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Jar Pies

Pies are delicious but a little unwieldy. For example, we don’t need to try carrying a single piece of pie in our jacket pocket to know that it’s going to get messy. And that’s where Jar Pies come in. These single-serving pies are, well, contained within a jar, meaning they’re far more portable than their jar-less counterparts. Jar pies all contains entirely natural ingredients and come in delicious flavors bound to suit every taste such as Hot Fudge Toffee Crunch, Apple, Pecan, and Lemon Lust.

Check them all out at Jam Jar Bakery – $6 [via]

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MSR Flex 4 Cook System

Planning on eating like a normal human being while on your next camping trip? MSR’s Flex 4 Cook System gives you everything you need to cook up a storm for four people, all packed away nicely in a single 5.3L anodized pot with clamp-down lid. Besides the massive pot, the kit also includes a 3.2L nonstick aluminum pot with handle, two aluminum strainer lids, four DeepDish plates, and four insulated stainless steel mugs. Recreating the comfort of home in the middle of a forest over a massive fire has never been easier.

Grab it at Amazon – $160

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Brooklyn Butcher Blocks

Ditch that 1/4-inch thick plastic cutting board and upgrade to something a hell of a lot more bold, not to mention robust, with Brooklyn Butcher Blocks’ wares. These handsome cutting boards range from 1.5 to 2-inches thick and come in a variety of sizes and wood choices, including cherry, walnut, and maple. We have a particular fondness for their End Grain models, which face the wood’s grain towards the cutting surface, minimizing wear on your knife, reducing scars induced over time on the block itself, and improving hygiene by giving bacteria less places in which to reside. And for anybody largely relying on their tablet for help in the kitchen, BBB’s iBlock should fit the bill – it’s even reversible, and optionally fully customizable, like everything they make.

Learn more at Brooklyn Butcher Blocks – $45 to $295

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Zoku Iced Coffee Maker

Enjoying iced coffee just got simpler than ever with a Zoku Iced Coffee Maker. Pre-chill this stainless steel mug in a freezer before pouring in your freshly brewed coffee, then slip on its special insulating sleeve. Within minutes, your coffee is optimally chilled, all without the ensuing dilution that using ice cubes provides. It’s also equipped with a tight-fitting lid and durable acrylic sipping straw that goes hand-in-hand with cold java.

Pick one up at Williams-Sonoma – $30

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Smash Cup

There’s no shortage of reusable coffee cups to choose from, but many are labeled portable when in fact they’re not really suited for much other than a big pack or a car’s cup holder. Smash Cup, on the other hand, collapses when not in use, saving space wherever you stash it, be it a backpack or jacket pocket. Smash Cup’s design employs silicone and BPA-free plastic, coming apart for easy washing either by hand or in a dishwasher. It also boasts a rotating tab that closes to form a liquid-tight seal for keeping your coffee or tea inside the cup at all times, whether expanded or crushed.

Go pledge at Kickstarter – $15

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German Military Surplus Utensil Set

Your Leatherman tool or Swiss Army knife might help you open a can or whittle a marshmallow roaster, but when it comes to actually eating it’s virtually useless (though we’ll admit to carving rudimentary spoons in a pinch). And with this German Military Surplus Utensil Set, eating in the wilderness comes compromise-free. This four-piece set is made of strong, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and includes the classic triple-threat plus a can- and bottle-opener that sports a nesting base to secure the others. The fact that some aren’t new but used – by German soldiers, no less – only adds to their appeal.

Grab a set at Cool Material – $13.50

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As college students, our diet consisted primarily of noodles/mac & cheese, cereal, and beer. Apparently, old habits die hard, because not much has changed since then – we just wish OneBowl had been invented sooner. This lazy man’s dream of a bowl lets you cook, strain, eat, and store, all in the same one vessel. OneBowl boasts a snap top and a built-in strainer that activates upon twisting its blue handle, letting you quickly drain to minimize the number of kitchen utensils used and sullied. It also comes apart for easy cleaning, is both microwave and dishwasher safe, and has a variety of clever uses, securing itself a spot as your soon-to-be most used bowl.

Hit up Kickstarter to pledge – $20

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Best Made Co Tall Enamel Tumblers

Best Made’s bestselling enamelware products don’t only look and feel fantastic in person, but are actually objects you’ll want to use day in and day out. Joining their lineup is the Seamless & Steadfast tall enamel tumbler, which finally holds up to a pint of the beverage of your choice. Each cup is crafted by their European enamelware maker on WWII-era machinery, and boasts a rim that’s reinforced with a double-dipping of enamel for resilience over time and against all manners of abuse. They’re also stackable for easy packing, particularly convenient since you’re going to want to bring them camping or to picnics.

Grab a pair at Best Made Co – $36

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Yeti Hopper Cooler

In our experience, soft-sided coolers can’t really be held up to heavy-duty rigid models – unsurprisingly, they just don’t seem to keep stuff cold as long. But Yeti’s Hopper is different. This gigantic shoulder bag holds a combined 6.5 gallons of ice, food, and beverages, all within rugged, one inch-thick insulated waterproof walls. It also boasts an airtight, waterproof zipper that won’t leak if the bag is turned upside down, reinforced handles and shoulder straps for lugging around even the heaviest of loads, and thicker insulation on the bottom for keeping cold in even if it’s placed on a hot surface, all in keeping its contents cold for days.

Coming this October. Sign up to be notified at Yeti – $300

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Coolest Cooler

We’ve grown to expect just one thing from a cooler: cold food and drinks. At most, it’ll also offer a spot to sit. But the Coolest Cooler is a hell of a lot more ambitious. Sure, it’ll keep your drinks cold for hours, but it also packs an ice-crushing blender for churning out margaritas, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, rechargeable batteries to power the two former, a divider that doubles as a cutting board, a bottle opener, integrated storage for plates and a knife, a tie-down for lugging around extra gear, and a USB port to top up your devices. Oh, and it’s also got LED lid lights to keep the party going past sundown, plus extra-wide tires won’t sink in the sand.

Pledge for one at Kickstarter – $185