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Reforms Collapsible Bucket

Everyone needs a bucket if not just to complete the ice bucket challenge, but the room to store it in our cramped flats is lacking. Fortunately, you won’t need much with Infusion Living Reforms Collapsible Bucket. Made of silicone, this two-gallon bucket folds down to a height under 2 inches – small enough to slip under or between the other junk you’ve been hoarding for too long. It’s also adjustable to 4 distinct height settings, sports a stainless steel handle, and works out great for camping and other road-bound trips for obvious reasons.

Pick one up on Amazon – $30

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Clifton Slim Engagement Ring Case

Looking to pop the question in a far off land? Even if you happen to ask close to home, spare yourself the trouble of carrying a typically bulky, cubic ring box and grab a Clifton instead. With a 1 cm profile, i.e. probably thinner than your current wallet, these handsome leather cases come in two sizes to fit even the biggest rock-adorned rings and slip inconspicuously into any pocket. Then, as the case is opened, the ring holder presents the ring with a flower blooming motion for a bit of added effect.

Find it at Clifton – $100 to $120 [via]

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Everyday Carry Breakdown #27

Each week we’ll show you an everyday carry – a small selection of tools, gadgets, and gear carried daily to cope with a variety of situations – worthy of a few minutes of your attention. This week’s EDC belongs to an Optical Engineer in Newport Beach, CA.

For the full August 29th breakdown, hit up Everyday Carry.

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Yerka Lock-In-Frame Bike

While it’s not quite ready for prime time, the Yerka Project is still of great interest to us if for one reason: it’s the world’s first nigh impossible-to-steal bike. Its secret involves a frame that also doubles as its own lock: Yerka’s down tube opens up and folds outwards to give a few inches of clearance for slipping this bike through a tree, post, or rack. Then, remove the seat post, slide it through, and lock it, simultaneously securing your saddle, seat post, and frame while also sparing you the need of lugging around a hefty lock. Cutting through the lock results in partially destroying the bike – quite the contrary goal of any sensible bike thief – making this bike the hardest to steal yet providing its lock is resilient to picking attemps.

Sign up for updates here – $TBA

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FAB Defense Gotcha Cap

Many a good tale begins with, “There I was…”. Imagine the story that follows that three word intro with “…surrounded, wearing just a cap.” The GOTCHA Cap makes the no doubt fanciful tale you’re about to weave at least plausible if not probable. Created as a result of a rare collaboration between professionals drawing on their unique expertise in defense, design and martial arts, this cap means never being caught empty headed/handed. The less-than-lethal self-defense tool within is constructed of a lightweight reinforced polymer composite that is ergonomic and easily concealed in the bill of the cap, keeping personal defense a top-of-mind issue.

Get it in one of several tacticool colors at Amazon – $40

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Schiller X1 Water Bike

While there’s nothing wrong with giving our arms the occasional workout propelling a kayak or canoe, there’s a reason land-borne bicycles are foot-pedal powered. Schiller’s X1 Water Bike takes advantage of your strongest limbs thanks to a conventional bicycle design mounted atop two rugged, dual-chamber inflatable pontoons, attaining speeds of roughly 8 knots (10 mph) on open water. The California-made X1 is also adjustable to fit a variety of rider sizes, mounts or dismounts in 10 minutes to pack away on most vehicle bike racks and trunks, and boasts two oscillating propellers that eliminate any need for a rudder.

Read more at Schiller – $6495+ [via]

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Ever wonder how Google shoots 360º pictures for Maps’ Street View? OK, it’s not with a Bublcam, but close enough. Using sophisticated stitching software and four 190º camera lenses set around an aluminum tetrahedral design, Bublcam boasts zero blindspots, capturing literally everything around it simultaneously – up, down, and all around – to shoot 1080p videos at 15fps (720p at 30fps) or 14MP photos. The resulting photos and videos are interactive in that the point of view can be changed in the fly while watching on your computer or smartphone. Future Oculus rift compatibility is just icing on the cake.

Preorder at Bubl – $580 [via]

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Batman Branding Iron

Need? Not exactly, but that won’t stop us from seriously wanting NiqueGeek’s Batman Branding Iron. 3D printed of steel, this miniature branding iron boasts the Dark Knight’s insignia and simply snaps onto standard, ubiquitous Bic lighters. Then, just light up the flame, hold it for 60 to 90 seconds, and get to branding. Some suggested targets include notebooks, leather, and anything made of wood – though we’re certain that, given one, there won’t be any shortage of things to brand.

Find it at NiqueGeek’s Etsy page – $30

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Proper M Lock iPhone Bike Mount

Sticking your phone in a bulky, ugly plastic case that then straps to your bike isn’t our idea of a decent mount. Studio Proper’s take on it is a little more our style. Precision machined from solid aluminum, the M Lock replaces your bike’s existing stem cap, making it harder to steal without specific tools, centering your device, and adjusting to attain your ideal angle. Better yet, it works with Proper’s M Lock iPhone case (which is compatible with a ride range of their accessories), firmly and instantly securing the latter using four powerful Neodymium magnets in either portrait or landscape orientation. And should adverse weather interrupt your ride, just wrap your iPhone in the included weatherproof sock to keep it safe and dry.

Learn more at Studio Proper – $60

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Instagram’s simplicity is paramount to its success and widespread adoption. That said, Hyperlapse is bound to follow suit. This app, crafted by the former, employs Instagram’s impressive in-house image stabilization to create smooth, polished time lapse videos even while in motion: for instance, during a jog or on the back of a motorcycle. Just download the app, tap to start recording, tap again to stop, choose a speed from 1x to 12x, then save to your camera roll. And - importantly – you can just as easily share your time lapses with your Instagram followers as you could a picture.

Download a copy from iTunes – $Free