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Quiksilver True Wetsuits

Look sharp at the office, on the waves, and in between with Quiksilver’s True Wetsuits. Like any good wetsuit their pant and jacket components are made of 2mm thick, super stretchy neoprene and couple well with an equally stretchy water-repellent button shirt cut from 3M Dry Flight material. The collection also includes a waterproof tie and a pen & diary set, the pen doubling as an excuse email sender if you forget to tell your clients you were hitting the waves. Available in black, navy, and tux variants.

Learn more at True Wetsuits – roughly $2,500

feature post image for Crank Brothers Y-Shaped Multi Tool

Crank Brothers Y-Shaped Multi Tool

A lot can go wrong mechanically, even on just two wheels. Stay prepared with Crank Brothers Y-Shaped Multi Tools, a set of super compact tools that easily slips into a seat bag, hydration pack, or even a pocket. The Y-12 predictably includes 12 tools, amongst them a patch kit, two torx wrenches, both Phillips and flat heat screwdrivers, plus seven hex wrenches. And while slightly heavier, the Y-16 also includes a CO2 inflator, two spoke wrenches, and a chain tool, albeit at the cost of losing the patch kit.

Grab the Y-12 ($30) or Y-16 ($42) at Amazon.

feature post image for Ring Stash

Ring Stash

Perhaps if engagement ring boxes were a reasonable size men wouldn’t have to lug around packs or carry the naked ring alone in a pocket right before popping the question. Ring Stash solves this problem thanks to a super sleek 0.5-inch profile that’s far more subtle than your run-of-the-mill ring box. A padded holder keeps its contents safe and sound until you press down on the locking latch and open Ring Stash to reveal the ring, which is presented on a rotating stand that’s actuated by concealed gears rigged to the box’s hinge.

Find it at Ring Stash – $100

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feature post image for Native Union DOCK For Apple Watch

Native Union DOCK For Apple Watch

The only charging setup more minimal than the Native Union DOCK is to use Apple’s provided charge cable all alone. But where’s the fun in that? DOCK is composed of a hefty weighted base and an aircraft-grade aluminum arm that slides in once the cable is inserted, routing it out the back to keep your desk or night table nice and tidy. The arm is adjustable in angle while the simple matte graphite silicone-coated base can flip on its side for a horizontal view that’s more natural while lying down. It’s even reversible, letting you position the watch on either the left or right side of the base with just a simple adjustment.

Preorder at Native Union – $50

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feature post image for Palette 3D Printing Color Stitcher

Palette 3D Printing Color Stitcher

Upgrade your 3D printer with Palette, the simplest way to add some color to your creations. Palette doesn’t modify your printer’s extruder in any way; instead, it inputs up to four filament spools and combines them together into a single one in real time as your 1.75mm filament-compatible 3D printer is at work. Using Palette just adds a preparatory step for selecting which color goes where: afterwards, the device handles the rest, automatically splicing the filaments and even self-adjusting to ensure precision throughout the print. It even works with new types of filaments like conductive, magnetic, metallic, and more, greatly expanding the functionality of your existing machine beyond the merely cosmetic.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $850

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feature post image for Flyte Levitating Light

Flyte Levitating Light

Not your typical light fixture in the least, the Flyte Levitating Light does just what its name suggests — levitate, seemingly magically, while also pulling in power through the air. Setup is easy: plug Flyte’s base into an AC adapter, then hold the bulb over it: electromagnets grasp of the bulb’s socket in seconds, suspending it in the air while an induction coil lights up the ultra bright, lower-power LEDs in the core of the bulb. It’s also made of your choice of sustainably-sourced oak, ash, or walnut, turns on or off with a simple touch of its surface, and employs shatterproof materials in the bulb that ease worries of breakage should it fall off. Oh, and the base even doubles as a wireless charging base station for your smartphone (with compatible third party accessories).

Grab one at Kickstarter – $250

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feature post image for Diamond Whiskey Glasses

Diamond Whiskey Glasses

You could say that the glass you’re drinking your spirits out of doesn’t matter, but we’re inclined to disagree. They’d probably taste better out of a set of Diamond Whiskey Glasses. Shaped with steep angular edges like their namesake, these stunning tumblers lay tilted for swirling your booze around freely. They’re also made of borosilicate glass and unfortunately aren’t meant for any journeys through the harsh climates created by your dishwasher.

Grab a pair at Cool Material’s Shop – $26 for two

feature post image for Wellington Chocolate Factory

Wellington Chocolate Factory

Striving for the top spot in any niche requires an obsessive involvement with process. And the methods used at the Wellington Chocolate Factory for making their craft chocolate bars can only be described as obsessive. The best farmers are hand-picked from around the globe to deliver single-origin beans, which are then roasted, cracked, winnowed, conched and tempered, all in-house using artisanal methods of several centuries prior. Unsurprisingly, the results are exciting, with flavors such as Chilli Lime Nuts (hints of Kaffir lime, chilli, peanuts, and ginger), Salted Brittle Caramel, a Craft Beer Bar (with Gladfield toffee malt and Nelson Sauvin Hops), and, of course, a range of more traditional single-origin chocolates. Each is then hand-wrapped in packaging adorned with designs by local New Zealand artists.

Learn more at Wellington Chocolate Factory – $11.50+ [via]

feature post image for Everyday Carry Breakdown #60

Everyday Carry Breakdown #60

Each week we’ll show you an everyday carry – a small selection of tools, gadgets, and gear carried daily to cope with a variety of situations – worthy of a few minutes of your attention. This week’s EDC belongs to a gallery director in New York City.

For the full April 24th breakdown, hit up Everyday Carry.

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feature post image for Fave Knives

Fave Knives

As their name suggests, Onehundred’s Fave Knives ambitiously aim to become your favorite, go-to knives. The Fave 3 and 4 utility knives are crafted of full tang high carbon 420 stainless steel and fitted with reclaimed hardwood handles made of gorgeous walnut, cherry, mahogany, or maple pulled from furniture restoration cast-offs. And with their contemporary design, US manufacturing by an experienced knife-maker, and a wicked sharp blade, these knives may just pull it off.

Find them at Kickstarter – $55+

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