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The Beer Book

Americans love beer. Actually, so do virtually all humans. The Beer Book helps thirsty individuals locate some of the world’s best breweries and whistle-stop beer trails, all while learning about their favorite alcoholic beverage. This recently updated visual catalog covers over 800 breweries across all prolific beer-making countries, tasting notes on 1,700 beers, and insight on the key beer regions every travelling aficionado needs to visit. Notably, it’s also packed with pictures, making for an easy read that’s sure to rev up your hankering for a cold one.

Pick up a copy at Amazon – $20 [via]

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Broquet EDC Kit

If you’re looking to revamp your everyday carry but don’t know where to start, take a gander at Broquet’s EDC Kit. Compact yet full of function, this set includes an aluminum Machine Era Co wallet good for 2 to 6 cards plus cash, Gerber’s Dime multitool that’s packed with 10 functions, a four-mode INOVA Microlight LED flashlight, and an Inka pen/stylus. Plus, it’s held together by a Niteize carabiner keychain with slide lock to lug it around all at once.

Find it at Broquet – $69

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Survival Belts

Functionality and style need not be mutually exclusive. Slide Belt’s Survival model couples an insanely durable strap – it’s waterproof, abrasion resistant, UV protected, and flexes like normal even at sub-zero temperatures – with a hole-less belt buckle that locks the belt at 1/4-inch intervals, attaining lengths far more precise than with typical eyelets. Get the right color (namely, black), and a Survival Belt will look as good on a suit as it would heading off into the woods. Each belt also sports a built-in bottle opener, though throwing over a bit of extra cash nabs you The Survivor, which also stashes a striker and ferrocerium fire starter rod rated for 1,000 strikes.

Hit up Kickstarter for more information – $59 to $89 (with fire starter)

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Kindle Voyage

In our books, the Kindle Paperwhite has been the gold standard of e-readers since its entry. Unsurprising, then, that the e-reader to top it would also be the work of Amazon. With a 300 ppi 6″ display, light sensor-lead adaptive front lighting, and the thinnest profile a Kindle’s ever had (at 7.6 mm), we might be lead to accidentally overlook — on paper anyway — its glare-free, micro-etched glass front that sits flush with its edges and replaces what would otherwise be plastic. It also boasts weeks of battery life, PagePress pressure sensors for page turns (each accompanied by haptic feedback), a lighter build than its predecessors, and 4GB of storage that translates to a 2,000+ book capacity.

Preorder at Amazon – $220

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TUL Suitcase

When’s the last time you actually weighed your luggage before checking in or carrying it on? If you’re like 99% of people, probably not until your airline forced you to. Here to simplify things is TUL, a suitcase with a built in scale that helps prevent unpleasant run-ins with even the most anal airline agents. Unlike other packs with scales, TUL’s doesn’t require the suitcase to be upright to function — hell, it barely even needs to be closed, working to tell you the weight of its contents and TUL itself as you fill it with stuff. It’s also water-resistant, includes a PoronXRD jacket, and comes with a TSA-approved lock that secures its main zipper.

Read more at Kickstarter – roughly $205

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Baggy Winecoat

Boxed wine: bang for your buck, but not quite the epitome of class. Enter Menu’s Baggy Winecoat, a slightly more discreet way to lug around just the right amount of vino. Winecoat boasts more than enough room for standard wine bags, an opening that fits all standard taps, an adjustable handle, and compatibility with ice packs if desired. Alternatively, stuff it with these disposable bags to change it from boxed wine to box rum & coke, or whatever else tickles your fancy.

Find it at Amazon – $53 [via]

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Yohann iPad Stand

Any self-respecting iPad stand needs to offer multiple viewing angles, stability on soft surfaces like pillows or sheets, and, naturally, a design as elegant as the tablet itself. Yohann handily attains all three. This gorgeous stand comes milled from a single piece of either cherry, walnut, oak, or maple in three sizes, and grips your corresponding iPad in either portrait or landscape orientations to perfectly balance in three distinct angles. Yohann also leaves speakers unhindered, sports milled holes to permit charging while in use, and comes in a fifth, colorful Lacquer option with interchangeable grippy back rests to cover iPads 2 through Air.

Grab one at Kickstarter – $69 (Lacquer) to $149 (wood)

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Zombie Safe Zone Maps

The reality of the zombie apocalypse finally settling in? Consider Design Different’s Zombie Safe Zone Maps your break glass in case of emergency escape plan. Cleverly hiding in plain sight on your wall, these state maps provide a safe zone location and the route to get there, describing directions, distance, time to arrival, and resources available on-site. They’re available on in a variety of colors, sizes up to 13″ x 19″, and are your last shot at survival when Google Maps finally goes down.

Learn more at Design Different – $20 to $25

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Zen Thermostat

Smart thermometers like Nest promise to keep your home at just the right temperature and save you a few bucks while doing it. But learning algorithms don’t always get it right. The Zen thermostat aims to somewhat simplify things all while giving you full control. This minimalistic white or black slab illuminates with LEDs when touched, letting you control heating, cooling, and your system’s fans from its straightforward touchscreen interface or from anywhere else using your Android/iOS device. It also lets you set schedules from your smartphone and works with smart home systems like Apple HomeKit and OpenHome, if you need anything more than just the basics.

Find it at IndieGoGo – $150

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Leica M Edition 60

We live in an age of excess. Even our devices boast far more functionality than the layman will admit to actually using (or, frankly, knowing how to use). Leica’s M Edition 60 commemorates their original M3, released 60 years ago, by stripping it down to the essentials: it boasts controls for shutter speed, aperture, focus, and ISO sensitivity, and nothing more to distract the photographer from their subject. Its internals, however, are digital — a full-frame 24 megapixel Leica sensor — though without a viewfinder to review shots it still gives off a decidedly analog feel. But with only 600 available worldwide, if you want one you’d better not miss your shot.

Available in October. Read more at Leica – $TBA

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75 Years of Marvel

Marvel turns 75 this year, and in celebration of their continued diligence, risk-taking, and ultimately, success, comes a massive tome that looks back through the publisher’s long line of work, from their first comic book depicting the Human Torch to their latest big screen developments. Taschen’s 75 Years of Marvel is a 700-plus page magnum opus packed with over 2,000 images of vintage comic books, original art, film stills, and collectibles, a four-foot accordion-fold timeline, as well as biographies of over 300 of the minds behind your favorite characters and strips. Plus it’ll arrive just in time for the holidays and is sure to captivate both hardcore junkies and casual readers alike.

Preorder at Amazon – $126 [via]

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