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Yerka Lock-In-Frame Bike

While it’s not quite ready for prime time, the Yerka Project is still of great interest to us if for one reason: it’s the world’s first nigh impossible-to-steal bike. Its secret involves a frame that also doubles as its own lock: Yerka’s down tube opens up and folds outwards to give a few inches of clearance for slipping this bike through a tree, post, or rack. Then, remove the seat post, slide it through, and lock it, simultaneously securing your saddle, seat post, and frame while also sparing you the need of lugging around a hefty lock. Cutting through the lock results in partially destroying the bike – quite the contrary goal of any sensible bike thief – making this bike the hardest to steal yet providing its lock is resilient to picking attemps.

Sign up for updates here – $TBA

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Schiller X1 Water Bike

While there’s nothing wrong with giving our arms the occasional workout propelling a kayak or canoe, there’s a reason land-borne bicycles are foot-pedal powered. Schiller’s X1 Water Bike takes advantage of your strongest limbs thanks to a conventional bicycle design mounted atop two rugged, dual-chamber inflatable pontoons, attaining speeds of roughly 8 knots (10 mph) on open water. The California-made X1 is also adjustable to fit a variety of rider sizes, mounts or dismounts in 10 minutes to pack away on most vehicle bike racks and trunks, and boasts two oscillating propellers that eliminate any need for a rudder.

Read more at Schiller – $6495+ [via]

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Proper M Lock iPhone Bike Mount

Sticking your phone in a bulky, ugly plastic case that then straps to your bike isn’t our idea of a decent mount. Studio Proper’s take on it is a little more our style. Precision machined from solid aluminum, the M Lock replaces your bike’s existing stem cap, making it harder to steal without specific tools, centering your device, and adjusting to attain your ideal angle. Better yet, it works with Proper’s M Lock iPhone case (which is compatible with a ride range of their accessories), firmly and instantly securing the latter using four powerful Neodymium magnets in either portrait or landscape orientation. And should adverse weather interrupt your ride, just wrap your iPhone in the included weatherproof sock to keep it safe and dry.

Learn more at Studio Proper – $60

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We don’t say this lightly: since occasional flats are inevitable and would otherwise leave cyclists stranded, virtually everybody who bikes long distances needs a portable pump. And as it turns out, there’s no need to stash one in your pack or on the frame, since your bike likely sports a storage compartment for one already: the hollow Shimano axle between your cranks. CrankPump makes full use of this space, screwing in to replace the standard axle cover. When a flat occurs, just unscrew CrankPump, remove and use the red and blue TireZip levers to unzip the tire, then inflate the new tube using CrankPump’s CO2 canister to 90 PSI – more than enough to head home.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $25

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Brooks England Toolkit MT21

Whether your bike has a banana seat and coaster brakes or a magnesium frame with titanium springs, it’s a sure bet that you have a chain, handlebars, pedals and a sore arse. What do you do when you’re on the road and have a problem with one of those components? Your arse is on its own; otherwise the MT21 multi tool Toolkit from Brooks England has the answer with its allen keys, screw drivers, torx wrenches, spoke wrenches, chain tool, knife and yes, bottle opener, all in a handy leather pouch. Forget calling AAA and being towed to a bike shop and repair your spoked wonder yourself.

Get one at Oipolloi or learn more at Brooks – roughly $80

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Velo Sock

Knox on fox in socks in box. The good Doctor can remedy the pains of a poor jacked up fox, but when it comes to home décor… well you remember the cat in the hat. Enter Velo Sock. Velo’s bike sock is the answer when you want to express your personality through functional, livable home accents. This sock fits over the wheels of your bike, not only protecting your floor from road exudation, but doing so in style – 10 styles, in fact. Made of a flexible 90% polyester, 10% spandex material, each sock can fit a bicycle with a length from 1.6 to 2 meters in length. In the happenstance that one of the ten designs doesn’t fit your living space, custom covers are available. And when the inevitable happens and the sock gets dirty, just turn it inside out for a good scrubbing (actually gentle is better).

Learn more at Velo Sock – $69

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Vier Compact U-Lock

If you’ve got a bike worth securing, it comes as no surprise that U-locks are the preferred choice. Unfortunately, they’re also heavy and bulky, universally requiring specific mounting adapters or backpacks to lug them around comfortably. And that’s why Vier was born. While it might not do much to remedy the weight that comes naturally with thick, steel U-locks, Vier features two locking bodies and two 14mm hardened steel shackles that come apart completely to pack away nicely into its burrito-sized storage bag that’s then easily be thrown into a pack or strapped underneath your bike’s saddle. It’s also pick and drill resistant, withstands 1.5 tons in pull strength test, and theoretically supports swappable shackle lengths should you ever desire a longer lock (though for security’s sake, we suggest keeping it small).

Check it out at Kickstarter – $75

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Priority Bicycles

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike. Freddie Mercury never imagined the simple, maintenance free quality that a Priority Bicycle would eventually deliver. Priority delivers on their promise of Happiness in Motion. Starting with an oversized aluminum frame as the foundation, Priority builds a bike built for a lifetime thanks to belts replacing chains, cutting out grease, stains and maintenance for years of hassle-free riding. No more selecting one of ten or twenty gears. Priority bikes come with three speeds to traverse any terrain you need to cover. And Priority’s two-wheelers come with everything you need to ride out of the box, including a tire pump, kickstand, water bottle cage, puncture-resistant tires, and even a seat built for comfort. All you’ll need to do is assemble it, which is done in four simples steps and only takes about five minutes.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $375

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Hard Graft Frame Folio

Travel primarily on two wheels? Air out your back and strap your goods to your bike instead with hard Graft’s Frame Folio. Barely wider than your bike’s frame, this handsome tote packs away your tablet, books, magazines, writing implements, and other goods between two pockets, fitted with color-coded zippers to quickly find what you’re looking for. And when you’ve arrived at your destination, its straps can be repurposed into a smart handle or simply wrapped around the bag.

Find it at Hard Graft – roughly $409

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Flats while biking are inevitable. Save yourself the need to carry a spare tube and tire removal tools with Patchnride, a handheld tool smaller than most portable pumps that patches your tube in roughly 60 seconds. It also spares you the need to throw out and replace an otherwise good but punctured inner tube. Just locate the leak, remove any debris, then insert Patchnride into the tire and push the button to release the Air Seal Patch that forms a permanent seal. It’s virtually foolproof, and saves you the need to take the wheel off or the tube out, meaning you can get back to riding quicker than ever.

Preorder at Patchnride – $30