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feature post image for The Seven Kingdoms Mug

The Seven Kingdoms Mug

Whether you’re drinking beer, wine, or the blood of your enemies, nothing makes a statement like The Seven Kingdoms Mug. This 1-pint vessel is crafted using cattle horn that’s attached to a solid wooden base before being smoothed and finished by hand, making each unique in its own right. Just don’t fill it with coffee or tea: this mug’s not intended for hot beverages, which also means you won’t be able to throw this one in the dishwasher.

Grab one at Cool Material’s Shop – $50

feature post image for Poler Dutch Oven

Poler Dutch Oven

It’s not light. But the Poler Dutch Oven’s cast iron build still makes it perfect for cooking a bunch of food over a campfire. This 10″ oven is designed with longevity in mind and is virtually indestructible, rust brought on by lack of maintenance notwithstanding. It’s also immediately ready for use since it’s pre-seasoned right out of the box and sports a handle that makes it easier to pull out of the fire.

Learn more at Poler – $55

feature post image for Coleman Brown Leather Coolers

Coleman Brown Leather Coolers

Luxurious is not a word we’d use to describe the quintessential white Coleman cooler. But Jayson Home’s Coleman Brown Leather Coolers are another story. Available in three sizes ranging from 10 to 66 litres, these insulated coolers are covered in dark brown leather and cross-stitched at the seams with light colored thread. Just don’t fill them up with Coors Light.

Find them at Jayson Home – $385 to $1,500

feature post image for Drink Rocks

Drink Rocks

Whiskey stones cool your drink, but by now everybody’s got a handful. Drink Rocks are far bolder. These 2″ cubes are made of soapstone and marble and chill your drink, minus the whole dilution ruining it bit. Their four different shades also helps distinguish your drink from your guests’, and make for a solid conversation starter.

Grab a set at Cool Material’s Shop – $30

feature post image for Geddes Farms Ghost Pepper Honey

Geddes Farms Ghost Pepper Honey

Add a touch of sweet and a ton of spicy to just about anything with Geddes Farms Ghost Pepper Honey, a fusion of 100% raw, unpasteurized and unaltered honey with one of the world’s hottest chili peppers. At over 1,000,000 Scoville heat units, the Ghost Pepper itself is ludicrously hot, albeit subdued in part by the honey itself. And when the honey’s all done, the strong stomached are welcome to take a go at the pepper itself.

Learn more at Geddes Farms – $15

feature post image for Bartesian Cocktail Machine

Bartesian Cocktail Machine

Capsules make coffee simple. And now cocktails as well with the Bartesian Cocktail Machine. Using Bartesian is as easy as a Keurig: preload the four glass reservoirs with basic spirits — vodka, rum, tequila, and gin — then insert a capsule, choose alcoholic strength, and press a button. All the other ingredients, including bitters and real juices (devoid of high-fructose corn syrup) are contained within the capsule, making delicious, intricate cocktails that would otherwise require stocking dozens of ingredients. The cocktail menu at launch includes margaritas, sex on the beach, cosmopolitain, as well as three signature cocktails, with more on the way.

Find it at Kickstarter – $300

feature post image for Klean Kanteen Insulated Growler

Klean Kanteen Insulated Growler

Keep your recently acquired craft beer (or cold-brew coffee) as fresh as it is cold with the Klean Kanteen Insulated Growler. Made entirely of stainless steel with an 18/8 food grade interior that’s electropolished to avoid retaining flavors, the growlers boast double-walled vacuum insulation and locks in carbonation thanks to a threadless, leak-resistant Swing Lok cap. A large 1.75-inch opening also makes loading them up with ice simple and straightforward.

Get it in 32 or 64 ounce versions at Amazon – $60

feature post image for Sixfold Leather Beer Carrier

Sixfold Leather Beer Carrier

By far the most distinctive way to stock up on craft beer at your local store, the Sixfold Leather Beer Carrier is made of vegetable-tanned English Bridle leather and American walnut that come together more elegantly than thin sheets of laser-cut bamboo ever could. Each Sixfold ships flat and builds up by sliding the walnut spines together before folding in the leather and securing it on the spine’s tabs. And when your Sixfold is empty, just disassemble and stuff it into your pack until it’s once again needed.

Find it in four and six bottle varieties at Kickstarter – $78+

feature post image for Utensilmate


Really into your hot sauce (or other miscellaneous condiment)? You need Utensilmate. This one-of-a-kind gadget locks onto your spoon or fork using magnets and delivers dosed amounts of your sauce — with a simple slide of the thumb lever — to every bite. Refilling is as easy as dipping the nozzle into the sauce and pulling back on its plunger, and it also comes apart for quick cleaning.

Grab one at Kickstarter – $10

feature post image for Voke Tab

Voke Tab

As far as addictions go, there’s worse than caffeine. But cut off one of our doses for whatever reason and we’re bound to disagree. Voke Tab is your fix on the go. Each chewable tablet contains natural green tea leaf caffeine (77mg each), as well as extract from guarana berries and acerola cherries. They’re also packed with 100% of your daily value of vitamin C, colored naturally with beet over artificial dyes, and sweetened with rebiana and monk fruit, not refined sugar.

Grab a tin at Amazon or Voke Tab – $7+

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