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Philadelphia Bacon Cream Cheese

No need to pinch yourself, you’re not dreaming. After years (decades?) of waiting, Philadelphia’s Bacon Cream Cheese is finally here, albeit only in the U.S. — for now. This undoubtedly delicious cream cheese spread is packed with Oscar Meyer bacon bits, sparing us the trouble of mixing it in ourselves. Two tablespoons of the stuff packs 70 calories, which is actually not half bad all things considered. Or at least that’s what we’ll tell ourselves when we stock up.

Available on some store shelves but not yet online. Hit up Kraft until then – $TBA

uKeg Pressurized Growler

Most of our favorite microbrews aren’t sold in sealed bottles, meaning they’re best consumed quickly after bringing them home lest they go flat, or worse. GrowlerWorks uKeg sets itself apart from standard glass growlers in that it locks in freshness thanks to a regulator cap that keeps out oxygen, pressurizing the chamber with CO2 from food-grade cartridges that are easily bought at kitchen stores (or online) for about 50 cents apiece. Otherwise, it’s also got a double-walled vacuum insulated construction to keep its contents cold all day, a site glass to quickly judge how much beer is left, a tap with interchangeable handle, and a gauge to ensure optimal pressure. Its handsome stainless steel and brass design is just icing on the cake.

Find it at Kickstarter – $100

Chef’s Cut Real Jerky

Whether we’re going camping for the weekend or road tripping with the boys to an undisclosed destination, a bag (or 10) of Chef’s Cut Real Jerky is the perfect savory snack to pack along. Rich in protein & low in fat, this jerky is made from hand-cut premium beef steak and doused in the finest ingredients sure to vigorously stimulate your taste buds. Their focus on natural quality is what puts Chef’s Cut ahead of your typical truck stop’s tough-meat varieties, with a particularly compelling packaging to boot. Not a fan of beef? Try the as-tasty chicken or turkey jerky instead. However, we tend to reach for the Chipotle Cracked Pepper Steak Jerky for that extra mouth-watering oomph.

Grab 4- or 8-packs at Chef’s Cut Real Jerky ($28 to $56) or single packs on Amazon ($10)

Neat Ice Kit

Fancy ice isn’t restricted to cocktail bars anymore. Studio Neat’s Neat Ice Kit equips your home bar with the tools needed to create ice suited for any drink. It all starts with a large, clear ice mold that creates one long ice brick, the top half of which is crystal clear since air and impurities are pushed to the bottom during the freezing process. Then, use the included chisel and mallet to split the ice into huge cubes perfect for drinks where slow dilution is a must, smaller chunks for normal drinks, or crushed ice using the included Lewis bag and a bit of elbow grease.

Pick up a kit at Studio Neat – $60

Epic Hunter & Gatherer Trail Mix

Not your average trail mix, Epic’s Hunter & Gatherer packs stay true to the company’s fundamental principles. With a base of 100% grass-fed, free-to-roam organic beef turned jerky, these mixes also throw in a separate medley of fruits and nuts, crafted to fit four flavour profiles that include Harvest Nuts, Berry Blossom, and Toasted Coconut. They’re also paleo-friendly, low glycemic index, devoid of soy/gluten/dairy/nitrites, and are solid sources of omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, plus a handful of vitamins.

Find them at Epic Bars – $26 for 4

Finex Cast Iron Skillet

Every purchase makes us rehash the the same old dilemma in our minds: spend a few extra bucks, or go the frugal route and hope for the best? When it comes to the kitchen, anyhow, there’s a reason your grandparents cast iron cookware is still holding up. Finex’ reinvention of the classic Cast Iron Skillet is their response to cheap aluminum kitchen wares, boasting an ultra smooth, no-stick machined cooking surface that heats evenly across, an octagonal design that facilitates pouring from any edge, and a quick cooling handle. It’s even oven-safe up to 500ºF thanks to its all-metal design and sports a brass loop for hanging, though we’d just leave ours on our cooktop.

Read more at Finex – $195

Time & Oak Whiskey Elements

There’s a significant price discrepancy between run-of-the-mill and top-shelf whiskey. Expectedly, there’s also a significant discrepancy in taste. Whiskey Elements narrows the gap between the two by aging your inexpensive whiskey the equivalent of 3 years in just 24 hours. The trick lies in the horizontal cutouts that expose the wood’s capillaries, increasing interchange between the liquid and wood. Just open your bottle and throw in an Element of your flavor choice — either oak, vanilla, smoke, or peat, each attained without flavor additives but rather by different methods of curing — and 24 hours later you’re left with something a lot more palatable, plus a bit of cash left over in your wallet.

Find it at Kickstarter – $10 for two


Everything — barring sleep — is made better by espresso. Wacaco’s Minipresso lets you brew up delicious shots of the stuff virtually anywhere, without the need for electricity. Minipresso weighs in at less than a pound and works using a hand pump system, building up to 116 psi of pressure to optimally extract a quarter ounce of grind. It also works with Caffitaly capsules, takes about 18 pumps to make a shot, and is compatible with a larger 4.6 ounce water tank for outputting double espressos.

Visit Wacaco to learn more or preorder – $39 [via]

Whiskey Wedge

We’ve discovered many a way of keeping spirits chilled and undiluted — including ice spheres and whiskey cubes — and here’s another. Whiskey Wedge combines a double old fashioned glass with a silicone mold that produces wedge-shaped ice cubes. Slide a wedge into the glass to propery chill your drink without watering it down thanks to its slow-melting, glacier-like properties.

Find it at Corkcicle or Wine Enthusiast – $15


Ceramic and wood: two materials we love. Both come together in Mugr, a Japanese ceramic mug fitted with a walnut handle that looks great and keeps it cool to touch at all times. As an added bonus the r-shaped handle is easy to grasp for larger-handed people and allows for stacking multiple mugs to save some space in our otherwise overpacked shelves.

Find it at Hmm Project – $40