebooks are full, you throw them out — or archive them for a later date (i.e. likely never). But not Wipebook, which contains whiteboard-like pages that can be drawn on, erased, and then drawn on again, basically forever, in part thanks to their Hypergloss film formula that erases easily but won’t smudge on other sheets or your hand. Get one in various sizes including 10 page workbooks, spiral notebooks, and a subtler bound journal, each with your choice of plain, lined, or graph paper. Just add a marker or two.

Hit up Wipebook for details – $30+ [via]

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AirBolt Smart Travel Lock

Travelling is destabilizing enough without having to keep track of tiny keys with which to unlock your luggage. The AirBolt Smart Travel Lock is the first Bluetooth-enabled lock that uses your smartphone and an accompanying app as a key, all while remaining TSA compliant. If you lose your phone AirBolt can still be unlocked using another compatible phone (and your backup password) or by entering a programmable button combination on the lock itself. It’s also the first lock that lets you revoke TSA access electronically, letting you deny access to TSA Master Keys when travelling to countries that don’t use TSA standards. AirBolt also logs every locking and unlocking so you know if someone — including baggage inspectors — has been inside, features distance control alerts that warn you if your luggage was left behind (or if someone is making away with it), and boasts crowdsourced GPS support to track its location should your luggage be sent to the wrong destination.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $60

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Momentary Ink

Tattoos are a big commitment. If you’re not absolutely certain about either the design or desired location, give it a test run before plunking down on the real thing with Momentary Ink. Momentary Ink provides large, complex and colorful tattoos that bridge the gap between temporary and permanent, coupling high-quality temporary tattoo technology with proprietary sealing and matting solutions to give a realistic custom tattoo that’s nigh indistinguishable from the real thing. Each lasts for between three and ten days depending on how it’s treated, and, in a pinch, comes off quickly using a little bit of baby oil and some elbow grease.

Learn more at Momentary Ink – $15+

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Shark Jaw Bottle Opener

If you’re tired of opening your bottles with an opener that’s functional but not cool looking then the Shark Jaw Bottle Opener is for you. This heavy metal, gold finished cap ripper utilizes a shark tooth design to get you into your favorite beverage post haste. It’ll also spare your own teeth some pricy dental work. With Shark Jaw, you’re going to need a bigger boat.

Find it at Cool Material’s Shop – $10

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Discommon Bottle Opener

It looks more like a high end gaming mouse than a bottle opener, but make no mistake — the Discommon Bottle Opener is a dead serious beer decapitating tool. Its avant-garde design is attained thanks to a meticulous hand chiseled machined aerospace-grade aluminum body that comes in either Gotham Black or Satin Champagne and sits well in the hand. A chamfered coin on its underside acts as the opener, and also as an outlet for Discommon to feature advanced materials like limited edition Damascus steel. It’s an opener you definitely won’t want to hide in a drawer.

Learn more at Discommon – $140

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Edge Dominos

Minimal in that they’re all edge and not much more, Fire Road’s Edge Dominos are unlike any dominos you’ve ever seen, extruded from a solid block of aluminum which is then cut to length, anodized matte black, and laser engraved with white dots for its number pattern. They’re entirely playable and look far cooler than standard plastic bricks when left out after a game. They’re also made start to finish in the USA and are bound to last through several lifetimes of heavy use.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $74

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Darth Vader Silicone Oven Mitt

We can only assume Darth Vader’s gloves offer some sort of heat resistance. And so does the Darth Vader Silicone Oven Mitt. Made of thick silicone, this oven mitt is far more interesting aesthetically than the cheap, flower-adorned pair you’re likely using and sports a Galactic Empire logo on the palm as well as a hole for hanging. It comes in a right handed model and is also set with ridges on the underside of its fingers with which to better grip the pan.

Find it at ThinkGeek – $15 [via]

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PowerUp FPV

PowerUp made remote controlled paper airplanes a reality. And now the PowerUp FPV straps a rotating, ultra wide-angle camera to your plane, capturing and streaming forward-facing, rear-view, and wing-view footage as it flies. The FPV boasts a 300 foot range thanks to its MIMO WiFi antenna and flies intuitively with either head mounted display gestures — for instance, Google Cardboard — or an in-app gamepad, and boasts a 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer as well as an auto-pilot mode. And though it’s small it’s also both durable and powerful, equipped with a carbon fiber and nylon reinforced frame, crash detection that shuts off its motor before impact, and attains speeds of up to 20 miles per hour for 10 minutes of flight time.

Launching on Kickstarter soon. Be notified when and learn more at PowerUp Toys – $200

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Scrabble Typography 3rd Edition

Andrew Capener’s Scrabble Typography 3rd Edition is the most entertaining way to discover new fonts, way ahead of Google Fonts and just edging out Typodarium 2016. This latest edition features 12 new fonts for the letters of its solid wood tiles, and includes the usual suspects — amongst them four solid wood tile racks, a fabric tile pouch, and a cardboard game board — all packed up nicely in a gorgeous wood storage box. Plus now it’s a hell of a lot more affordable, coming in at a quarter the price of the previous edition.

Find it at Winning Solutions – $50

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