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feature post image for PiCO Titanium Micro Bottle Opener

PiCO Titanium Micro Bottle Opener

And we thought the Keyshark was small. Pangea Design’s PiCO Titanium Micro Bottle Opener is the definitive answer if you’re looking for a barely-there approach to getting into bottles of import. Instead of relying on a large body as a lever, the milled titanium PiCO works using a sturdy keyring for leverage, removing caps with just one pull. Plus, at a size that’s much smaller than a quarter, PiCO effectively adds zero bulk to your existing keychain while still equipping it with crucial functionality.

Grab one at Kickstarter – $11

Adappt Apple Watch Band Adapter

Apple’s painstakingly put together a gorgeous set of straps for their upcoming watch, but anyone planning to use an existing strap was out of luck. Until Adappt. This clever adapter slides and locks into place to provide a standard spring bar accommodating typical 22mm straps. They’re available in both 38mm and 42mm sizes and four versions — plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and even gold — each in two color options to match the watch to which they’re strapped.

Find it at Indiegogo – $29+

feature post image for Pax 2

Pax 2

Pax Labs’ original Pax is the gold standard when it comes to portable vaporizers, but it’s about to be ousted by — unsurprisingly — the Pax 2. This new iteration upgrades the device with a deeper oven, intelligent cooling and heating for up to 30% longer battery life, and a lip-sensing mouthpiece that boosts heating when you’re about to draw to optimize vapor production. It’s also got an entirely medical-grade vapor path and a clever magnetic oven lid. And comes wrapped up in an even smaller, slimmer anodized aluminum body than its predecessor.

Learn more at Pax – $280

Tags: Gadgets, Vices
feature post image for 11+ World Clock

11+ World Clock

Your smartphone’s undoubtedly equipped with a world clock, but those in search of a more tactile experience will appreciate the 11+ World Clock. This seemingly normal round clock is inscribed with twenty four major cities around its cylindrical body. To check the time in another part of the world, roll the clock until the desired time zone is facing up; when let go, the clock’s weighted base rolls it right back to its default time zone. The latter can also be easily changed: just pop off the back, rotate the body around until the desired time zone faces up, and lock it in position. Plus, independently working hands enable adjusting just the hour without messing up the minutes if you’d like to jump back or forward a few time zones.

Grab one at Leibal or Luminaire – $50

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Ultimate Collector Series LEGO TIE Fighter

Cannon fodder it may be, but Star Wars’ TIE Fighter is still one of cinema’s more iconic ships, and now available in bigger, badder brick form with the Ultimate Collector Series LEGO TIE Fighter. This incredibly detailed 18.5-inch tall model is built from 1,685 pieces and features an opening top hatch, an exclusive TIE fighter pilot with blaster pistol, and a rotating display stand complete with an information plaque to show it off. All we’re missing is a revisited, to-scale UCS X-Wing to blast it to bits.

Arriving in May. Until then, learn more at LEGO or Star Wars – $200

Tags: Gadgets, Toys

Pon Punctureless Push Pin

Cork boards are fantastic productivity boosters, but it always pains us a little to jab a thumbtack through stuff we plan on keeping. And now with Pon you don’t have to. Pon is sized and works just like a push pin except that it sports a tensioned coil able to grip anything with a thickness of between one to eight sheets of paper, all without inflicting any damage whatsoever. They’re small, strong (made of heat-treated stainless steel), and highly versatile to display and present all sorts of stuff on your wall.

Find it at Kickstarter – $7 for 20

Tags: Gadgets

Elastic Precision Rubber Band Guns

While firing off rubber bands using your fingers is acceptable in a pinch, the next time a full on brawl breaks out at work we’d much rather be equipped with a few Elastic Precision Rubber Band Guns. These handsome firearms are made from solid maple or walnut and are modelled after classics like the 1911, the Walther PPK, and the MP5 sub-machine gun (shown). Each boasts a precise semi-automatic firing mechanism, capacity for 5 to 24 rubber bands at a time, and a range of up to 30 feet.

Check out their full arsenal at Etsy – $25 to $80

Tags: Gadgets, Toys

Held Shifter Boot Protector

Repetitive friction with your motorcycle’s shifter eventually wears through any shoe’s unspoiled finish. Prevent it altogether with the Held Shifter Boot Protector. This super simple fix involves a one-size-fits-all elasticized strap fitted with a piece of leather. Just position it over the toe, start riding and stop worrying.

Find it at Town Moto – $8

Tags: Gadgets, Rides

Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

More a sort of welder than a glue, Bondic is the quickest and simplest way to fix or fill nearly anything made of plastic, wood, metal, or fabric. Bondic is much easier to use than glue since it can be positioned — think welding — without drying too quickly, nor will the liquid in the tube dry if you forget to recap it. Then, expose Bondic to UV rays using the included light for four seconds to harden it into solid plastic, at which point it can be painted, sanded, or polished to your desired finish.

Pick up a starter kit on Amazon – $22

Tags: DIY, Gadgets

Bug-A-Salt 2.0

The original Bug-A-Salt is the most entertaining way to rid your residence of errant flies. And while technical advancements on the insect side of things have lagged, Bug-A-Salt’s taking no chances with the Bug-A-Salt 2.0. This new salt shooter is better in every way, with increased power, a quick action safety for increased rate of fire, and the use of less salt per shot to conserve ammo. It still unforgivingly rubs out flies while leaving their bodies whole for easy cleanup and comes either in stealthy Camofly (pictured) as well as the same bright yellow as its predecessor.

Hit up Indiegogo to learn more – $55

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