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Baggy Winecoat

Boxed wine: bang for your buck, but not quite the epitome of class. Enter Menu’s Baggy Winecoat, a slightly more discreet way to lug around just the right amount of vino. Winecoat boasts more than enough room for standard wine bags, an opening that fits all standard taps, an adjustable handle, and compatibility with ice packs if desired. Alternatively, stuff it with these disposable bags to change it from boxed wine to box rum & coke, or whatever else tickles your fancy.

Find it at Amazon – $53 [via]

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Furtif Evercut Knives

More than just stunningly designed, TB Groupe’s Furtif Evercut Knives are also amongst the longest lasting. True to the former part of their name, these blades sport a stealthy chiseled look and black-on-black finish. More importantly, however, their laser-bonded titanium-carbide surface eclipses steel in durability, retaining their razor’s edge 300 times longer before needing a sharpening. Hell, they even outlast ceramic blades by up to five times. What does this mean for you? With regular use, you’re unlikely to need to sharpen them more than once every quarter century.

Find them at A+R – $78 to $138 each

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Spend less time packing and more time tailgating with Instagate. Pack along an Instagate in your trunk to simultaneously tackle ten tailgate essentials, including a grill plus grilling tools, cooler, utensils, cups, plates, napkins, condiments, disposable garbage bags, and a lighter/bottle opener combo. The box even unfolds to form three low table platforms on which to affix the grill securely or play a quick round of seated beer pong.

Find it at Kickstarter – $39

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Balls of Steel

These aren’t Superman’s tackle, a Jan Fonda workout or a bar bet gone too far. Balls of Steel are no joke. Everyone knows that ice melts, and every whiskey or single malt connoisseur knows that melted ice means destroyed aromas and a diluted less flavorful libation. Giant ice cubes and cold soap stones were a step in the right direction, but where they fall short, Balls of Steel dominate. The secret is the Artic Core that is ready to chill after just 90 minutes in the freezer. Once dropped into your favorite whiskey, Balls of Steel chill your drink to the perfect temperature — and keep it there — to accentuate all the complex flavors inherent in your chosen distilled beverage. Each set comes with two balls, tongs, and a storage sack. Plus, with each purchase, 15% of proceeds go to testicular cancer awareness initiatives.

Grab a two-pack at Balls of Steel or Amazon – $25+

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Simultaneously the most outlandish yet brilliant rework of the water bottle, Memobottle promises a format that’s a lot better suited to today’s packs and bags than are classical tubular versions. Leak-proof, BPA-free and dishwasher safe, these Tritan bottles come in three paper-inspired sizes — A5, A4, and letter — and hold between 750mL (A5) to 1.25L (A4, letter) of water. Though we’ll still understand if you were reluctant to carry one right alongside your pricey laptop.

Hit up Kickstarter for more information – roughly $21+

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Naked Sea Salt

Gourmet cooking salt derived from the Dead Sea, Naked Sea Salt boasts a range of 15 distinct, mouthwatering flavors. Each was created by mixing the salt with spices and herbs to add bold and unique taste to your cooking, then tested and re-tested with nutritionists, chefs, and foodies alike for approval. Examples include sweet orange and chili, mint and sun-dried tomato, aromatic rosemary, old english dill, chili and black pepper, kalamati olive, and mediterranean garlic, to name a few. Naked Sea Salt is also all-natural, lower sodium than most — within realistic limits — and free of chemical processing, additives, or refinement. To boot, it’s harvested using traditional, sustainable methods that have no significant impact on the Dead Sea’s water levels or surrounding environment.

Learn more at Naked Sea Salt or Amazon – $3 to $30

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Vargo Titanium Funnel Flask

Titanium. Named for the primeval race of immortal giant deities descended from Gaia and Uranus, and a composite material for armor plating, spacecraft, missiles and the Titanium Funnel Flask. But the titanium construction of this holder of spirits isn’t the prime feature of this one of a kind vessel; it’s the unique filling apparatus built into the flask itself. If you’ve ever filled a flask – and what groomsman hasn’t – you know that even if it comes with a funnel, after the first fill the funnel is long gone and subsequent refills are prone to making sticky hands and wasted hooch. The integrated silicone funnel of the Titanium Funnel Flask makes sure you’re never without an easy, spill-proof filling method again. To fill, simply flip the funnel up, then flip it down when filling is complete. No funnel to lose and no plastic or metallic aftertaste. And with almost a third of a fifth capacity (8 oz., or 5 generous shots), you’ll be ready to make any event more interesting.

Grab one at Vargo Outdoors – $75 [via]

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Jiva Coffee Cubes

We’re all for putting more time or effort into our coffee making ritual if it’ll result in a better cup. But for situations where time or access to equipment is lacking, there’s Jiva Coffee Cubes. These gourmet instant coffee cubes are made using premium Colombian Arabica beans and unrefined cane sugar, quickly transforming a cup of hot or cold water and/or milk into good old coffee. They’re particularly well suited for camping, hiking, and frantically rushed mornings.

Grab a 24-pack on Amazon – $15

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Sake Making Kit

So you’ve already made your own beer before tackling gin and wine. Sake’s next. Norse Hutchen’s Sake Making Kit covers just about everything you need to brew one gallon batches of your own sake, including a one gallon glass carboy, siphoning apparatus, tubing, yeast, short-grain rice, and fermenting bucket. Just add one pound of white raisins, 2.5 pounds of sugar, and a bit of elbow grease before enjoying large batches of your own homemade rice wine.

Check it out at Etsy or Uncommon Goods – $35+

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Brooklyn Biltong

What biltong isn’t: a method for picking up ducks, the sound of a wrong note on a didgeridoo, a Michael Bolton album. What biltong is: South Africa’s version of Jerky. But what makes this jerky different is that instead of drying the meat by heat, it’s dried with wind, much like the way Native Americans cured their game. Different drying methods produce different mouth-watering flavors, each packed with protein, low in fat, and devoid of MSG, gluten, and nitrates. What’s more, for the free range loving type, you can get grass fed biltong that’s hormone- and antiobiotic-free for a few extra bucks.

Learn more at Brooklyn Biltong – $9.50+ [via]