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feature post image for Travelamp Light Diffuser

Travelamp Light Diffuser

A smartphone’s LED-emitted light is rarely described as warm, soft, or relaxing. Fred & Friends’ Travelamp Light Diffuser actually makes it so. This soft silicone lamp weighs in at about an ounce and a half and features an integrated rubber band-like strap to slide onto any small to mid-sized smartphone, diffusing the otherwise sharp, directional light into something far better for reading, playing cards, or just setting the mood.

Shipping in October. Find it at Fred & Friends – $8 [via]

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feature post image for Strong Like Bull Stick Magnets

Strong Like Bull Stick Magnets

Both seriously small and seriously strong, Brian Conti’s Strong Like Bull Stick Magnets are individual peel and stick magnets tailored to a variety of uses. Available in two sizes — 1.7-inch and 1-inch in diameter — they’re based around high strength neodymium magnets and sport a thin CNC machined and anodized aluminum cover that protects the magnet face from repeated attraction impacts that accumulate over the magnet’s life. They’ll hold keys, keep your charge cables from sliding off your desk, and the large versions are even strong enough to secure heavy tools like hammers and wrenches.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $20+ for three

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feature post image for Solitaire Cards

Solitaire Cards

Way before Angry Birds and Candy Crush, casual gamers’ preferred time sink was Microsoft’s Solitaire. And now it’s gone from digital to physical with Solitaire Cards, a deck of playing cards which feature Susan Kare’s designs on their front and back and come in a fittingly retro green card box. The deck also includes a pair of newly crafted jokers, which were not included in the digital deck due to lack of need.

Preorder at deck at Areaware – $14

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feature post image for Silver Army Men

Silver Army Men

The iconic toy so many of us enjoyed as children is all grown up. Silver Army Men is based on the green, inanimate plastic soldiers we know and love, but are instead crafted from sterling silver to the exacting specifications of the Louis Marx & Co originals. Each soldier weighs in at about 1.25 ounces and mans everything from a bazooka to a mortar. They’re also available in both Skull Face and Doughboy versions.

Learn more at Silver Army Men – $235 each / 2,585 for the 12 piece set

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feature post image for Glitch 2.0 Playing Cards

Glitch 2.0 Playing Cards

No, nothing’s wrong with your screen or your eyes. Glitch 2.0 Playing Cards, designed by Soleil Zumbrunn, feature classic playing card art that’s seemingly warped and distorted by computer and/or printer errors, making for a far more interesting playing experience. Each deck is printed by Legends Playing Card Co. to features smooth diamond cut edges and comes in a similarly glitchy tuck box with a holographic seal.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $15

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feature post image for Enevu Cube

Enevu Cube

Not your average flashlight, the Enevu Cube is still incredibly versatile, albeit in a different way. The Cube’s single LED is contained within a (predictably) cube-shaped design and is capable of changing colors for mood lighting. If you need a flashlight, it can output up to 100 lumens of powerful white light and boasts a removable diffusor for versatility, easily lighting up the inside of a tent where it operates as a tiny lantern. It’s also splashproof to IPX4 standards, includes a small pop-out hook that also doubles as a kickstand, and lasts between 11 to 100 hours on three AAA batteries depending on brightness setting.

Grab one at Touch Of Modern ($21; while the sale remains) or Amazon ($30) [via]

feature post image for Goodfloss


Swear to never skip or otherwise miss your nightly flossing? Guarantee sure it stays that way with Goodfloss. Shaped like a credit card and only slightly thicker, each Goodfloss includes 4 individually detachable flossers that subtly stash away in your wallet or pocket. When you find yourself sleeping away from home with no floss in sight, crack one off and get to work. Each also includes a swivel-out toothpick to, in an emergency, clean your teeth of the bits of ribs or spinach left over from lunch.

Pick up a ten card pack at Goodwell – $6

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feature post image for Tactica One

Tactica One

Not your standard bottle opener in looks or leverage, the Tactica One’s one-piece construction is instead injection molded of a stealth black high tech polymer composite for a lightweight, ultra durable build. The gap between the opening blade and its side softens opening to reduce wear and tear while an exacting design provides the most precise bottle opening abilities of any opener in existence.

Buy one at Tactica – roughly $30

feature post image for Minim Playing Cards

Minim Playing Cards

It doesn’t get cleaner than these Minim Playing Cards by Joe Doucet, a set of regulation playing cards stripped down to the essentials. Each card is marked on sustainably harvested cardstock with vegetable-based inks, displaying both its value and corresponding suit on either corner. And since the backs need to be marked as well to conform, a simple, single black diagonal line takes the place of more traditional ornamental graphics.

Pick up a deck in black or white at Izola – $10 [via]

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feature post image for PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Take the PowerUp 2.0, add in a controller module, and the result is the PowerUp 3.0 smartphone controlled paper airplane conversion kit. Instead of relying on a pre-built RC airplane frame, the PowerUp 3.0 turns ordinary paper airplanes into powered machines capable of over 10 minutes of flight. Clip it to your plane, pair it to your smartphone using Bluetooth, then launch, controlling the rudder (and directionality) by tilting your phone and thrust using an on-screen slider. While sustaining prolonged flight might take a bit of getting used to, it makes experimenting with aircraft designs and aerodynamics straightforward and fun for adults and children alike.

Pick one up at Amazon – $50

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