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Priority Bicycles

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike. Freddie Mercury never imagined the simple, maintenance free quality that a Priority Bicycle would eventually deliver. Priority delivers on their promise of Happiness in Motion. Starting with an oversized aluminum frame as the foundation, Priority builds a bike built for a lifetime thanks to belts replacing chains, cutting out grease, stains and maintenance for years of hassle-free riding. No more selecting one of ten or twenty gears. Priority bikes come with three speeds to traverse any terrain you need to cover. And Priority’s two-wheelers come with everything you need to ride out of the box, including a tire pump, kickstand, water bottle cage, puncture-resistant tires, and even a seat built for comfort. All you’ll need to do is assemble it, which is done in four simples steps and only takes about five minutes.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $375

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Hard Graft Frame Folio

Travel primarily on two wheels? Air out your back and strap your goods to your bike instead with hard Graft’s Frame Folio. Barely wider than your bike’s frame, this handsome tote packs away your tablet, books, magazines, writing implements, and other goods between two pockets, fitted with color-coded zippers to quickly find what you’re looking for. And when you’ve arrived at your destination, its straps can be repurposed into a smart handle or simply wrapped around the bag.

Find it at Hard Graft – roughly $409

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Flats while biking are inevitable. Save yourself the need to carry a spare tube and tire removal tools with Patchnride, a handheld tool smaller than most portable pumps that patches your tube in roughly 60 seconds. It also spares you the need to throw out and replace an otherwise good but punctured inner tube. Just locate the leak, remove any debris, then insert Patchnride into the tire and push the button to release the Air Seal Patch that forms a permanent seal. It’s virtually foolproof, and saves you the need to take the wheel off or the tube out, meaning you can get back to riding quicker than ever.

Preorder at Patchnride – $30

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NNF Safe At Home Woven Bike Locks

As much as we like Kryptonite’s colored security rating tiers, we don’t really give much thought to what our bike locks look like, but if we’re going to wear a chain we might as well go with one that looks good – like Nyan Nyan Factory’s Safe At Home Woven Bike Locks. These 8mm iron chain locks are the polar opposite of the black and metal chains we’re used to, covered in flamboyant weaved polypropylene bands to minimize metal touching your skin/clothing, not to mention scratches on your bike’s frame. They’re offered in a staggering 29 color combinations, and include a rock-solid Abus packlock for securing your ride.

View the colorways at Nyan Nyan Factory – $65

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Apidura Saddle Packs

Can’t fit all your gear into your existing saddle pack? An unlikely occurrence with Apidura’s Saddle Packs. These waterproof 11- or 17.5-liter packs attach to the back of your saddle and weigh under 400 grams, eliminating the need for a rear rack – at least for most carrying scenarios. Features include a three-point anti-slip attachment system for stability, roll top closures with dual compression straps, reflective graphics plus two bike light attachment points, and a bungee cord tie down feature for strapping down more gear.

Find it at Apidura in either compact and regular size – roughly $135 [via]

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A good U-lock might be the best way to secure your bike, but if it’s worth stealing, all a professional thief needs is a few minutes to ride off on your two-wheeler. And while an axle grinder might make quick work of Skylock, too, its feature list might make to-be bike jackers reconsider. Skylock boasts a thick, robust frame and double-bolted lock, but really stands out thanks to its keyless smartphone-dependant entry method, making it more resilient to brute force attacks on the lock mechanism, and accelerometer-based tamper detection that attempts to notify you via Bluetooth or WiFi if your lock is being fiddled with. It also never needs  a charge thanks to solar panels, makes bike sharing a cinch, and even supports crash alerts, where when the lock and connected phone both detect a simultaneous impact they’ll notify preferred contacts of this fact unless you answer that you’re alright.

Preoder at Skylock – #140

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Clug Bike Clip

By far the cheapest and easiest way to mount your bike on a wall, Clug is tiny, understated, and as functional as they come. Fit for standard road bike tires between 23mm and 28mm with more sizes on the way, Clug grips your bicycle’s front tire for a secure hold that easily supports your bike vertically and fits just about anywhere. The box it comes in even doubles as a screw guide, making mounting this diminutive trinket even more straightforward. And, if you’ve got a 3D printer of your own, 5 bucks nets you the .stl files needed to print one yourself.

Go pledge at Kickstarter – $9

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Betabrand Reflective Plaid Button-Down

Biking home after a late day at work can be a treacherous affair without proper illumination. Make sure that’s taken care of with Betabrand’s new line of reflective plaid button-downs. This slim-fitting, pocketed plaid shirt boast 3M retroreflective yawns woven right into the fabric, so while they’re inconspicuous during the day, they’ll shine bright when faced down with a pair of headlights. Choices include three colors – graphite (shown), red/blue, and wheat (i.e. brown/beige), in either long or short sleeve variants.

Learn more at Betabrand – $118

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SoftWheel Fluent Wheel

Typically, a wheel’s rim or spokes are more concerned with holding things together than making the ride comfortable for the rider – that’s what the air-filled rubber’s for. But not SoftWheel’s Fluent Wheel. Originally conceived for wheelchairs but adapted to the bicycle, Fluent Wheel is also pneumatic, but smooths cyclists’ ride without loss of energy or efficiency like classical in-frame bike suspensions: on flat surfaces, Fluent rolls rigid, coming to life on bumps, cracks, and potholes to dissipate impact. Best of all, it requires no particular provisions, making it compatible with any frame that’ll have its width.

Release date undetermined. Learn more about Fluent & Acrobat (its wheelchair-focused brother) at SoftWheel – $TBA [via]

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Vanhawks Valour Smart Bike

We love biking as much as the next guy, but we’re not fooling ourselves into thinking it’s safe, at least when compared to other methods of transportation. But we’re betting Vankawks’ Valour Smart Bike can help. Thanks to a carbon fibre unibody construction with internal wall structure (think bones instead of hollow tubes), Valour’s frame can better withstands extreme three-dimensional stress while keeping weight off – the bike in its entirety weighs a mere 16 pounds. Interplay also occurs between your smartphone, their turn-by-turn navigation app, and Valour’s slew of sensors, compiling data every time you hit a pothole, detecting and warning you of other commuters in your blind spots, monitoring elevations of each route to help better get around hills, and, if stolen, talking to other nearby Valours on the road to notify you in hopes of maximizing chance of recovery. And it never needs a battery swap or manual recharge thanks to a front wheel dynamo that tops up all the electronics within one hour.

Pledge at Kickstarter – roughly $910+

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