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Ridge Stand

We swear by our mStand to improve ergonomics (and our lazy postures) at work, but its large, fixed design doesn’t cut it on the road. Ridge, on the other hand, is conceived for setting up just about anywhere. These ultra-versatile aluminum alloy stands are compatible with a variety of tablets and notebooks up to 13″, improving your working conditions at home, work, at your local café, and everywhere in between. They also boast integrated cord management, adjust in height and angle, and fold down flat to slip away into your pack unnoticed.

Find it at BiteMyApple – $85

Corkcicle Decapitator

Can’t get those bottle caps off fast enough? Then give Corkcicle’s Decapitator a go. Place this handy device over a capped bottle — both standard and twist — and push down firmly to pop it off in a split second. No batteries required, and a built-in magnet secures the cap in place after the fact.

Hit up Amazon for details – $20

Phase One x Alpa A-Series

Chasing megapixels? Phase One & Alpa A-Series packs a whole lot of them. But this triad of cameras is about more than just a number. Each model is based on a compact mirrorless camera system housing a 50-, 60-, or 80-megapixel full-frame CCD sensor that’s coupled to and calibrated for 70mm, 35mm, or 23mm Alpa lenses. The cameras are also wrapped in a stunning body complete with a natural rosewood handle plus leather grip and include a boatload of accessories, though we’re not so confident in the included 16GB CF Card’s ability to hold too many photos.

Learn more at Phase One – $47,000+

The North American Whiskey Guide from Behind the Bar

Confronted with seemingly limitless whiskey options, keeping track — not to mention simply settling on your next bottle purchase — can be a nightmare without proper guidance. Good thing The North American Whiskey Guide from Behind the Bar handled the daunting task of reviewing over 250 different whiskeys. Written by the general manager of San Diego’s The Aero Club Bar and packed with blind taste tests by top bartenders, this handy tome will tell you what to try, with which cigar to pair it, and with what to mix if you enjoy the occasional cocktail.

Grab a copy at Amazon – $16

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Tumi Pax Travel Puffer Jacket

Using your jacket as a pillow on a long flight or bus ride makes sense, so why not pack a pillow in your jacket? Tumi’s Pax Travel Puffer Jacket does precisely that thanks to a hidden pop-out pillow case in its collar. When you’re ready to catch some z’s, pull out the pouch and stuff the jacket into it according to the instructions on the jacket’s inner lining. Oh, and it’s also warm thanks to its down filling, lightweight, and water resistant, making it a jacket you’ll want to wear as well as sleep on.

Hit up Tumi for details – $220 [via]

Victor Axes

Strange it may be, but somehow we’re more motivated to get work done when the tools in our hands are not only well-built but aesthetically pleasing. And the latter is an understatement when it comes to describing each and every Victor Axe. Ranging from compact 13-inch hatchets to 28-inch full-length axes, these tools are made from start to finish in the USA, pairing hand-painted, Grade A hickory handles with heads forged by Barco or Council. The result is a heirloom-quality axe that looks as good on the wall of your workshop as it does felling trees or chopping firewood.

Learn more at Victor Axe – $110 to $330

Everyday Carry Breakdown #42

Each week we’ll show you an everyday carry – a small selection of tools, gadgets, and gear carried daily to cope with a variety of situations – worthy of a few minutes of your attention. This week’s EDC belongs to a pharmacist in Melbourne, Australia.

For the full December 19th breakdown, hit up Everyday Carry.

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Power Pen

Jump start your smartphone with a bit of extra juice using Power Pen, the first device designed to combine both a ballpoint pen and backup battery. Granted, with its relatively svelte enclosure, Power Pen carries but 700mAh of fuel, insufficient to recharge your battery completely but more than enough for a few extra hours of work (or play). It also doubles as a stylus when the ink is retracted, comes with both Lightning and micro USB connectors to customize to your exact needs, and can be recharged by plugging straight to any regular USB port.

Grab one at Firebox – $40 [via]

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Wish you had a comb sized right to slip into your pocket unnoticed? Headgehog’s that comb, and a whole lot more. This laser-cut tool is made from heat-treated stainless steel and boasts a panoply of tools including a bottle opener, four wrenches, a phillips screwdriver, a chip clip, and indentations to double as a phone stand or money clip. All that is especially impressive considering it’s sized like a credit card and measures in at just a hair thicker, sliding into your wallet without a hitch.

Find it at Kickstarter – $12

Tags: Gadgets, Tools

Gerber Zip Light+

Enhance your everyday carry minus the addition of any bulk with Gerber’s Zip Light+. Not much bigger than your average zipper pull, this handy little device is made of stainless steel and pulls triple duty, also packing along a surprisingly bright flashlight and a bottle opener. It’s also designed with a built-in one-handed quick release clip to remove it from your pack or jacket when it use.

Pick one up on Amazon – $10 [via]