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HACKxTACK Magnetic Lens Cap Holder

Camera lens caps, by their nature, are basically designed to be misplaced. On the flip side, HACKxTACK makes them virtually impossible to lose. Composed of a magnet-equipped wood-and-stainless steel clip plus an adhesive-backed tab that sticks to your lens cap, HACKxTACK offers a place to stash the cap while shooting, be it on a shirt, camera strap, hat, tie, or anything clippable. It’s good looking, comes in three types of wood – bamboo, zebrawood, and walnut – and is by far the most intuitive cap-holding solution we’ve yet to encounter.

Pledge at Kickstarter – roughly $22

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The Soft Goat Stubble Softener

A bit of scruff never hurt anybody. Except any girl who’d rather not have her face scratched up by your sandpaper-like stubble. The Soft Goat’s here to bail you out thanks to a set of compact hypoallergenic, textured foam pads that file down the sharp edges of your recently-shaved facial hair. Slip the elastic band over a few fingers then swirl Soft Goat over the culprit hair to soften it significantly and rapidly. They’re easy to pack for emergency situations thanks to their small size, can last awhile depending on usage, and work just as well to soften stubble around other parts of the body, too.

Pick up a 3-pack on Amazon – $12

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Tiletto Titanium Letter Opener

While most of our mail is of the electronic kind, we still receive the occasional letter and typically messily hack away at it with our fingers or an all-too-sharp knife. Tiletto is both a lot more effective and less risky, respectively, than the latter options, thanks to chamfered edges and a narrow point that slide between closed envelopes or taped shipping parcels and cleanly slices them open. It’s also machined from ultrastrong, ultralight raw titanium sheet stock, and sports cutouts & features that, while decorative, also toss in more functionality, including that of both flathead and phillips screwdrivers, four metric or imperial hex wrenches, and a 1/4-inch hex bit driver.

Hurry to Kickstarter to pledge – $30

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Titanium Bottle Grenade 2.0

Breweries think they’re doing us a solid when capping their exports with twist-tops, but the sad fact is we just end up with a sore hand or a slightly frayed shirt. By the same token, most bottle openers aren’t really optimally equipped to deal with twists either, but then the Bottle Grenade isn’t your average opener. Redesigned from the ground up, Bottle Grenade 2.0 is machined from plates of titanium to tackle a wide range of tasks, most importantly twisting and prying off caps. Since caps vary in size, this revision features a slot (right side) that lets it conform to the top, like a spring. Else, it’s got multiple keyring holes, a 7/16″ wrench, 1/4″ Hex bit driver, an optional magnet for some fridge-sticking action, and a belt loop hanger should you need to switch into party mode spontaneously.

Pledge for one at Kickstarter – $40+

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Stamp Yo Face Custom Portrait Stamps

Signing endless documents is a time-consuming drag. Make your mark quicker and in a manner much more difficult to forge with an ink outline of your beaming mug using Stamp Yo Face’s product. Each custom portrait stamp is hand-drawn by their team using submitted pictures of your face, then recreated in the form of a durable rubber stamp. Just bring your own ink and get stamping.

Customize your own at Stamp Yo Face – $65+

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Mini Museum

Sometimes (OK, way too often) we get a little (a lot) too absorbed in our daily routine and forget just how absurdly crazy and ridiculously fascinating this planet we live on is. But pop a Mini Museum on your desk and that’s unlikely to occur again. These compact resin blocks are chock full of downright awesome stuff, including lunar rock, a piece of T-Rex tooth, coal from the titanic, foil from Apollo 11, mummy wrap, and a piece of the Berlin wall. Each Mini Museum is hand cast and comes in one three sizes – small (11 specimen), medium (22 specimen), or large (full 33) – and while you probably know which one you want, your wallet might put up a fight.

Hit up Kickstarter to pledge – $100 to $240

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RightPSI Built-In Tire Pressure Gauge

While it’s rather important for both decreasing fuel consumption and tire wear, we don’t really check our car tire pressure often enough – “never” is probably a realistic estimate. But with RightPSI, verifying pressure is as complicated as walking around the car. Each RightPSI cap is built with a set target pressure to conform to a variety of car and bike tires; when the tire pressure is just right, the cap remains an inconspicuous black, otherwise displaying a bright orange or yellow ring if air pressure is too low or too high, respectively. RightPSI also respond to pressure changes while filling tires to let you know when to stop, is light enough to leave balance unaffected, and locks down using a hex nut to discourage theft.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $15 for a pair or $25 for four

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Uni Promark View Highlighter

Highlighting requires a lot of guess work, mainly because it’s surprisingly difficult to predict where the tip starts and ends when you can’t really see through or around it. But what if you could? That’s the dream behind Uni’s Promark View Highlighter, the first marker of its kind. Instead of a traditional opaque felt tip, the View sports a transparent acrylic one that funnels brightly colored ink through a narrow tunnel running right through its center. Sure, it costs a couple bucks more than your standard Staedler, but its price tag is undoubtedly justified to serious annotators.

Grab a pack or individual colors at Amazon – $5+ [via]

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Nanotips Touchscreen Solution For Gloves

We wouldn’t blame you for not investing in a pair of capacitive gloves. To be sure, their cost is slightly prohibitive, but the main issue is most just don’t really work that well. Instead, make your existing gloves touch-compatible with Nanotips. Paint a touch of this polyamide solution onto a glove fingertip or two of your to mimic the conductance of human skin, meaning your gloves will function flawlessly with any modern smartphone or tablet. Two flavors exist for treating your entire stockpile of gloves – black and blue – the former formulated specifically for leather and other thick materials while the latter tackles fabric gloves and dries invisibly. And if its capacitance ever wears off, just reapply: each bottle stocks enough solution to treat 15 (blue) to 30 (black) fingers.

Grab a bottle at Kickstarter – roughly $16

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Pocket Tripod 360°

Haven’t bothered carrying around a pocket tripod due to size or weight concerns? Think again. Geometrical Inc’s Pocket Tripod is only about twice as thin as a credit card, easily sliding into a wallet – and forgotten – until required. With astounding versatility, the tripod holds an iPhone 5/5s in either portrait or landscape mode at quite literally any angle thanks to a smooth sliding rotation system that can’t be matched, even by larger (and unpocketable) portable tripods.

Find it at BiteMyApple – $27