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Wish you had a comb sized right to slip into your pocket unnoticed? Headgehog’s that comb, and a whole lot more. This laser-cut tool is made from heat-treated stainless steel and boasts a panoply of tools including a bottle opener, four wrenches, a phillips screwdriver, a chip clip, and indentations to double as a phone stand or money clip. All that is especially impressive considering it’s sized like a credit card and measures in at just a hair thicker, sliding into your wallet without a hitch.

Find it at Kickstarter – $12

Tags: Gadgets, Tools

Gerber Zip Light+

Enhance your everyday carry minus the addition of any bulk with Gerber’s Zip Light+. Not much bigger than your average zipper pull, this handy little device is made of stainless steel and pulls triple duty, also packing along a surprisingly bright flashlight and a bottle opener. It’s also designed with a built-in one-handed quick release clip to remove it from your pack or jacket when it use.

Pick one up on Amazon – $10 [via]

Whisker Dam

Frankly, you’ve worked too hard on that magnificent mustache to let it dip into and be spoiled by unsightly beer suds. Whisker Dam is your fix. Handmade using nothing but copper and coated in a non-toxic barrier, Whisker Dam attaches to the top of most pint glasses and forms a barrier to protect your stache while still letting beer get through. Simple, effective, and perfect for all the mustachioed gentlemen in your life.

Find it at Whisker Dam – $20

6061 Mechanical Pencil

Finding a long lasting machined pen online these days is relatively easy, but a mechanical pencil? Not so much. And that’s what prompted Modern Fuel Design’s 6061 Mechanical Pencil. Milled from one solid block of metal, these 0.5mm lead pencils are incredibly strong, not to mention stunning. They come in brass or aluminum, include a removable clip, and should technically last a lifetime, lest they’re sent in to be replaced or repaired for free.

Go pledge at Kickstarter – $6o

Tags: Gadgets

Micro Fiber Lens Cleanse Patches

Cleaning your glasses, camera lens, or slick smartphone display with a shirt varies in results depending on the material of which it’s made. Not the case with these ultrasoft, colorfully patterned Micro Fiber Lens Cleanse Patches. Iron one onto the inside of your favorite hoodie, coat, or tie and always be equipped to rid your gear of oily smudges in an instant.

Grab a 3-pack at Photojojo – $12

Tags: Gadgets

Screwpop Cigar Punch 2.0

Never be caught unprepared when facing an import or a stogie with Screwpop’s Cigar Punch 2.0. This keychain-sized device performs two crucial functions: opening brews and cutting circular holes in cigars. It’s an improvement over the original thanks to its now-removable punch, which is purged of any leftover tobacco leaf when screwed back onto the carabiner.

Learn more at Screwpop – $15

Tags: Gadgets, Vices

Pyro Fireshooter

Shooting fireballs from one’s hands has thus far only been pulled off using movie magic, not quite accessible to magicians and illusionists using conventional means in front of live audiences. That ends with Pyro. This wristwatch-sized device that delivers fireballs at a whim — and a push of a discrete remote switch in your other hand — from its hidden position beneath your sleeve, dazzling onlookers. Each Pyro also holds four individually triggered barrels for discharging up to that many fireballs before reloading and is tested to its limits, guaranteed to deliver reliable pyrotechnics when failing to do so isn’t an option.

Find it at Ellusionist – $175

Tags: Gadgets

Budget Gift Guide: Under 40$

Chances are you’re on the verge of losing complete control over your holiday spending. Fortunately, we’ve composed a list of solid stocking stuffers — with a cutoff of about 40 bucks — that’ll help get you through the end of the year without completely bulldozing your year’s savings.

1. Whiskey Wedge – $15 9. Gen Mgf Co Finn Concrete Coaster – $14
2. Dubs Acoustic Filters – $25 10. Spy Bolt Hidden Storage Safe – $23
3. Best Made Strongbox – $28 to $36 11. Skinth Mondo Shield – $35
4. Pocket Tripod – $30 12. Leatherman Skeletool Multitool – $40
5. Big Book of Bacon – $15 13. Bottle Opener Cufflinks – $35
6. Brogamats – $35 14. Lighterbro Multitool Lighter Sleeve – $13
7. Bradley Mountain Utility Roll – $30 15. Google Chromecast – $32
8. Napa Wine Chiller – $30 16. You Earned It Brass Bottle Opener – $28

Foldio 2 Pop-Up Studio

Following their wildly successful Foldio comes Orange Monkie’s bigger, better Foldio 2. This portable photo studio boasts twice the volume of the original for more versatile shooting and gives anyone with a [half-decent] smartphone camera the ability to take stunning studio-quality photos on a white, black, or gray backdrop. Just unfold the flat-packing studio, set it up in 10 seconds using its integrated magnets, and light up its adapter-driven dual LED strips before you start snapping away.

Find it at Kickstarter – $65

Swiss+Tech BodyGard XL7

Swiss+Tech has a way of packing loads of functionality into tiny tools, but their BodyGard XL7 takes it to a ridiculous level. This diminutive gadget is loaded with a slew of crucial roadside tools including a glass breaker, seat belt cutter, LED flashlight, emergency flasher, sonic alarm, tire depth indicator, and tire pressure gauge, all in a device smaller than typical stand-alone gauges. Throw it in the glovebox and hope you never have to use it, but on the off chance you do you’ll be glad you were prepared.

Pick one up on Amazon – $13 for one or 17$ for two

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