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USB outlets are easy to find if you’re at your desk. On the sofa? Not the case, unless you’ve got a Couchlet between the cushions. Shaped like a wedge, Couchlet stably nests between cushions, mostly out of sight and mind until called upon to charge your phone, tablet, or console controller. It works with your existing wall charger thanks to the included removable 6 foot long USB cable, charges two devices thanks to dual USB ports, and sports a fold out arm that even lets you wedge it vertically under a mattress or couch cushion.

Learn more at Indiegogo – $16

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feature post image for Spyderco Bug Knife

Spyderco Bug Knife

Carrying around a knife doesn’t mean sacrificing half your pocket. Prime example: the Spyderco Bug Knife. This 1.6-inch long knife (when folded) is the smallest in Spyderco’s line and features a 1.3-inch razor sharp 3Cr13 stainless slip-joint folding steel blade. It’s also got a 0.4-ounce weight, a lanyard hole for keychain carry, and a satin finish on its stainless steel handle. And although it’s technically non-locking, resistant pressure at the pivot point when in use ensures that the blade stays open.

Grab the Bug Knife on Amazon or also check out the progressively larger HoneyBee and Grasshopper – $12

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feature post image for Everyday Carry Breakdown #64

Everyday Carry Breakdown #64

Each week we’ll show you an everyday carry – a small selection of tools, gadgets, and gear carried daily to cope with a variety of situations – worthy of a few minutes of your attention. This week’s EDC belongs to a graphic designer in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

For the full May 22nd breakdown, hit up Everyday Carry.

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feature post image for Sea to Summit X-Pot

Sea to Summit X-Pot

Cooking pots aren’t exactly space efficient in our kitchens, but with ample cabinet space we manage. For camping, though, there’s Sea to Summit’s X-Pot. Transforming from the size of a frisbee to a full sized pot, the X-Pot features a flexible silicone build that withstands heat and a hard anodized aluminum base for cooking over a direct flame or a stove. It’s entirely BPA free, includes a lid that doubles as a strainer, sports handles that also double as fasteners to lock the lid on tight when packing the pot away, and comes in three sizes, two of which arrive in July.

Check out the full range at Sea to Summit or grab the 2.8L version now at Amazon – $50

feature post image for Red Wood & Blue Cricket Dart Board

Red Wood & Blue Cricket Dart Board

Cricket’s your game? The Red, Wood & Blue Cricket Dart Board strips down the board to the essentials, removing all parts unused — including most of the dart board itself. This first edition run is limited to 100 pieces and crafted using hand picked American Walnut frames alongside 1 1/4″ Basswood for the board itself, which is laser etched with numbered triangles. Also included are walnut and turkey feather darts, each made by hand and balanced by a third generation dart maker. The only problem we foresee is actually biting the bullet and throwing darts at this work of art.

Find it at Red, Wood & Blue – $300

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feature post image for Love Hulten Pixelkabinett 42

Love Hulten Pixelkabinett 42

We’ve got nothing against traditional arcade systems, but they’re occasionally a little too conspicuous for when subtler styling calls. Love Hulten’s Pixelkabinett 42 packs a full-size coin-op arcade system but stashes it within a unique hand-made cabinet complete with glowing planetarium decor that’s also customizable in numerous ways and sports a folding top that both renders the unit more discreet and keeps out dust when not in use. Otherwise, it also boasts speakers with an optional sub for extra bass, various PCB board options with different game lists, and a walnut and ash control pad that includes a 4-to-8 way joystick plus push buttons.

Learn more at Love Hulten – roughly $4,100+

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feature post image for JAYS u-JAYS On-Ear Headphones

JAYS u-JAYS On-Ear Headphones

Intricacy stripped down to its essence, JAYS’ u-JAYS On-Ear Headphones were designed with providing detailed acoustics and lasting comfort in mind; the fact that they also look good is simply function projecting form. Each cup boasts 40mm dynamic neodymium drivers within 360° vented enclosures and behind viscoelastic ear cushions that conform to the shape of your ears while worn and create a tight, fitting seal to reduces sound leakage. They also feature a replaceable three-button remote cable, a spring steel headband for a balanced fit, and core parts made of stainless steel to better withstand everyday wear and tear.

Coming in Q3. Learn more at JAYS – $200

Tags: Audio, Tech
feature post image for Discommon Watch Wallet

Discommon Watch Wallet

Stop travelling with your watches stuffed in socks and give them a worthy home with Discommon’s Watch Wallet. Made of waxed Italian leather and lined with a tweed inner, this watch case holds up to two of your most distinctive timepieces alongside a passport and other travel documents. And while both the tobacco brown and wolf grey boast a traditional look and feel, they subtly feature a 3mm thick D30 foam shield within their walls, absorbing energy from shocks and bumps to ensure your watches keep on ticking accurately.

Find it at Discommon – $380

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feature post image for SNAP Furniture Legs

SNAP Furniture Legs

Make your own table from just about any relatively flat surface or board with SNAP furniture legs, a set of two, three, or four colorful & versatile steel wire legs. Affixing SNAP is simple: pull back on the flexible portion, slip it over a board, then release and cinch its cable, forming a solid table capable of bearing loads of up to 154 lbs. Otherwise, SNAP will optimally work with boards that are 0.4- to 1.6-inches thick (but can work with irregular surfaces as well, such as a bike wheel), is easily stackable to make shelves, and creates highly portable furniture, letting you take the table apart and pack it in the trunk of a car.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $60+

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feature post image for Pikaplant Tableau

Pikaplant Tableau

Responsibilities and general forgetfulness can make keeping plants tricky. Conversely, the Pikaplant Tableau makes it so easy even frequent travellers can do it. Tableau is composed of three ceramic pots, a glass reservoir, and a steel base, funnelling water from the latter to the capillary fabric lining the base and in turn to the plants, as they require it. When all the water is sucked up from the fabric the reservoir is tapped for more water, mimicking the wet-dry cycle in nature all while requiring zero electricity to run. And with up to 6 weeks of watering on a single fill and the fact that remaining water levels are available at a glance, the risk of your plants drying up before a refill is essentially nil.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – roughly $140

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