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Victorinox Inox

Think of Victorinox’s Inox as a high end G-Shock, except with about 50 times more resilience, streamlined features (namely, just time telling), and a somewhat sleeker design. Crafted from a solid block of stainless steel, Inox was put through hell, i.e. 130 homologation tests, to ensure that it’ll shrug off whatever adversities are thrown its way. Whether it’s frozen, dropped 10-meters onto concrete, doused in corrosive liquids, or run over by a 64-ton tank, Inox’s Ronda 715 quartz movement will keep on ticking. Plus, slip on the included nylon and silicone bumper for further protection.

Touching down later this year. Until then, read more at Victorinox – $TBA

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Bluelounge Jimi

While we won’t argue against many of Apple’s design choices when it comes to their ultraslim iMac , we’d be lying if we said its USB ports were anything close to as easily accessible as on many PCs. Bluelounge’s Jimi remedies this issue – for one port, at least – thanks to a rigid, J-shaped USB extension that plugs into a USB port on the back of your device and snaps into place using the air vent for support. The result is a highly convenient front-facing USB port, which, if we’re lucky, will come standard on the next iMac. Though we wouldn’t bet on it.

Pick one up at Bluelounge – $15

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MeUndies Underwear

Underwear is undeniably the most-worn article of clothing in any given person’s wardrobe, so why should one settle for anything less than exceptional quality and comfort? Short of giving up and going commando, there’s MeUndies line of the World’s Most Comfortable Underwear in multiple styles plus tons of awesome colors and prints to suit every taste. Made from premium Micro Modal fabric that’s moisture wicking, anti-microbial, breathable and nearly twice as soft as cotton, these undies won’t stretch, fade, or ride up like your normal underwear. For this week only, use code ‘GH75’ to get 30% OFF your entire purchase on orders larger than $75 when you shop MeUndies (excluding packs and French Terry).

Hit up MeUndies and get to it – $16+

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Bowen Belt Knives

Building up a solid everyday carry can get tricky, particularly when your pockets are already overfilled by a smartphone, wallet, keys, and other miscellaneous goods. With that in mind, Bowen Belt Knives streamline your carry by concealing a knife within a belt. These custom belts sport a special sheath in which its knife – which functions as a buckle – slides into, supporting both your pants and confidence. The stainless steel knife buckle also boasts a built-in bottle opener for cracking open a cold one, and some belt options even include a hidden zippered pocket in which to stash a bit of cash. Though you’ll probably need a plan B for holding up your trousers while actually using the thing.

Browse the options at Bowen – $65+

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Ticla TeaHouse 3 Tent

There’s not a lot to like about the run-of-the-mill tent. Their sizing estimates are usually off by a large margin (unless the people crammed within are small children), something we might be inclined to let slide if we could ever pack the damned things back into the bags they came in. They also offer pretty much zero visibility, meaning we might as well have set it up within our living room instead of the middle of a stunningly serene forest. Ticla’s TeaHouse 3 actually fits three comfortably, for one, but also offers fantastic vertical panoramic views for stargazing on rainless nights (though popping on the included rain fly limits the view to out its four massive side windows). It’s also durable thanks to aluminum poles, self-correcting YKK zippers, and 75D Polyester walls, at the expense of weight. And thanks to the G.O.O.D. system, or Get Out Of Dodge, when it’s time to scramble, the tent, poles, and all accessories always cooperate and jam into the included tote bag unfolded.

Learn more at Ticla or grab one at REI – $375

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Komono The One Watch

In the quest for absolute minimalism, there’s only so much one can strip before running out of things to remove. Komono took it a step further with The One Watch, also pulling off the second and minute hands for an even cleaner look. Also boasting a leather NATO strap, 3 ATM of water resistance, and powered by a Japanese Quartz movement, the lone hand makes its way around the face every twelve hours, with markings at 5 and 15 minute intervals for rough time estimates. Close enough.

Grab one at The Awesomer Shop or Amazon – $100

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Stitch & Locke Slide Wallet

Simple card carriers often complicate access to less frequently used cards. Stitch & Locke Slide avoids this misstep thanks to a clever corner notch, allowing for easy sliding of cards to fish out the one that’s required. Slide’s ultrathin profile also means it’ll disappear inside pockets – even front ones. Better yet, it’s both attractive and built to last thanks to the use of two resilient materials: a cork exterior over a denim pocket, forming three distinct compartments in which to stash up to 8 cards comfortably.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $26

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Fujifilm Instax Printer

We enjoy putting our photos online as much as the next guy, but sometimes we can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of nostalgia for printed, film photographs we can hold in our hands. The Instax Printer is the answer to our wishful thinking. This tiny, battery-powered printer creates framed, Polaroid-like pocked-sized pictures on actual film from Facebook, Instagram, or your camera roll in under 60 seconds. Controlled by a free app, it easily syncs up to your phone, printing without wires or cords. The cherry on the cake? It allows you to edit, filter, and crop your pictures to your liking prior to printing.

Find it at Amazon ($200) or Photojojo ($220) [via]

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Imbue Creative Tool

Imbue is a sleek tool that looks like an ultra-modern ruler; but there’s much more to it than you’ll absorb at first glance. Imbue merges the functionality of rulers, t-squares, triangles, and compasses, helping you measure distances, draw straight and perpendicular lines, triangles, concentric circles, 3/8″ corners, and more. It also attaches to your notebook’s material bookmark so you never have to stress out about losing it. Made of your choice of aluminum or stainless steel, it weighs practically nothing – yet another of its advantages over the traditional creator’s tool kit. Its designers strived to create a tool that was always there when needed, forgotten until that very moment. We think they’ve succeeded.

Pledge at Kickstarter – $20+

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Pit Barrel Cooker

Nothing says bromantic like roasting over a garbage can fire. The Pit Barrel Cooker sets the mood, minus any sanitation hazard, thanks to a design that’s based around a 30-gallon steel drum, and unites the best traits of both smokers and slow cookers to consistently produce delicious, perfectly cooked meat. The kit includes a grill grate, two rubs, 8 stainless steel hanging hooks, and 2 steel hanging rods for cooking all sorts of meat – and loads of it – to your exact liking.

Pick one up at Amazon – $270

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Lytro Illum

Impressed as we were by Lytro’s original Light Field camera? Fantastic as its focusable-after-the-fact images are, it was always a little limited by its small lens and resolution. Lytro’s Illum is its unrestrained bigger brother. Equipped with a custom 40 Megaray sensor, tablet-class processing speeds, a 8x optical zoom lens with 1:3 macro, and a 4-inch touchscreen display, Illum captures interactive images like never before with real-time color-coded overlays that show which parts of the image are within re-focusable range.

Preoder at Lytro – $1,500