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2015 Holiday Gift Guide: The Foodie

We don’t cover much food per se on GearHungry, rather food-related indispensables. And when we say Foodie we don’t mean to exclude anyone with a healthy love of coffee or alcohol. This year’s picks include Darth Vader’s oven mitt, a spatula with a built in flashlight, a safe for your guilty pleasure, plus a kit to spice up your in-flight drinking. Still more guides to come (be sure to check out our Outdoorsman Gift Guide)

1. Master Pan – $80 9. Darth Vader Oven Mitt – $15
2. Alphamind Vitamin Coffee – $12+ 10. Stagg Kettle – $70
3. Cube Glass – $90 11. Maple Sriracha – $14
4. Steak Stones – $100+ 12. Brew Box All-American Ale Kit – $200
5. Machete Spatula – $30 13. Carry On Cocktail Kit – $20+
6. Duo Coffee Steeper – $100 14. Grillight – $20
7. Campagnolo Big Corkscrew – $182+ 15. Kitchen Safe – $60
8. Muzzleshot Middy Mug – $50 16. Oak Bottle – $60+
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Fleishers Jerky Crafting Kit

Jerky is delicious and protein rich but you unfortunately get surprisingly few pieces for your money. So why not try your hand at making some yourself with Fleishers’ Jerky Crafting Kit. Included are two non-stick drying screens, two spice blends — Mexican and Classic — as well as a cork oven door stopper and instructions. All you need is an oven and a pound of beef rounds or flank steak from your local butcher, which is also advantageous in letting you select healthy lean pasture-raised beef over whatever cheap fare most jerky companies use.

Learn more at Fleishers – $30

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Exploring distant, exotic countries also entails discovering the culinary habits of their residents, both restaurant prepared and store-bought prepackaged fare. Though if you want to explore the latter you won’t even have to leave your home thanks to MunchPak. Each MunchPak contains an assortment of the best snacks from around the world, shipping 5, 10, or 20 full-size snacks for the Mini, Original, and FamilyPak sizes. Some snacks you’ve heard of, most you haven’t — either way this isn’t stuff you’ll easily find at your local grocery store.

Grab a box at MunchPak (use promo code GEARHUNGRY for $3 off) – $10+

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Drinking spirits is expensive. Instead of dropping bank on a bottle you’re not sure you absolutely love, try Flaviar, a service that curates 45 millilitres (1.5 ounces) of three to five fine spirits in a tasting box and ships it to your doorstep every month. Flaviar’s selection of spirits is far larger than your local liquor store, totalling thousands, and includes must-know brands like Jameson, Macallan, Lagavulin, and Yamazaki. Each sample includes tasting notes, and Flaviar’s smartphone app lets you browse their full database of 15,000 bottle profiles. And at $25 per month it’s far cheaper than trying individual drinks at your local bar.

Learn more at Flaviar – $25 per month

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Box Brew Kits Winemaking Kit

Tried your hand at brewing beer and want to expand your repertoire? Box Brew Kits’ Winemaking Kit takes the brand to making vino with a compact, easy-to-use kit that’ll have you sipping wine in four short weeks. Included are two 1-gallon primary and secondary glass fermenters, five cobalt blue 750 ml wine bottles, a hydrometer and test jar for measuring alcohol content, a mini corker, and all other necessary accessories, each stored neatly in its place in the rustic pine box. Six different ingredient kits — including Pinot Noir, Carbernet Sauvignon, Chilean Merlot, and more, each producing 1 gallon of wine — are offered alongside instructions to further simplify the task, lest you’d rather trample the grapes yourself.

Grab one at Box Brew Kits – $240

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label (Sponsored)

Carefully blended from several of Scotland’s rarest, most remarkable whiskies, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is an amalgamation of complexities, some acquired from distilleries long extinct. Hints of hazelnut, honey, sherry, oranges proceed the richly smoky yet sweet flavor, followed by undertones of dark chocolate and ginger. Drinks well neat, on ice, or alongside a tall glass of water, and pairs nicely with a equally fine cigar. It’s an award-winning whisky worth crossing off your bucket list, and a surprisingly smooth, pleasant one at that. And it makes an equally powerful way of expressing gratitude, for instance when you’re looking to repay a selfless stranger or two that helped you win a wager for a priceless Delahaye 135S racing car, as in the short The Wager 2 (after the jump), starring Jude Law, Giancarlo Giannini, and Zhao Wei.

Learn more at Johnnie Walker – $220

Presented by Johnnie Walker.

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Norlan Whisky Glass

Can you tell a highland whisky from a lowland whisky? Did you know if you ad an “e” to whiskey it’s not a scotch? Then the Norlan Whisky Glass is just what your olfactory and gustatory senses need. The Norlan is more than good looking: it improves the whisky experience through fluid dynamics by capturing the whisky’s complex perfumes better than any other snifter on the market. Norlan’s unique design focuses and diffuses aromatics unlocking flavors as yet undiscovered by using double wall glass to allow for differing inner and outer shapes that hold well while still providing perfect aeration, focusing aromatics towards your nose.

Hit up Kickstarter for more information – $38 for two

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Whisky Advent Calendar 2015

If your advent calendar is filled with chocolate bits, you’re doing it wrong. Instead, try picking up the Whisky Advent Calendar: 2015 Edition, which hides a shot of delicious whisky behind each of its 24 windows. Handmade wax-sealed drams include a rare 50 year old Scotch, a renowned Japanese whisky, and the World Whiskies Awards’ World’s best blended whisky winner, amongst others. We won’t include specific spoilers but the full list is available on the site for the curious.

Learn more at Master Of Malt (or get it in a Red Edition) – roughly $190

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The Very Many Varieties Of Beer Pint Glass

There exist a dizzying amount of beer types, but fortunately Pop Chart Lab’s The Very Many Varieties Of Beer Pint Glass puts them all on a single drinking vessel. This pint glass breaks down the major categories and subcategories to let you enjoy drinking your brew while you learn a bit more about it and its brethren. The print itself is also available on archival stock fit for your wall here, albeit with a bit more detail and beer examples.

Find it at Pop Chart Lab – $14

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Elevate Portable Grill

Portable yet equipped with a surprisingly large grilling surface, the Elevate Portable Grill folds up into a vertical briefcase for carry. Its dual cooking surfaces are made of porcelain-enameled cast iron and each feature an individually controllable burner with electronic ignition to provide 14,000 BTU over 286 square inches of grilling space — the most in the portable category. Else, the base of the unit features storage for a propane tank and its removable grease trays are dishwasher safe, so leave cleaning to the machines.

Learn more at Amazon – $250

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