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Relonch Camera

Sure, your smartphone boasts a better brain than most dedicated cameras, fantastic connectivity, and a stunning high-res display, but its photographs are somewhat limited by tiny lenses and sensors. That’s where Relonch steps in. Slip your iPhone into this case-turned-camera to equip it with a large aperture lens, big APS-C sensor, and a focus not on megapixels but on optical quality. Of course, everything you shoot can instantly be uploaded to Instagram, Facebook, Flicker, whatever, sparing you the hassle of fiddling with SD cards and your computer. It even packs a built-in battery for extending your phone’s mediocre lifespan. We’d just suggest waiting for their full list of tech specs — coming soon — before ordering.

Preorder at Relonch – $500


Everything — barring sleep — is made better by espresso. Wacaco’s Minipresso lets you brew up delicious shots of the stuff virtually anywhere, without the need for electricity. Minipresso weighs in at less than a pound and works using a hand pump system, building up to 116 psi of pressure to optimally extract a quarter ounce of grind. It also works with Caffitaly capsules, takes about 18 pumps to make a shot, and is compatible with a larger 4.6 ounce water tank for outputting double espressos.

Visit Wacaco to learn more or preorder – $39 [via]

Lightsaber Keys

A lightsaber can open virtually any door, as illustrated by Qui-Gon Jinn in Episode I. These lightsaber keys can also open doors, albeit only the one bearing the lock they’ve been cut to fit. Measuring at 80mm long, each two-pack pack includes both red and blue blank keys in one of three popular key profiles. Just double check your state laws for carrying concealed weapons.

Find them at Guitar Shaped Keys – $10 [via]

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Nope Privacy Shield

Hackers can’t hijack our webcams without our consent… right? If you’re the type to take no chances, Nope is for you. Better than tape and more discreet than Post-its, Nope is composed of two magnets, the first of which attaches to your computer using 3M VHB tape. The other levitates above the screen by magnetic attraction, rotating at a touch to physically cover the camera. Plus, Nope’s magnets are extremely thin at only 0.8mm, meaning they won’t interfere in any way with the closing of your notebook’s screen.

Hit up Kickstarter for more – $5

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Whiskey Wedge

We’ve discovered many a way of keeping spirits chilled and undiluted — including ice spheres and whiskey cubes — and here’s another. Whiskey Wedge combines a double old fashioned glass with a silicone mold that produces wedge-shaped ice cubes. Slide a wedge into the glass to propery chill your drink without watering it down thanks to its slow-melting, glacier-like properties.

Find it at Corkcicle or Wine Enthusiast – $15

Gerber MP600 Bladeless Multitool

By default most beefy multitools include a blade or two, landing themselves on the non-compliance list of many institutions and industrial facilities. Gerber’s Bladeless Multi-Plier MP600 avoids potential issues by skipping the knife altogether. It’s still, as always, packed with a slew of useful tools including a one-hand opening needle-nose plier, replaceable RemGrit saw, replaceable Tungsten Carbide wire cutters, scissors, can and bottle openers, a ruler, plus a few screwdrivers. And if a knife’s still a must, the MP600 also comes in bladed form with fine-edge and serrated-blade knives.

Grab one on Amazon – $50 [via]

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Ceramic and wood: two materials we love. Both come together in Mugr, a Japanese ceramic mug fitted with a walnut handle that looks great and keeps it cool to touch at all times. As an added bonus the r-shaped handle is easy to grasp for larger-handed people and allows for stacking multiple mugs to save some space in our otherwise overpacked shelves.

Find it at Hmm Project – $40

Wet Shave Club

Skip the battle for cartridge blade supremacy and kick it old school with Wet Shave Club, the quickest way to start shaving with a safety razor. The first box comes packed with the basics and a few extras, including a hefty safety razor, brush, shave soap, aftershave, and a bunch of blades. Subsequent boxes provide more soaps, aftershaves, blades, and more, letting you experiment with a wide range of goods. It also includes a set of instructions that demystify the whole process, from prepping your beard to angling the blade just right.

Learn more at Wet Shave Club – $29

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The Six Mile Pencil

Wood pencils are a little like erasers and staples in that we’re more likely to eventually misplace them than actually actually use them down to a tiny stub. The Six Mile Pencil employs a bit of creativity to increase the likelihood that we’ll stick with the same one pencil until there’s nothing left to show for it but pages and pages of notes. Produced in England by one of the few remaining pencil manufacturers, these bright yellow pencils contain enough graphite to write text that tallies up to about 6 miles — or 10 kilometers — in length. And whether you prefer to imperial or metric, they’re available with markings set in either.

Find it at Kickstarter – $8+

GoPro Hero4 Black

Twelve megapixel photos. 4K video at 30 frames per second. 1080p at 120 fps. GoPro’s Hero4 Black has your high-res action shooting covered whichever way you slice it. This souped-up action camera is waterproof to 131 feet and boasts greatly improved filming capabilities, preparing your latest shots for the 4K-era even if your TV and computer aren’t yet up to par. It also features a microphone with nearly twice the dynamic range of its predecessors, QuikCapture mode which turns the camera on and starts recording at the push of a button, Auto Low Light mode that handles changes in brightness without having to play with settings, and, on that note, simplified settings menus for easier navigation.

Learn more at GoPro – $500