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Jar Pies

Pies are delicious but a little unwieldy. For example, we don’t need to try carrying a single piece of pie in our jacket pocket to know that it’s going to get messy. And that’s where Jar Pies come in. These single-serving pies are, well, contained within a jar, meaning they’re far more portable than their jar-less counterparts. Jar pies all contains entirely natural ingredients and come in delicious flavors bound to suit every taste such as Hot Fudge Toffee Crunch, Apple, Pecan, and Lemon Lust.

Check them all out at Jam Jar Bakery – $6 [via]

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NudeAudio Super-M

It’s not rocket science: bigger speakers generally output bigger sound. But thanks to a little engineering ingenuity, NudeAudio’s Super-M is the exception to the rule. This compact Bluetooth 4.0 speaker is jam packed with electronics, including 2 full-range neodymium drivers on each side and two passive radiators, totalling 6 drivers positioned all-around for booming 360º sound. Its IPX-5 waterproof and sandproof case also contains an 8-hour li-ion battery, meaning it’ll effortlessly go anywhere and keep running all the while.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $100

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Miansai M24 Watch

Minimal and spirited, Miansai’s M24 boldly mixes a blue we’ve yet to see on a man’s timepiece with clean features and a fine Italian leather strap (of course it also comes with a black face but where’s the fun in that?). These sleek watches put a one-handed Japanese movement that makes two full turns per day behind a mineral glass face and in between PVD-coated stainless steel. It’s also water-resistant to 100 feet and measures in at just 5.5mm thin, making the M24 a solid choice for daily wear.

Check out the full lineup at Miansai - $185 to $215

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Refresh Dopp Kit

Reminiscent of Dune’s Sandworms (if you have no idea what we’re talking about, keep it that way), Hard Graft’s Refresh Dopp Kit is a plenty handsome way to carry your toiletries, or keep them ready to go at home. This vertical dopp accomodates taller goods thanks to an expandable top made of 100% wool felt that perfectly complements its vegetable tanned leather base. It also keeps its contents – like your toothbrush, paste, aftershave, whatever - upright and instantly accessible when unzipped, making us question why so many existing dopps are horizontal instead of vertical.

Grab one at Hard Graft – $269

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Braun Ceramic BN0171

Braun’s ultra-minimal timepieces are instantly recognizable, though their latest release pushes the brand’s iconic designs into uncharted territory, at least when it comes to choice of materials. The BN0171 features a ceramic face paired to a matching ceramic bracelet for a smooth, comfortable fit and far superior hardness (and scratch resistance) when compared to metal straps. Else, the watch boasts a round 38mm face underneath mineral crystal glass, 30 meters of water resistance, and a quartz movement spinning three hands - two understated and another not so much.

Find it in black or stone grey at Dezeen’s Watch Store – roughly $390 [via]

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Trunk Bendable Charge Cable

Basically a tiny, portable version of Une Bobine, iLoveHandle’s Trunk isn’t slack like other short pocketable cables but is instead stiff and posable. Plug it in to a computer, wall charger, car charger, or any USB port really, then bend it as needed to aim your Lightning- or Micro USB-equipped smartphone in your direction. Best of all, there’s no cord to tangle like with the awkwardly long cables included with your device.

Grab one at iLoveHandles - $20 [via]

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​Polaris Slingshot

Technically more motorcycle than car, the Polaris Slingshot is nothing if not bang for your buck. This 1,700lbs three-wheeler is driven by a disproportionately powerful 173 horsepower-, 166 ft-lbs torque-producing 2.4-liter GM Ecotec inline-4 coupled to a five speed manual transmission, with yet unrevealed performance specs – though we’re confident they’re going to be ludicrous. And while it’s not subject to the same strenuous safety laws and regulations as four-wheelers, the Slingshot comes stock with ABS, traction control, electronic stability control, and large 298mm vented disc brakes both front and back. Only catch: you’ll need a motorcycle license to drive one in most states.

Learn more at Polaris – $20,000+

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MSR Flex 4 Cook System

Planning on eating like a normal human being while on your next camping trip? MSR’s Flex 4 Cook System gives you everything you need to cook up a storm for four people, all packed away nicely in a single 5.3L anodized pot with clamp-down lid. Besides the massive pot, the kit also includes a 3.2L nonstick aluminum pot with handle, two aluminum strainer lids, four DeepDish plates, and four insulated stainless steel mugs. Recreating the comfort of home in the middle of a forest over a massive fire has never been easier.

Grab it at Amazon – $160

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Bunch O Balloons

Get a leg up on your opponents with Bunch O Balloons, by far the fastest way to stockpile loads of water balloons with minimal effort. While traditional methods of filling and tying balloons by hand produce at a rate of about 6 per minute, Bunch O Balloons uses a custom attachment and individual stems rigged to pre-tied balloons. Screw it on then turn on the hose to fill 37 balloons at a time – or roughly 100 per minute – before gently shaking to release.

Go pledge on Kickstarter – $17

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Knog Qudos Action Light

Your GoPro’s shift is over the minute the sun sets, but what if it didn’t have to be that way? That’s the idea behind Knog’s Qudos Action Light, the first action camera-specific high-powered light that sits alongside your device and emits up to a blazing 400 lumens of 5000K light in three angles – wide-angle, narrow-angle, and a soft, ultra-wide beam – thanks to its three vertically-mounted Cree LEDs. And, fittingly, it’s just as tough as your GoPro thanks to a CNC-machined body and 40 meters of water resistance, so it won’t slow down one bit.

Available in a few weeks. Learn more at Bike Mailorder or Knog – $120 [via]