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Whiskey Bullets

Whether you use whiskey stones and the like to actually cool your drink or just for the look, it’s tough to beat Whiskey Bullets. Since these stainless steel bullets obviously won’t melt they also won’t dilute your drink, nor will they add any flavors or alter it in any way other than dropping its temperature. Thoughtfully, their edges are also rounded to avoid scratching or chipping your glassware. Just freeze them for four hours, then drop one bullet per ounce of whiskey you pour — or more if you like it colder — and enjoy.

Pick up a set of six at Cool Material’s Shop – $45

Butterup Knife

The best thing to happen to butter since sliced bread, Butterup keeps chunky, poorly spread cold butter from ruining your toast. A built-in grater cuts small spaghetti strands of butter that soften it, air it out, and all in all speed up the warming process for an easier, more even spread that results in you wasting less. It’s also made of long-lasting, dishwasher-safe stainless steel and boasts an extra-wide blade to better collect the grated butter.

Grab one at the MoMA store – $20 [via]

IceMule Classic Coolers

High performance coolers aren’t really built for long carries what with their awkward, boxy designs and poor ergonomics. Contrarily, IceMule Coolers are made for people who actually need a cooler that’s up for some trekking. Between the welded seams, watertight roll-top closure, and lack of zippers, these soft coolers are leak-proof and can keep ice intact for up to 24 hours. They also come in capacities ranging from 10 to 20 litres (or up to 30 for the Pro), include a single shoulder strap for messenger bag-like carry (or two backback straps on the Pro), and collapses into its on stuff sack when not in use.

Hit up Amazon for the Classic alongside the Pro and Pro Catch – $50+

Humangear GoBites Uno & Duo

In attaining portability, most combination utensil sets make sacrifices. Humangear’s GoBites Uno & Duo, on the other hand, don’t, nor will they figuratively tear your wallet to shreds upon purchase. These heat-resistant, BPA-free nylon utensils come in two variants — the simple Uno and the two-piece Duo, which locks together in either closed or end-to-end conformations for portability or reaching into deeper containers and bowls, respectively — and are lightweight as well as comfortable to grasp through longer meals. They also simply outperform sporks, splitting food (as we all too often do without a knife) thanks to tapered sides and twirling noodles better using their deeper tines.

Uno coming in February. Buy the Duo at Amazon – $7.50 [via]

Hario V60 Drip Decanter

A fusion between a Chemex and a V60 coffee dripper, Hario’s V60 Drip Decanter is a shoe-in for becoming your daily go-to coffee apparatus, assuming you favor flavorful java. This Hario includes of a glass decanter and a plastic V60 dripper that’s compatible with Hario’s 02 filter, making for a painlessly quick pour-over ritual delivering one to two cups. Else, the silicone heat guard comes off for cleaning, which is straightforward enough to do by hand after brewing thanks to the wide decanter opening.

Find it at Amazon – $21

Stanley Mountain Vacuum Food System

Packing light doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice, hot meal, even hours after the campfire’s run its course. Stanley’s Mountain Vacuum Food System combines a pot, complete with flip out handle, and a nesting vacuum insulated thermos that keeps its contents hot or cold for about half a day. It’s also leak proof, made almost entirely of 18/8 stainless steel, and packs along a spork for devouring soups or solids with unabashed fervor.

Pick one up on Amazon – $45

Menu Champagne Sabre

Sure, you could continue uncorking your champagne the traditional way, but sabrage is both far more interesting and entertaining. And if you’re looking to pick up the technique, invest in a proper tool like Menu’s Champagne Sabre. This unabashedly flamboyant polished stainless steel sabre is devoid of sharp edges, yet still cleanly cuts off the bottle top at the neck with just a bit of practice and a spectacular pop. And no worries about glass shards falling back into your bottle: the positive pressure already present within your bubbly ensures nothing’s getting in after the break.

Find it at Amazon – $150


Enjoying a few cocktails every day after leaving the office can really eat into your salary. Bring the bar home with Somabar, the most affordable consumer robotic bartender to date. Connect Somabar to your home’s WiFi, fill the Soma Pods with 7 of your favorite ingredients — three per side, with a seventh container for bitters, simple syrup, and the like — then scroll through their app’s extensive cocktail list before letting the machine craft your cocktail with dead-on precision. It also makes suggestions based on ingredients at hand, mixes each drink stronger or weaker to suit your taste (and tolerance), and boasts dishwasher safe components to make cleaning a breeze.

Find it on Kickstarter – $400


Make your favorite liquor your own with Infuse, a tool created to simplify the process of imbuing unique flavors to your spirits. Each kit includes a 550ml hand-blown lead-free crystal decanter and a rubber-topped borosilicate glass infusing rod crafted with small perforations that let liquid flow into contact with your ingredients. Experiment with sliced fruit, chile peppers, hops, herbs, or whatever else tickles your fancy, swirl it around occasionally for ten to twenty minutes — simplified thanks to its convex bottom — and enjoy.

Find it at BespokePost – $55

Corkcicle Decapitator

Can’t get those bottle caps off fast enough? Then give Corkcicle’s Decapitator a go. Place this handy device over a capped bottle — both standard and twist — and push down firmly to pop it off in a split second. No batteries required, and a built-in magnet secures the cap in place after the fact.

Hit up Amazon for details – $20