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feature post image for Wooden Base Wine Glasses

Wooden Base Wine Glasses

A fusion of a stemless wine glass with a robust walnut coaster, David Rasmussen’s Wooden Base Wine Glasses aren’t nearly as fragile as their thin stemmed counterparts. Each glass is handmade in in Colorado and boasts a 14 oz capacity. Their vintage appeal also makes them ideal for toasting off the beaten path or to drink from in a rustic cabin.

Grab a set at Uncommon Goods – $60

feature post image for Snow Peak Silicone Glasses

Snow Peak Silicone Glasses

Finding the perfect cups for camping is tricky. Glass is fragile, plastic is unpleasant, and to top it off most are bulky. Snow Peak’s Silicone Glasses look and play the part thanks to the use of clear, durable silicone that won’t break if dropped and that bends easily to pack away into awkward, hard-to-use nooks in your bag. They come in three versions: a rocks glass shaped for whiskey and other spirits, a stemless wine tumbler, and a highball glass perfect for mixed drinks and cocktails. Though like most of Snow Peak’s premium products they don’t come cheap.

Pick some up at Amazon – $25+

feature post image for Green Hive Spicy Honey

Green Hive Spicy Honey

Made with nothing but local honey and roasted green chile peppers, Green Hive’s Spicy Honey is a versatile condiment that’s smoky, sweet, and packs a kick like few others. The infusion process is carried out slowly and over low temperatures to preserve the taste and nutritional benefits of its two ingredients. Add a soupçon to pizza, tacos, meats, cheese — in short, it compliments and combines perfectly with just about every solid food you can dream of.

Learn more at Green Chile Honey – $14 [via]

feature post image for Vinebox


Love discovering and taste testing new wines? Then check out Vinebox. Unlike existing wine subscription services Vinebox ships over three international wines in tasting pours, thus limiting costs while still letting you try a variety of vino. Each is stored in a 100ml glass vial and transferred from its original bottle using a method that ensures wine is never exposed to oxygen, preserving its original taste for up to three years. Try each wine, submit feedback through their website, and patiently await the next box: over time Vinebox learns about your taste profile, recommending wines that you’re more likely to enjoy.

Check it out at Vinebox – $28 per month

feature post image for Pulcina Espresso Maker

Pulcina Espresso Maker

While it may seem like a nightmare to clean at first glance, the Pulcina Espresso Maker’s insides are actually composed of two smooth metal spheres devoid of the characteristic ribbing on the outside. The stunning device works just like a traditional moka pot: fill it up with finely ground coffee and water then place it over a heat source. The difference is that Pulcina stops filtering at just the right moment thanks to a distinctively designed heater, cleanly eliminating the eruption phase that would otherwise render the final cup of coffee more bitter and burnt.

Available soon in three and six cup versions at Alessi – $80+ [via]

feature post image for Master Pan

Master Pan

Coordinating the cooking of an entire meal requires skillful planning, or perhaps just a Master Pan. This 15-inch skillet sports a five-section design that lets you cook 5 different foods at once, including meats, veggies, eggs, bread — in short, anything you’d normally cook on a skillet. It’s made of 100% die-cast aluminum with a double layer XYLAN PLUS coating for non-stick, stain resistant use, boasts a bakelite handle that’s oven safe to 350 degrees F for 1 hour, and a center that heats up roughly 20% hotter than the outer edges for grilling meats. Plus, you’ll only have one pan to wash after the food’s done.

Buy one at Amazon – $80

feature post image for Rumble Supershake

Rumble Supershake

Looking at the nutritional facts label is one thing. What really went into your food, another. Rumble Supershake was conceived with the goal of creating a healthy, tasty, natural protein shake, with no potentially alarming ingredients added. Each drink is packed with about 250 calories, 20 grams of whey protein isolate, over 3 grams of omega 3 fatty acids, 8 grams of fibre, and natural sweetening through the use of organic maple syrup and tapioca dextrin. Available in three flavors — Dutch Cocoa, Vanilla Maple, and Coffee Bean, the latter with a solid 100-odd milligrams of caffeine.

Learn more at Rumble or grab a pack at Amazon – $50 for 12

feature post image for Ballantine's Space Glass

Ballantine’s Space Glass

We don’t need to drink fine whisky through a straw to know it’d be unpleasant. But for astronauts, there isn’t much choice — at least until the development of Ballantine’s Space Glass. This intriguing vessel boasts a curved design that comfortably fits the palm of your hand and that’s adorned with a hefty 3D-printed rose gold base that creates surface tension to hold the whiskey down at the bottom of the glass, even in microgravity. A small channel helixes up the side of the glass, carrying the liquid up to a rose gold mouthpiece where the spirit is sipped. And while you can’t exactly set a glass down, a 10kg pull strength magnet in its base locks it to a metal surface or perhaps to a metallic bar table. Whether it’ll be available for purchase by the earth-bound is a question thus far left unanswered.

Learn more at Medium – $TBA

feature post image for Takeya Glass Water Bottle

Takeya Glass Water Bottle

Hard plastic water bottles have their uses, particularly in situations where durability is a must. But for all others, the Takeya Glass Water Bottle is hard to top. Made of glass, the bottle won’t imbue your water with flavors of any kind and boasts a wide mouth, a grippy silicone jacket that also protects the glass beneath, a square-cut cap that’s easy to twist on and off, plus a window for keeping an eye on water levels. It’ll carry 22.5 ounces of water and even cleans in your dishwasher when you’re feeling lazy.

Find it at Amazon – $14

feature post image for Campagnolo Big Corkscrew

Campagnolo Big Corkscrew

As a bicycle component manufacturer, Campagnolo is well aware of how to use leverage to its advantage. Though with the Campagnolo Big Corkscrew it’s more about effortlessly opening wine bottles than it is efficiently propelling yourself forward on two wheels. The Big Corkscrew — as its name suggests — is uniquely large and boasts a screw that won’t twist completely through the cork (to prevent pieces from dropping into the wine) and a telescopic self-centering bell that always aligns the screw right with the middle of the cork. It’s also built to last forever, made of either antiqued bronze or satin silver-finished aluminum.

Buy one at Amazon – $182+ [via]

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