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UltraX Folding Bike

Cleveland, home of carbon fiber and the Go-Go’s song most remembered because of a Dilbert look-alike. It’s this lightweight material that gives the UltraX Folding Bike a stiff, vibration absorbing ride that’s most often associated with aluminum frame bikes. Not only are the frame and fork made of carbon fiber, so too is the seat, dampening an already smooth ride. Even the crank set benefits from carbon fiber construction. A 20 speed SRAM X9 drivetrain boasts the range needed to make powering up steep terrain or leisurely cruising a breeze. But what makes the UltraX all the more amazing is its ability to fold to a tiny size for transport, aided by its paltry weight of 18.75 pounds. You can stow it in your trunk without having to move the body and still have room to spare.

Find it at Allen Sports – $5,000


Whether you’re storing your bike for the winter or in your pad for the night, its handlebar are bound to get in the way at some point. Make this process slightly less painless with FlipCrown, a bike accessory that lets you easily flip your threaded headset equipped handlebar 90° in seconds. To use it, loosen the stem bolt with the included tool, push FlipCrown’s button, and then flip the handlebar either way. It’s perfectly safe, installs easily in about 15 minutes, and makes a world of difference when mounting your bike onto a car or locking it to a crowded bike rack.

Head to Indiegogo – $30

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SeaSucker Bicycle Rack

Roof racks: you either have one or you don’t. Regardless, you won’t need any sort of permanent fixture to carry your two-wheeler with SeaSucker’s Bike Racks. These versatile mounts attach to your vehicle’s roof using incredible strong vacuum mounts, temporarily — and, importantly, securely — carrying your bike by its wheels, then detaching when no longer required without leaving any residue on the metal or glass. They attach in minutes and come in single, double, and triple bike variants to satisfy even bigger groups of bikers.

Check out the lineup at SeaSucker or Amazon – $270+

Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights

Visibility is key when it comes to night cycling. And while large, bright lights are appreciated, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to ensure you’re seen. Instead of being a permanent fixture on your bike, Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights attach magnetically to a metallic segment of your bike when called upon and activate with a click, then detach, join together, and slip away into a pocket just as quickly. They’ll run for 40 hours on a couple of CR2032 batteries, feature several modes (steady beam, slow flash, or fast flash), and attach securely enough to endure even the bumpiest pothole-ridden streets.

Grab a set at Amazon – $25


Relying on either a dedicated GPS unit or your smartphone for navigation while cycling requires dangerously taking your eyes off the road and deciphering directions on a tiny screen. SmrtGRiPS offer a smarter, safer way to go about getting directions: these stealthy aluminum devices slip into standard straight handlebars (except drop downs, for now) and connect to your iOS or Android smartphone running Google Maps to give you distraction-free turn-by-turn directions in the form of haptic feedback delivered right to your hands. They’re also waterproof, boast high-capacity rechargeable batteries that last for 3 months between charges, and even let you locate your misplaced bike using their accompanying app.

Hit up IndieGoGo to pledge – $60+

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Evelo Omni Wheel

Add a little boost to your pedal powered ride without the need for complicated gizmos or motors. Evelo’s Omni Wheel integrates a 350W hub motor, battery, and all electronics into one sleek contraption that installs in about a half hour by taking the place of your bike’s front wheel. The included display mounts wirelessly to your handlebars to tell you speed, distance travelled, let you adjust the level of assist, and report on remaining battery life, which is good for up to 40 miles of riding on a full charge.

Learn more at Evelo – $1000+

Fairweather Handle Bar Bag

We’d much rather keep our backs free, cool and airy while riding. And for light duties, Fairweather’s Handle Bar Bag should do just fine. These bags boast water-resistant fabric, impermeable zippers, and two adjustable straps that accommodate virtually all handlebars. Each is made up of two main compartments — a large, versatile roll top bag and a detachable accessory pack — the latter of which features a flip-up accessory pocket complete with a clear, touchscreen-compatible window that’s perfect for consulting your smartphone or a paper map.

Hit up Fairweather for details – $128 [via]


Bike etiquette has it that signalling your turn involves holding out your arm, temporarily sacrificing balance in the hopes of being noticed. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work as well as we’d like to think, particularly in poor light and weather conditions. WingLights, instead, brings the tried and true method employed by every other road vehicle to your bike. Replace your handlebar covers with their magnetic fittings, then stick WingLights onto your handles before riding. One quick tap activates the desired signal, emitting highly visible amber light via LEDs, and another deactivates it after the turn is complete. They’re also designed to be waterproof and shockproof, last 3 months on a single set of batteries, and pop off your bike in an instant to prevent theft, attaching magnetically to the included carry-away keyring.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $22+

Tern Perch Bicycle Wall Mount

People have trouble with their literal versus figurative. No one literally hangs around their house, but now your velocipede can. When space is at a premium, the Tern Perch Bicycle Wall Mount frees up more floor with no hassle. Dumbfoundingly simple, the Tern Perch has no latches, straps or catches. A rubber coating protect the paint on whatever happens to be hanging, and there’s even slots for attaching a helmet, clothing, or for locking your bike to it, if you for some reason needed to. Hardware for mounting on wood or concrete walls is included and the mount adjusts in angle to fit most bikes up to 40lbs.

Learn more at Tern – $70

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Orfos Flare Bike Lights

When it comes to describing Orfos’ Flare bike lights, bright is an understatement. Each Flare packs nine half-watt LEDs, outputting 300 lumens (red flare) to 500 lumens (white flare) that match the overall brightness and dispersion of car taillights and daytime running lights. They also offer 360° visibility thanks to their clear polycarbonate shell and reflective interior, are entirely waterproof (they’ve gone diving), boast a rechargeable LiFePo4 battery that outlives lithium, and a mounting system that employs extremely strong N52-grade neodymium magnets for quick and easy removal.

Find Flare at Kickstarter – $120 (each) or $230 (both)