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Koval Dry Gin

If your first instincts, when searching for new additions to your home bar, are to judge products by the attractiveness of their bottles, at least Koval’s Dry Gin won’t have misled you. This small batch gin is based off the distillery’s award-winning white whiskey, adding a unique blend of woodland botanicals, including rose hip, juniper, coriander, and more through the entirely in-house process. The resulting 47% gin makes for a drink that’s complex enough to be enjoyable both straight or as part of a cocktail, and one that’s worthy of its gold foil embossed, laser-cut label.

Read more at Koval Distillery – $35

Geddes Farms Honey

The benefits of honey are numerous, namely its deliciousness. But if you’re looking to shake things up, taste-wise, check out Geddes Farms all-natural honey. Their sustainably sourced varietal honeys come in eight delicious flavors that include cranberry, avocado, saw palmetto, blueberry, and orange blossom, each with its own distinct flavor profile and hue. They’re also unheated, devoid of any additional additives, and each derived from a single source, giving you an unadulterated honey that’s as pure as it gets.

Find it at Geddes Farms – $15

nICE Mug

Not much beats enjoying a cold one out of a frosty mug that spent the last few hours in the freezer. So how about a mug actually made of ice? The nICE mug kit comes two molds — a base and a lid — which snap together to create a chalice-shaped chunk of ice that’ll hold — and cool — up to 12 ounces of beer, cocktails, etc. Fill the mold with water, add a few drops of lemon oil for clarity, and freeze for a few hours before removing and enjoying. The kit also includes four plastic holders to keep your hands from freezing, each also equipped with a sponge at its base to absorb some of the water as the mug slowly melts. A well-frozen mug should last about 30 minutes before it melts or springs leaks, providing plenty of time to enjoy a drink or two.

Hit up nICE Mug for details – $30

Alessi Ossidiana Espresso Coffee Maker

At last count there were 78 billion coffee makers on the market. What could possible merit the purchase of another cliché to bilk pseudo coffee aficionados? Try the Ossidiana Espresso Coffee Maker designed by Mario Trimarchi for Alessi (and forget that part about bilking). Trimarchi designed the Ossidiana and that’s enough, basing this work of art on memories and fragments of images of both the traditional moka pot and the volcanic glass obsidian, its namesake. The coffee maker itself works like a traditional moka pot and is cast from aluminum, then fitted with a thermoplastic resin handle and knob, to work on traditional stovetops.

Find it in 2.5oz, 5.25oz, and 10.5oz versions at Amazon – $68 to $108

Mountainsmith Cooler Tube

More discreet than carrying a 6 pack by the box’s handle, Mountainsmith Cooler Tube provides a simple way to carry six cold ones in what appears to be a yoga mat case, complete with an adjustable shoulder sling. Its foam insulated walls keeps its contents nice and cold while a seam-sealed PEVA lining keeps can sweat (i.e. condensation) off your back.

Learn more at Mountainsmith – $25 [via]

Wandering Bear Coffee

We’ve all been there, sipping on our once hot cup of coffee until finally it’s just too tepid to drink. Wandering Bear Coffee solves this conundrum by producing a seriously caffeinated (215mg per 8 ounce cup), never bitter, cold filtered brew that’s meant to be consumed ice cold. 100% Arabica beans roasted within 48 hours of brewing the Bear ensures a fresh cuppa. But the secret ingredient is time, 18 cold steeping hours of it. This lengthy brewing process insures a bold, strong finish for a mug you’ll want to keep on tap. One box of Wandering Bear gives you 12 cups of brewed bean heaven, and the eco-friendly box keeps your coffee fresh for up to a month.

Learn more at Wandering Bear Coffee – $30

Asobu Vino Tini Wine & Martini Glass

Enjoy the occasional martini but can’t justify buying dedicated martini glasses? Try an Asobu Vino Tini Wine & Martini Glass instead. This versatile, dishwasher-safe chalice holds an 8-ounce martini on one side and flips over to accommodate up to 15-ounces of wine in the other. Just be cautious when setting it down, lest you chip the lip of the side not in use.

Grab one on Amazon – $18 [via]

Handground Coffee Grinder

Unlocking the hundreds of nuanced flavors and aromatics locked inside your coffee beans starts with the right grinder. The Handground Coffee Grinder aims to grab that coveted spot besides your preferred coffee maker thanks to its numerous distinct features, most important of which includes 38mm ceramic burrs mounted on a triple mounted stainless steel axle to eliminate burr wobble and produce a highly consistent grind. It also easily adjusts to desired coarseness in 125 micron intervals with just a twist of its adjustment ring, boasts a locking top to ensure particles stay contained, a side mounted wood handle for easier grinding, and employs static-free borosilicate glass in its catcher.

Find it at Kickstarter – $55

Guinness Flavored Chips

Anglophiles are a special breed. They spell “color” with a u and use two p’s in “shop.” But regardless of your cultural bent, Burt’s British Hand Cooked Potato Chips set the bar for crisp perfection. Hand cooked and fresh made in Devon, each batch is prepared to crunchy perfection before flavored with a variety of seasonings. When paired with a blend of roasted barley and hops, you get the bitter-sweet flavor of Guinness, the iconic Irish stout. These chips offer the greatest use of Guinness since Obi Wan.

Learn more at Burts Chips or pick up 20 40 gram bags at Amazon ($50)

Kenyon City Grill

Frigid weather preventing you from getting your grill on? Whether it’s the cold or bylaws against open flame grilling, Kenyon’s City Grill gets the job done legally without having to leave your kitchen. This 24 lbs marine-grade stainless steel grill is fully electric and plugs to an ordinary 120V wall socket, preheating in minutes to temperatures exceeding 500F. And with 8 settings, each providing an even heat across the grill thanks to direct contact with the element, it’ll perfectly sear whatever grub you’re in the mood for.

Find it at Kenyon – $475