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feature post image for Sea to Summit X-Pot

Sea to Summit X-Pot

Cooking pots aren’t exactly space efficient in our kitchens, but with ample cabinet space we manage. For camping, though, there’s Sea to Summit’s X-Pot. Transforming from the size of a frisbee to a full sized pot, the X-Pot features a flexible silicone build that withstands heat and a hard anodized aluminum base for cooking over a direct flame or a stove. It’s entirely BPA free, includes a lid that doubles as a strainer, sports handles that also double as fasteners to lock the lid on tight when packing the pot away, and comes in three sizes, two of which arrive in July.

Check out the full range at Sea to Summit or grab the 2.8L version now at Amazon – $50

feature post image for Miito


Filling your kettle with more water than you need before setting it to boil might seem logical given its nature, but all that wasted energy adds up. Miito sidesteps this waste by instead heating up only as much water as you need, directly in the cup you plan on drinking it in. Just place your non-ferrous vessel (a cup, bowl, teapot, made of glass, ceramics, heat-resistant plastics, etc — in short, not made of a magnetic metal) atop Miito, drop in the heating rod, and tap its touch-sensitive button to turn it on. Through induction, Miito heats the disk at the end of the rod, in turn heating the liquid around it and quickly attaining temperatures as high as boiling before automatically shutting off. Best of all it can also heat milk, soup, and other non-water liquids while sparing you the need to clean another pot.

Learn more at Kickstarter – roughly $100

feature post image for Cove Water Filtration System

Cove Water Filtration System

Smarter than your average Brita on multiple fronts, the Cove Water Filtration System notably purifies your water to an obsessive degree. When Cove’s pail is filled, water passes through the first-stage filter equipped with silver impregnated carbon, activated alumina, ion exchange, and mineral stones, removing most impurities before filling its glass tank. Then, swipe the touch-sensitive strip to dispense water — a faster swipe results in a faster pour — and tap to stop; as it’s pouring, water passes through second-stage filter blocks to catch any residual impurities. It also boasts built-in refrigeration, an automatic, adjustable light to make finding Cove at night easy, and the Cove app that can set filter replacement reminders and, if you’d like, hydration reminders as well.

Preorder at Cove – $250

feature post image for GoSun Grill Solar Oven

GoSun Grill Solar Oven

GoSun’s Stove is an impressive parabolic oven that can cook or boil water using nothing but sunlight. Consider the GoSun Grill Solar Oven its bigger, more powerful sibling. The Grill opens up to expose two parabolic reflectors to the sun’s rays, concentrating heat onto the evacuated Pyrex tube to bake, boil, roast, or steam enough food for up to eight people extremely evenly. It’s clean to operate, evidently outputting no smoke or soot whatsoever, cooks in a high-moisture environment to retain flavors, and is compact enough to pack into the trunk of your car for a cook-off in the backcountry. Plus, an optional phase change Thermal Battery that slips into the tube makes cooking at night or in cloudy conditions possible, “charging up” in sunlight and slowly releasing the stored energy as heat over multiple hours.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $350+ to $450+ (with battery)

feature post image for Imbue Magnetic Tea Infusing Vessel

Imbue Magnetic Tea Infusing Vessel

A travel mug you’ll want to use at home as much as on the go, the Imbue Magnetic Tea Infusing Vessel helps make brewing loose leaf a cinch just about anywhere. Imbue is made of an insulating shatter-resistant borosilicate glass and features a powerful neodymium magnetic ring on the inside of its cap that secures its strainer to its lid. Fill it with loose leaf and water, head out, and just flip it for a few minutes when you’re ready to steep. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also absolutely gorgeous what with its bamboo lid and removable sleeve made from a natural insulating fabric that’s lined with a suede interior for optimal grip.

Grab one at Kickstarter – $29

feature post image for Icicle Ice Bucket

Icicle Ice Bucket

Simple, elegant, and thoroughly functional, the borosilicate glass Icicle Ice Bucket by Rudolfo Dordoni slows down the melting of its contained ice by isolating the it — held in the upper half thanks to its inverted interior pod — from the water as it melts. The ice cubes are also easier to snatch up with a pair of tongs to the end since they won’t be whirling around in a pool of water.

Find it at the MoMA Store – $90

feature post image for Fold Project Eating Set

Fold Project Eating Set

Bulk is the main deterrent to carrying around proper dinnerware and cutlery. And that’s why the Fold Project Eating Set was developed. Made from resilient food-safe plastics, these plates, cups, bowls, and utensils fold up or down in seconds and hide away even in the most overfilled packs thanks to their near paper-thin profile. They’re also completely watertight, easily withstand boiling water or hot meals (and are thus also dishwasher safe), and are made start to finish in New Zealand.

Preorder at Crowd Supply – $20

HIIT Bottle

The protein bottle to end all protein bottles, HIIT immediately sets itself apart from its plastic competitors with its double wallet, vacuum sealed stainless steel construction that keeps its contents at their original temperature for hours. A unique cap is completely leakproof when sealed and yet opens with a quarter twist, revealing a wide mouth spout for drinking. Else, it won’t retain odors or stains, boasts rounded interior bottom edges to prevent accumulation of bacteria or clumped protein powder (using the included shaker ball), and is even dishwasher safe.

Preoder at HIIT – $30

feature post image for Other Brother California Gunpowder Spice

Other Brother California Gunpowder Spice

Food without proper seasoning is unimaginative. Other Brother’s California Gunpowder Spice mixes California grown peppers and Gilroy garlic with a few other secret ingredients to make a versatile go-to spice that pairs particularly well with meat, eggs, soups, and stir-fries, adding a flavorful kick to anything it’s poured over. Also check out their various olive oils, particularly the Gunpowder Olive Oil which mixes this spice with their extra virgin olive oil.

Grab a bottle at The Other Brother Company – $8

feature post image for Corkcicle Arctican

Corkcicle Arctican

Standard koozies have nothing on the Corkcicle Arctican, which ditches cheap foam for double walled vacuum-insulated stainless steel to stop cold dispersion in its tracks and keep its contents far cooler, far longer. Slide a standard 12 ounce can into the Arctican, pull out its twist-off cooling core from your freezer then screw it in its base, and sip on your beverage as fast or as slow as you like without worrying about the heat.

Grab one in silver or black at Amazon – $20 [via]

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