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feature post image for Orange Vessel Stoneware Growlers

Orange Vessel Stoneware Growlers

Brown glass growlers are the mainstay for taking home large volumes of craft beer, but they’re vulnerable to UV light, often have narrow necks, and sometimes bear imperfect seals. Orange Vessel’s Stoneware Growlers were specifically created to improve upon their design, hand poured in small batches in Central Ohio. They feature an ergonomically spaced carry loop for slipping in two fingers, a simple flip top closure that ensures a hermetic seal, and 100% opacity to protect your beer from the taste-altering effects of light. They also come in five handsome colors with or without gloss, including orange, black, and white.

Read more at Orange Vessel Co. – $60

feature post image for Duo Coffee Steeper

Duo Coffee Steeper

Simple. That’s what Fellow’s Duo Coffee Steeper is all about. Add three tablespoons of coarse ground coffee, pour in hot water, and stir them together. After steeping for a few minutes, twist the top to separate the coffee from the grounds, the former passing through a dual filtration system before collecting in the glass reservoir below. It also works great for iced coffee and tea, and protects your hands from hotter beverages thanks to its mid-mounted silicone sheath.

Read more at Fellow – $85

feature post image for Hudson Sutler Cooler Bag

Hudson Sutler Cooler Bag

Constructed of heavy duty 18 oz canvas, Hudson Sutler’s Cooler Bag should keep lugging your bottles and cans to and from the beach/park/wherever for the foreseeable future. In typical Hudson Sutler fashion the bag is overbuilt, featuring an oversized rust-proof resin zipper, cotton webbing carry handles, and a half inch of insulation outside its waterproof liner to keep cold and moisture locked in for extended periods of time. And with a 24 beer (or 8 wine bottle) capacity, one bag should easily get you and a few buddies through the day.

Find it at Hudson Sutler – $130

feature post image for Grillight LED Spatula

Grillight LED Spatula

Step up your nighttime barbecue game with the Grillight, an LED Spatula with a flashlight in its handle that’ll light up your grub past dusk. The spatula itself is built from dishwasher safe 430 stainless steel — just remove the light first — and the Ideal Illumination LED eschews traditionally blue-skewed wavelengths for naturally colored light instead to properly judge your food. Grillight’s lineup also includes a fishturner and tongs, similarly equipped with flashlights.  Alternately, save a few bucks and strap a small flashlight to your existing spatula with a couple of elastic bands.

Find it at Amazon – $25

feature post image for Savino Wine Saving Carafe

Savino Wine Saving Carafe

Preserving wine is difficult since sealing a half finished bottle without extracting the air still results in rapid oxidation. The Savino Wine Saving Carafe prevents this in an ingenious way. Once open, pour your wine in the glass or plastic Savino and insert the float. Normal pouring is maintained, but when the carafe is placed upright the BPA-free plastic and silicone float seals off air contact with the wine, minimizing oxidation and prolonging the wine’s freshness for roughly one week in your fridge. It’s also dishwasher safe, includes a spill-safe lid, and works with most any kind of wine.

Get it in Connoisseur ($43, glass) or Enthusiast ($20, plastic) versions at Amazon [via]

feature post image for Lowball Machined Whisky Tumbler

Lowball Machined Whisky Tumbler

Nothing like any drinkware currently in your possession, Discommon’s Lowball Machined Whisky Tumbler foregoes glass altogether, instead milled from aerospace grade aluminum in a process that’s perhaps as superfluous — or as necessary — as the aging process its namesake spirit goes through. The interior of each tumbler is contoured by a lathe to the shape of an hourglass snifter silhouette, which is then anodized to result in an inert coating that won’t contaminate the whisky with undesired flavor in the least. It’s also shaped with a lip that minimizes drip, an overall external shape that cradles well between thumb and forefinger, and an intricate texture for grip.

Find it at Discommon – $280

feature post image for Calamityware Mugs

Calamityware Mugs

It’s the little things, or the accumulation thereof, that often get us down. Calamityware Mugs were designed to put things back into perspective. These porcelain mugs feature seemingly normal traditional blue-willow pattern, or at least until you take a closer look, with more than a dozen calamities disturbing the peace. Antagonists include a UFO, a voracious sea monster, pterodactyls, robots, pirates, and many more, wreaking havoc on the city. The 12 ounce mugs are also food safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe, striking the effort required for alternate cleaning and reheating off your list of grievances.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $48 for four

feature post image for Stiff Salt Sriracha Salt

Stiff Salt Sriracha Salt

Sriracha tastes great on just about anything. And naturally, we douse everything in salt. So kill two birds with one stone and grab Stiff Salt’s Sriracha Salt. Made of nothing but kosher salt, sriracha sauce, and a touch of extra garlic and cayenne pepper, this salt tastes just like its namesake, adding a mouth watering kick and complexity to stir fry, eggs, steak, potatoes, and much more. You’ll practically want to eat it straight out of the bag.

Learn more at Stiff Salt – $9.50

feature post image for Polar Ice Tray

Polar Ice Tray

Sure, ice spheres might have lower surface area and melt slower than cubes, thus diluting your drink less, but the main reason we use them is for their looks. And with Polar Ice Tray every sphere is crystal clear. Unlike most ice sphere makers that result in foggy ice, Polar Ice Tray uses a dual-chambered system that separates clear ice from impurities, freezing from the top down thanks to an insulated base (the black bottom component) and thus pushing air out of the ice sphere and into the water below the mold. And for even more stunning drink coolers, try adding a piece of fruit or a flower between the mold to trap it within the transparent ice.

Read more at Kickstarter – $30

feature post image for Cube Glass

Cube Glass

As deceitful as it is clever, glass artist Nate Cotterman’s Cube Glass boasts a solid glass cube fused to its center, closely mimicking a large cube of ice in both appearance and function, cooling your drink. Just store each glass in your freezer before pouring your favorite spirit or cocktail over the cube, which retains its chill for roughly 20 minutes to keep your drink cool, tasty, and undiluted. Available in either Rocks (shown) and highball versions, the latter taller and with two smaller glass cubes instead of one.

Find it at Nate Cotterman or Designers House – $90 [via]

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