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Lumu Light Meter

The classic light meter is not something we’d want to lug around with us on a daily basis, particularly not if we’re travelling light with a small daypack and camera. Lumu, on the other hand, is a very different animal. Diminutive in size, Lumu makes use of your exiting hardware, i.e. an iOS 5 iPhone or iPod, by plugging into its headphone port. Then, just position the bulb in front of your subject for Lumu to measure the light, outputting the correct photo parameters to use – ISO, aperture, and time – on its accompanying app. It can also save given parameters, location and a photo as a note for reference, measures light in lux or foot-candle, and works great with simple pinhole cameras by displaying a suggested shutter time. And it never needs a battery.

Find it at BiteMyApple – $150

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Sir Richard’s Condom Company

We pass around the pig skin, earn the sheepskin and wear the… latex? Not just any latex, Sir Richard’s finest condoms are for the “uncommitted”, providing three varieties in each 3- or 12-count pack. The Ultra Thin natural latex condom is as strong as the others but so sheer it allows for supreme sensitivity. Pleasure Dots rubbers feature hundreds of small dots making your partner wish they knew brail. Classic Ribbed round out the collection providing pleasure that won’t disappoint. Functional as well as stimulating, each condom is electronically tested for safety and reliability as approved by the FDA. After all, who doesn’t want the FDA in their bedroom (or kitchen table, or mall dressing room). You can’t get more protection without a bat and helmet. And because Sir Richard’s care about more than just your pleasure, for every condom purchased, they’ll donate a condom to a country in need.

Grab a pack on Amazon or at Sir Richard’s Condom Company – $5+

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Beer Glass Froster

Lacking the foresight to stock glasses in the freezer, the Beer Glass Froster was seemingly designed just for us. Clamp one to your table or bar and hit the spout to instantly chill a beer glass or mug to ice-cold temperatures, inviting for any beer best served chilled. A blue LED also lights up the glass while in use, powered by a trifecta of AAA batteries. However, using the froster requires a CO2 tank which, while inexpensive, isn’t really helping much in the overall price department.

Find it at Hammacher Schlemmer – $400 [via]

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The Many Varieties of Whiskey Chart

Left bewildered by the seemingly boundless whiskey choices in today’s liquor stores and bars? Let Pop Chart Lab demystify this spirit with their latest chart, The Many Varieties of Whiskey. Covering all major producers including American, Canadian, Irish, and Scotch whisk(e)ys, this diagram is godsend for the more visual, breaking down each category into types, brands, and particular products. Every print is stamped onto 100 lb. archival paper, signed and numbered by the artists, and comes either as a standalone poster, mounted to a panel, or in one of three wooden frames.

Get one at Pop Chart Lab – $29+

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2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Convertible

It won’t be here in time for summer, but invest in your future (i.e. summertime 2015) with Chevrolet’s drop-top Z06. Despite its fully electronic top that can be remotely lowered at speeds of up to 30mph, this Z06 was designed from the get-go to be an open-top vehicle, meaning its rigid aluminum frame is up for whatever torsional punishment its engine and handling can dish out. Speaking of which, its supercharged V8 puts out over 625 horsepower and 635 lbs-ft of torque, transmitted through either a 7-speed manual or 8-speed paddle-shift automatic to its massive 19- and 20- front and rear wheels, respectively. And we haven’t even talked about its Active Fuel Management (that shuts off half its cylinders for 29mpg highway driving), five selectable driver modes to personalize each drive, and Magnetic Selective Ride Control that automatically controls suspension stiffness for a smooth, responsive ride regardless of terrain variations.

Read more at Chevrolet – $TBA

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Ti2 TechLiner Pen

We love Pilot’s fine Hi-Tec-C ink cartridges, but frankly they’re a little tough to get a hold of in our neck of the woods. Enter Uni-Ball’s Signo 207, the companion cartridge to Mike Bond’s Ti2 TechLiner Pen. Available in ultrafine sizes down to 0.38mm, it writes extremely smoothly and features anti-fraud ink, preventing check washing. And the pen around it isn’t too shabby, either: the TechLiner is entirely machined from pure titanium billets and sports one of four finishes – tumbled, gonzodized, matte black, or blackwash (shown). It’s also got a quick-to-remove cap that sticks thanks to neodymium magnets on both ends, optional pocket clips (add ten bucks), and a machined grip that won’t ever quit.

Pick one up on Kickstarter – $55+

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FINsix Dart Compact Laptop Adapter

Carrying around a notebook computer usually entails dragging along its adapter, too, often (and ironically) much thicker and overall bulkier than the computer itself. FINsix’s 65W laptop adapter, on the other hand, is a hell of a lot more portable. Thanks to novel Very High Frequency power conversion technology, it’s far smaller and lighter (at roughly 2 ounces) than your current monstrous adapter, occupies only a single socket when in use, and even sports a USB port for charging your mobile devices, eliminating yet another charger from your carry.

Grab yours at Kickstarter - $89+

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Personalized Engraved Rolling Pins

What’s the point of baking if you can’t plaster your attribution all over the resulting fare? That’s the idea behind Valek’s Personalized Rolling Pins, each made from beech wood with repeating patterns laser engraved across their rolling surface. Choose amongst a variety of patterns – including dinosaurs, dogs, cats, and geometric shapes – or customize one yourself, with “Made by” followed by your (or your brand’s) name. No word on how difficult it is for them to laser engrave a logo or graphic onto one, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Learn more at Valek Rolling Pins’ Etsy Shop – $43 to $57 [via]

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Naked & Famous Scratch-n-Sniff Denim

We’ve all been there, hanging out with friends, maybe enjoying a nice icy carbonated caramel colored beverage when conversation turns to how your pants smell. Okay, maybe not. But with Naked & Famous scratch-n-sniff denim you’ll be prepared, because you never know. With just a brief scratch, your answer turns to “why, minty fresh thank you.” Why the need for minty pants? We could ask the same about oxygen. Okay, bad example. Irrespective of need, these 100% cotton pants are way cool, and the scent lasts through up to 5 washes.

Find them at Tate + Yoko – $158

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Aiia Ssssspeaker

Jambox it mightn’t be, but Aiia’s Ssssspeaker is still plenty interesting, and at a price point that doesn’t sting quite as much. This hockey puck-sized speaker boasts a silicone cone that collapses when not in use, packing down small enough to fit in a day pack or big pocket. And you won’t mind chucking it in there along with all your other junk, since its protected 31mm driver won’t get crushed or dented. And while there’s no Bluetooth on this bad boy, plug it to your 3.5mm auxiliary port-equipped device for up to 8 hours of music or podcast playback, then charge it back up using the hybrid cable’s USB port.

Read more at Aiia and order by filling in the form – $7.50

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