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Oxx Coffeeboxx

Coffee makers aren’t a very rugged bunch. Tip it and water will pour out of its tank; drop one and it’s done. While keeping yours firmly grounded atop your kitchen counter avoids these pitfalls, the Oxx Coffeeboxx just begs to come along for the ride. This 11 pound K-cup compatible coffee machine boasts a crush-proof chassis, a huge, spill-proof 2.5 litre water tank, a IP55-rated dustproof and waterproof enclosure, and a retractable 3 foot cord. It’s also thoughtful, pumping out on-demand piping hot water for making ramen or cocoa alongside coffee (tailgate anyone?), and is equipped with large rubber buttons adequately sized for use with gloves.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $200+

Carry On Cocktail Kit

Drinking is flying’s only redeeming factor, other than that whole bit about being able to traverse continents in mere hours. The Carry On Cocktail Kit heightens this experience with one simple, checkpoint security-friendly tin; just order a mini-bottle of bourbon at 30,000 feet and use the kit’s cane sugar, small batch bitters, and custom combination bar spoon & muddler to mix a proper old fashioned or two. It even includes a linen coaster to class up your on-flight drinking experience and a recipe card to walk you through the steps.

Check it out at Carry On Cocktail Kit – $24

Maple Bacon Coffee

When you think Canada, the first things that come to mind are hockey, Mounties, and of course maple syrup. You may however have overlooked Maple Bacon Coffee, and if you’ve ever sat down to a nice pancake, bacon and coffee breakfast you know what the Bewdly Coffee Company has captured with this brew. Maple bacon flavor is poured onto slow smoked coffee beans like syrup while roasters overlook as it soaks into every nook and cranny. Brewing this seemingly odd, delicious blend, your house will smell like breakfast without the artery clogging effects bacon may or may not bring about.

Learn more at Bewdly – $19

Mr. Coffee Smart Brew Coffeemaker

If anything’s gonna get us out of bed in the morning, it’ll be the thought of a hot, comforting cup of coffee. And with Mr. Coffee’s Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker, you’ve got full control right from your smartphone with Belkin’s WeMo app. WiFi enabled, you can set it to brew from anywhere, even scheduling weeks’ worth of brew time at once, adjusting times from a distance, and cancelling/delaying brews at will. Of course, all these features would be moot without the machine actually being half-decent on its own, so the brewer is equipped with Optimal Brew technology to heat water to an optimal 205 degrees, a double-walled insulated carafe with 10 cup capacity, plus both a removable brew basket and water reservoir for easy fill and cleaning.

Grab one at Amazon – $142

Collapsible Pour Over Coffee Maker

Brewing proper coffee when you’re lost somewhere in the woods requires decent equipment, and Snow Peak’s Collapsible Pour Over Coffee Maker undoubtedly has your best java-related interests at heart. This full-sized coffee maker is built of stainless steel and fits standard filters, folding down flat when not in use. It’s also relatively lightweight at 4 ounces, though ultralight campers might prefer the even lower weight of coffee cubes.

Pick one up on Amazon or Snow Peak – $30 [via]


Get withdrawal if you eat a meal that isn’t doused in Sriracha? You need Sriracha2Go. This 1.25 ounce bottle is small enough to slip into a pocket or pack and carry with you everywhere, ensuring you’ll never take another bite without having some of the hot chili sauce on hand. It’s also refillable, boasts a carabiner to clip onto things, and should technically be fine inside your carry-on to spice up those boring on-flight meals.

Grab one at Sriracha2Go – $7 [via]

Guinness The 1759

With a name derived from the year Arthur Guinness first started brewing the stout we know and love today, Guinness’ limited edition The 1759 is nothing but steeped in tradition. The amber ale in each 25.4 fl. oz. bottle is brewed with peated whiskey malt according to a 200-year-old recipe, bursting with hints of caramel, butterscotch, a touch of fruit and a subtle taste of hops. It’s the first instalment of the new Guinness Signature Series, so you can be sure this 9% beer won’t be without company shortly.

Find it at ReserveBar – $35

Three Jerks Jerky

At last count, there were 2,235,309 different brands of beef jerky all claiming to be the best. Flavors like Crisco-Tang, or XVOO-beef vie for the title of best dried meat. Three Jerks Jerky has found a winning recipe, and the main ingredient isn’t love — though that’s in there too. Psoas major or filet mignon is the difference between the Jerks jerky and all others. The best meat and real ingredients with no additives like nitrates, MSG or preservatives come together to make the finest beef jerky available. Three kick’n flavors take advantage of the tender, buttery filet; Original, Memphis BBQ, or Chipotle Adobo, so grab one individually or try all three with the Three Jerks three pack.

Grab a pack at Three Jerks Jerky – $15

Mantry Cocktail Crate

Twelve bucks will net you a fancy cocktail from your local mixologist, accompanied by ambience that may or may not justify its price tag. Alternately, try your hand at making some yourself with Mantry’s Cocktail Crate. This kit packs four cocktail mixers sourced from artisan makers across the country that can be used to make a total of 32 drinks — 8 per mixer — including bacon bloody mary’s, gin & tonics, barrel aged old fashioned’s, and Siberian fir vodka rickey… just add booze.

Find it at Kickstarter – $60

Menu Bottle Grinder

Truthfully, the traditional spice grinder isn’t very well thought out: after use, placing it down on its base litters your table or countertop with remnant bits of its contents, a nightmare for the OCD-inclined amongst us. The Menu Bottle Grinder, instead, turns this illogical design on its head, housing a ceramic grinder on top as to avoid creating any sort of mess. It also fills easily, mills salt, pepper, and most spices, boasts a seemingly rendered, all-too-perfect soft plastic design, and uses a wooden dial cap for selecting grind size.

Find it in various colors and sizes at Amazon – $50+ [via]